Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: pcanet

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Fast Internal Wave Detection Method Based on PCANet for Ocean Monitoring  S Wang, Q Dong, L Duan, Y Sun, M Jian, J Li, J Dong
2016   Histopathological Image Classification Using Random Binary Hashing Based PCANet and Bilinear Classifier  J Wu, J Shi, Y Li, J Suo, Q Zhang
2016   Deep Learning with PCANet for Human Age Estimation  DP Zheng, JX Du, WT Fan, J Wang, CM Zhai
2016   DCTNet and PCANet for acoustic signal feature extraction  Y Xian, A Thompson, X Sun, D Nowacek, L Nolte
2016   Traffic lights recognition based on PCANet  Z Wang, Z Bi, C Wang, L Lin, H Wang
2016   Improving Biometric Identification Performance Using PCANet Deep Learning and Multispectral Palmprint  A Meraoumia, F Kadri, H Bendjenna, S Chitroub
2016   Unsupervised domain adaptation for speech emotion recognition using PCANet  Z Huang, W Xue, Q Mao, Y Zhan
2016   Histopathological Image Classification with Color Pattern Random Binary Hashing Based PCANet and Matrix-Form Classifier.  J Shi, J Wu, Y Li, Q Zhang, S Ying
2016   Scene Classification in High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images Based on PCANet  D Huang, Y Du, Q He, W Song, K Liu
2016   Classification of Handwriting Number Based on PCANet Network with Data Augmentation  T Guo, J Dong, L Wang
2015   Human fall detection in surveillance video based on PCANet  S Wang, L Chen, Z Zhou, X Sun, J Dong
2015   Scene character recognition using PCANet  C Chen, DH Wang, H Wang
2014   Object Classification via PCANet and Color Constancy Model  DK Hu, L Zhang, WD Zhao, T Yan