Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: perceptions

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Nurses' perceptions of the impact of team-based learning participation on learning style, team behaviours and clinical performance: An exploration of written …  E Oldland, J Currey, J Considine, J Allen
2017   Poetry and Assessment: An Investigation into Teachers' Perceptions of the Impact of Closed Book Examinations on Teaching and Learning at GCSE  C Marsh 
2016   A Case Study of an African American Community's Perceptions of Problems in Mathematics Education  R Jenkins
2016   Students' Perceptions towards Formative and Summative Assessment: A Single Institution Study  M Anwar, FM Hameed
2016   Effects of an Intercultural Collaborative Inquiry Approach on Students' Learning Strategies and Motivation and Perceptions of Collaboration  LY Chang, IH Lee, CH Chen
2016   Perceptions regarding Problem-Based Learning as a Teaching Learning Strategy among medical students  M Jindal, S Srivastav, H Mahajan, G Baro
2016   Students' perceptions about use of multimedia projectors for information transfer in class room-A single center experience.  N Ali
2015   Digital storytelling as a tool for teaching: perceptions of pre-service teachers  C Tiba, J Condy, A Chigona, N Tunjera
2015   Comparison of Student and Teacher Perceptions of Mathematics Teaching Practices  DA Huinker, M Hedges, WI Milwaukee
2015   Anxiety and Self-efficacy's Relationship with Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of the use of Metacognitive Writing Strategies  G Stewart, TA Seifert, C Rolheiser
2015   Student perceptions of a spiral curriculum  CS Coelho, DR Moles
2015   Facilitating Change in Science Teachers' Perceptions About Learning and Teaching  J Loughran, K Smith
2015   Students' Perceptions and Preferences for Knowledge Sharing  S Majid, CD Idio, L Shuang, Z Wen
2015   Graduate Students' Perceptions of Sense of Community and Contributing Factors  AL Watters
2015   An Investigation of Saudi English-Major Learners' Perceptions of Formative Assessment Tasks and Their Learning  M Umer, AMA Omer
2015   The relationship between perceptions of an innovative environment and creative performance in an online synchronous environment  YS Chang, K Yu
2015   Student Perceptions of Team-based Learning vs Traditional Lecture-based Learning  TR Frame, SM Cailor, RJ Gryka, AM Chen, ME Kiersma
2015   South African Teachers' Perceptions of the Primary Geography Curriculum: An Exploratory Study  D WILMOT, P IRWIN
2015   Teamwork benefits in tertiary education: student perceptions that lead to best practice assessment design  A Volkov, M Volkov, M McCracken
2015   Chinese College Students' Perceptions of Excellent Teachers Across Three Disciplines Psychology, Chemical Engineering, and Education  S Liu, J Keeley, W Buskist
2015   Chinese undergraduates' perceptions of teaching quality and the effects on approaches to studying and course satisfaction  H Yin, W Wang, J Han
2015   A structural equation model of pre‐service teachers' perceptions of future goals and current course‐related motivation  J Lee, JE Turner, MM Thomson
2015   Preparing Engineers for the Workplace through Service Learning: Perceptions of EPICS Alumni  JL Huff, CB Zoltowski, WC Oakes
2014   Online graduate students' perceptions of best learning experiences  PC Holzweiss, SA Joyner, MB Fuller, S Henderson
2014   Mooting within the curriculum as a vehicle for learning: student perceptions  L Jones, S Field