Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: personalized

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Personalized Maneuver Prediction at Intersections  V Losing, B Hammer, H Wersing
2017   Personalized Citation Recommendation via Convolutional Neural Networks  J Yin, X Li
2017   Personalized Deep Learning for Tag Recommendation  HTH Nguyen, M Wistuba, J Grabocka, LR Drumond
2017   Personalized Pancreatic Tumor Growth Prediction via Group Learning  L Zhang, L Lu, RM Summers, E Kebebew, J Yao
2017   Personalized Research Paper Recommendation using Deep Learning  HAM Hassan
2017   You are what apps you use: Transfer Learning for Personalized Content and Ad Recommendation  Z Yan, L Wei, Y Lu, Z Wu, B Tao
2017   Hybrid Deep-Semantic Matrix Factorization for Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation  Z Xu, C Chen, T Lukasiewicz, Y Miao
2017   Personalized and Occupational-aware Age Progression by Generative Adversarial Networks  S Zhou, W Zhao, J Feng, H Lai, Y Pan, J Yin, S Yan 
2017   Using Deep learning methods for generation of a personalized list of shuffled songs  R Gindra, S Kotak, A Natekar, G Sharma 
2017   Neural Semantic Personalized Ranking for item cold-start recommendation  T Ebesu, Y Fang
2017   DBNCF: Personalized Courses Recommendation System Based on DBN in MOOC Environment  H Zhang, H Yang, T Huang, G Zhan
2017   Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation Using a Hybrid Deep Model  Z Xu, T Lukasiewicz, C Chen, Y Miao, X Meng
2017   Personalized Acoustic Modeling By Weakly Supervised Multi-Task Deep Learning Using Acoustic Tokens Discovered From …  CK Wei, CT Chung, HY Lee, LS Lee
2017   Deep Sequential Recommendation for Personalized Adaptive User Interfaces  H Soh, S Sanner, M White, G Jamieson
2016   Improving Scalability of Personalized Recommendation Systems for Enterprise Knowledge Workers  C Verma, M Hart, S Bhatkar, A Parker
2016   Personalized Speech recognition on mobile devices  I McGraw, R Prabhavalkar, R Alvarez, MG Arenas
2016   From Micro to Macro: Understanding User Preferences from Different Perspectives for Personalized Recommendation  Y Wu
2016   Deeper knowledge tracing by modeling skill application context for better personalized learning  Y Huang
2016   User Personalized Satisfaction Prediction via Multiple Instance Deep Learning  Z Chen, B Gao, H Zhang, Z Zhao, D Cai
2016   Glassbot: Personalized Wearable Agents Learning from Everyday Human Behaviors  SW Lee, CY Lee, DH Kwak, BT Zhang
2016   Personalized Semantic Word Vectors  J Ebrahimi, D Dou
2016   Advanced use of EEG in drug development and personalized medicine  S Simpraga, R Alvarez
2016   Personalized object recognition for augmenting human memory  H Lee, C Upright, S Eliuk, A Kobsa
2016   A Personalized Markov Clustering and Deep Learning Approach for Arabic Text Categorization  V Jindal
2016   Exploring Deep Space: Learning Personalized Ranking in a Semantic Space  JBP Vuurens, M Larson, AP de Vries
2016   Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation Using a Deep-Semantic Similarity Model with Negative Sampling  Z Xu, C Chen, T Lukasiewicz, Y Miao, X Meng
2015   An Experience of Personalized Learning Hub Initiative Embedding BYOD for Reflective Engagement in Higher Education  SC Kong, Y Song
2015   7 Personalized Learning  A Zmuda
2015   User Modeling And Personalized Optimization For Stakeholder-Driven Watershed Design  S Mukhopadhyay, VB Singh, AD Piemonti
2014   Personalized Face Image Retrieval Based On Gmkl  YS Chou, CW Su
2014   Development of Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) for Malaysian School Environment Based on ADDIE Model  CKNCK Mohd, F Shahbodin