Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: optimization

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A deep learning-based operation optimization strategy for BFG/coal co-firing boiler  JG Wang, JQ Min, LL Liu, BH Yang, SW Ma, MR Fei
2017   Topology And Geometry Of Half-Rectified Net-Work Optimization  CD Freeman, J Bruna
2017   Accelerated Bayesian Optimization For Deep Learning  A Niimi, K Sakamoto
2017   Performance analysis and optimization of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on deep learning  L Jin, F Wang, Q Yang
2017   Block-diagonal Hessian-free Optimization for Training Neural Networks  H Zhang, C Xiong, J Bradbury, R Socher 
2017   Optimization of real-time traffic network assignment based on IoT data using DBN and clustering model in smart city  J Yang, Y Han, Y Wang, B Jiang, Z Lv, H Song 
2017   Deep Neural Network Hyperparameter Optimization with Genetic Algorithms  A Vose, J Balma, G Wenes, R Sukumar
2017   Creating Roadmaps in Aerial Images With Generative Adversarial Networks and Smoothing-Based Optimization  D Costea, A Marcu, E Slusanschi, M Leordeanu 
2017   Distance Metric Optimization Driven Convolutional Neural Network for Age Invariant Face Recognition  Y Li, G Wang, L Nie, Q Wang, W Tan 
2017   A review on optimization algorithm for deep learning method in bioinformatics field  SNM Yousoff, A Baharin, A Abdullah
2017   Deep Learning for Explicitly Modeling Optimization Landscapes  S Baluja
2017   Visualization of maximizing images with deconvolutional optimization method for neurons in deep neural networks  D Nekhaev, V Demin 
2017   Structure Learning for Deep Neural Networks Based on Multiobjective Optimization  J Liu, M Gong, Q Miao, X Wang, H Li
2017   A Bi-objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Chaos-DNA Based Hybrid Approach  S Suri, R Vijay
2017   Discriminative Deep Belief Networks with Ant Colony Optimization for Health Status Assessment of Machine  M Ma, C Sun, X Chen
2017   Towards Poisoning of Deep Learning Algorithms with Back-gradient Optimization  L Muñoz
2017   Adversarial Variational Optimization of Non-Differentiable Simulators  G Louppe, K Cranmer
2017   Plant Identification Using Deep Neural Networks via Optimization of Transfer Learning Parameters  MM Ghazi, B Yanikoglu, E Aptoula
2017   Pre-training the Deep Generative Models with Adaptive Hyperparameter Optimization  C Yao, D Cai, J Bu, G Chen
2017   Using Particle Swarm Optimization to Accurately Identify Syntactic Phrases in Free Text  G Tambouratzis 
2017   Optimization space pruning without regrets  U Beaugnon, A Pouille, M Pouzet, J Pienaar, A Cohen
2017   Analysis and Optimization of fastText Linear Text Classifier  V Zolotov, D Kung
2017   Ligand Pose Optimization with Atomic Grid-Based Convolutional Neural Networks  M Ragoza, L Turner, DR Koes 
2017   Second-order Optimization in Deep Reinforcement Learning using Kronecker-factored Approximation  Y Wu, E Mansimov, RB Grosse, S Liao, J Ba 
2017   Panicle-SEG: a robust image segmentation method for rice panicles in the field based on deep learning and superpixel optimization  X Xiong, L Duan, L Liu, H Tu, P Yang, D Wu, G Chen 
2017   Training Deep Neural Networks via Optimization Over Graphs  G Zhang, WB Kleijn
2017   Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Learning Algorithms Using Deterministic RBF Surrogates  I Ilievski, T Akhtar, J Feng, CA Shoemaker
2017   Experiments With Scalable Gradient-based Hyperparameter Optimization for Deep Neural Networks  MS Jules
2017   Fine-Pruning: Joint Fine-Tuning and Compression of a Convolutional Network with Bayesian Optimization  F Tung, S Muralidharan, G Mori
2017   A Novel Method for Edge Detection in Images Based on Particle Swarm Optimization  CB Sherin, L Mredhula
2017   Optimization of Deep Learning Algorithms for Object Classification  A Horváth
2017   Feature Tracking Cardiac Magnetic Resonance via Deep Learning and Spline Optimization  DM Vigneault, W Xie, DA Bluemke, JA Noble
2017   The optimization of wind power interval forecast  X Yu, H Zang
2017   Sparse Restricted Boltzmann Machine Based on Multiobjective Optimization  Y Li, X Bai, X Liang, L Jiao 
2017   Towards Scalable Gradient-Based Hyperparameter Optimization In Deep Neural Networks  FU JIE
2017   Optimization of DBN using Regularization Methods Applied for Recognizing Arabic Handwritten Script  M Elleuch, N Tagougui, M Kherallah
2017   Risk Scoring Classification Performance Optimization  K Kerwin
2017   Neural networks for topology optimization  I Sosnovik, I Oseledets
2017   mlrMBO: A Modular Framework for Model-Based Optimization of Expensive Black-Box Functions  B Bischl, J Richter, J Bossek, D Horn, J Thomas
2017   Geometry of Optimization and Implicit Regularization in Deep Learning  B Neyshabur, R Tomioka, R Salakhutdinov, N Srebro
2017   Optimization Methods for Supervised Machine Learning: From Linear Models to Deep Learning  FE Curtis, K Scheinberg
2017   Deep Learning as a Mixed Convex-Combinatorial Optimization Problem  AL Friesen, P Domingos 
2017   An optimization method for speech enhancement based on deep neural network  H Sun, S Li
2017   Improving optimization of convolutional neural networks through parameter fine-tuning  N Becherer, J Pecarina, S Nykl, K Hopkinson 
2017   Machine Learning, deep learning and optimization in computer vision  S Canu
2017   Multi-Objective Optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy System with Load Forecasting  M Ming, R Wang, Y Zha, T Zhang
2016   SEBOOST-Boosting Stochastic Learning Using Subspace Optimization Techniques  E Richardson, R Herskovitz, B Ginsburg, M Zibulevsky
2016   Large Scale Distributed Hessian-Free Optimization for Deep Neural Network  X He, D Mudigere, M Smelyanskiy, M Takáč
2016   Poster: Deep Learning Enabled M2M Gateway for Network Optimization  S Subramanian, A Banerjee
2016   On CPU Performance Optimization of Restricted Boltzmann Machine and Convolutional RBM  B Wicht, A Fischer, J Hennebert
2016   Grammars for Games: A Gradient-Based Framework for Optimization in Deep Learning  D Balduzzi
2016   Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks Using Non-Probabilistic RBF Surrogate Model  I Ilievski, T Akhtar, J Feng, CA Shoemaker
2016   Memristive Boltzmann Machine: A Hardware Accelerator for Combinatorial Optimization and Deep Learning  MN Bojnordi, E Ipek
2016   MOON: A Mixed Objective Optimization Network for the Recognition of Facial Attributes  E Rudd, M Günther, T Boult
2016   Neural networks designing neural networks: multi-objective hyper-parameter optimization  SC Smithson, G Yang, WJ Gross, BH Meyer
2016   Granular computing: from granularity optimization to multi-granularity joint problem solving  G Wang, J Yang, J Xu
2016   Self-Adaptive Parameters Optimization for Incremental Classification in Big Data Using Neural Network  S Fong, C Fang, N Tian, R Wong, BW Yap
2016   Simple Evolutionary Optimization Can Rival Stochastic Gradient Descent in Neural Networks  G Morse, KO Stanley
2016   Unsupervised Category Discovery via Looped Deep Pseudo-Task Optimization Using a Large Scale Radiology Image Database  X Wang, L Lu, H Shin, L Kim, I Nogues, J Yao
2016   Ensemble-Average Representation of Pt clusters in Conditions of Catalysis Accessed through GPU Accelerated Deep Neural Network Fitting Global Optimization  H Zhai, AN Alexandrova
2016   Evolutionary Markov Chains, Potential Games And Optimization Under The Lens Of Dynamical Systems  I Panageas
2016   Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition  L Bondi, L Baroffio, M Cesana, M Tagliasacchi
2016   Optimization of decentralized renewable energy system by weather forecasting and deep machine learning techniques  T Sogabe, H Ichikawa, K Sakamoto, K Yamaguchi
2016   To the special Issue on “Metaheuristics for optimization of complex process engineering”  J Ding, Y Jin
2016   Optimization of Convolutional Neural Network using Microcanonical Annealing Algorithm  V Ayumi, LM Rere, MI Fanany, AM Arymurthy
2016   Application specific performance measure optimization using deep learning  MA Rahman
2016   A Taylor polynomial expansion line search for large-scale optimization  M Hynes
2016   Surface approximation via sparse representation and parameterization optimization  L Xu, R Wang, Z Yang, J Deng, F Chen, L Liu
2016   Distributed stochastic optimization for deep learning  S Zhang
2016   Distributed stochastic optimization for deep learning (thesis)  S Zhang
2016   On Deep Multi-View Representation Learning: Objectives and Optimization  W Wang, R Arora, K Livescu, J Bilmes
2016   PLATO: Policy Learning using Adaptive Trajectory Optimization  G Kahn, T Zhang, S Levine, P Abbeel
2016   Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso) For Training Optimization On Convolutional Neural Network (Cnn)  A Rachmad, DMJ Purnomo, MF Rachmadi, A Wibowo
2016   Big data-driven optimization for mobile networks toward 5G  K Zheng, Z Yang, K Zhang, P Chatzimisios, K Yang
2016   Understanding Innovation Engines: Automated Creativity and Improved Stochastic Optimization via Deep Learning  A Nguyen, J Yosinski, J Clune
2016   Quantum gradient descent and Newton's method for constrained polynomial optimization  P Rebentrost, M Schuld, F Petruccione, S Lloyd
2016   Simple2Complex: Global Optimization by Gradient Descent  M Li
2016   Heterogeneous Visual Features Integration for Image Recognition Optimization in Internet of Things  F Zhong, Z Chen, Z Ning, G Min, Y Hu
2016   Multilayer perceptron training with multiobjective memetic optimization  P Nieminen
2016   A hybrid forecasting approach applied in the electrical power system based on data preprocessing, optimization and artificial intelligence algorithms  P Jiang, X Ma
2015   Speeding up Automatic Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks by Extrapolation of Learning Curves  T Domhan, JT Springenberg, F Hutter
2015   Innovation engines: Automated creativity and improved stochastic optimization via deep learning  A Nguyen, J Yosinski, J Clune
2015   Deep Online Convex Optimization by Putting Forecaster to Sleep  D Balduzzi
2015   Measuring and Understanding Sensory Representations within Deep Networks Using a Numerical Optimization Framework  CY Tsai, DD Cox
2015   Joint Optimization of Masks and Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Monaural Source Separation  PS Huang, M Kim, M Hasegawa
2015   RMSProp and equilibrated adaptive learning rates for non-convex optimization  YN Dauphin, H de Vries, J Chung, Y Bengio
2015   Improving Object Detection with Deep Convolutional Networks via Bayesian Optimization and Structured Prediction  Y Zhang, K Sohn, R Villegas, G Pan, H Lee
2015   Path-SGD: Path-Normalized Optimization in Deep Neural Networks  B Neyshabur, R Salakhutdinov, N Srebro
2015   Systems And Methods For Combining Stochastic Average Gradient And Hessian-Free Optimization For Sequence Training Of Deep …  P Dognin, V Goel
2015   Large Scale Optimization for Machine Learning  H Wang
2015   Symmetry-invariant optimization in deep networks  V Badrinarayanan, B Mishra, R Cipolla
2015   Microscopic Advances with Large-Scale Learning: Stochastic Optimization for Cryo-EM  A Punjani, MA Brubaker
2015   Trust Region Policy Optimization  J Schulman, S Levine, P Moritz, MI Jordan, P Abbeel
2015   Scalable Bayesian Optimization Using Deep Neural Networks  J Snoek, O Rippel, K Swersky, R Kiros, N Satish
2015   The Synergistic Combination of Particle Swarm Optimization and Fuzzy Sets to Design Granular Classifier  S Salehi, A Selamat, R Masinchi, H Fujita
2015   Achieving Consistent Near-Optimal Pattern Recognition Accuracy Using Particle Swarm Optimization to Pre-Train Artificial Neural Networks  DO Nikelshpur
2015   Methods And Systems Of Multi-Dimensional Automated Ride-Sharing Optimization  A Rostamian, J KU
2015   apsis-Framework for Automated Optimization of Machine Learning Hyper Parameters  F Diehl, A Jauch
2015   Denoising Autoencoders for fast Combinatorial Black Box Optimization  M Probst
2015   On Graduated Optimization for Stochastic Non-Convex Problems  E Hazan, KY Levy, S Shalev
2015   Gradient-based Hyperparameter Optimization through Reversible Learning  D Maclaurin, D Duvenaud, RP Adams
2015   Inter-Tile Reuse Optimization Applied to Bandwidth Constrained Embedded Accelerators  M Peemen, B Mesman, H Corporaal
2015   Research on Modification and Optimization of Network Topology and Internet Security based on Neural Network Structure and Mathematical Optimization  G Zhao, J Song, W Chen, W Jie, EK Lee, KY Lee, Z Xu
2015   Deep Boltzmann Machines in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization  M Probst, F Rothlauf
2015   Perturbed Iterate Analysis for Asynchronous Stochastic Optimization  H Mania, X Pan, D Papailiopoulos, B Recht
2015   Large Scale Optimization with Proximal Stochastic Newton-Type Gradient Descent  Z Shi, R Liu
2015   Asynchronous Parallel Stochastic Gradient for Nonconvex Optimization  X Lian, Y Huang, Y Li, J Liu
2015   Universality in halting time and its applications in optimization  L Sagun, T Trogdon, Y LeCun
2015   Big Data Driven Optimization for Mobile Networks towards 5G  K Zheng, Z Yang, K Zhang, P Chatzimisios
2015   Learning Hyperparameter Optimization Initializations  M Wistuba
2015   User Modeling And Personalized Optimization For Stakeholder-Driven Watershed Design  S Mukhopadhyay, VB Singh, AD Piemonti
2015   Robust Optimization for Deep Regression  V Belagiannis, C Rupprecht, G Carneiro, N Navab
2015   Computational Intelligence and Optimization for Transportation Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities  EI Vlahogianni
2015   The Optimization of Parallel DBN Based on Spark  J Yang, S He
2015   Equilibrated adaptive learning rates for non-convex optimization  Y Dauphin, H de Vries, Y Bengio
2015   Optimization Approach to Depot Location in Car Sharing Systems with Big Data  X Zhu, J Li, Z Liu, F Yang
2015   Distribution of parameter calculation for iterative optimization methods  R Monga, X Wu, AY Ng
2015   Beyond Convexity: Stochastic Quasi-Convex Optimization  E Hazan, KY Levy, S Shalev
2015   Rolling bearing fault diagnosis using an optimization deep belief network  H Shao, H Jiang, X Zhang, M Niu
2015   Fast large-scale optimization by unifying stochastic gradient and quasi-Newton methods  B Poole, S EDU
2014   Distributed Asynchronous Optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks  W Chan, I Lane, S Gradients, M Momentum, G Decay
2014   Investigation of stochastic Hessian-Free optimization in Deep neural networks for speech recognition  Z You, B Xu
2014   LM-CMA-ES: an alternative to L-BFGS for large-scale black-box optimization  I Loshchilov
2014   Query Optimization in Heterogeneous CPU/GPU Environment for Time Series Databases  P Przymus
2014   A Theoretical Analysis of Optimization by Gaussian Continuation  H Mobahi, JW Fisher III
2014   User modeling and optimization for environmental planning system design  VB Singh
2014   System For Optimization Of Group Interaction  D Bain
2014   Scalability of using Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Combinatorial Optimization  M Probst, F Rothlauf, J Grahl
2014   Dynamic real-time substrate feed optimization of anaerobic co-digestion plants  D Gaida
2014   Joint optimization of algorithmic suites for EEG analysis  E Santana, AJ Brockmeier, JC Principe
2014   Supplementary Material: Attacking the saddle point problem in high-dimensional non-convex optimization  YN Dauphin, R Pascanu, C Gulcehre, K Cho
2014   An Optimization of Deep Neural Networks in ASR using Singular Value Decomposition  I Tseyzer
2014   Sparse Representations, Numerical Linear Algebra, and Optimization  G Kutyniok, M Saunders, S Wright, O Yilmaz
2014   Convolutional Neural Network and Convex Optimization  S Chen, Y Wang