Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: prediction

Year TitleAuthor
2017   SalGAN: Visual Saliency Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks  J Pan, C Canton, K McGuinness, NE O'Connor
2017   Probabilistic Modeling and Visualization for Bankruptcy Prediction  F Antunes, B Ribeiro, F Pereira
2017   Safety prediction of rail transit system based on deep learning  Y Zhang, J Han, J Liu, T Zhou, J Suni, J Luo
2017   Deep Multi-Task Learning for Joint Prediction of Heterogeneous Face Attributes  F Wang, H Han, S Shan, X Chen
2017   Bike Sharing Prediction using Deep Neural Networks  C Thirumalai, R Koppuravuri
2017   Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Prediction and Feature Recovery Applied to Intrusion Detection in IoT  M Lopez
2017   Statistics and Deep Belief Network-Based Cardiovascular Risk Prediction  J Kim, U Kang, Y Lee
2017   A Multi-stage Deep Learning Approach for Business Process Event Prediction  N Mehdiyev, J Evermann, P Fettke
2017   Machine learning-based prediction of adverse drug effects: an example of seizure-inducing compounds  M Gao, H Igata, A Takeuchi, K Sato, Y Ikegaya
2017   A Multiscale Based Rainfall Amount Prediction Using Multiple Classifier System  C Valencia
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Protein Function Prediction from Sequence  XL Liu
2017   Prediction of traffic characteristics in smart cities based on deep learning mechanisms  V Gkania, L Dimitriou
2017   Time-Series Prediction and Applications: A Machine Intelligence Approach  A Konar, D Bhattacharya
2017   Physics-of-failure-based reliability and life prediction for critical components  SP Zhu, X Zhang, C Jiang, Y Liu, Z Huang
2017   Cost-sensitive Deep Learning for Early Readmission Prediction at A Major Hospital  H Wang, Z Cui, Y Chen, M Avidan, AB Abdallah
2017   Model-free prediction of noisy chaotic time series by deep learning  K Yeo
2017   Personalized Maneuver Prediction at Intersections  V Losing, B Hammer, H Wersing
2017   Mooney Face Classification And Prediction By Learning Across Tone  TW Ke, XY Stella, D Whitney
2017   A Streaming Data Prediction Method Based on Evolving Bayesian Network  Y Wang, G Chen, Z Wang
2017   Lithium-ion battery remaining useful life prediction with Deep Belief Network and Relevance Vector Machine  G Zhao, G Zhang, Y Liu, B Zhang, C Hu
2017   A Survey on Deep Video Prediction  V Ge 
2017   Fully Convolutional Object Depth Prediction for 3D Segmentation from 2.5 D Input  K Wada, K Okada, M Inaba
2017   Prediction of maize phenotype based on whole-genome single nucleotide polymorphisms using deep belief networks  H Rachmatia, WA Kusuma, LS Hasibuan
2017   Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection for Industrial Robots through Prediction in Unsupervised Feature Space  A Munawar, P Vinayavekhin, G De Magistris
2017   DeepCCI: End-to-end Deep Learning for Chemical-Chemical Interaction Prediction  S Kwon, S Yoon
2017   Deep learning for short-term traffic flow prediction  NG Polson, VO Sokolov
2017   Prognosis Cancer Prediction Model Using Deep Belief Network Approach.  FD GHAISANI, ITO WASITO, MOH FATURRAHMAN 
2017   Category Prediction of Questions Posted in Community-Based Question Answering Services Using Deep Learning Methods  Q Ma, R Kato, M Murata 
2017   End-to-End Scene Text Recognition with Character Centroid Prediction  W Zhao, J Ma 
2017   Prediction of laminar vortex shedding over a cylinder using deep learning  S Lee, D You 
2017   Cloud-based deep learning of big eeg data for epileptic seizure prediction  MP Hosseini, H Soltanian
2017   Traffic Speed Prediction and Congestion Source Exploration: A Deep Learning Method  J Wang, Q Gu, J Wu, G Liu, Z Xiong
2017   Software Defect Prediction via Convolutional Neural Network  J Li, P He, J Zhu, MR Lyu
2017   Financial Time Series Prediction Using Deep Learning  A Navon, Y Keller 
2017   Disease Prediction from Electronic Health Records Using Generative Adversarial Networks  U Hwang, S Choi, S Yoon 
2017   Prediction Under Uncertainty with Error-Encoding Networks  M Henaff, J Zhao, Y LeCun 
2017   Deep Learning in Multiple Multistep Time Series Prediction  C Zang 
2017   Deep Learning-Based Autosegmentation of Portal Vein for Prediction of Central Liver Toxicity After SBRT  B Ibragimov, DAS Toesca, DT Chang, AC Koong 
2017   Jaakko Pihlajasalo Improvement Of Satellite Orbit Prediction Ac-Curacy And Quality With Deep Learning And Spec-Tral Analysis  PDS Ali
2017   An approach of improved dynamic deep belief nets modeling for algae bloom prediction  L Wang, T Zhang, J Xu, J Yu, X Wang, H Zhang, Z Zhao 
2017   Deep Forward and Inverse Perceptual Models for Tracking and Prediction  A Lambert, A Shaban, Z Liu, B Boots
2017   Deep wavelet prediction for image super-resolution  T Guo, HS Mousavi, TH Vu, V Monga
2017   Traffic Parameters Prediction Using a Three-Channel Convolutional Neural Network  D Zang, D Wang, J Cheng, K Tang, X Li 
2017   Deep Neural Network in Biological Activity Prediction using Deep Belief Network  F Ghasemi, AR Mehridehnavi, A Fassihi 
2017   A new method for enhancer prediction based on deep belief network  H Bu, Y Gan, Y Wang, S Zhou, J Guan 
2017   Combining Deep Learning and Structured Prediction for Segmenting Masses in Mammograms  N Dhungel, G Carneiro, AP Bradley
2017   Generative Adversarial Reservoirs for natural video prediction  JJ Hintz
2017   149. Prediction of Grain Storage Temperature Based on Deep Learning  Z Li 
2017   Software Defect Prediction Using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders and Two-stage Ensemble Learning  H Tong, B Liu, S Wang 
2017   Deep learning for prediction of survival in idh wild-type gliomas  P Chang, D Chow, L Poisson, R Jain, C Filippi 
2017   Towards Deep End-of-Turn Prediction for Situated Spoken Dialogue Systems  A Maier, J Hough, D Schlangen
2017   Protein-protein interaction interface residue pair prediction based on deep learning architecture.  Z Zhao, X Gong
2017   Dynamic Occupancy Grid Prediction for Urban Autonomous Driving: A Deep Learning Approach with Fully Automatic Labeling  S Hoermann, M Bach, K Dietmayer
2017   Sequence-based prediction of protein protein interaction using a deep-learning algorithm  T Sun, B Zhou, L Lai, J Pei
2017   Deep Belief Echo-state Network and Its Application to Time Series Prediction  X Sun, T Li, Q Li, Y Huang, Y Li
2017   Stochastic Replica Voting Machine prediction of stable Perovskite and binary alloys  B Sun, T Mazaheri, J Scher
2017   Deep Recurrent Conditional Random Field Network for Protein Secondary Prediction  AR Johansen, CK Sønderby, SK Sønderby, O Winther
2017   O77 Deep learning for EEG classification for outcome prediction of postanoxic coma  M Tjepkema
2017   Prediction and Optimisation of Protein-Ligand Affinities by Integral Equation Theory  MSF Mrugalla
2017   A Study on the Prediction Method of Emergency Room (ER) Pollution Level based on Deep Learning using Scattering Sensor  ML Choi, MJ Lim, YM Kwon, DK Chung
2017   Efficient Journey Planning and Congestion Prediction Through Deep Learning  MS Bin Othman, SL Keoh, G Tan
2017   Highly Accurate Prediction of Specific Activity Using Deep Learning  M Sheinfeld, S Levinson, I Orion
2017   MUFold-SS: Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Deep Inception-Inside-Inception Networks  C Fang, Y Shang, D Xu
2017   Prediction of Graduation Delay Based on Student Characterisitics and Performance  T Ojha
2017   Prediction of Cognitive States during Flight Simulation using Multimodal Psychophysiological Sensing  AR Harrivel, CL Stephens, RJ Milletich, CM Heinich
2017   Deep hierarchical architectures for saliency prediction and salient object detection  Y Hu
2017   Layerwise feature selection in Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder for tumor type prediction  V Singh, N Baranwal, RK Sevakula, NK Verma, Y Cui
2017   New insights into the prediction of heterogeneous carbonate reservoir permeability from well logs using artificial intelligence network  S Elkatatny, M Mahmoud, Z Tariq, A Abdulraheem
2017   Cardiac left ventricular volumes prediction method based on atlas location and deep learning  G Luo, S Dong, K Wang, H Zhang
2017   A short-term building cooling load prediction method using deep learning algorithms  C Fan, F Xiao, Y Zhao
2017   Image-based deep neural network prediction of the heat output of a step-grate biomass boiler  P Tóth, A Garami, B Csordás
2017   A novel passenger flow prediction model using deep learning methods  L Liu, RC Chen
2017   Connoisseur: classification of styles of Mexican architectural heritage with deep learning and visual attention prediction  AM Obeso, MSG Vázquez, AAR Acosta
2017   Leveraging Stacked Denoising Autoencoder in Prediction of Pathogen-Host Protein-Protein Interactions  H Chen, J Shen, L Wang, J Song
2017   Fiber-optic acoustic-based disturbance prediction in pipelines using Deep Learning  K Ma, H Leung, E Jalilian, D Huang 
2017   Deep learning analysis of breast MRIs for prediction of occult invasive disease in ductal carcinoma in situ  Z Zhu, M Harowicz, J Zhang, A Saha, LJ Grimm 
2017   Deep Learning for Chemical Reaction Prediction  D Fooshee, A Mood, E Gutman, A Tavakoli, G Urban 
2017   A regularized deep learning approach for clinical risk prediction of acute coronary syndrome using electronic health records.  Z Huang, W Dong, H Duan, J Liu
2017   Reduction of Overfitting in Diabetes Prediction Using Deep Learning Neural Network  A Ashiquzzaman, AK Tushar, M Islam, JM Kim
2017   Personalized Pancreatic Tumor Growth Prediction via Group Learning  L Zhang, L Lu, RM Summers, E Kebebew, J Yao
2017   A deep learning framework for improving long-range residue-residue contact prediction using a hierarchical strategy  D Xiong, J Zeng, H Gong
2017   FloodEye: Real-time flash flood prediction system for urban complex water flow  K Hiroi, N Kawaguchi
2017   Improved protein model quality prediction by changing the target function  K Uziela, D Menendez Hurtado, N Shu, B Wallner
2017   Somatic Copy Number Alteration-Based Prediction of Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning Model  MM Islam, R Ajwad, C Chi, M Domaratzki, Y Wang
2017   Multi-Scale Dense Convolutional Networks for Efficient Prediction  G Huang, D Chen, T Li, F Wu, L van der Maaten
2017   Prediction of Bioprocess Production Using Deep Neural Network Method  A Baharin, A Abdullah, SNM Yousoff
2017   DeepTrend: A Deep Hierarchical Neural Network for Traffic Flow Prediction  X Dai, R Fu, Y Lin, L Li, FY Wang
2017   Traffic Flow Prediction with Rainfall Impact Using A Deep Learning Method  Y Jia, J Wu, M Xu
2017   Prediction of human protein subcellular localization using deep learning  L Wei, Y Ding, R Su, J Tang, Q Zou
2017   Perceptual quality prediction on authentically distorted images using a bag of  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2017   Multilevel learning based modeling for link prediction and users' consumption preference in Online Social Networks  P Sharma, S Rathore, JH Park
2017   In vivo prediction of intramuscular fat using ultrasound and deep learning  J Kvam, J Kongsro 
2017   Towards Deep Learning Models for Psychological State Prediction using Smartphone Data: Challenges and Opportunities  G Mikelsons, M Smith, A Mehrotra, M Musolesi 
2017   Defect Prediction in Android Binary Executables Using Deep Neural Network  F Dong, J Wang, Q Li, G Xu, S Zhang 
2017   A deep learning-based approach to material removal rate prediction in polishing  P Wang, RX Gao, R Yan
2017   Uncertainty Quantification, Image Synthesis and Deformation Prediction for Image Registration  X Yang
2017   Protein contact prediction by integrating deep multiple sequence alignments, coevolution and machine learning  B Adhikari, J Hou, J Cheng 
2017   A Novel Model Based On Fcm-Lm Algorithm For Prediction Of Protein Folding Rate  L Liu, M Ma, J Cui
2017   A MRT Daily Passenger Flow Prediction Model with Different Combinations of Influential Factors  L Liu, RC Chen
2017   Financial Time Series Prediction using Hybrids of Chaos Theory, Multi-Layer Perceptron and Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms  V Ravi, D Pradeepkumar, K Deb
2017   Cascade recurring deep networks for audible range prediction  Y Nam, OS Choo, YR Lee, YH Choung, H Shin
2017   Maria: Accurate Prediction of MHC-II Peptide Presentation with Deep-Learning and Lymphoma Patient MHC-II Ligandome  B Chen, M Khodadoust, N Olsson, E Fast, LE Wagar
2017   Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Based on Deep Learning  L Zheng, H Li, N Wu, L Ao 
2017   Listening to Chaotic Whispers: A Deep Learning Framework for News-oriented Stock Trend Prediction  Z Hu, W Liu, J Bian, X Liu, TY Liu 
2017   Mining Big Building Operational Data for Building Cooling Load Prediction and Energy Efficiency Improvement  F Xiao, S Wang, C Fan
2017   EPSILON-CP: using deep learning to combine information from multiple sources for protein contact prediction  K Stahl, M Schneider, O Brock
2017   Deep Learning for outcome prediction of postanoxic coma  MJAM van Putten, J Hofmeijer, BJ Ruijter
2017   Holistic Planimetric prediction to Local Volumetric prediction for 3D Human Pose Estimation  G Moon, JY Chang, Y Suh, KM Lee
2017   Automated Feature Selection and Churn Prediction using Deep Learning Models  V Umayaparvathi, K Iyakutti
2017   Social Emotion Mining Techniques for Facebook Posts Reaction Prediction  F Krebs, B Lubascher, T Moers, P Schaap, G Spanakis 
2017   Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Big Data and Deep Learning: Toward a Mobile System  I Kiral
2017   Improving Direct Physical Properties Prediction of Heterogeneous Materials from Imaging Data via Convolutional Neural Network and a Morphology-Aware …  R Cang, H Li, H Yao, Y Jiao, Y Ren 
2017   Deep Learning Approach for Prediction of Heart Disease Using Data mining Classification Algorithm Deep Belief Network  T Karthikeyan, VA Kanimozhi
2017   A novel left ventricular volumes prediction method based on deep learning network in cardiac MRI  GN Luo, GX Sun, KQ Wang, SY Dong, HG Zhang
2017   Deep representation learning for human motion prediction and classification  J Bütepage, M Black, D Kragic, H Kjellström
2017   Learning Traffic as Images: A Deep Convolution Neural Network for Large-scale Transportation Network Speed Prediction  X Ma, Z Dai, Z He, Y Wang
2017   An Analytical Method for Diseases Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques  M Nilashi, O bin Ibrahim, H Ahmadi, L Shahmoradi
2017   Structure Prediction for Gland Segmentation with Hand-Crafted and Deep Convolutional Features  S Manivannan, W Li, J Zhang, E Trucco, S McKenna
2017   Boosting Deep Learning Risk Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks for Electronic Health Records  Z Che, Y Cheng, S Zhai, Z Sun, Y Liu
2017   Prediction of protein function using a deep convolutional neural network ensemble  EI Zacharaki
2017   A novel soft computing method for engine RUL prediction  SK Singh, S Kumar, JP Dwivedi
2017   Predictor-Estimator: Neural Quality Estimation Based on Target Word Prediction for Machine Translation  H Kim, HY Jung, H Kwon, JH Lee, SH Na
2017   An Embedded Deep Learning based Word Prediction  S Yu, N Kulkarni, H Lee, J Kim
2017   DeepLoc: Prediction of protein subcellular localization using deep learning  JJ Almagro Armenteros, C Kaae Sønderby
2017   Deep Fully Convolutional Network-Based Spatial Distribution Prediction for Hyperspectral Image Classification  L Jiao, M Liang, H Chen, S Yang, H Liu, X Cao
2017   Deep Learning-Based Corporate Performance Prediction Model Considering Technical Capability  J Lee, D Jang, S Park
2017   A User Prediction and Identification System for Tor Networks Using ARIMA Model  T Oda, M Cuka, R Obukata, M Ikeda, L Barolli
2017   Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks with Dual Local and Global Attention for Review Rating Prediction  S Seo, J Huang, H Yang, Y Liu
2017   DEEPre: sequence-based enzyme EC number prediction by deep learning  Y Li, S Wang, R Umarov, B Xie, M Fan, L Li, X Gao 
2017   Fully Context-Aware Video Prediction  W Byeon, Q Wang, RK Srivastava, P Koumoutsakos 
2017   Respiratory Prediction and Image Quality Improvement of 4D Cone Beam CT and MRI for Lung Tumor Treatments  S Park
2017   Counterfactual Prediction with Deep Instrumental Variables Networks  J Hartford, G Lewis, K Leyton
2017   Relational Deep Learning: A Deep Latent Variable Model for Link Prediction  H Wang, X Shi, DY Yeung
2017   Hierarchical Model for Long-term Video Prediction  P Wang, Z Yan, J Zhang
2017   Effective Training of Convolutional Neural Networks for Face-Based Gender and Age Prediction  G Antipov, M Baccouche, SA Berrani, JL Dugelay
2017   Cognitive Subscore Trajectory Prediction in Alzheimer's Disease  LE Givon, LJ Mariano, AR Schneider, D O'Dowd
2017   On prediction error compressive sensing image reconstruction for face recognition  S Biswas, J Sil, SP Maity 
2017   Learning Deep Structured Multi-Scale Features using Attention-Gated CRFs for Contour Prediction  D Xu, W Ouyang, X Alameda
2017   Belief Propagation in Conditional RBMs for Structured Prediction  W Ping, A Ihler
2017   Scalable Deep Traffic Flow Neural Networks for Urban Traffic Congestion Prediction  M Fouladgar, M Parchami, R Elmasri, A Ghaderi
2017   Short-term Wind Energy Prediction Algorithm Based on SAGA-DBNs  W Fei, WU Zhong
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to the Prediction of Short-term Traffic Accident Risk  H Ren, Y Song, JX Liu, Y Hu, J Lei 
2017   Newton-Gauss curvature matrix based cDBN for online edible fungus drying prediction model  G Jun 
2017   Software Reliability Prediction Using a Deep Learning Model based on the RNN Encoder–Decoder  J Wang, C Zhang 
2017   Protein Function Prediction using Deep Restricted Boltzmann Machines  X Zou, G Wang, G Yu
2017   Deep Neural Networks for traffic flow prediction  H Yi, HJ Jung, S Bae
2017   Superior prognosis prediction performance of deep learning for gastric cancer compared to Yonsei prognosis prediction model using Cox regression.  WJ Hyung, T Son, M Park, H Lee, YN Kim, HI Kim
2017   A systemic analysis of link prediction in social network  S Haghani, MR Keyvanpour 
2017   A modified brain emotional learning model for earthquake magnitude and fear prediction  SH Fakhrmoosavy, S Setayeshi, A Sharifi 
2017   A Real-time Action Prediction Framework by Encoding Temporal Evolution for Assembly Tasks  F Rezazadegan, LS Davis, S Shirazi
2017   Wind Power Prediction using Deep Neural Network based Meta Regression and Transfer Learning  AS Qureshi, A Khan, A Zameer, A Usman
2017   Stabilizing Adversarial Nets With Prediction Methods  A Yadav, S Shah, Z Xu, D Jacobs, T Goldstein
2017   Solar Power Prediction Using Deep Learning  P Poudel, B Jang
2017   Prediction of multi-drug resistant TB from CT pulmonary Images based on deep learning techniques  X Gao, Y Qian 
2017   Communication Network Time Series Prediction Algorithm Based on Big Data Method  T Wang, M Wang 
2017   A data-driven method based on deep belief networks for backlash error prediction in machining centers  Z Li, Y Wang, K Wang 
2017   Next-Step Conditioned Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Improve Protein Secondary Structure Prediction  A Busia, N Jaitly
2017   One-Step Time-Dependent Future Video Frame Prediction with a Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Neural Network  V Vukotić, SL Pintea, C Raymond, G Gravier
2017   A New Temporal Abstraction for Health Diagnosis Prediction using Deep Recurrent Networks  A Manashty, JL Thomson
2017   Dual Motion GAN for Future-Flow Embedded Video Prediction  X Liang, L Lee, W Dai, EP Xing
2017   Coronary luminal and wall mask prediction using convolutional neural network  Y Hong, YM Hong, Y Jang, S Kim, B Jeon, S Jung
2017   EP-1605: Deep learning of radiomics features for survival prediction in NSCLC and Head and Neck carcinoma  A Jochems, F Hoebers, D De Ruysscher, R Leijenaar
2017   Traffic Matrix Prediction and Estimation Based on Deep Learning for Data Center Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, L Guo, S Yu, H Song
2017   GMFR-CNN: An Integration of Gapped Motif Feature Representation and Deep Learning Approach for Enhancer Prediction  YS Wong, NK Lee, N Omar
2017   Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Monocular Depth Map Prediction  Y Kuznietsov, J Stückler, B Leibe
2017   Flame Images for Oxygen Content Prediction of Combustion Systems Using DBN  Y Liu, Y Fan, J Chen
2017   Time series prediction of stock price using deep belief networks with intrinsic plasticity  X Li, L Yang, F Xue, H Zhou
2017   Deep architecture for Heparin dosage prediction during continuous renal replacement therapy  N Kong, X Liu, C Liu, J Lian, H Wang
2017   A Deep Learning-based Multi-model Ensemble Method for Cancer Prediction  Y Xiao, J Wu, Z Lin, X Zhao
2017   Real-Time Deep Learning For Danger Prediction Using Heterogeneous Time-Series Sensor Data  R Min, D Song 
2017   Singular Point Probability Improve LSTM Network Performance for Long-term Traffic Flow Prediction  B Liu, J Cheng, K Cai, P Shi, X Tang 
2017   Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Using an Integrated Deep Learning and Particle Filter Approach  J Deutsch, M He, D He
2017   3D Deep Learning for Biological Function Prediction from Physical Fields  V Golkov, MJ Skwark, A Mirchev, G Dikov, AR Geanes
2017   Deep-FExt: Deep Feature Extraction for Vessel Segmentation and Centerline Prediction  G Tetteh, M Rempfler, BH Menze, C Zimmer
2017   Prediction of Stock Market performance by using machine learning techniques  K Raza
2017   Text-based sentential stress prediction using continuous lexical embedding for Mandarin speech synthesis  Y Zheng, Y Li, Z Wen, B Liu, J Tao
2017   Deep Learning Based Regression and Multi-class Models for Acute Oral Toxicity Prediction  Y Xu, J Pei, L Lai
2017   An Introduction to Time-Series Prediction  A Konar, D Bhattacharya
2017   Prediction of crime occurrence from multi-modal data using deep learning.  HW Kang, HB Kang
2017   Time-Series Prediction and Applications  A Konar, D Bhattacharya
2017   Deep learning methods for protein torsion angle prediction  H Li, J Hou, B Adhikari, Q Lyu, J Cheng
2017   A Large Scale Prediction Engine for App Install Clicks and Conversions  N Bhamidipati, R Kant, S Mishra 
2017   Autoencoder for wind power prediction  S Tasnim, A Rahman, AMT Oo, ME Haque 
2017   Visual Flow Analysis and Saliency Prediction  KSS Srinivas
2017   Deep neural networks based order completion time prediction by using real-time job shop RFID data  C Wang, P Jiang
2017   Disguise Adversarial Networks for Click-through Rate Prediction  Y Deng, Y Shen, H Jin
2017   A hybrid intelligent system for the prediction of Parkinson's Disease progression using machine learning techniques  M Nilashi, O Ibrahim, H Ahmadi, L Shahmoradi 
2017   On Feature Reduction using Deep Learning for Trend Prediction in Finance  L Troiano, E Mejuto, P Kriplani
2017   A link prediction approach based on deep learning for opportunistic sensor network  J Shu, Q Chen, L Liu, L Xu
2017   Incident Prediction And Response Using Deep Learning Techniques And Multimodal Data  AK Baughman, C Eggenberger, AI Martin, DS Stoessel
2017   DeepCpG: accurate prediction of single-cell DNA methylation states using deep learning  C Angermueller, HJ Lee, W Reik, O Stegle
2017   Prediction of Wind Speed Fluctuation Using Deep Belief Network with Ensemble Learning Method  S Yoshida, H Suzuki, T Kitajima, T Yasuno
2017   Blood Pressure Prediction via Recurrent Models with Contextual Layer  X Li, S Wu, L Wang
2017   Deep learning for multimodal-based video interestingness prediction  Y Shen, CH Demarty, NQK Duong
2017   Dose Prediction with U-net: A Feasibility Study for Predicting Dose Distributions from Contours using Deep Learning on Prostate IMRT Patients  D Nguyen, T Long, X Jia, W Lu, X Gu, Z Iqbal, S Jiang
2017   Single Image Depth Prediction Using Super-Column Super-Pixel Features  X Guo, K Nguyen, S Denman, C Fookes, S Sridharan
2017   Deep learning-based drug-target interaction prediction  M Wen, Z Zhang, S Niu, H Sha, R Yang, Y Yun, H Lu
2017   Prediction of Air Pollutants Concentration Based on an Extreme Learning Machine: The Case of Hong Kong  J Zhang, W Ding
2017   A Workload Prediction Approach Using Models Stacking Based on Recurrent Neural Network and Autoencoder  HM Nguyen, S Woo, J Im, T Jun, D Kim
2017   Exploiting Convolutional Neural Network for Risk Prediction with Medical Feature Embedding  Z Che, Y Cheng, Z Sun, Y Liu
2017   Prediction of visual attention with deep CNN on artificially degraded videos for studies of attention of patients with Dementia  S Chaabouni, J Benois
2017   Post-stroke discharge disposition prediction using deep learning  J Cho, Z Hu, M Sartipi
2017   Erratum to: DeepCpG: accurate prediction of single-cell DNA methylation states using deep learning  C Angermueller, HJ Lee, W Reik, O Stegle
2017   A deep learning based approach for long-term drought prediction  NA Agana, A Homaifar
2017   Network Traffic Prediction Based on Deep Belief Network in Wireless Mesh Backbone Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, S Yu, H Song
2017   Computational Methods for the Prediction of Drug-Target Interactions from Drug Fingerprints and Protein Sequences by Stacked Auto-Encoder Deep Neural Network  L Wang, ZH You, X Chen, SX Xia, F Liu, X Yan, Y Zhou
2017   Histopathological Diagnosis for Viable and Non-viable Tumor Prediction for Osteosarcoma Using Convolutional Neural Network  R Mishra, O Daescu, P Leavey, D Rakheja, A Sengupta
2017   Applying Techniques in Supervised Deep Learning to Steering Angle Prediction in Autonomous Vehicles  P Penkov, V Sriram, J Ye
2017   DeeperBind: Enhancing Prediction of Sequence Specificities of DNA Binding Proteins  MD Wang, HR Hassanzadeh
2017   Motion Prediction Under Multimodality with Conditional Stochastic Networks  K Fragkiadaki, J Huang, A Alemi, S Vijayanarasimhan
2017   A deep learning framework for improving long-range residue-residue contact prediction using a hierarchical strategy.  D Xiong, J Zeng, H Gong
2017   Multi Resolution LSTM For Long Term Prediction In Neural Activity Video  Y Song, J Viventi, Y Wang
2017   Evaluating deep learning in chum prediction for everything-as-a-service in the cloud  C Sung, CY Higgins, B Zhang, Y Choe
2017   A deep learning approach to diabetic blood glucose prediction  H Mhaskar, S Pereverzyev, MD Van Der Walt
2017   Outcome prediction in colorectal cancer using digitized tumor samples and machine learning  D Bychkov, R Turkki, C Haglund, N Linder, J Lundin
2017   Restricted Boltzmann machine based stock market trend prediction  Q Liang, W Rong, J Zhang, J Liu, Z Xiong
2017   Long-Term User Location Prediction Using Deep Learning and Periodic Pattern Mining  MH Wong, VS Tseng, JCC Tseng, SW Liu, CH Tsai 
2017   Automatic feature learning for vulnerability prediction  HK Dam, T Tran, T Pham, SW Ng, J Grundy, A Ghose
2017   Spectrum availability prediction in cognitive aerospace communications: A deep learning perspective  L Yu, Q Wang, Y Guo, P Li
2017   A big data based deep learning approach for vehicle speed prediction  Z Cheng, MY Chow, D Jung, J Jeon
2017   System Failure Prediction Using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks  J Xu, K Zhang, H Zhang, R Min, G Jiang 
2017   Multi-Modal Driving Danger Prediction System for Automobiles  E Cosatto, I Melvin, HP Graf 
2017   Multilabel Prediction via Cross-View Search  X Shen, W Liu, IW Tsang, QS Sun, YS Ong 
2017   Multi-task Deep Neural Networks in Automated Protein Function Prediction  AS Rifaioglu, T Doğan, MJ Martin, R Cetin
2017   DeepRT: deep learning for peptide retention time prediction in proteomics  C Ma, Z Zhu, J Ye, J Yang, J Pei, S Xu, R Zhou, C Yu
2017   Rear-end collision prediction scheme based on deep learning in the Internet of Vehicles  C Chen, H Xiang, T Qiu, C Wang, Y Zhou, V Chang
2017   An Application of Internet Traffic Prediction with Deep Neural Network  S Narejo, E Pasero
2016   A Deep Multi-Level Network for Saliency Prediction  M Cornia, L Baraldi, G Serra, R Cucchiara
2016   Fusing Social Networks with Deep Learning for Volunteerism Tendency Prediction  Y Jia, X Song, J Zhou, L Liu, L Nie, DS Rosenblum
2016   Large-Margin Structured Prediction Extensions of Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition  S Ravuri
2016   Deeper Depth Prediction with Fully Convolutional Residual Networks  I Laina, C Rupprecht, V Belagiannis, F Tombari
2016   Time series prediction for evolutions of complex systems: A deep learning approach  P Jiang, C Chen, X Liu
2016   Deep Learning over Multi-field Categorical Data: A Case Study on User Response Prediction  W Zhang, T Du, J Wang
2016   Deep Learning for Saliency Prediction in Natural Video  S Chaabouni, J Benois
2016   Deep Gaussian Process for Crop Yield Prediction Based on Remote Sensing Data  J You, X Li, M Low, D Lobell, S Ermon
2016   Beyond 3D: Extending life of subsea assets by applying advanced simulation and prediction  P Michalak, G Viecelli
2016   Unsupervised energy prediction in a Smart Grid context using reinforcement cross-building transfer learning  E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, WL Kling, M Gibescu
2016   Using dynamic time warping for quantifying effects of sinusoidal oscillation deviations during EEG time series prediction and for finding interesting EEG and fMRI …  D Martin
2016   Stock prediction using deep learning  R Singh, S Srivastava
2016   A very short term wind power prediction approach based on Multilayer Restricted Boltzmann Machine  X Peng, L Xiong, J Wen, Y Xu, W Fan, S Feng, B Wang
2016   Short-term prediction of wind power based on deep Long Short-Term Memory  Q Xiaoyun, K Xiaoning, Z Chao, J Shuai, M Xiuda
2016   Prediction of residue-residue contact matrix for protein-protein interaction with Fisher score features and deep learning  T Du, L Liao, C Wu, B Sun
2016   The Prediction Research of Population Density Based on Deep Learning in Grain Stored Insects  W Jian
2016   Novel Affective Features For Multiscale Prediction Of Emotion In Music  N Kumar, T Guha, CW Huang, C Vaz, SS Narayanan
2016   Prediction of Bone Loss Rate Based on Oesteoporosis Risk Features  M Phil, KS MCA
2016   Interpretable deep neural networks for enhancer prediction  SG Kim, N Theera
2016   Accurate prediction of docked protein structure similarity using neural networks and restricted Boltzmann machines  R Farhoodi, B Akbal
2016   Boosting compound-protein interaction prediction by deep learning  K Tian, M Shao, S Zhou, J Guan
2016   Impact of Global Network on Localized Link Prediction  A Martinez
2016   Deep learning for tissue microarray image-based outcome prediction in patients with colorectal cancer  D Bychkov, R Turkki, C Haglund, N Linder, J Lundin
2016   Unsupervised energy prediction under smart grid context using reinforcement cross buildings transfer learning  E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, WL Kling, M Gibescu
2016   Deep Feature Fusion Network for Answer Quality Prediction in Community Question Answering  SP Suggu, KN Goutham, MK Chinnakotla
2016   The effects of deep network topology on mortality prediction  H Du, MM Ghassemi, M Feng
2016   Deep-Learning-Based Approach for Prediction of Algal Blooms  F Zhang, Y Wang, M Cao, X Sun, Z Du, R Liu, X Ye
2016   Automatically Learning Semantic Features for Defect Prediction  S Wang, T Liu, L Tan
2016   Deep CTR Prediction in Display Advertising  J Chen, B Sun, H Li, H Lu, XS Hua
2016   A hybrid wind power prediction method  Y Tao, H Chen
2016   The role of different sampling methods in improving biological activity prediction using deep belief network  F Ghasemi, A Fassihi, H Pérez‐Sánchez
2016   Marr Revisited: 2D-3D Alignment via Surface Normal Prediction  A Bansal, B Russell, A Gupta
2016   Perceptual Quality Prediction on Authentically Distorted Images Using a Bag of Features Approach  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2016   Gaussian Neuron in Deep Belief Network for Sentiment Prediction  Y Jin, D Du, H Zhang
2016   From Pixels to Sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, B Jou, X Giro
2016   Continuous Fundamental Frequency Prediction with Deep Neural Networks  BP Tóth, TG Csapó
2016   Time Series Prediction Based on Multiple Artificial Neural Network  F Li, J Liu
2016   MUST-CNN: A MUltilayer Shift-and-sTitch Deep Convolutional Architecture for Sequence-based Protein Structure Prediction  Z Lin, Y Qi
2016   Genome-Wide Prediction of cis-Regulatory Regions Using Supervised Deep Learning Methods  Y Li, W Shi, WW Wasserman
2016   Deep Learning Driven Visual Path Prediction from a Single Image  S Huang, X Li, Z Zhang, Z He, F Wu, W Liu, J Tang
2016   Intra-and Inter-Fractional Variation Prediction of Lung Tumors Using Fuzzy Deep Learning  S Park, SJ Lee, E Weiss, Y Motai
2016   Classiffication-based Financial Markets Prediction using Deep Neural Networks  M Dixon, D Klabjan, JH Bang
2016   Research on CTR Prediction for Contextual Advertising Based on Deep Architecture Model  Z Jiang
2016   A Fully Convolutional Neural Network based Structured Prediction Approach Towards the Retinal Vessel Segmentation  A Dasgupta, S Singh
2016   Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using Deep Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks and Next-Step Conditioning  A Busia, J Collins, N Jaitly
2016   Face Attribute Prediction with classification CNN  Y Zhong, J Sullivan, H Li
2016   Jointly Modeling Review Content and Aspect Ratings for Review Rating Prediction  Z Jin, Q Li, DD Zeng, YC Zhan, R Liu, L Wang, H Ma
2016   Exploiting Twitter Moods to Boost Financial Trend Prediction Based on Deep Network Models  Y Huang, K Huang, Y Wang, H Zhang, J Guan, S Zhou
2016   Inter-data-center network traffic prediction with elephant flows  Y Li, H Liu, W Yang, D Hu, W Xu
2016   Automated 5-year Mortality Prediction using Deep Learning and Radiomics Features from Chest Computed Tomography  G Carneiro, L Oakden
2016   R2C: Improving ab initio residue contact map prediction using dynamic fusion strategy and Gaussian noise filter  J Yang, QY Jin, B Zhang, HB Shen
2016   ProtPOS: a python package for the prediction of protein preferred orientation on a surface  JCF Ngai, PI Mak, SWI Siu
2016   EEG-based prediction of driver's cognitive performance by deep convolutional neural network  M Hajinoroozi, Z Mao, TP Jung, CT Lin, Y Huang
2016   Traffic speed prediction using deep learning method  Y Jia, J Wu, Y Du
2016   Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Saliency Prediction  Ç Bak, A Erdem, E Erdem
2016   Correction of: Sleep Quality Prediction From Wearable Data Using Deep Learning.  A Sathyanarayana, S Joty, L Fernandez
2016   User Personalized Satisfaction Prediction via Multiple Instance Deep Learning  Z Chen, B Gao, H Zhang, Z Zhao, D Cai
2016   Algorithms for Drug Sensitivity Prediction  C De Niz, R Rahman, X Zhao, R Pal
2016   Protein Secondary Structure Prediction by using Deep Learning Method  Y Wang, H Mao, Z Yi
2016   Protein contact prediction from amino acid co-evolution using convolutional networks for graph-valued images  V Golkov, MJ Skwark, A Golkov, A Dosovitskiy, T Brox
2016   Breast Cancer Survivability Prediction via Classifier Ensemble  M Al
2016   Generalized Prediction Model for Detection of Psychiatric Disorders  B Sen
2016   Statistical Data Analysis and Prediction Model for Learning Assessment in Korean High Schools Based on EduData  H Choi, Y Kang
2016   Combining Software Metrics and Text Features for Vulnerable File Prediction  Y Zhang, D Lo, X Xia, B Xu, J Sun, S Li
2016   Are All Objects Equal? Deep Spatio-Temporal Importance Prediction in Driving Videos  E Ohn
2016   Emotion Prediction from User-Generated Videos by Emotion Wheel Guided Deep Learning  CT Ho, YH Lin, JL Wu
2016   Factorization Ranking Model for Fast Move Prediction in the Game of Go  C Xiao
2016   Odor Impression Prediction from Mass Spectra  Y Nozaki, T Nakamoto
2016   Deep Spatio-Temporal Residual Networks for Citywide Crowd Flows Prediction  J Zhang, Y Zheng, D Qi
2016   Stacked Autoencoder Based Identification of Monsoon Predictors for Prediction of Indian Summer Monsoon  M Saha, A Santara, P Mitra, A Chakraborty
2016   Prediction of driver's drowsy and alert states from EEG signals with deep learning  M Hajinoroozi, Z Mao, Y Huang
2016   Shallow and Deep Convolutional Networks for Saliency Prediction  J Pan, K McGuinness, E Sayrol, N O'Connor
2016   A deep learning approach for VM workload prediction in the cloud  F Qiu, B Zhang, J Guo
2016   Joint Prediction of Chronic Conditions Onset: Comparing Multivariate Probits with Multiclass Support Vector Machines  SG Pour, F Girosi
2016   A Comparison of Traffic Flow Prediction Methods Based on DBN  C Monographs, T Monographs, T Monographs
2016   Prediction of visual attention with Deep CNN for studies of neurodegenerative diseases  S Chaabouni, F Tison, J Benois
2016   Scene Text Detection via Holistic, Multi-Channel Prediction  C Yao, X Bai, N Sang, X Zhou, S Zhou, Z Cao
2016   Early Prediction of Extreme Rainfall Events: A Deep Learning Approach  S Gope, S Sarkar, P Mitra, S Ghosh
2016   Sound quality prediction of vehicle interior noise using deep belief networks  HB Huang, XR Huang, RX Li, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   Hierarchical Aggregation Based Deep Aging Feature for Age Prediction  J Qiu, Y Dai, Y Zhang, JM Alvarez
2016   Peptide retention time prediction  L Moruz, L Käll
2016   Unified Depth Prediction and Intrinsic Image Decomposition from a Single Image via Joint Convolutional Neural Fields  S Kim, K Park, K Sohn, S Lin
2016   Ontology-based Deep Learning for Human Behavior Prediction with Explanations in Health Social Networks  N Phan, D Dou, H Wang, D Kil, B Piniewski
2016   RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Using Neural Machine Translation  L Zhang
2016   Protein Residue-Residue Contact Prediction Using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders  IV Luttrell, J Bailey
2016   Traffic Matrix Prediction and Estimation Based on Deep Learning in Large-scale IP Backbone Networks  L Nie, D Jiang, L Guo, S Yu
2016   Sleep Quality Prediction From Wearable Data Using Deep Learning  A Sathyanarayana, S Joty, L Fernandez
2016   DCAP: A deep convolution architecture for prediction of urban growth  S Pal, S Chowdhury, SK Ghosh
2016   Deep Neural Network for Structural Prediction and Lane Detection in Traffic Scene.  J Li, X Mei, D Prokhorov
2016   Single trial prediction of normal and excessive cognitive load through EEG feature fusion  P Bashivan, M Yeasin, GM Bidelman
2016   Transfer learning with deep networks for saliency prediction in natural video  S Chaabouni, J Benois
2016   Dense prediction for text line segmentation in handwritten document images  QN Vo, GS Lee
2016   Risk Prediction with Electronic Health Records: A Deep Learning Approach  Y Cheng, F Wang, P Zhang, J Hu
2016   A Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Deep Learning Integrated Algorithm with Stacked Autoencoders and SVR for FX Prediction  H Shen, X Liang
2016   Structured Output SVM Prediction of Apparent Age, Gender and Smile From Deep Features  M Uricár, CTU FEE, R Timofte, R Rothe, J Matas
2016   Structured Prediction of 3D Human Pose with Deep Neural Networks  B Tekin, I Katircioglu, M Salzmann, V Lepetit, P Fua
2016   Protein Residue Contacts and Prediction Methods  B Adhikari, J Cheng
2016   On the Synergies Between Quantum Mechanics and Machine Learning in Reaction Prediction  P Sadowski, DR Fooshee, N Subrahmanya, P Baldi
2016   3D Deep Learning for Multi-modal Imaging-Guided Survival Time Prediction of Brain Tumor Patients  D Nie, H Zhang, E Adeli, L Liu, D Shen
2016   Dialysis patients' hospital readmission prediction using artificial neural networks  G Hatem
2016   A deep learning approach for human behavior prediction with explanations in health social networks: social restricted Boltzmann machine (SRBM+)  N Phan, D Dou, B Piniewski, D Kil
2016   IPMiner: hidden ncRNA-protein interaction sequential pattern mining with stacked autoencoder for accurate computational prediction  X Pan, YX Fan, J Yan, HB Shen
2016   deepMiRGene: Deep Neural Network based Precursor microRNA Prediction  S Park, S Min, H Choi, S Yoon
2016   Prediction of Facial Key points in Images Using Neural Networks  M Bhelande, A Krishnan, A Bharadwaj, N Palecha
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks for Customer Purchase Prediction on Twitter  M Korpusik, S Sakaki, FCYY Chen
2016   AUCpreD: proteome-level protein disorder prediction by AUC-maximized deep convolutional neural fields  S Wang, J Ma, J Xu
2016   Image Prediction for Limited-angle Tomography via Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network  H Zhang, L Li, K Qiao, L Wang, B Yan, L Li, G Hu
2016   Learning Deep Architectures for Interaction Prediction in Structure-based Virtual Screening  A Gonczarek, JM Tomczak, S Zaręba, J Kaczmar
2016   Backbone Dihedral Angle Prediction  O Zimmermann
2016   From Facial Expression Recognition to Interpersonal Relation Prediction  Z Zhang, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Hedge Fund Return Prediction and Fund Selection: A Machine-Learning Approach  J Chen, W Wu, ML Tindall
2016   Rich Punctuations Prediction Using Large-scale Deep Learning  W Xueyang, X Wu, S Zhu, Y Wu
2016   Using Deep Learning for Compound Selectivity Prediction  R Zhang, J Li, J Lu, R Hu, Y Yuan, Z Zhao
2016   deepTarget: End-to-end Learning Framework for microRNA Target Prediction using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  B Lee, J Baek, S Park, S Yoon
2016   EnhancerDBN: An Enhancer Prediction Method Based on Deep Belief Network  S Zhou
2016   Deep Predictive Coding Networks for Video Prediction and Unsupervised Learning  W Lotter, G Kreiman, D Cox
2016   Local Perturb-and-MAP for Structured Prediction  G Bertasius, Q Liu, L Torresani, J Shi
2016   Gene expression prediction using low-rank matrix completion  A Kapur, K Marwah, G Alterovitz
2016   Learning-based power prediction for data centre operations via deep neural networks  Y Li, H Hu, Y Wen, J Zhang
2016   Face Attribute Prediction Using Off-The-Shelf Deep Learning Networks  Y Zhong, J Sullivan, H Li
2016   Patch Based Confidence Prediction for Dense Disparity Map  A Seki, M Pollefeys
2016   Deep neural network for structural prediction and lane detection in traffic scene  J Li, X Mei, D Prokhorov
2016   Deep-STEP: A Deep Learning Approach for Spatiotemporal Prediction of Remote Sensing Data  M Das, SK Ghosh
2016   Coarse-to-Fine Volumetric Prediction for Single-Image 3D Human Pose  G Pavlakos, X Zhou, KG Derpanis, K Daniilidis
2016   High Spatial Resolution Prediction  AY Aravkin, Y Kim
2016   A Software Reliability Prediction Based On Rbm Algorithm Improvement Method  CH Yang, SL Chen, QY Dai, YH Liu, DF Chen
2016   CGBVS‐DNN: Prediction of Compound‐protein Interactions Based on Deep Learning  M Hamanaka, K Taneishi, H Iwata, J Ye, J Pei, J Hou
2015   Improving MiRNA prediction accuracy by deep learning strategies  B Xue
2015   Bone disease prediction and phenotype discovery using feature representation over electronic health records  H Li, X Li, X Jia, M Ramanathan, A Zhang
2015   Multimodal Learning Based Approaches for Link Prediction in Social Networks  F Liu, B Liu, C Sun, M Liu, X Wang
2015   Theory, Methods, and Applications of Coevolution in Protein Contact Prediction  J Ma, S Wang
2015   Prediction of NOx Emissions from a Biomass Fired Combustion Process Based on Flame Radical Imaging and Deep Learning Techniques  N Li, G Lu, X Li, Y Yan
2015   Learning Informative Edge Maps for Indoor Scene Layout Prediction  A Mallya, S Lazebnik
2015   Improving Object Detection with Deep Convolutional Networks via Bayesian Optimization and Structured Prediction  Y Zhang, K Sohn, R Villegas, G Pan, H Lee
2015   Improving prediction of secondary structure, local backbone angles, and solvent accessible surface area of proteins by iterative deep learning  R Heffernan, K Paliwal, J Lyons, A Dehzangi
2015   An application of deep learning for trade signal prediction in financial markets  AC Turkmen, AT Cemgil
2015   A Deep Learning Prediction Process Accelerator Based FPGA  Q Yu, C Wang, X Ma, X Li, X Zhou
2015   Deep Neural Networks for Wind Energy Prediction  D Díaz, A Torres, JR Dorronsoro
2015   Privacy-Preserving Link Prediction in Decentralized Online Social Networks  Y Zheng, B Wang, W Lou, YT Hou
2015   User Modeling with Neural Network for Review Rating Prediction  D Tang, B Qin, T Liu, Y Yang
2015   Human Activity Recognition and Prediction  Y Fu
2015   6D Object Detection and Next-Best-View Prediction in the Crowd  A Doumanoglou, R Kouskouridas, S Malassiotis
2015   Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning by Context Prediction  C Doersch, A Gupta, AA Efros
2015   Boosted Categorical Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Computational Prediction of Splice Junctions  T Lee, S Yoon
2015   AtomNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bioactivity Prediction in Structure-based Drug Discovery  I Wallach, M Dzamba, A Heifets
2015   User Conditional Hashtag Prediction for Images  E Denton, J Weston, M Paluri, L Bourdev, R Fergus
2015   Visual Saliency Prediction using Deep learning Techniques  J Pan
2015   Vehicle Speed Prediction using Deep Learning  J Lemieux, Y Ma
2015   Second-Order Constrained Parametric Proposals and Sequential Search-Based Structured Prediction for Semantic Segmentation in RGB-D Images  D Banica, C Sminchisescu
2015   Time Series Prediction Using Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Backpropagation  R Hrasko, AGC Pacheco, RA Krohling
2015   Accurate localized short term weather prediction for renewables planning  D Corne, M Dissanayake, A Peacock, S Galloway
2015   Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing Automatic quality prediction of authentically distorted pictures  D Ghadiyaram, A Bovik
2015   Continuous Travel Time Prediction for Transit Signal Priority Based on a Deep Network  X Gang, W Kang, F Wang, F Zhu, Y Lv, X Dong
2015   Improving Link Prediction in Social Networks by User Comments and Sentiment Lexicon  F Liu, B Liu, C Sun, M Liu, X Wang
2015   Action-Conditional Video Prediction using Deep Networks in Atari Games  J Oh, X Guo, H Lee, R Lewis, S Singh
2015   Multi Task Sequence Learning for Depression Scale Prediction from Video  L Chao, J Tao, M Yang, Y Li
2015   Learning Ensembles of Potential Functions for Structured Prediction with Latent Variables  H Hajimirsadeghi, G Mori
2015   Deep Learning for Just-in-Time Defect Prediction  X Yang, D Lo, X Xia, Y Zhang, J Sun
2015   Retrieval Term Prediction Using Deep Belief Networks  Q Ma, I Tanigawa, M Murata
2015   Deep Learning Architecture with Dynamically Programmed Layers for Brain Connectome Prediction  V Veeriah, R Durvasula, GJ Qi
2015   Prediction of changes in the stock market using twitter and sentiment analysis  IV Serban, DS González, X Wu
2015   ACCEPT: Introduction of the Adverse Condition and Critical Event Prediction Toolbox  RA Martin, D Santanu, VM Janakiraman, S Hosein
2015   Markov Based Social User Interest Prediction  D An, X Zheng
2015   Minimalistic CNN-based ensemble model for gender prediction from face images  G Antipov, SA Berrani, JL Dugelay
2015   Deep Belief Network-Based Approaches for Link Prediction in Signed Social Networks  F Liu, B Liu, C Sun, M Liu, X Wang
2015   High-order semi-Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Deep Models for accurate peptide-MHC binding prediction  R Min, P Kuksa, X Ning
2015   Hybrid approach to crime prediction using deep learning  J Azeez, DJ Aravindhar
2015   Geology Driven EUR Prediction Using Deep Learning  L Crnkovic
2015   DeepSense: A novel learning mechanism for traffic prediction with taxi GPS traces  X Niu, Y Zhu, X Zhang
2015   Prediction of Clinical Drug Response Based on Differential Gene Expression Levels  Z Yue, Y Chen, J Xia
2015   Prediction of Molecular Substructure Using Mass Spectral Data Based on Deep Learning  ZS Zhang, LL Cao, J Zhang, P Chen, C Zheng
2015   An Overview of Practical Applications of Protein Disorder Prediction and Drive for Faster, More Accurate Predictions  X Deng, J Gumm, S Karki, J Eickholt, J Cheng
2015   End-to-end Convolutional Network for Saliency Prediction  J Pan, X Giró
2015   Deep Active Object Recognition by Joint Label and Action Prediction  M Malmir, K Sikka, D Forster, I Fasel, JR Movellan
2015   DNA-Level Splice Junction Prediction using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  B Lee, T Lee, B Na, S Yoon
2015   Deep Learning Architectures for Soil Property Prediction  M Veres, G Lacey, GW Taylor
2015   Scheduled Sampling for Sequence Prediction with Recurrent Neural Networks  S Bengio, O Vinyals, N Jaitly, N Shazeer
2015   Stock Price Prediction via Deep Belief Networks  X Chen
2015   Image-Based Popularity Prediction  A Goswami, SH Chung
2015   Ontology-based Deep Learning for Human Behavior Prediction in Health Social Networks  NH Phan, D Dou, H Wang, D Kil, B Piniewski
2015   Planktons Prediction using Deep Learning CS 396A: Undergraduate Project  S Garg
2015   CS771: Group 8 Forest Cover Type Prediction  SAMKG Shefali, GV Gupta
2015   Resilient Propagation for Multivariate Wind Power Prediction  J Stubbemann, NA Treiber, O Kramer
2015   Learning Deep Architectures for Protein Structure Prediction  K Baek
2015   Protein secondary structure prediction using deep convolutional neural fields  S Wang, J Peng, J Ma, J Xu
2015   Feature extraction with deep belief networks for driver's cognitive states prediction from EEG data  M Hajinoroozi, TP Jung, CT Lin, Y Huang
2015   Classifier Adaptation at Prediction Time  A Royer, CH Lampert
2015   Multi-step-ahead host load prediction using autoencoder and echo state networks in cloud computing  Q Yang, Y Zhou, Y Yu, J Yuan, X Xing, S Du
2015   Toxicity Prediction using Deep Learning  T Unterthiner, A Mayr, G Klambauer, S Hochreiter
2015   Leveraging temporal properties of news events for stock market prediction  A Yoshihara, K Seki, K Uehara
2015   Feature maps driven no-reference image quality prediction of authentically distorted images  D Ghadiyaram, A Bovik
2015   Large-Scale Transportation Network Congestion Evolution Prediction Using Deep Learning Theory  X Ma, H Yu, Y Wang, Y Wang
2015   Modeling prediction and pattern recognition in the early visual and olfactory systems  B Kaplan
2015   A comparative study of two prediction models for brain tumor progression  D Zhou, L Tran, J Wang, J Li
2015   Rotation-invariant convolutional neural networks for galaxy morphology prediction  S Dieleman, KW Willett, J Dambre
2015   Recursive Training of 2D-3D Convolutional Networks for Neuronal Boundary Prediction  K Lee, A Zlateski, V Ashwin, HS Seung
2015   DeepTox: Toxicity Prediction using Deep Learning  A Mayr, G Klambauer, T Unterthiner, S Hochreiter
2015   Transfer learning for short-term wind speed prediction with deep neural networks  Q Hu, R Zhang, Y Zhou
2015   Deep Learning for Toxicity and Target Prediction  G Klambauer
2015   Diving Deep into Sentiment: Understanding Fine-tuned CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, A Salvador, B Jou, X Giró
2015   Multimodal Deep Belief Network Based Link Prediction and User Comment Generation  F Liu, B Liu, C Sun, M Liu, X Wang
2015   A Distribution Adaptive Framework for Prediction Interval Estimation Using Nominal Variables  A Eetemadi, I Tagkopoulos
2015   Structured Prediction Energy Networks  D Belanger, A McCallum
2015   Deep multi-scale video prediction beyond mean square error  M Mathieu, C Couprie, Y LeCun
2015   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Sequential Phenotype Prediction in Genomics  F Pouladi, H Salehinejad, AM Gilani
2015   A Data-Driven Two-Stage Maintenance Framework for Degradation Prediction in Semiconductor Manufacturing Industries  M Luo, HC Yan, B Hu, JH Zhou, CK Pang
2015   Yield Prediction through the Event Sequence Analysis of the Die Attach Process  H Lee, C Kim, H Ko, MK Kim
2015   Access Prediction for Knowledge Workers in Enterprise Data Repositories  C Verma, M Hart, S Bhatkar, A Parker
2015   Learning Latent Temporal Manifolds for Recognition and Prediction of Multiple Actions in Streaming Videos using Deep Networks  BM Nair
2015   Online Prediction of Activities with Structure: Exploiting Contextual Associations and Sequences  NH Kirk, K Ramirez
2015   Short-Term Mortality Prediction in Advanced Cancer Patients Eligible for End-of-Life (EOL) Care Processes Using Electronic Health Records  A Elfiky
2014   Predictive Encoding of Contextual Relationships for Perceptual Inference, Interpolation and Prediction  M Zhao, C Zhuang, Y Wang, TS Lee
2014   Wind Power Prediction and Pattern Feature Based on Deep Learning Method  Y Tao, H Chen, C Qiu
2014   Performance Prediction by Deep Learning Methods for Semiconductor Manufacturing  S Zhang, F Qiao, M Liu
2014   Prediction of Stock Trend Based on Deep Belief Networks  ZY Xu, LN Tang, CP Tian
2014   Traffic Flow Prediction With Big Data: A Deep Learning Approach  Y Lv, Y Duan, W Kang, Z Li, FY Wang
2014   GPU Implementation of a Deep Learning Network for Financial Prediction  R Kumar, AK Cheema
2014   Visual Sentiment Prediction with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  C Xu, S Cetintas, KC Lee, LJ Li
2014   Learning Distributed Representations for Structured Output Prediction  V Srikumar, CD Manning
2014   Learning Methods for Variable Selection and Time Series Prediction  D Sovilj
2014   Multi-Task Deep Networks for Drug Target Prediction  T Unterthiner, A Mayr, G Klambauer, M Steijaert