Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: quantum

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Machine Learning by Two-Dimensional Hierarchical Tensor Networks: A Quantum Information Theoretic Perspective on Deep Architectures  D Liu, SJ Ran, P Wittek, C Peng, RB García, G Su 
2017   An efficient quantum algorithm for generative machine learning  X Gao, Z Zhang, L Duan 
2017   Quantum machine learning: a classical perspective  C Ciliberto, M Herbster, AD Ialongo, M Pontil
2017   Quantum fields as deep learning  JW Lee
2017   Deep Learning and Quantum Entanglement: Fundamental Connections with Implications to Network Design  Y Levine, D Yakira, N Cohen, A Shashua
2017   Deploying a quantum annealing processor to detect tree cover in aerial imagery of California  E Boyda, S Basu, S Ganguly, A Michaelis
2017   Quantum neuromorphic hardware for quantum artificial intelligence  E Prati
2017   Solid Harmonic Wavelet Scattering: Predicting Quantum Molecular Energy from Invariant Descriptors of 3D Electronic Densities  M Eickenberg, G Exarchakis, M Hirn, S Mallat 
2017   Quantum Annealing Assisted Deep Learning for Lung Cancer Detection  A Ward, N Bambos
2017   Machine learning technique to find quantum many-body ground states of bosons on a lattice  H Saito, M Kato
2017   Machine Learning for Quantum Dynamics: Deep Learning of Excitation Energy Transfer Properties  F Häse, C Kreisbeck, A Aspuru
2017   Deep Learning and Quantum Physics: A Fundamental Bridge  Y Levine, D Yakira, N Cohen, A Shashua
2017   Deep quantum inspired neural network with application to aircraft fuel system fault diagnosis  Z Gao, C Ma, D Song, Y Liu
2017   Opportunities and challenges for quantum-assisted machine learning in near-term quantum computers  A Perdomo
2016   Quantum Boltzmann Machine  MH Amin, E Andriyash, J Rolfe, B Kulchytskyy, R Melko
2016   A study of complex deep learning networks on high performance, neuromorphic, and quantum computers  TE Potok, CD Schuman, SR Young, RM Patton
2016   Deep Learning the Quantum Phase Transitions in Random Electron Systems: Applications to Three Dimensions  T Ohtsuki, T Ohtsuki
2016   Benchmarking Quantum Hardware for Training of Fully Visible Boltzmann Machines  D Korenkevych, Y Xue, Z Bian, F Chudak
2016   Harnessing disordered quantum dynamics for machine learning  K Fujii, K Nakajima
2016   Malwares Classification Using Quantum Neural Network  TT Anh
2016   Workshop on Theory and Practice of Adiabatic Quantum Computers and Quantum Simulation  E Kapit, H Nishimori, V Oganesyan, S Pilati, G Santoro
2016   Deep Wavelet Scattering for Quantum Energy Regression  M Hirn
2016   Deep Learning the Quantum Phase Transitions in Random Two Dimensional Electron Systems  T Ohtsuki, T Ohtsuki
2016   Quantum gradient descent and Newton's method for constrained polynomial optimization  P Rebentrost, M Schuld, F Petruccione, S Lloyd
2016   On the Synergies Between Quantum Mechanics and Machine Learning in Reaction Prediction  P Sadowski, DR Fooshee, N Subrahmanya, P Baldi
2016   Estimation of effective temperatures in quantum annealers for sampling applications: A case study with possible applications in deep learning  M Benedetti, J Realpe
2016   Estimation of effective temperatures in a quantum annealer: Towards deep learning applications  M Benedetti, A Perdomo
2015   Application of Quantum Annealing to Training of Deep Neural Networks  SH Adachi, MP Henderson
2015   Quantum Energy Regression using Scattering Transforms  M Hirn, N Poilvert, S Mallat
2015   Estimation of effective temperatures in a quantum annealer and its impact in sampling applications: A case study towards deep learning applications  M Benedetti, J Realpe
2015   Systems And Methods For Quantum Processing Of Data  G Rose, S Gildert, WG Macready, DC Walliman
2015   Advances in quantum machine learning  J Adcock, E Allen, M Day, S Frick, J Hinchliff
2015   Majorana Zero Modes and Topological Quantum Computation  SD Sarma, M Freedman, C Nayak
2014   An introduction to quantum machine learning  M Schuld, I Sinayskiy, F Petruccione
2014   An Algorithm of Quantum Restricted Boltzmann Machine Network Based on Quantum Gates and Its Application  P Zhang, S Li, Y Zhou
2014   Simulating a perceptron on a quantum computer  M Schuld, I Sinayskiy, F Petruccione
2014   Quantum Deep Learning  N Wiebe, A Kapoor, KM Svore