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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Real-Time Machine Learning: The Missing Pieces  R Nishihara, P Moritz, S Wang, A Tumanov, W Paul
2017   Real-time pedestrian recognition at night based on far infrared image sensor  E Choi, W Lee, K Lee, J Kim, J Kim
2017   Automated Real-time Gesture Recognition using Hand Motion Trajectory  S Swami, Y Parvez, NR Chauhan
2017   Shape Priors for Real-Time Monocular Object Localization in Dynamic Environments  JK Murthy, S Sharma, KM Krishna
2017   Unsupervised deep learning for real-time assessment of video streaming services  M Torres Vega, DC Mocanu, A Liotta
2017   A fully end-to-end deep learning approach for real-time simultaneous 3D reconstruction and material recognition  C Zhao, L Sun, R Stolkin
2017   Tensor-Generative Adversarial Network with Two-dimensional Sparse Coding: Application to Real-time Indoor Localization  C Zhu, L Xu, XY Liu, F Qian 
2017   Real-Time Deep ConvNet-Based Vehicle Detection Using 3D-LIDAR Reflection Intensity Data  A Asvadi, L Garrote, C Premebida, P Peixoto 
2017   Optimization of real-time traffic network assignment based on IoT data using DBN and clustering model in smart city  J Yang, Y Han, Y Wang, B Jiang, Z Lv, H Song 
2017   Real-time hierarchical fusion system for semantic segmentation in offroad scenes  K Dang, M Hoy, J Dauwels, J Yuan
2017   Real-Time Category-Based and General Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving  N Garnett, S Silberstein, S Oron, E Fetaya, U Verner 
2017   Multi-Scale Deep Reinforcement Learning for Real-Time 3D-Landmark Detection in CT Scans  FC Ghesu, B Georgescu, Y Zheng, S Grbic, A Maier 
2017   Deep Learning for Real-Time Capable Object Detection and Localization on Mobile Platforms  F Particke, R Kolbenschlag, M Hiller 
2017   Su1614 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Endoscopy--Deep Learning for Optical Biopsy of Colorectal Polyps in Real-Time on Unaltered Endoscopic Videos  MF Byrne, N Chapados, F Soudan, C Oertel
2017   Estimation of task-related regions from default-mode networks in the real-time fMRI settings  DY Kim, JH Lee
2017   Real-time Semantic Segmentation of Crop and Weed for Precision Agriculture Robots Leveraging Background Knowledge in CNNs  A Milioto, P Lottes, C Stachniss
2017   Embedded Real-Time Fall Detection Using Deep Learning For Elderly Care  H Lee, J Kim, D Yang, JH Kim 
2017   Real-time vehicle detection using deep learning scheme on embedded system  JS Shin, UT Kim, DK Lee, SJ Park, SJ Oh, TJ Yun
2017   FloodEye: Real-time flash flood prediction system for urban complex water flow  K Hiroi, N Kawaguchi
2017   Real-time Process Modelling Based on Big Data Stream Learning  F He
2017   Deep Bilateral Learning for Real-Time Image Enhancement  M Gharbi, J Chen, JT Barron, SW Hasinoff, F Durand
2017   Deep Learning for Real-time Gravitational Wave Detection and Parameter Estimation with Advanced LIGO Data  D George, EA Huerta 
2017   A deep neural network for real-time detection offalling humans in naturally occurring scenes  Y Fan, MD Levine, G Wen, S Qiu
2017   Real-Time Object Detection Using Efficient Convolutional Networks  X Zhou, YJ Feng, X Zhou 
2017   Real-Time Object Detection for Autonomous Driving Based on Deep Learning  G Liu
2017   Real-time Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grid: A Deep Learning-Based Intelligent Mechanism  Y He, GJ Mendis, J Wei
2017   PhD Forum: Deep Learning-Based Real-Time Malware Detection with Multi-Stage Analysis  X Yuan
2017   LightNet: A Lightweight 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Real-Time 3D Object Recognition  S Zhi, Y Liu, X Li, Y Guo
2017   WaterGAN: Unsupervised Generative Network to Enable Real-time Color Correction of Monocular Underwater Images  J Li, KA Skinner, RM Eustice, M Johnson
2017   Towards Accurate Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition  A Hasasneh, NM Hasasneh
2017   Real-Time Unsupervised Classification of Environmental Noise Signals  F Saki, N Kehtarnavaz
2017   Real-Time Objects Recognition Approach for Assisting Blind People  JS Zraqou, WM Alkhadour, MZ Siam
2017   DeepStyleCam: A Real-Time Style Transfer App on iOS  R Tanno, S Matsuo, W Shimoda, K Yanai
2017   SqueezeSeg: Convolutional Neural Nets with Recurrent CRF for Real-Time Road-Object Segmentation from 3D LiDAR Point Cloud  B Wu, A Wan, X Yue, K Keutzer 
2017   Robust and Real-time Deep Tracking Via Multi-Scale Domain Adaptation  X Wang, H Li, Y Li, F Shen, F Porikli
2017   Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection System Based on Deep Learning  X Xie, C Wang, S Chen, G Shi, Z Zhao
2017   Real-time traffic sign recognition based on a general purpose GPU and deep-learning  K Lim, Y Hong, Y Choi, H Byun
2017   Real-Time Automatic Fetal Brain Extraction in Fetal MRI by Deep Learning  SSM Salehi, SR Hashemi, C Velasco
2017   Deep Learning for Real-Time Crime Forecasting and its Ternarization  B Wang, P Yin, AL Bertozzi, PJ Brantingham, SJ Osher 
2017   A Real-Time Chinese Traffic Sign Detection Algorithm Based on Modified YOLOv2  J Zhang, M Huang, X Jin, X Li 
2017   A Hybrid DSP/Deep Learning Approach to Real-Time Full-Band Speech Enhancement  JM Valin
2017   A Real-time Action Prediction Framework by Encoding Temporal Evolution for Assembly Tasks  F Rezazadegan, LS Davis, S Shirazi
2017   TractorEYE: Vision-based Real-time Detection for Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture  P Christiansen
2017   Using Deep Learning Real-Time Object Detection Convolution Neural Networks for Fast Fruit Recognition in the Tree  K Bresilla, L Manfrini, B Morandi, A Boini, G Perulli
2017   Real-Time Classification Through a Spiking Deep Belief Network with Intrinsic Plasticity  F Xue, X Chen, X Li
2017   Real-Time Embedded Motion Detection via Neural Response Mixture Modeling  MJ Shafiee, P Siva, P Fieguth, A Wong
2017   Real-Time Deep Learning For Danger Prediction Using Heterogeneous Time-Series Sensor Data  R Min, D Song 
2017   VNect: Real-time 3D Human Pose Estimation with a Single RGB Camera  D Mehta, S Sridhar, O Sotnychenko, H Rhodin
2017   A Systematic Approach to Developing Near Real-Time Performance Predictions Based on Physiological Measures  AE Kraft, J Russo, M Krein, B Russell, W Casebeer
2017   Real-time Image Processing for Microscopy-based Label-free Imaging Flow Cytometry in a Microfluidic Chip  YJ Heo, D Lee, J Kang, K Lee, WK Chung
2017   A multitask deep learning model for real-time deployment in embedded systems  M Martí, A Maki 
2017   Deep neural networks based order completion time prediction by using real-time job shop RFID data  C Wang, P Jiang
2017   BlitzNet: A Real-Time Deep Network for Scene Understanding  N Dvornik, K Shmelkov, J Mairal, C Schmid
2017   DNA-Droid: A Real-Time Android Ransomware Detection Framework  A Gharib, A Ghorbani
2017   Deep Learning Based Real-time Object Recognition System with Image Web Crawler  M Lee, H Jeong, Y Ha
2017   Real-time yield estimation based on deep learning  M Rahnemoonfar, C Sheppard
2017   On Removing Routing Protocol from Future Wireless Networks: A Real-time Deep Learning Approach for Intelligent Traffic Control  F Tang, B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, O Akashi 
2017   Creating the World's Largest Real-Time Camera Network  R Dailey, AS Kaseb, C Brown, S Jenkins, S Yellin
2017   Search, Abstractions and Learning in Real-Time Strategy Games  NAB Richards
2017   Real-Time Adaptive Image Compression  O Rippel, L Bourdev
2017   Deep learning–based real-time query processing for wireless sensor network  KS Lee, SR Lee, Y Kim, CG Lee
2016   Live Orchestral Piano, a system for real-time orchestral music generation  L Crestel, P Esling
2016   Towards real-time Speech Emotion Recognition using deep neural networks  HM Fayek, M Lech, L Cavedon
2016   Architecture And Methodology For Performing Real-Time Autonomous Analytics Over Multiple Actual And Virtual Devices  RT Caplan, BF Katz, JJ Pizonka
2016   Real-Time Topic and Sentiment Analysis in Human-Robot Conversation  E Russell
2016   Real-time big data analytics for multimedia transmission and storage  K Wang, J Mi, C Xu, L Shu, DJ Deng
2016   Real-time UAV weed scout for selective weed control by adaptive robust control and machine learning algorithm  L Li, Y Fan, X Huang, L Tian
2016   Toward Real-time Brain Sensing for Learning Assessment: Building a Rich Dataset  S Keating, E Walker, A Motupali, E Solovey
2016   A weakly supervised activity recognition framework for real-time synthetic biology laboratory assistance  C Lavania, S Thulasidasan, A LaMarca, J Scofield
2016   An Intrinsic Real-Time Multimodal Recognition System Using Deep Neural Networks.  J SEETHALAKSHMI, C JAYAKUMAR
2016   Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution: Supplementary Material  J Johnson, A Alahi, L Fei
2016   Real-time Action Recognition with Enhanced Motion Vector CNNs  B Zhang, L Wang, Z Wang, Y Qiao, H Wang
2016   Real-Time Facial Segmentation and Performance Capture from RGB Input  S Saito, T Li, H Li
2016   Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network  W Shi, J Caballero, F Huszar, J Totz, AP Aitken
2016   Real-time Traffic Sign Recognition system with deep convolutional neural network  S Jung, U Lee, J Jung, DH Shim
2016   A 0.3-2.6 TOPS/W Precision-Scalable Processor for Real-Time Large-Scale ConvNets  B Moons, M Verhelst
2016   A Real-Time Deep Learning Pedestrian Detector for Robot Navigation  D Ribeiro, A Mateus, JC Nascimento, P Miraldo
2016   A Real-Time Pedestrian Detector using Deep Learning for Human-Aware Navigation  D Ribeiro, A Mateus, JC Nascimento, P Miraldo
2016   End-to-end Learning of Cost-Volume Aggregation for Real-time Dense Stereo  A Kuzmin, D Mikushin, V Lempitsky
2016   MultiNet: Real-time Joint Semantic Reasoning for Autonomous Driving  M Teichmann, M Weber, M Zoellner, R Cipolla
2016   Real-time target detection and recognition with deep convolutional networks for intelligent visual surveillance  W Xu, J He, HL Zhang, B Mao, J Cao
2016   Precomputed Real-Time Texture Synthesis with Markovian Generative Adversarial Networks  C Li, M Wand
2016   Real-time categorization of driver's gaze zone using the deep learning techniques  IH Choi, SK Hong, YG Kim
2016   1.2 Three pillars enabling the Internet of Everything: Smart everyday objects, information-centric networks, and automated real-time insights  SV Vandebroek
2016   All-IP-Ethernet architecture for real-time sensor-fusion processing  K Hiraki, M Inaba, H Tezuka, H Tomari, K Koizumi
2016   A Real-time Facial Expression Recognizer using Deep Neural Network  J Jeon, JC Park, YJ Jo, CM Nam, KH Bae, Y Hwang
2016   14.1 A 126.1 mW real-time natural UI/UX processor with embedded deep-learning core for low-power smart glasses  S Park, S Choi, J Lee, M Kim, J Park, HJ Yoo
2016   DROW: Real-Time Deep Learning based Wheelchair Detection in 2D Range Data  L Beyer, A Hermans, B Leibe
2016   Big IoT data mining for real-time energy disaggregation in buildings  DC Mocanu, E Mocanu, PH Nguyen, M Gibescu
2016   Real-time state-of-health estimation for electric vehicle batteries: A data-driven approach  G You, S Park, D Oh
2016   Phase 1: DCL System Research Using Advanced Approaches for Land-based or Ship-based Real-Time Recognition and Localization of Marine Mammals-HPC …  PJ Dugan, CW Clark, YA LeCun, SM Van Parijs
2016   Phase 4: DCL System Using Deep Learning Approaches for Land-Based or Ship-Based Real-Time Recognition and Localization of Marine Mammals-Distributed …  PJ Dugan, CW Clark, YA LeCun, SM Van Parijs
2016   Dense 3D face alignment from 2D video for real-time use  LA Jeni, JF Cohn, T Kanade
2016   Software engineering for distributed autonomous real-time systems  L Belzner, MT Beck, T Gabor, H Roelle, H Sauer
2016   Real-Time Control of an Articulatory-Based Speech Synthesizer for Brain Computer Interfaces  F Bocquelet, T Hueber, L Girin, C Savariaux, B Yvert
2016   VLSI Implementation of an Adaptive Block Partition Decision Object-Detection Design for Real-Time 4K2K Video Display  SL Chen, MC Tuan
2015   Joint probabilistic approach for real-time face recognition with transfer learning  NTN Wi, J Botzheim, N Kubota
2015   Dense 3D Face Alignment from 2D Videos in Real-Time  LA Jeni, JF Cohn, T Kanade
2015   Memory Heat Map: Anomaly Detection in Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Memory Behavior  MK Yoon, S Mohan, J Choi, L Sha
2015   You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection  J Redmon, S Divvala, R Girshick, A Farhadi
2015   Accelerating real-time embedded scene labeling with convolutional networks  L Cavigelli, M Magno, L Benini
2015   VoxNet: A 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Real-Time Object Recognition  D Maturana, S Scherer
2015   Instantaneous Real-Time Head Pose At A Distance  SS Mukherjee, RH Baxter, NM Robertson
2015   Real-time full-body human gender recognition in (RGB)-D data  T Linder, S Wehner, KO Arras
2015   Real-time Barcode Detection in the Wild  C Creusot, A Munawar
2015   Real-time Deep Learning of Robotic Manipulator Inverse Dynamics  AS Polydoros, L Nalpantidis, V Krüger
2015   PoseNet: A Convolutional Network for Real-Time 6-DOF Camera Relocalization  A Kendall, M Grimes, R Cipolla
2015   Real-Time Recognition of Dynamic Hand Postures on a Neuromorphic System  Q Liu, S Furber
2015   Hardware Solution for Real-Time Face Recognition  G Mahale, H Mahale, A Goel, SK Nandy
2015   and Distance Robust Real-Time Traffic Light Detection Estimation using a single camera  M Diaz
2015   Real-Time Pedestrian Detection With Deep Networks Cascades  A Angelova, A Krizhevsky, V Vanhoucke, A Ogale
2015   A Real-Time Visual Tracking Approach Using Sparse Autoencoder and Extreme Learning Machine  L Dai, Y Zhu, G Luo, C He, H Lin
2015   Convolutional networks for real-time 6-DOF camera relocalization  A Kendall, M Grimes, R Cipolla
2015   A virtualization mechanism for real-time multimedia-assisted mobile food recognition application in cloud computing  P Pouladzadeh, SVB Peddi, P Kuhad, A Yassine
2015   Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks  S Ren, K He, R Girshick, J Sun
2015   Real-time activity recognition via deep learning of motion features  K Konda, P Chandrashekhariah, R Memisevic
2015   Real-time Dynamic MRI Reconstruction using Stacked Denoising Autoencoder  A Majumdar
2015   Deep Neural Network for Real-Time Autonomous Indoor Navigation  DK Kim, T Chen
2015   Marginalised Stacked Denoising Autoencoders for Robust Representation of Real-Time Multi-View Action Recognition  F Gu, F Flórez
2015   A Collaborative Filtering Approach to Real-Time Hand Pose Estimation  C Choi, A Sinha, JH Choi, S Jang, K Ramani
2015   Fingertip in the Eye: A cascaded CNN pipeline for the real-time fingertip detection in egocentric videos  X Liu, Y Huang, X Zhang, L Jin
2015   Real-time recognition of piecewise-regular objects with the homogeneity-testing probabilistic neural network and the directed enumeration method  A Savchenko
2015   FPGA emulation of a spike-based, stochastic system for real-time image dewarping  JL Molin, T Figliolia, K Sanni, I Doxas, A Andreou
2015   Real-time event-driven spiking neural network object recognition on the SpiNNaker platform  G Orchard, X Lagorce, C Posch, SB Furber
2014   Deep learning for real-time Atari game play using offline Monte-Carlo tree search planning  X Guo, S Singh, H Lee, R Lewis, X Wang
2014   Real-Time Stroke-Order And Stroke-Direction Independent Handwriting Recognition  JG Dolfing, JR Bellegarda, U Meier, R Dixon
2014   Managing Real-Time Handwriting Recognition  M Xia, JG Dolfing, RS Dixon, KM Groethe, K Misra
2014   Real-Time Grasp Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks  J Redmon, A Angelova
2014   Real-time object recognition and orientation estimation using an event-based camera and CNN  R Ghosh, A Mishra, G Orchard, NV Thakor
2014   Dynamic real-time substrate feed optimization of anaerobic co-digestion plants  D Gaida
2014   Real-time continuous pose recovery of human hands using convolutional networks  J Tompson, M Stein, Y Lecun, K Perlin
2014   Improved Perception-Based Spiking Neuron Learning Rule for Real-Time User Authentication  H Qu, X Xie, Y Liu, M Zhang, L Lu
2014   Real-time Head Orientation from a Monocular Camera using Deep Neural Network  B Ahn, J Park, IS Kweon
2014   A Real-time Hand Posture Recognition System Using Deep Neural Networks  AO TANG, KE LU, Y WANG, JIE HUANG, H LI