Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: pedestrian

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Real-time pedestrian recognition at night based on far infrared image sensor  E Choi, W Lee, K Lee, J Kim, J Kim
2017   Pedestrian Counting via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks In Crowded Scene  J Li, J Song
2017   A combined HOG and deep convolution network cascade for pedestrian detection  Y Lipetski, O Sidla
2017   Pedestrian Movement Direction Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks  A Dominguez
2017   Adaptive pedestrian detection by predicting classifier  S Tang, M Ye, P Xu, X Li
2017   Pedestrian Detection for Driving Assistance Systems based on Faster-RCNN  A Fuentes, I Jun, S Yoon, DS Park
2017   Pedestrian detection based on multi-convolutional features by feature maps pruning  T Rui, J Zou, Y Zhou, H Fang, Q Gao
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for All-Day Pedestrian Detection  X Zhang, G Chen, K Saruta, Y Terata
2017   Pedestrian detection with LeNet-like convolutional networks  A Cuesta
2017   Incremental Cross-Modality Deep Learning for Pedestrian Recognition  DO Pop, A Rogozan, F Nashashibi, A Bensrhair
2017   Pedestrian recognition through different cross-modality deep learning methods  DO Pop, A Rogozan, F Nashashibi, A Bensrhair
2017   Crossing-Scene Pedestrian Identification Method Based on Twice FAS  Y Chen, X Cai, Y Zeng, M Wang
2017   Jointly learning deep features, deformable parts, occlusion and classification for pedestrian detection  W Ouyang, H Zhou, H Li, Q Li, J Yan, X Wang
2017   Neural Features for Pedestrian Detection  C Li, X Wang, W Liu
2017   Learning Cross-Modal Deep Representations for Robust Pedestrian Detection  D Xu, W Ouyang, E Ricci, X Wang, N Sebe
2017   Pedestrian Detection Aided by Scale-Discriminative Network  Z Lu, W Zhang, Q Liao
2017   Pedestrian detection with dilated convolution, region proposal network and boosted decision trees  J Li, Y Wu, J Zhao, L Guan, C Ye, T Yang
2016   Visual Compiler: Synthesizing a Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detector and Pose Estimator  N Lee, X Weng, VN Boddeti, Y Zhang, F Beainy
2016   Pedestrian Detection Aided by Deep Learning Attributes Task  C Qiu, Y Zhang, J Wang, Z He
2016   Efficient pedestrian detection from aerial vehicles with object proposals and convolutional neural networks  B Minnehan, A Savakis
2016   A Real-Time Deep Learning Pedestrian Detector for Robot Navigation  D Ribeiro, A Mateus, JC Nascimento, P Miraldo
2016   A Real-Time Pedestrian Detector using Deep Learning for Human-Aware Navigation  D Ribeiro, A Mateus, JC Nascimento, P Miraldo
2016   Fusing LIDAR and images for pedestrian detection using convolutional neural networks  J Schlosser, CK Chow, Z Kira
2016   Learning Mutual Visibility Relationship for Pedestrian Detection with a Deep Model  W Ouyang, X Zeng, X Wang
2016   Fused DNN: A deep neural network fusion approach to fast and robust pedestrian detection  X Du, M El
2016   Coarse-to-Fine: Cascade Regressors in Pedestrian Detection  M Liu, F Li, P Sun
2016   In Teacher We Trust: Learning Compressed Models for Pedestrian Detection  J Shen, N Vesdapunt, VN Boddeti, KM Kitani
2016   A Novel Pixel Neighborhood Differential Statistic Feature for Pedestrian and Face Detection  J Shen, X Zuo, J Li, W Yang, H Ling
2016   Pushing the Limits of Deep CNNs for Pedestrian Detection  Q Hu, P Wang, C Shen, A Hengel, F Porikli
2016   Improving the performance of pedestrian detectors using convolutional learning  D Ribeiro, JC Nascimento, A Bernardino, G Carneiro
2015   Learned vs. Hand-Crafted Features for Pedestrian Gender Recognition  G Antipov, SA Berrani, N Ruchaud, JL Dugelay
2015   Learning Complexity-Aware Cascades for Deep Pedestrian Detection  Z Cai, M Saberian, N Vasconcelos
2015   Pedestrian Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks  D Molin
2015   Pedestrian detection based on deep convolutional neural network with ensemble inference network  H Fukui, T Yamashita, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2015   Multi-sparse Descriptor: A Scale Invariant Feature for Pedestrian Detection  Y Liu, P Lasang, M Siegel, Q Sun
2015   Speed up deep neural network based pedestrian detection by sharing features across multi-scale models  X Jiang, Y Pang, X Li, J Pan
2015   Pedestrian Detection with a Large-Field-Of-View Deep Network  AAAKV Vanhoucke
2015   Deep convolutional neural networks for pedestrian detection  D Tomè, F Monti, L Baroffio, L Bondi, M Tagliasacchi
2015   A hybrid approach to pedestrian clothing color attribute extraction  M Gao, Y Du, H Ai, S Lao
2015   Pedestrian detection in thermal images using adaptive fuzzy C-means clustering and convolutional neural networks  V John, S Mita, Z Liu, B Qi
2015   Boosting-Like Deep Convolutional Network for Pedestrian Detection  L Wang, B Zhang, W Yang
2015   Improving Pedestrian Detection with Selective Gradient Self-Similarity Feature  S Wu, R Laganière, P Payeur
2015   Real-Time Pedestrian Detection With Deep Networks Cascades  A Angelova, A Krizhevsky, V Vanhoucke, A Ogale
2015   Scale-aware Fast R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection  J Li, X Liang, SM Shen, T Xu, S Yan
2015   Filtered Channel Features for Pedestrian Detection  S Zhang, R Benenson, B Schiele
2015   Pedestrian Detection Via Pca Filters Based Convolutional Channel  W Ke, Y Zhang, P Wei, Q Ye, J Jiao
2015   Pedestrian Detection in RGB-D Data Using Deep Autoencoders  PA Kazantsev, PV Skribtsov
2015   On the use of Convolutional Neural Networks for Pedestrian Detection  SC Masip
2015   Boosting-like Deep Learning For Pedestrian Detection  L Wang, B Zhang
2015   Learning Discriminative Shape Statistics Distribution Features for Pedestrian Detection  J Shen, X Zuo, W Yang, H Yu, G Liu
2014   Pedestrian Detection Based on Multi-Stage Unsupervised Learning  Y Yin, MJ Liao, XL Li
2014   Pedestrian Detection From Salient Regions  X Wang, J Chen, W Fang, C Liang, C Zhang, R Hu
2014   Pedestrian Detection with Spatially Pooled Features and Structured Ensemble Learning  S Paisitkriangkrai, C Shen, A Hengel
2014   Joint Global-Local Information Pedestrian Detection Algorithm for Outdoor Video Surveillance  HM Hu, X Zhang, W Zhang, B Li
2014   Pedestrian Detection aided by Deep Learning Semantic Tasks  Y Tian, P Luo, X Wang, X Tang