Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: parallel

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Parallel Multiscale Autoregressive Density Estimation  S Reed, A Oord, N Kalchbrenner, SG Colmenarejo
2017   Autoregressive Attention for Parallel Sequence Modeling  D Laird, J Irvin
2017   D-PCN: Parallel Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Recognition in Reverse Adversarial Style  S Yang, G Peng 
2017   Static Hand Gesture Recognition with Parallel CNNs for Space Human-Robot Interaction  Q Gao, J Liu, Z Ju, Y Li, T Zhang, L Zhang
2017   Bucc 2017 shared task: a first attempt toward a deep learning framework for identifying parallel sentences in comparable corpora  F Grégoire, P Langlais
2017   CS-BoW: a scalable parallel image recognition method  Y Liu
2017   Deep artifact learning for compressed sensing and parallel MRI  D Lee, J Yoo, JC Ye
2017   Parallel Implementation of a Bug Report Assignment Recommender Using Deep Learning  AC Florea, J Anvik, R Andonie 
2017   Parallel Deep Solutions for Image Retrieval from Imbalanced Medical Imaging Archives  A Khatami, M Babaie, A Khosravi, HR Tizhoosh 
2017   DropCircuit: A Modular Regularizer for Parallel Circuit Networks  KT Phan, TH Maul, TT Vu, WK Lai
2017   Parallel learning: a perspective and a framework  L Li, Y Lin, N Zheng, FY Wang
2017   Exploration Of Deep Learning Algorithms Using Openacc Parallel Programming Model  AA Hamam, AH Khan
2017   Parallel Multi Channel Convolution using General Matrix Multiplication  A Vasudevan, A Anderson, D Gregg
2017   Adaptive Parallel Elm With Convolutional Features For Big Stream Data  A BUDIMAN
2017   Parallel Implementation of the Givens Rotations in the Neural Network Learning Algorithm  J Bilski, B Kowalczyk, JM Żurada
2017   Parallel Computing for Machine Learning in Social Network Analysis  G Cybenko
2017   Parallel Multiclass Support Vector Machine for Remote Sensing Data Classification on Multicore and Many-Core Architectures  W Li, H Fu, Y You, L Yu, J Fang
2017   Parallel Imaging: A Unified Theoretical Framework for Image Generation  K WANG, Y LU, Y WANG, FY WANG
2017   Efficient Parallel Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning  AV Clemente, HN Castejón, A Chandra
2016   FPGA Implementation of a Scalable and Highly Parallel Architecture for Restricted Boltzmann Machines  K Ueyoshi, T Marukame, T Asai, M Motomura
2016   GPU-enabled back-propagation artificial neural network for digit recognition in parallel  R Brito, S Fong, K Cho, W Song, R Wong
2016   CNNLab: a Novel Parallel Framework for Neural Networks using GPU and FPGA-a Practical Study with Trade-off Analysis  M Zhu, L Liu, C Wang, Y Xie
2016   Parallel multilayer perceptron neural network used for hyperspectral image classification  BP Garcia
2016   Parallel pattern classification utilizing GPU-based kernelized Slackmin algorithm  GA Papakostas, KI Diamantaras, T Papadimitriou
2016   Towards implementation of residual-feedback GMDH neural network on parallel GPU memory guided by a regression curve  R Brito, S Fong, K Cho, W Song, R Wong
2016   Apache Hama: An Emerging Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computing Framework for Big Data Applications  K Siddique, Z Akhtar, E Yoon, YS Jeong, D Dasgupta
2015   Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies: 11th International Symposium, APPT 2015, Jinan, China, August 20-21, 2015, Proceedings  Y Chen, P Ienne, Q Ji
2015   PR-ELM: Parallel Regularized Extreme Learning Machine based on Cluster  Y Wang, Y Dou, X Liu, Y Lei
2015   Parallel Recursive Deep Model for Sentiment Analysis  G Tian, Y Zhou
2015   SMPFRAME: A Distributed Framework for Scheduled Model Parallel Machine Learning  JK Kim, Q Ho, S Lee, X Zheng, W Dai, G Gibson, E Xing
2015   Parallel Dither and Dropout for Regularising Deep Neural Networks  AJR Simpson
2015   Perceptive Parallel Processes Coordinating Geometry and Texture  MA Gutierrez, RE Banchs, LF D'Haro
2015   Taming the ReLU with Parallel Dither in a Deep Neural Network  AJR Simpson
2015   Experiments on Parallel Training of Deep Neural Network using Model Averaging  H Su, H Chen
2015   Asynchronous Parallel Stochastic Gradient for Nonconvex Optimization  X Lian, Y Huang, Y Li, J Liu
2015   Parallel and Scalable Methods for Scientific Big Data Analytics  IM Riedel
2015   Instant Learning: Parallel Deep Neural Networks and Convolutional Bootstrapping  AJR Simpson
2015   The Optimization of Parallel DBN Based on Spark  J Yang, S He
2015   Parallel Multi-Dimensional LSTM, With Application to Fast Biomedical Volumetric Image Segmentation  MF Stollenga, W Byeon, M Liwicki, J Schmidhuber
2015   Massively Parallel Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning  A Nair, P Srinivasan, S Blackwell, C Alcicek, R Fearon
2015   Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies  Y Chen, P Ienne, Q Ji
2014   Parallel training of Deep Neural Networks with Natural Gradient and Parameter Averaging  D Povey, X Zhang, S Khudanpur
2014   High performance histogramming on massively parallel processors  WM Hwu
2014   Parallel batch pattern training algorithm for deep neural network  V Turchenko, V Golovko
2014   Neurophysics-inspired parallel architecture with resistive crosspoint array for dictionary learning  D Kadetotad, Z Xu, A Mohanty, PY Chen, B Lin, J Ye
2014   Diverse assessment and active student engagement sustain deep learning: A comparative study of outcomes in two parallel introductory biochemistry courses  SJ Bevan, CWL Chan, JA Tanner
2014   Parallel deep neural network training for big data on blue gene/Q  I Chung, TN Sainath, B Ramabhadran, M Picheny