Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: quality

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Robust emotion recognition from low quality and low bit rate video: A deep learning approach  B Cheng, Z Wang, Z Zhang, Z Li, D Liu, J Yang
2017   MS-UNIQUE: Multi-model and Sharpness-weighted Unsupervised Image Quality Estimation  M Prabhushankar, D Temel, G AlRegib
2017   Dosimetric Predictors for Quality of Life After Prostate Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy via Deep Learning Network  X Qi, J Neylon, A Santhanam
2017   Indoor Air Quality Analysis Using Deep Learning with Sensor Data  J Ahn, D Shin, K Kim, J Yang 
2017   An Image Quality Evaluation Method Based on Joint Deep Learning  J Yang, B Jiang, Y Zhu, C Ji, W Lu 
2017   Blind High Dynamic Range Quality estimation by disentangling perceptual and noise features in images  NK Kottayil, G Valenzise, F Dufaux, I Cheng 
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Models for Picture-Quality Prediction: Challenges and Solutions to Data-Driven Image Quality Assessment  J Kim, H Zeng, D Ghadiyaram, S Lee, L Zhang 
2017   Blind Image Quality Assessment via Vector Regression and Object Oriented Pooling  J Gu, G Meng, J Redi, S Xiang, C Pan 
2017   Jaakko Pihlajasalo Improvement Of Satellite Orbit Prediction Ac-Curacy And Quality With Deep Learning And Spec-Tral Analysis  PDS Ali
2017   Densely Connected Convolutional Networks and Signal Quality Analysis to Detect Atrial Fibrillation Using Short Single-Lead ECG Recordings  J Rubin, S Parvaneh, A Rahman, B Conroy 
2017   Learning a Referenceless Stereopair Quality Engine with Deep Nonnegativity Constrained Sparse Autoencoder  Q Jiang, F Shao, W Lin, G Jiang 
2017   Bayesian Image Quality Transfer with CNNs: Exploring Uncertainty in dMRI Super-Resolution  R Tanno, DE Worrall, A Ghosh, E Kaden
2017   Using image quality metrics to identify adversarial imagery for deep learning networks  J Harguess, J Miclat, J Raheema
2017   Predicting the quality of online health expert question-answering services with temporal features in a deep learning framework  Z Hu, Z Zhang, H Yang, Q Chen, R Zhu, D Zuo 
2017   A study on improvement for nuclear hydrogen R&D quality assurance system  T Lee, K Lee, C Jo
2017   Image quality assessment for determining efficacy and limitations of Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN)  CM Ward, J Harguess, B Crabb, S Parameswaran
2017   Protein Model Quality Assessment: A Machine Learning Approach  K Uziela
2017   Blind Image Quality Assessment Via Cascaded Multi-Task Learning  Z Duanmu
2017   Improved protein model quality prediction by changing the target function  K Uziela, D Menendez Hurtado, N Shu, B Wallner
2017   Perceptual quality prediction on authentically distorted images using a bag of  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2017   Enhancing the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks on Quality Degraded Datasets  J Yim, KA Sohn 
2017   Characterisation of voice quality of Parkinson" s disease using differential phonological posterior features  M Cernak, JR Orozco
2017   Speech Quality Assessment Over Lossy Transmission Channels Using Deep Belief Networks  ET Affonso, RL Rosa, DZ Rodríguez 
2017   Deep Learning for Quality Assessment in Live Video Streaming  MT Vega, DC Mocanu, J Famaey, S Stavrou, A Liotta
2017   Local and Global Sparse Representation for No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images  F Li, F Shao, Q Jiang, R Fu, G Jiang, M Yu
2017   A Review: No-Reference/Blind Image Quality Assessment  PDPUK Jaliya, HD Vasava
2017   Predictor-Estimator: Neural Quality Estimation Based on Target Word Prediction for Machine Translation  H Kim, HY Jung, H Kwon, JH Lee, SH Na
2017   Classifying measured electrocardiogram signal quality using deep belief networks  B Taji, ADC Chan, S Shirmohammadi
2017   Respiratory Prediction and Image Quality Improvement of 4D Cone Beam CT and MRI for Lung Tumor Treatments  S Park
2017   Automatic quality assessment of apical four-chamber echocardiograms using deep convolutional neural networks  AH Abdi, C Luong, T Tsang, G Alan, S Nouranian
2017   Forecasting Air Quality Index Using an Ensemble of Artificial Neural Networks and Regression Models  SS Ganesh, P Arulmozhivarman, R Tatavarti 
2017   Region-based Quality Estimation Network for Large-scale Person Re-identification  G Song, B Leng, Y Liu, C Hetang, S Cai 
2017   No-reference image quality assessment with center-surround based natural scene statistics  J Wu, Z Xia, H Li, K Sun, K Gu, H Lu 
2017   Deep Learning of Human Visual Sensitivity in Image Quality Assessment Framework  J Kim, S Lee
2017   Performance Evaluation of Super-Resolution Methods Using Deep-Learning and Sparse-Coding for Improving the Image Quality of Magnified Images in Chest …  K Umehara, J Ota, N Ishimaru, S Ohno, K Okamoto
2017   FUIQA: Fetal Ultrasound Image Quality Assessment With Deep Convolutional Networks  L Wu, JZ Cheng, S Li, B Lei, T Wang, D Ni
2017   Predicting Audio Advertisement Quality  S Ebrahimi, H Vahabi, M Prockup, O Nieto
2017   No-Reference quality assessment for multiply distorted images based on deep learning  Q Sang, L Wu, C Li, X Wu 
2017   Quality Aware Network for Set to Set Recognition  Y Liu, J Yan, W Ouyang
2017   Deep Learning for Automated Quality Assessment of Color Fundus Images in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening  SK Saha, B Fernando, J Cuadros, D Xiao
2017   Opinion Aware Blind Image Quality Assessment-A Comparison of three Learning Approaches  S Gopika, D Malathi, JDD Jayaseeli
2017   A predictive model for turfgrass color and quality evaluation using deep learning and UAV imageries  C Phan, A Raheja, S Bhandari, RL Green, D Do
2017   DeepQuality: Mass Spectra Quality Assessment via Compressed Sensing and Deep Learning  C Ma 
2017   Image Quality Assessment Techniques Show Improved Training and Evaluation of Autoencoder Generative Adversarial Networks  MO Vertolli, J Davies
2017   Decoder-side HEVC quality enhancement with scalable convolutional neural network  R Yang, M Xu, Z Wang
2016   Analysis of MOOCs practices from the perspective of learner experiences and quality culture  E Ossiannilsson, F Altinay, Z Altinay
2016   Learning history by composing synthesis texts: effects of an instructional programme on learning, reading and writing processes, and text quality  I Martínez, MM Mateos Sanz, E Martín, G Rijlaarsdam
2016   Learning Structure of Stereoscopic Image for No-Reference Quality Assessment with Convolutional Neural Network  W Zhang, C Qu, L Ma, J Guan, R Huang
2016   No-reference Video Quality Measurement: The Added Value of Machine Learning  M Narwaria
2016   Characteristic Curricular Design Elements and (Deeper-Level) Quality Features of the Student-Centered Classrooms Under Study  S Hoidn
2016   No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment using binocular self-similarity and deep neural network  Y Lv, M Yu, G Jiang, F Shao, Z Peng, F Chen
2016   Method And System For Automated Quality Assurance And Automated Treatment Planning In Radiation Therapy  TG Purdie, CJ Mcintosh, I Svistoun
2016   Evaluation of vehicle interior sound quality using a continuous restricted Boltzmann machine-based DBN  HB Huang, RX Li, ML Yang, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   On the Use of Deep Learning for Blind Image Quality Assessment  S Bianco, L Celona, P Napoletano, R Schettini
2016   Deep Quality: A Deep No-reference Quality Assessment System  PP Dash, A Mishra, A Wong
2016   Quality in blended learning environments–Significant differences in how students approach learning collaborations  RA Ellis, A Pardo, F Han
2016   Classification of Power Quality Disturbances via Deep Learning  J Ma, J Zhang, L Xiao, K Chen, J Wu
2016   No-reference video quality measurement: added value of machine learning  DC Mocanu, J Pokhrel, JP Garella, J Seppänen
2016   Deep Feature Fusion Network for Answer Quality Prediction in Community Question Answering  SP Suggu, KN Goutham, MK Chinnakotla
2016   Similar Reference Image Quality Assessment: A New Database and A Trial with Local Feature Matching  Q Lu, W Zhou, H Li
2016   Automatic System to Improve Quality of 2D Images Based on Kohonen Classifier  D Połap
2016   No-reference Image Quality Assessment With A Gradient-induced Dictionary.  L Li, D Wu, J Wu, J Qian, B Chen
2016   Automatic Quality Assessment of Echo Apical 4-chamber Images Using Computer Deep Learning  C Luong, A Abdi, J Jue, K Gin, S Fleming
2016   Cross Quality Distillation  JC Su, S Maji
2016   Perceptual Quality Prediction on Authentically Distorted Images Using a Bag of Features Approach  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2016   No-reference/blind image quality assessment: a survey  S Xu, S Jiang, W Min
2016   Toward a Blind Deep Quality Evaluator for Stereoscopic Images Based on Monocular and Binocular Interactions  F Shao, W Tian, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2016   Method For Managing Patient Quality Of Life  S Moturu, A Madan
2016   A Novel Framework Based on Deep Learning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Assess the Quality of Rice Fields  NC Tri, T Van Hoai, HN Duong, NT Trong, V Van Vinh
2016   Temporal-Spatial Aggregated Urban Air Quality Inference with Heterogeneous Big Data  C Hefei
2016   DeepQA: Improving the estimation of single protein model quality with deep belief networks  R Cao, D Bhattacharya, J Hou, J Cheng
2016   Correction of: Sleep Quality Prediction From Wearable Data Using Deep Learning.  A Sathyanarayana, S Joty, L Fernandez
2016   A deep learning approach for predicting the quality of online health expert question-answering services  Z Hu, Z Zhang, Q Chen, H Yang, D Zuo
2016   Automatic Face Recognition Based On Learning to Rank for Image Quality Assessment  K Busa, G Tejaswi
2016   Quality Assessment of Wikipedia Articles without Feature Engineering  QV Dang, CL Ignat
2016   Visual Aesthetic Quality Assessment with Multi-task Deep Learning  Y Kao, R He, K Huang
2016   Sound quality prediction of vehicle interior noise using deep belief networks  HB Huang, XR Huang, RX Li, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   Automated Quality Assessment of Cardiac MR Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  L Zhang, A Gooya, B Dong, R Hua, SE Petersen
2016   Deep learning architecture for air quality predictions  X Li, L Peng, Y Hu, J Shao, T Chi
2016   A universal remote sensing image quality improvement method with deep learning  Y Wei, Q Yuan, H Shen, L Zhang
2016   Sleep Quality Prediction From Wearable Data Using Deep Learning  A Sathyanarayana, S Joty, L Fernandez
2016   Air quality forecasting using neural networks  C Zhao
2016   ProQ3D: Improved model quality assessments using Deep Learning  K Uziela, DM Hurtado, B Wallner, A Elofsson
2016   Deep Learning Methods For Improving The Perceptual Quality Of Noisy And Reverberant Speech  DS Williamson
2016   Learning Relative Aesthetic Quality with a Pairwise Approach  H Lv, X Tian
2016   Learning blind quality evaluator for stereoscopic images using joint sparse representation  F Shao, K Li, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2016   A Novel Method For Teaching Quality Assessment Based On Deep Learning  G Zhang, Y Huang, L Zhong, X Sun
2016   Systematic infrared image quality improvement using deep learning based techniques  H Zhang, P Casaseca
2016   Animal Identification in Low Quality Camera-Trap Images Using Very Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Confidence Thresholds  A Gomez, G Diez, A Salazar, A Diaz
2016   Ensure quality for adult programs by incorporating high‐impact practices  J Hope
2016   Benchmarking Deep Networks for Predicting Residue-Specific Quality of Individual Protein Models in CASP11  T Liu, Y Wang, J Eickholt, Z Wang
2016   Exploring conceptions about writing and learning: undergraduates´ patterns of beliefs and the quality of academic writing  JR Martínez
2015   Improving the Quality of Learning Outcomes and Enhancing the Performance of Education Systems: A Case Study in Kuwait  IC Chahine
2015   An Innovative SVM for Wheat Seed Quality Estimation⋆  X Wanga, W Tanb, H Wuc
2015   Leadership for quality university teaching How bottom-up academic insights can inform top-down leadership  DE Scott, S Scott
2015   Distilling Big Data: Refining Quality Information in the Era of Yottabytes  S Ramachandramurthy, S Subramaniam, C Ramasamy
2015   Multi-Level Photo Quality Assessment with Multi-View Features  Z Dong, X Tian
2015   Visual Quality Assessment by Machine Learning  L Xu, W Lin, CCJ Kuo
2015   A progressive assessment strategy improves student learning and perceived course quality in undergraduate physiology  DA Saint, D Horton, A Yool, A Elliott
2015   Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing Automatic quality prediction of authentically distorted pictures  D Ghadiyaram, A Bovik
2015   Software Quality Evaluation of Face Recognition APIs & Libraries  M Thulin, P Masek
2015   Deep Multi-Patch Aggregation Network for Image Style, Aesthetics, and Quality Estimation  X Lu, Z Lin, X Shen, R Mech, JZ Wang
2015   No-reference image quality assessment using Prewitt magnitude based on convolutional neural networks  J Li, L Zou, J Yan, D Deng, T Qu, G Xie
2015   Computational Aesthetics of Photos Quality Assessment and Classification Based on Artificial Neural Network with Deep Learning Methods  Y Zhou, G Li, Y Tan
2015   Quality assuring multiple-choice question assessment in higher education: articles  H Van der Merwe
2015   Relationships between Vocational Interests and Learning Approaches to Advance the Quality of Student Learning in Accounting  T McDowall, B Jackling, R Natoli
2015   Student Creativity Boosting with Innovative Digital Activities to Enhance Study Course Quality  I Rudzinska, A Pop, M Dredetianu
2015   Quality Dimensions of Educational Morning Report Sessions  S Yazdani, M Arab, G Noghabaei, F Hosseini
2015   Predicting the Quality of User-Generated Answers Using Co-Training in Community-based Question Answering Portals  B Liu, J Feng, M Liu, H Hu, X Wang
2015   Senior secondary school-based assessment: quality management processes and teachers' professional learning  B Atherton
2015   Feature maps driven no-reference image quality prediction of authentically distorted images  D Ghadiyaram, A Bovik
2015   Perceived Learning Management Quality Predictors to Motivation and Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies  S Hashemyolia, A Asmuni, AFM Ayub, SM Daud
2015   The quality and reputation of open, distance and e-learning: what are the challenges?  A Gaskell, R Mills
2015   Non-Distortion-Specific no-reference image quality assessment: A survey  RA Manap, L Shao
2015   High quality voice conversion using prosodic and high-resolution spectral features  HQ Nguyen, SW Lee, X Tian, M Dong, ES Chng
2015   Massive Online Crowdsourced Study of Subjective and Objective Picture Quality  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2015   Chinese undergraduates' perceptions of teaching quality and the effects on approaches to studying and course satisfaction  H Yin, W Wang, J Han
2014   Automated intelligent system for sound signalling device quality assurance  T Maniak, C Jayne, R Iqbal, F Doctor
2014   Doing it for themselves: Students creating a high quality peer-learning environment  K Galloway, S Burns
2014   Immersive Learning Design (ILD): A New Model to Assure the Quality of Learning through Flipped Classrooms  HA Abdelaziz
2014   Perception and Barriers of Quality Teaching: From the Perspective of University Teachers in Italy, UK and China  N Yang
2014   Sustainable University for Regional Development: Quality Management Model that Integrates Employer and Social Partner Attitudes  E Katiliūtė, JK Staniškis
2014   Blind Image Quality Assessment on Real Distorted Images using Deep Belief Nets  D Ghadiyaram, AC Bovik
2014   No-reference image quality assessment with shearlet transform and deep neural Networks  Y Li, LM Po, X Xu, L Feng, F Yuan, CH Cheung
2014   Saliency-guided deep framework for image quality assessment  W Hou, X Gao
2014   Prosodic, spectral and voice quality feature selection using a long-term stopping criterion for audio-based emotion recognition  M Kächele, D Zharkov, S Meudt, F Schwenker
2014   Deep Learning For Objective Quality Assessment Of 3D Images  DC Mocanu, G Exarchakos, A Liotta
2014   Design and evaluation of learning processes in an international sustainability oriented study programme. In search of a new educational quality and assessment …  J Dlouhá, S Burandt