Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: probabilistic

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Probabilistic Modeling and Visualization for Bankruptcy Prediction  F Antunes, B Ribeiro, F Pereira
2017   Probabilistic Graphical Models & Deep Learning  IR Jainaga
2017   Integrating End-to-End Learned Steering into Probabilistic Autonomous Driving  C Hubschneider, A Bauer, J Doll, M Weber, S Klemm
2017   Deterministic and probabilistic forecasting of photovoltaic power based on deep convolutional neural network  H Wang, H Yi, J Peng, G Wang, Y Liu, H Jiang, W Liu 
2017   A Probabilistic Signal Representation for Detecting Faults in Highly Fragmented and Down-Sampled Vibration Signals  D Lee, V Siu, R Cruz, G Tolentino, C Yetman, P Thoi
2017   R-DBN: A Resistive Deep Belief Network Architecture Leveraging the Intrinsic Behavior of Probabilistic Devices  R Zand, KY Camsari, I Ahmed, SD Pyle, CH Kim
2017   A Probabilistic Framework for Nonlinearities in Stochastic Neural Networks  Q Su, X Liao, L Carin
2017   Probabilistic Spatial Regression using a Deep Fully Convolutional Neural Network  GG Slabaugh, K Knapp, SM Al
2017   Probabilistic lower bounds for approximation by shallow perceptron networks  V Kůrková, M Sanguineti
2017   TensorLog: Deep Learning Meets Probabilistic DBs  WW Cohen, F Yang, KR Mazaitis
2017   Comprehensive identification of multiple harmonic sources using fuzzy logic and adjusted probabilistic neural network  A Moradifar, AA Foroud, KG Firouzjah
2017   Intrusion Detection Using Deep Belief Network and Probabilistic Neural Network  G Zhao, C Zhang, L Zheng
2017   Efficient learning and inference for probabilistic graphical models  S Nie
2017   Probabilistic Image Colorization  A Royer, A Kolesnikov, CH Lampert
2017   Probabilistic forecasting of symbol sequences with deep neural networks  M Hauser, Y Fu, Y Li, S Phoha, A Ray
2017   Probabilistic Generative Adversarial Networks  H Eghbal
2017   Confidence Values and Compact Rule Extraction From Probabilistic Neural Networks  S Odense, AA Garcez
2017   Learning Probabilistic Programs Using Backpropagation  A Pfeffer
2016   How to Train Deep Variational Autoencoders and Probabilistic Ladder Networks  CK Sønderby, T Raiko, L Maaløe, SK Sønderby
2016   Learning relational probabilistic action models for online planning with decision forests  L Belzner, A Neitz
2016   Using Machine Learning and Probabilistic Frameworks to Enhance Incident and Problem Management: Automated Ticket Classification and Structuring  A Sailer, R Mahindru, Y Song, X Wei
2016   Acquisition of Visual Features Through Probabilistic Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity  A Tavanaei, T Masquelier, AS Maida
2016   Deep belief network based deterministic and probabilistic wind speed forecasting approach  HZ Wang, GB Wang, GQ Li, JC Peng, YT Liu
2016   Probabilistic visual search for masses within mammography images using deep learning  MG Ertosun, DL Rubin
2016   Probabilistic Reasoning via Deep Learning: Neural Association Models  Q Liu, H Jiang, ZH Ling, S Wei, Y Hu
2016   Learning probabilistic inference through STDP  D Pecevski, W Maass
2016   The Emergence of Selective Attention through Probabilistic Associations between Stimuli and Actions  L Simione, S Nolfi
2016   Deep learning based ensemble approach for probabilistic wind power forecasting  H Wang, G Li, G Wang, J Peng, H Jiang, Y Liu
2016   Deep vessel tracking: A generalized probabilistic approach via deep learning  A Wu, Z Xu, M Gao, M Buty, DJ Mollura
2016   Probabilistic Feature Learning Using Gaussian Process Auto-Encoders  S Olofsson
2016   A Probabilistic Framework for Deep Learning  AB Patel, MT Nguyen, R Baraniuk
2016   Probabilistic Modeling of Future Frames from a Single Image  T Xue, J Wu, K Bouman, B Freeman
2016   A Comparative Evaluation of Approximate Probabilistic Simulation and Deep Neural Networks as Accounts of Human Physical Scene Understanding  R Zhang, J Wu, C Zhang, WT Freeman, JB Tenenbaum
2016   Learning to Discover Probabilistic Graphical Model Structures  E Belilovsky, K Kastner, G Varoquaux, M Blaschko
2016   SMS Spam Filtering using Probabilistic Topic Modelling and Stacked Denoising Autoencoder  NA Moubayed, T Breckon, P Matthews, AS McGough
2016   Visual Dynamics: Probabilistic Future Frame Synthesis via Cross Convolutional Networks  T Xue, J Wu, KL Bouman, WT Freeman
2016   Probabilistic Deep Spiking Neural Systems Enabled by Magnetic Tunnel Junction  A Sengupta, M Parsa, B Han, K Roy
2016   Neural Probabilistic Models for Melody Prediction, Sequence Labelling and Classification  S Cherla
2016   Probabilistic and Deep Learning Algorithms for the Analysis of Imagery Data  S Basu
2015   Joint probabilistic approach for real-time face recognition with transfer learning  NTN Wi, J Botzheim, N Kubota
2015   Deep Transform: Error Correction via Probabilistic Re-Synthesis  AJR Simpson
2015   Kinematic-based Markerless Human Tracking in 3D Probabilistic Occupancy Grids  R Andrade de Bem
2015   Probabilistic combination of classification rules and its application to medical diagnosis  JM Tomczak, M Zięba
2015   A Probabilistic Theory of Deep Learning  AB Patel, T Nguyen, RG Baraniuk
2015   Probabilistic Binary-Mask Cocktail-Party Source Separation in a Convolutional Deep Neural Network  AJR Simpson
2015   Probabilistic slow feature analysis‐based representation learning from massive process data for soft sensor modeling  C Shang, B Huang, F Yang, D Huang
2015   A Probabilistic Interpretation for Artificial Neural Network-based Voice Conversion  HT Hwang, Y Tsao, HM Wang, YR Wang, SH Chen
2015   A Probabilistic Multiple Criteria Sorting Approach Based On Distance Functions  BÇ Aydın, E Karasakal, C İyigün
2015   Learning to Estimate Dynamical State with Probabilistic Population Codes  JG Makin, BK Dichter, PN Sabes
2015   Learning Sparse Feature Representations using Probabilistic Quadtrees and Deep Belief Nets  S Basu, M Karki, S Ganguly, R DiBiano
2015   Probabilistic machine learning and artificial intelligence  Z Ghahramani
2015   Probabilistic Segmentation of Musical Sequences Using Restricted Boltzmann Machines  CEC Chacón
2015   Locating Facial Landmarks Using Probabilistic Random Forest  C Luo, Z Wang, S Wang, J Zhang, J Yu
2015   Human-level concept learning through probabilistic program induction  BM Lake, R Salakhutdinov, JB Tenenbaum
2015   Humans predict liquid dynamics using probabilistic simulation  CJ Bates, I Yildirim, JB Tenenbaum, PW Battaglia
2015   Neural Simpletrons-Minimalistic Probabilistic Networks for Learning With Few Labels  D Forster, AS Sheikh, J Lücke
2015   Neural Implementation of Probabilistic Models of Cognition  M Kharratzadeh, TR Shultz
2015   Training Deep Gaussian Processes using Stochastic Expectation Propagation and Probabilistic Backpropagation  TD Bui, JM Hernández
2015   Multi-Object Classification and Unsupervised Scene Understanding Using Deep Learning Features and Latent Tree Probabilistic Models  T Nimmagadda, A Anandkumar
2015   Deep Transform: Cocktail Party Source Separation via Probabilistic Re-Synthesis  AJR Simpson
2015   Deep Transform: Time-Domain Audio Error Correction via Probabilistic Re-Synthesis  AJR Simpson
2015   Real-time recognition of piecewise-regular objects with the homogeneity-testing probabilistic neural network and the directed enumeration method  A Savchenko
2015   A scalable and adaptable probabilistic model embedded in an electronic nose for intelligent sensor fusion  CT Tang, CM Huang, KT Tang, H Chen
2014   SoF: Soft-Cluster Matrix Factorization for Probabilistic Clustering  H Zhao, P Poupart, Y Zhang, M Lysy