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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Canonical Correlation Analysis Networks for Two-view Image Recognition  X Yang, W Liu, D Tao, J Cheng
2017   Human Affect Recognition System based on Survey of Recent Approaches  S Malwatkar, R Sugandhi, AR Mahajan
2017   Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Vector Representation of Speech in Speaker Recognition  O Ghahabi, J Hernando
2017   Multimodal 2D+ 3D Facial Expression Recognition with Deep Fusion Convolutional Neural Network  H LI, J Sun, XU Zongben, L Chen
2017   Face recognition classifier based on dimension reduction in deep learning properties  A Bılgıç, OC Kurban, T Yildirim
2017   Deep Learning For Human Activity Recognition  PP San, P Kakar, XL Li, S Krishnaswamy, JB Yang
2017   Using deep multiple instance learning for action recognition in still images  C Bas, C Zalluhoglu, N Ikizler
2017   Word Recognition by Combining Outline Emphasis and Synthesize Background  S Masuko, Y Yamauchi, H Fujiyoshi
2017   Spectral-Domain Speech Enhancement for Speech Recognition  CH You, MA Bin
2017   Recognition of fatigue status of pilots based on deep sparse auto-encoding network  H Shuang, W Chuanfeng, W Qi
2017   Robust emotion recognition from low quality and low bit rate video: A deep learning approach  B Cheng, Z Wang, Z Zhang, Z Li, D Liu, J Yang
2017   Adversarial Discriminative Heterogeneous Face Recognition  L Song, M Zhang, X Wu, R He
2017   Applying Data Augmentation to Handwritten Arabic Numeral Recognition Using Deep Learning Neural Networks  A Ashiquzzaman, AK Tushar, A Rahman
2017   Facial decomposition for expression recognition using texture/shape descriptors and SVM classifier  K Lekdioui, R Messoussi, Y Ruichek, Y Chaabi
2017   DeepBreath: Deep Learning of Breathing Patterns for Automatic Stress Recognition using Low-Cost Thermal Imaging in Unconstrained Settings  Y Cho, N Bianchi
2017   Activity Recognition based on a Magnitude-Orientation Stream Network  C Caetano, VHC de Melo, JA Santos, WR Schwartz
2017   Ten Classes of Image Recognition Using Generative Adversarial  C Chan
2017   Performance Evaluation of a Vegetable Recognition System Using Caffe and Chainer  M Ikeda, Y Sakai, T Oda, L Barolli
2017   Stacked convolutional auto-encoders for surface recognition based on 3d point cloud data  M Maimaitimin, K Watanabe, S Maeyama
2017   Real-time pedestrian recognition at night based on far infrared image sensor  E Choi, W Lee, K Lee, J Kim, J Kim
2017   Action Recognition Based on Features Fusion and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks  L Liu, F Hu, J Zhao
2017   Hierarchical Compression of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Large Scale Visual Recognition for Mobile Applications  B Kim, M Lee, J Kim, J Kim, J Lee
2017   Unsupervised Joint Mining of Deep Features and Image Labels for Large-scale Radiology Image Categorization and Scene Recognition  X Wang, L Lu, H Shin, L Kim, M Bagheri, I Nogues
2017   A Multi-Layer Fusion-Based Facial Expression Recognition Approach with Optimal Weighted AUs  X Jia, S Liu, D Powers, B Cardiff
2017   A Novel Face Recognition Algorithm based on the Deep Convolution Neural Network and Key Points Detection Jointed Local Binary Pattern Methodology  W Huang, S Zhang
2017   Segmentation-free Vehicle License Plate Recognition using ConvNet-RNN  TK Cheang, YS Chong, YH Tay
2017   A Comprehensive Review on Handcrafted and Learning-Based Action Representation Approaches for Human Activity Recognition  AB Sargano, P Angelov, Z Habib
2017   Discriminative Acoustic Features for Deployable Speech Recognition  A Faria
2017   Facial Expression Recognition with Fusion Features Extracted from Salient Facial Areas  Y Liu, Y Li, X Ma, R Song
2017   On Dnn Posterior Probability Combination In Multi-Stream Speech Recognition For Reverberant Environments  F Xiong, S Goetze, BT Meyer
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network.  M Uddin, J Kim
2017   Automatic Parameter Switching of Noise Reduction for Speech Recognition  T Kawase, K Niwa, Y Hioka, K Kobayashi
2017   Deep Architectures for Modulation Recognition  NE West, TJ O'Shea
2017   Temporal Non-Volume Preserving Approach to Facial Age-Progression and Age-Invariant Face Recognition  C Nhan Duong, K Gia Quach, K Luu, N Le, M Savvides
2017   Towards More Accurate Iris Recognition Using Deeply Learned Spatially Corresponding Features  Z Zhao, A Kumar
2017   High-performance video content recognition with long-term recurrent convolutional network for FPGA  X Zhang, X Liu, A Ramachandran, C Zhuge, S Tang
2017   An Analysis of Smartphone Overuse Recognition in Terms of Emotions using Brainwaves and Deep Learning  SK Kim, HB Kang
2017   Ensemble Deep Learning for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Using Temporal Sliding LSTM Networks  I Lee, D Kim, S Kang, S Lee
2017   Deep Neural Networks with Elastic Rectified Linear Units for Object Recognition  X Jiang, Y Pang, X Li, J Pan, Y Xie
2017   Gaze-assisted Multi-stream Deep Neural Network for Action Recognition  Y Liu, Q Wu, L Tang, H Shi
2017   Automated Real-time Gesture Recognition using Hand Motion Trajectory  S Swami, Y Parvez, NR Chauhan
2017   Optimal feature selection and Deep Learning Ensembles Method for emotion recognition from human brain EEG sensors  RM Mehmood, R Du, HJ Lee
2017   Facial expression recognition based on improved local ternary pattern and stacked auto-encoder  Y Wu, W Qiu
2017   Facial expression recognition based on improved deep belief networks  Y Wu, W Qiu
2017   Radar HRRP Target Recognition Based on t-SNE Segmentation and Discriminant Deep Belief Network  M Pan, J Jiang, Q Kong, J Shi, Q Sheng, T Zhou
2017   Dynamic Texture Recognition Using Time-Causal Spatio-Temporal Scale-Space Filters  UTC Spatio
2017   Convolutional Recognition Of Dynamic Textures With Preliminary Categorization.  MN Favorskaya, AV Pyataeva
2017   PHROG: A Multimodal Feature for Place Recognition  F Bonardi, S Ainouz, R Boutteau, Y Dupuis, X Savatier
2017   Gait Recognition Based On Convolutional Neural Networks.  A Sokolova, A Konushin
2017   Visual object recognition using deep convolutional neural network  S Ahmed
2017   Building An Assistant Mobile Application For Teaching Arabic Pronunciation Using A New Approach For Arabic Speech Recognition  B ALKHATIB, M KAWAS, A ALNAHHAS, R BONDOK
2017   Deep Learning Backend for Single and Multi-Session i-Vector Speaker Recognition  O Ghahabi, J Hernando
2017   A deep domain adaption approach for object recognition using Multiple Model Consistency analysis  B Pal, B Ahmed
2017   Fusion of face recognition and facial expression detection for authentication: a proposed model  DBM Yin, S Omar, BA Talip, A Muklas, NAM Norain
2017   Robust automatic speech recognition based on neural network in reverberant environments  L Bai, HL Li, YY He
2017   Virtualization and deep recognition for system fault classification  P Wang, R Yan, RX Gao
2017   One of the most important and necessary steps in the process of document analysis and recognition is the binarization, which allows extracting the foreground from the …  T Phan, K Nguyen, M Nakagawa
2017   BAM! The Behance Artistic Media Dataset for Recognition Beyond Photography  MJ Wilber, C Fang, H Jin, A Hertzmann, J Collomosse
2017   Online Cost Efficient Customer Recognition System for Retail Analytics  Y Song, Y Xue, C Li, X Zhao, S Liu, X Zhuo, K Zhang
2017   Soccer Player Recognition using Spatial Constellation Features and Jersey Number Recognition  S Gerke, A Linnemann, K Müller
2017   Improving Deep Learning Image Recognition Performance Using Region of Interest Localization Networks  AW Kabani
2017   Tooth brushing Recognition using Neural Networks: Poster Abstract  H Huang, S Lin
2017   Deep net architectures for visual-based clothing image recognition on large database  JC Chen, CF Liu
2017   End-to-End Multimodal Emotion Recognition using Deep Neural Networks  P Tzirakis, G Trigeorgis, MA Nicolaou, B Schuller
2017   A facial expression recognition system using robust face features from depth videos and deep learning  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, M Zuair, G Fortino
2017   Investigations in Devanagari Handwriting Recognition  P Singh
2017   Accent Recognition System Using Deep Belief Networks for Telugu Speech Signals  K Mannepalli, PN Sastry, M Suman
2017   A fully end-to-end deep learning approach for real-time simultaneous 3D reconstruction and material recognition  C Zhao, L Sun, R Stolkin
2017   Speech recognition using deep neural network-recent trends  M Sarma
2017   Hand Written Charcter Recognition Using Neural Network And Deep Belief Network.  MH KHALAF, B AL
2017   Learning Discriminative Convolutional Features for Skeletal Action Recognition  J Xu, Y Xiang, L Hu 
2017   End-to-End Scene Text Recognition with Character Centroid Prediction  W Zhao, J Ma 
2017   More efficient and effective tricks for deep action recognition  Z Liu, X Zhang, L Song, Z Ding, H Duan 
2017   Recurrent Attentional Reinforcement Learning for Multi-label Image Recognition  T Chen, Z Wang, G Li, L Lin 
2017   Learning and Transferring Convolutional Neural Network Knowledge to Ocean Front Recognition  E Lima, X Sun, J Dong, H Wang, Y Yang, L Liu
2017   Deep belief networks for iris recognition based on contour detection  M Baqar, A Ghani, A Aftab, S Arbab, S Yasin
2017   A New Deep Learning-based Food Recognition System for Dietary Assessment on An Edge Computing Service Infrastructure  C Liu, Y Cao, Y Luo, G Chen, V Vokkarane, Y Ma
2017   Sound Event Recognition Using Auditory-Receptive-Field Binary Pattern and Hierarchical-Diving Deep Belief Network  CY Wang, JC Wang, A Santoso, CC Chiang, CH Wu
2017   Pedestrian Movement Direction Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks  A Dominguez
2017   Monolithic 3D IC designs for low-power deep neural networks targeting speech recognition  K Chang, D Kadetotad, Y Cao, J Seo, SK Lim
2017   Space target recognition based on deep learning  H Zeng, Y Xia
2017   Deep-PRWIS: Periocular Recognition Without the Iris and Sclera Using Deep Learning Frameworks  H Proença, JC Neves 
2017   D-PCN: Parallel Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Recognition in Reverse Adversarial Style  S Yang, G Peng 
2017   Continuous Gesture Recognition With Hand-Oriented Spatiotemporal Feature  Z Liu, X Chai, Z Liu, X Chen 
2017   Ancient Roman Coin Recognition in the Wild Using Deep Learning Based Recognition of Artistically Depicted Face Profiles  I Schlag, O Arandjelovic 
2017   Automated Annotation of Sensor data for Activity Recognition using Deep Learning  M Benndorf, F Ringsleben, T Haenselmann, B Yadav 
2017   Improving Activity Recognition using Temporal Regions  JP Aires, J Monteiro, R Granada, F Meneguzzi
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Using Salient Features and Convolutional Neural Network  MZ Uddin, W Khaksar, J Torresen 
2017   Iris double recognition based on modified evolutionary neural network  S Liu, YN Liu, XD Zhu, G Huo, WT Liu, JK Feng 
2017   Hierarchical Bayesian Combination of Plug-in Maximum A Posteriori Decoders in Deep Neural Networks-based Speech Recognition and Speaker Adaptation  Z Huang, SM Siniscalchi, CH Lee
2017   A Review of Gesture Recognition Based on Computer Vision  B Li, G Li, Y Sun, G Jiang, J Kong, Z Ju, D Jiang
2017   Static Hand Gesture Recognition with Parallel CNNs for Space Human-Robot Interaction  Q Gao, J Liu, Z Ju, Y Li, T Zhang, L Zhang
2017   VGR-Net: A View Invariant Gait Recognition Network  D Thapar, D Aggarwal, P Agarwal, A Nigam 
2017   Distance Metric Optimization Driven Convolutional Neural Network for Age Invariant Face Recognition  Y Li, G Wang, L Nie, Q Wang, W Tan 
2017   2D/3D Object Recognition and Categorization Approaches for Robotic Grasping  N Zrira, M Hannat, EH Bouyakhf, HA Khan 
2017   South African Sign Language Hand Shape and Orientation Recognition on Mobile Devices Using Deep Learning  K Jacobs
2017   Convolutional neural network-based encoding and decoding of visual object recognition in space and time  K Seeliger, M Fritsche, U Güçlü, S Schoenmakers
2017   Deep learning and non-negative matrix factorization in recognition of mammograms  B Swiderski, J Kurek, S Osowski, M Kruk, W Barhoumi
2017   MapReduce-based deep learning with handwritten digit recognition case study  N Basit, Y Zhang, H Wu, H Liu, J Bin, Y He
2017   EEG-based emotion recognition using hierarchical network with subnetwork nodes  Y Yang, QMJ Wu, WL Zheng, BL Lu
2017   A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, J Kim
2017   Co-training an Improved Recurrent Neural Network with Probability Statistic Models for Named Entity Recognition  Y Sun, L Li, Z Xie, Q Xie, X Li, G Xu
2017   Genetic Algorithm Based Deep Learning Parameters Tuning for Robot Object Recognition and Grasping  D Hossain, G Capi
2017   Robust Speech Recognition Using Generative Adversarial Networks  A Sriram, H Jun, Y Gaur, S Satheesh 
2017   Deformable Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network in Microwave Based Hand Gesture Recognition System  J Zhang, Z Shi 
2017   Contemporary deep recurrent learning for recognition  KM Iftekharuddin, M Alam, L Vidyaratne
2017   Open set recognition of aircraft in aerial imagery using synthetic template models  AB Bapst, J Tran, MW Koch, MM Moya, R Swahn
2017   Superiority of PCA algorithm for Facial Expression Recognition  M Santosh, A Kumar
2017   Action Recognition Using 3D Histograms of Texture and A Multi-class Boosting Classifier  B Zhang, Y Yang, C Chen, L Yang, J Han, L Shao
2017   A Novel Active Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm for SAR Image Recognition  F Gao, Z Yue, J Wang, J Sun, E Yang, H Zhou
2017   3D Densely Connected Convolutional Network for the Recognition of Human Shopping Actions  D Gu
2017   Impact of Three-Dimensional Video Scalability on Multi-View Activity Recognition using Deep Learning  JH Choi, M Cheon, MS Choi, JS Lee
2017   Event Recognition on Images by Fine-Tuning of Deep Neural Networks  D Yudin, B Zeno
2017   Dual Temporal Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Micro-Expression Recognition  M Peng, C Wang, T Chen, G Liu, X Fu
2017   Active garment recognition and target grasping point detection using deep learning  E Corona, G Alenyà, A Gabas, C Torras
2017   A multimodal deep learning framework using local feature representations for face recognition  AS Al
2017   Iris and Periocular Recognition in Arabian Race Horses Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  M Trokielewicz, M Szadkowski
2017   Facial Expression Recognition for Traumatic Brain Injured Patients  CMA Ilyas, K Nasrollahi, TB Moeslund, M Rehm 
2017   DAAL: Deep Activation-based Attribute Learning for Action Recognition in Depth Videos  C Zhang, Y Tian, X Guo, J Liu 
2017   Deep learning in digital marketing: brand detection and emotion recognition  B Ribeiro, G Oliveira, A Laranjeira, JP Arrais 
2017   An Optimized Face Recognition System Using Cuckoo Search  P Malhotra, D Kumar
2017   Speech Emotion Recognition Based on PSO-optimized SVM  C LI, F LIU, Y WANG, W Hui, Q ZHANG
2017   Nuclei Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network and Hough Transform  M Żejmo, M Kowal, J Korbicz, R Monczak
2017   Deep learning traffic sign detection, recognition and augmentation  L Abdi, A Meddeb
2017   An Effective Deep Autoencoder Approach for Online Smartphone-Based Human Activity Recognition  B Almaslukh, J AlMuhtadi, A Artoli
2017   A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Framework for Automatic Fetal Facial Standard Plane Recognition  Z Yu, EL Tan, D Ni, J Qin, S Chen, S Li, B Lei, T Wang
2017   Exploring Deep Learning Image Super-Resolution for Iris Recognition  E Ribeiro, A Uhl, F Alonso
2017   Going deeper with two-stream ConvNets for action recognition in video surveillance  Y Han, P Zhang, T Zhuo, W Huang, Y Zhang
2017   Learning spectro-temporal features with 3D CNNs for speech emotion recognition  J Kim, KP Truong, G Englebienne, V Evers
2017   Latent feature learning for activity recognition using simple sensors in smart homes  G Chen, A Wang, S Zhao, L Liu, CY Chang
2017   Learning Deep And Compact Models For Gesture Recognition  K Mullick, AM Namboodiri
2017   Plant phenology recognition using deep learning: Deep-Pheno  H Yalcin
2017   Open Source Dataset and Deep Learning Models for Online Digit Gesture Recognition on Touchscreens  PJ Corr, GC Silvestre, CJ Bleakley
2017   Deeper cascaded peak-piloted network for weak expression recognition  Z Yu, Q Liu, G Liu
2017   Expression recognition using semantic information and local texture features  C Wu, C Huang, H Chen
2017   Reducing speech recognition latency  MME Bisani, HE Secker
2017   Method and system for face image recognition  X Tang, Y Sun, X Wang
2017   A Study on the Recognition and Classification Method of High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Deep Belief Network  G Chen, X Li, L Liu
2017   Investigation on acoustic modeling with different phoneme set for continuous Lhasa Tibetan recognition based on DNN method  H Wang, K Khyuru, J Li, G Li, J Dang, L Huang
2017   Towards recognition of protein function based on its structure using deep convolutional networks  A Tavanaei, AS Maida, A Kaniymattam
2017   A Novel Framework for Container Code-Character Recognition Based on Deep Learning and Template Matching  L Mei, J Guo, Q Liu, P Lu
2017   A Device-Free Number Gesture Recognition Approach Based on Deep Learning  Q Zhou, J Xing, J Li, Q Yang
2017   Deep Learning Features at Scale for Visual Place Recognition  Z Chen, A Jacobson, N Sunderhauf, B Upcroft, L Liu
2017   Joint Distance Maps Based Action Recognition with Convolutional Neural Network  C Li, Y Hou, P Wang, W Li
2017   CS-BoW: a scalable parallel image recognition method  Y Liu
2017   Convolutional neural networks with balanced batches for facial expressions recognition  EB Sönmez, A Cangelosi
2017   Combined trajectories for action recognition based on saliency detection and motion boundary  X Wang, C Qi, F Lin
2017   Human Attribute Recognition by Refining Attention Heat Map  H Guo, X Fan, S Wang
2017   Human Motion Sensing and Recognition  H Liu, Z Ju, X Ji, CS Chan, M Khoury
2017   Relative ordering learning in spiking neural network for pattern recognition  Z Lin, D Ma, J Meng, L Chen
2017   Dysarthric Speech Recognition and Offline Handwriting Recognition using Deep Neural Networks  S Pillai
2017   Deep Belief Network Based on Double Weber Local Descriptor in Micro-expression Recognition  X Hao, M Tian
2017   Facial Expression Recognition using Visual Saliency and Deep Learning  V Mavani, S Raman, KP Miyapuram
2017   Hand Gesture Recognition  N Arora
2017   Gender and Emotion Recognition with Implicit User Signals  M Bilalpur, SM Kia, M Chawla, TS Chua
2017   Exploiting synergies of mobile mapping sensors and deep learning for traffic sign recognition systems  Á Arcos
2017   Attention-Based End-to-End Speech Recognition in Mandarin  C Shan, J Zhang, Y Wang, L Xie
2017   Multivariate Autoregressive Spectrogram Modeling for Noisy Speech Recognition  S Ganapathy
2017   Development Of A Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based System For Object Recognition In Visible Light And Infrared Images  I YUSUF
2017   End-To-End Face Detection and Recognition  L Chi, H Zhang, M Chen
2017   Incremental Cross-Modality Deep Learning for Pedestrian Recognition  DO Pop, A Rogozan, F Nashashibi, A Bensrhair
2017   Deep Temporal Architecture for Audiovisual Speech Recognition  C Tian, Y Yuan, X Lu 
2017   A vegetable category recognition system: a comparison study for caffe and Chainer DNN frameworks  M Ikeda, T Oda, L Barolli 
2017   Feature fusion methods research based on deep belief networks for speech emotion recognition under noise condition  Y Huang, K Tian, A Wu, G Zhang 
2017   3D Convolutional Neural Network for Action Recognition  J Zhang, L Chen, J Tian 
2017   Pedestrian recognition through different cross-modality deep learning methods  DO Pop, A Rogozan, F Nashashibi, A Bensrhair
2017   Multi-resolution spectral input for convolutional neural network-based speech recognition  L Tóth
2017   Binary Patterns Encoded Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Recognition and Remote Sensing Scene Classification  RM Anwer, FS Khan, J van de Weijer, M Molinier
2017   Temporal Deep Belief Network for Online Human Motion Recognition  F Lasson, M Polceanu, C Buche, P De Loor
2017   Human activity recognition with inertial sensors using a deep learning approach  T Zebin, PJ Scully, KB Ozanyan
2017   Deep Learning for Logo Recognition  S Bianco, M Buzzelli, D Mazzini, R Schettini
2017   Multi-task Learning Of Deep Neural Networks For Audio Visual Automatic Speech Recognition  A Thanda, SM Venkatesan
2017   Implicit Visual Learning: Image Recognition via Dissipative Learning Model  Y Liu, Y Liu, S Zhong, S Wu
2017   An Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaptation Approach for Robust Speech Recognition  S Sun, B Zhang, L Xie, Y Zhang
2017   Radar HRRP recognition based on sparse denoising autoencoder and multi-layer perceptron deep model  H Yan, Z Zhang, G Xiong, W Yu
2017   Face recognition using both visible light image and near-infrared image and a deep network  K Guo, S Wu, Y Xu
2017   Deep Learning for target recognition from SAR images  A El Housseini, A Toumi, A Khenchaf
2017   Human action recognition in RGB-D videosusing motion sequence information and deep learning  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2017   Semi-Supervised Haptic Material Recognition for Robots using Generative Adversarial Networks  Z Erickson, S Chernova, CC Kemp
2017   Face Attributes Recognition via Deep Multi-Task Cascade  Y Li, Q Wang, L Nie, H Cheng
2017   Infrared Variation Optimized Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Robust Automatic Ground Target Recognition  S Kim, WJ Song, SH Kim
2017   Capturing Long-term Temporal Dependencies with Convolutional Networks for Continuous Emotion Recognition  S Khorram, Z Aldeneh, D Dimitriadis, M McInnis
2017   Human activity recognition using combinatorial Deep Belief Networks  SN Gowda
2017   Fullie and Wiselie: A Dual-Stream Recurrent Convolutional Attention Model for Activity Recognition  K Chen, L Yao, T Gu, Z Yu, X Wang, D Zhang 
2017   Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Deep Learning with Application to Human Activity Recognition  L Lyu, X He, YW Law, M Palaniswami
2017   A deep learning-based recognition method for degradation monitoring of ball screw with multi-sensor data fusion  L Zhang, H Gao, J Wen, S Li, Q Liu
2017   Multispectral scene recognition based on dual convolutional neural networks  I Ševo, A Avramović 
2017   DeepGait: A Learning Deep Convolutional Representation for Gait Recognition  X Zhang, S Sun, C Li, X Zhao, Y Hu 
2017   Deep learning features exception for cross-season visual place recognition  C Kenshimov, L Bampis, B Amirgaliyev, M Arslanov 
2017   Pose-Based Temporal-Spatial Network (PTSN) for Gait Recognition with Carrying and Clothing Variations  R Liao, C Cao, EB Garcia, S Yu, Y Huang 
2017   Synthesis and Recognition of Internet Celebrity Face Based on Deep Learning  J Zhou, G Zeng, J He, X Jia, L Shen 
2017   Illumination invariants in deep video expression recognition  O Gupta, D Raviv, R Raskar 
2017   Gesture Recognition Based on Deep Belief Networks  Y Miao, L Wang, C Xie, B Zhang 
2017   Learning Spatiotemporal Features for Infrared Action Recognition with 3D Convolutional Neural Networks  Z Jiang, V Rozgic, S Adali
2017   Reducing Covariate Factors Of Gait Recognition Using Feature Selection, Dictionary-Based Sparse Coding, And Deep Learning  MN Alotaibi
2017   1. Traffic Sign Recognition in Nature by Integration Shape Structure with Deep Learning  J Yang 
2017   Recognition of early-onset schizophrenia using deep-learning method  S Han, W Huang, Y Zhang, J Zhao, H Chen 
2017   Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images From Labeled Web-Nature Data Using Deep Transfer Learning  J Wang, H Zheng, Y Huang, X Ding 
2017   Recurrent Attention Network using Spatial-temporal Relations for Action Recognition  M Zhang, Y Yang, Y Ji, N Xie, F Shen 
2017   Affect recognition from facial movements and body gestures by hierarchical deep spatio-temporal features and fusion strategy  B Sun, S Cao, J He, L Yu 
2017   A Comparative Study on Handwriting Digit Recognition Using Neural Networks  MMA Ghosh, AY Maghari 
2017   Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on B-LSTM Neural Network with Additional Features  L Ouyang, Y Tian, H Tang, B Zhang 
2017   TV-GAN: Generative Adversarial Network Based Thermal to Visible Face Recognition  T Zhang, A Wiliem, S Yang, BC Lovell 
2017   Deep Learning for Action Recognition in Augmented Reality Assistance Systems  M Schröder, H Ritter
2017   Sensitive Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Face Recognition at Large Standoffs with Small Dataset  A Jalali, R Mallipeddi, M Lee
2017   HMM/MLP speech recognition system using a novel data clustering approach  L Lazli, M Boukadoum, OA Mohamed
2017   Spatio-Temporal Vector of Locally Max Pooled Features for Action Recognition in Videos  IC Duta, B Ionescu, K Aizawa, N Sebe
2017   LightNet: A Lightweight 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Real-Time 3D Object Recognition  S Zhi, Y Liu, X Li, Y Guo
2017   Deep CNNs With Spatially Weighted Pooling for Fine-Grained Car Recognition  Q Hu, H Wang, T Li, C Shen
2017   Ultrasonic Based Gesture Recognition  IJ Tashev, S Zarar, A Das 
2017   Deep Learning-Based Iris Segmentation for Iris Recognition in Visible Light Environment  M Arsalan, HG Hong, RA Naqvi, MB Lee, MC Kim 
2017   3D Shape Recognition and Retrieval based on Multi-modality Deep Learning  S Bu, L Wang, P Han, Z Liu, K Li
2017   Building Fast and Compact Convolutional Neural Networks for Offline Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition  X Xiao, L Jin, Y Yang, W Yang, J Sun, T Chang
2017   GB (2D) 2 PCA-based convolutional network for face recognition  M Jiang, R Lu, J Kong, XJ Wu, H Huo, X Wang
2017   A new method of deep synergetic neural network for face recognition  Y Wei, J Meng, Z Shen
2017   Towards Accurate Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition  A Hasasneh, NM Hasasneh
2017   Kernel Approximation Methods for Speech Recognition  A May, AB Garakani, Z Lu, D Guo, K Liu, A Bellet, L Fan
2017   Auxiliary Multimodal LSTM for Audio-visual Speech Recognition and Lipreading  C Tian, W Ji, Y Yuan
2017   Research on Image Recognition Based on Deep Learning Technology  H Zhai
2017   Watch, Attend and Parse: An End-to-end Neural Network Based Approach to Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition  J Zhang, J Du, S Zhang, D Liu, Y Hu, J Hu, S Wei, L Dai
2017   Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis  LA Alexandre, JS Sánchez, JMF Rodrigues
2017   Generative-Discriminative Variational Model for Visual Recognition  CK Yeh, YHH Tsai, YCF Wang
2017   Deep learning of micro-Doppler features for aided and unaided gait recognition  MS Seyfioğlu, SZ Gürbüz, AM Özbayoğlu, M Yüksel
2017   SAR target configuration recognition based on the biologically inspired model  X Huang, X Nie, W Wu, H Qiao, B Zhang
2017   Face Recognition with Deep Learning  M Paluszek, S Thomas
2017   Accurate and robust face recognition from RGB-D images with a deep learning approach  Y Lee, J Chen, CW Tseng, SH Lai
2017   An information fusion framework with multi-channel feature concatenation and multi-perspective system combination for the deep-learning-based robust recognition of …  YH Tu, J Du, Q Wang, X Bao, LR Dai, CH Lee
2017   Leveraging Linguistic Structures for Named Entity Recognition with Bidirectional Recursive Neural Networks  PH Li, RP Dong, YS Wang, JC Chou, WY Ma
2017   Speech recognition in a dialog system: from conventional to deep processing  A Becerra, JI de la Rosa, E González
2017   Deep Appearance and Motion Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition  X Wang, L Gao, J Song, X Zhen, N Sebe, HT Shen
2017   Distributed Representation, LDA Topic Modelling and Deep Learning for Emerging Named Entity Recognition from Social Media  P Jansson, S Liu
2017   North Atlantic right whale localization and recognition using very deep and leaky Neural Network  MR El
2017   Recognition of prokaryotic and eukaryotic promoters using convolutional deep learning neural networks  RK Umarov, VV Solovyev
2017   Deep Learning for Polyp Recognition in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images  Y Yuan, MQH Meng
2017   Guest Editorial for the special issue on Multi-Microphone Speech Recognition in Everyday Environments  J Barker, R Marxer, E Vincent, S Watanabe
2017   Urdu Named Entity Recognition and Classification System Using Artificial Neural Network  MK Malik
2017   Vehicle Type Recognition Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network  L Shi, Y Wang, Y Cao, L Wei
2017   Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems: Proceedings of Third International Symposium on Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition …  SM Thampi, S Krishnan, JMC Rodriguez, S Das
2017   HD-MTL: Hierarchical Deep Multi-Task Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition  J Fan, T Zhao, Z Kuang, Y Zheng, J Zhang, J Yu
2017   Real-Time Objects Recognition Approach for Assisting Blind People  JS Zraqou, WM Alkhadour, MZ Siam
2017   Deep affect recognition from RR intervals  M Gjoreski, H Gjoreski, M Luštrek, M Gams
2017   Distributed learning of deep feature embeddings for visual recognition tasks  B Bhattacharjee, ML Hill, H Wu, PS Chandakkar
2017   A Comprehensive Study of Group Activity Recognition Methods in Video  SA Vahora, NC Chauhan
2017   Deep learning for fine-grained visual recognition  T Li
2017   Aircraft Recognition Based on Landmark Detection in Remote Sensing Images  A Zhao, K Fu, S Wang, J Zuo, Y Zhang, Y Hu, H Wang
2017   Fine-Grained Image Recognition from Click-Through Logs Using Deep Siamese Network  W Feng, D Liu
2017   Stochastic Decorrelation Constraint Regularized Auto-Encoder for Visual Recognition  F Mao, W Xiong, B Du, L Zhang
2017   A Sensor-Based Official Basketball Referee Signals Recognition System Using Deep Belief Networks  CW Yeh, TY Pan, MC Hu
2017   Sign Languages Recognition Based on Neural Network Architecture  M Palmeri, F Vella, I Infantino, S Gaglio
2017   Pattern Recognition of Momentary Mental Workload Based on Multi-Channel Electrophysiological Data and Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks  J Zhang, S Li, R Wang
2017   A Deep Network with Composite Residual Structure for Handwritten Character Recognition  Z Rao, C Zeng, N Zhao, M Liu, M Wu, Z Wang
2017   Intelligent Recognition of Electrocardiograms Using Selective Neuron Networks and Deep Learning  M Mazurov
2017   Deep spatial-temporal feature fusion for facial expression recognition in static images  N Sun, Q Li, R Huang, J Liu, G Han 
2017   A multi-biometric iris recognition system based on a deep learning approach  AS Al
2017   Listening to the World Improves Speech Command Recognition  B McMahan, D Rao 
2017   What am i doing? Robotic self-action recognition  Z Li, CW Au, Y Kakiuchi, K Okada, M Inaba
2017   Adult Content Recognition from Images Using a Mixture of Convolutional Neural Networks  M Al
2017   Research on the Recognition of Car Models Based on Deep-learning Networks  S Zhao, XL Zhu, YB Li, L Zhang
2017   NutriNet: A Deep Learning Food and Drink Image Recognition System for Dietary Assessment  S Mezgec, B Koroušić Seljak
2017   Multi angle optimal pattern-based deep learning for automatic facial expression recognition  DK Jain, Z Zhang, K Huang
2017   A finger vein recognition algorithm based on deep learning  C Chen, Z Wu, J Zhang, P Li, F Azmat
2017   SAR image target recognition via deep Bayesian generative network  D Guo, B Chen
2017   Improved gradient local ternary patterns for facial expression recognition  RP Holder, JR Tapamo
2017   Learning Affective Features with a Hybrid Deep Model for Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition  S Zhang, S Zhang, T Huang, W Gao, Q Tian
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Using Interpolation  J García
2017   On prediction error compressive sensing image reconstruction for face recognition  S Biswas, J Sil, SP Maity 
2017   Real-time traffic sign recognition based on a general purpose GPU and deep-learning  K Lim, Y Hong, Y Choi, H Byun
2017   Multiview Canonical Correlation Analysis Networks for Remote Sensing Image Recognition  X Yang, W Liu, D Tao, J Cheng, S Li
2017   Try Walking in My Shoes, if You Can: Accurate Gait Recognition Through Deep Learning  G Giorgi, F Martinelli, A Saracino, M Sheikhalishahi
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2017   Multi-column Deep Neural Network for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition  R Almodfer, S Xiong, M Mudhsh, P Duan 
2017   Stimulated Training For Automatic Speech Recognition And Keyword Search In Limited Resource Conditions  A Ragni, C Wu, MJF Gales, J Vasilakes, KM Knill
2017   Recognition of Human Activities in Smart Homes Using Stacked Autoencoders  NEH Mbarki, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Pattern Recognition for Predictive Analysis in Automotive Industry  V Simoncicova, L Hrcka, L Spendla, P Tanuska
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2017   A Literature Review on Emotion Recognition Using Various Methods  R Khan, O Sharif
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2017   Fruit recognition from images using deep learning  H Mureşan, M Oltean 
2017   Robust Local Features for Remote Face Recognition  J Chen, V Patel, L Liu, V Kellokumpu, G Zhao
2017   Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition  Y Duan, J Lu, J Feng, J Zhou
2017   Detection and Recognition of Objects and Providing Purchase links using APIs  S Shetty, A Sharma, A Singh, T Sawaji, D Dhangar
2017   Object recognition and detection with deep learning for autonomous driving applications  A Uçar, Y Demir, C Güzeliş
2017   Towards Arabic Alphabet and Numbers Sign Language Recognition  A Hasasneh, S Taqatqa 
2017   Deep neural network using color and synthesized three-dimensional shape for face recognition  SM Rhee, BI Yoo, JJ Han, W Hwang
2017   Evaluating deep learning architectures for Speech Emotion Recognition  HM Fayek, M Lech, L Cavedon
2017   Human activity recognition from accelerometer data using Convolutional Neural Network  SM Lee, SM Yoon, H Cho
2017   Deep LSTM for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition  X Tian, J Zhang, Z Ma, Y He, J Wei, P Wu, W Situ, S Li
2017   SAR Automatic Target Recognition Based on Euclidean Distance Restricted Autoencoder  S Deng, L Du, C Li, J Ding, H Liu
2017   Traffic sign recognition based on deep convolutional neural network  S Yin, J Deng, D Zhang, J Du 
2017   Multi-Instance Multi-Stage Deep Learning for Medical Image Recognition  Z Yan, Y Zhan, S Zhang, D Metaxas, XS Zhou 
2017   A method of multi-criteria set recognition based on deep feature representation  C Zhang, H Yang, X Shen 
2017   Exploring Speech Enhancement with Generative Adversarial Networks for Robust Speech Recognition  C Donahue, B Li, R Prabhavalkar 
2017   Deep Manifold Learning Combined With Convolutional Neural Networks for Action Recognition  X Chen, J Weng, W Lu, J Xu, J Weng
2017   Addressing Challenging Place Recognition Tasks using Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Latif, R Garg, M Milford, I Reid
2017   Generative Adversarial Models for People Attribute Recognition in Surveillance  F Matteo, S Calderara, R Cucchiara
2017   Emotion Recognition from Chinese Speech for Smart Affective Services Using a Combination of SVM and DBN  L Zhu, L Chen, D Zhao, J Zhou, W Zhang
2017   Recognition and Detection for Asphalt Pavement Crack based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  J Shao
2017   Pillar Networks for action recognition  B Sengupta, Y Qian
2017   Two-Stream 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition  H Liu, J Tu, M Liu
2017   A comparison study between MLP and Convolutional Neural Network models for character recognition  SB Driss, M Soua, R Kachouri, M Akil
2017   SAR Automatic Target Recognition Based on Multiview Deep Learning Framework  J Pei, Y Huang, W Huo, Y Zhang, J Yang, TS Yeo 
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2017   Learning hierarchical video representation for action recognition  Q Li, Z Qiu, T Yao, T Mei, Y Rui, J Luo
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2017   A regularization-reinforced DBN for digital recognition  J Qiao, G Pan, H Han
2017   Human Activity Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network Trained via a Minimization of Localized Generalization Error  S Zhang, WWY Ng, J Zhang, CD Nugent
2017   Using Deep Learning Real-Time Object Detection Convolution Neural Networks for Fast Fruit Recognition in the Tree  K Bresilla, L Manfrini, B Morandi, A Boini, G Perulli
2017   Transfer Learning for sEMG Hand Gestures Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks  U Côté
2017   SAR Target Recognition Using the Multi-aspect-aware Bidirectional LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks  F Zhang, C Hu, Q Yin, W Li, H Li, W Hong
2017   A breakthrough in Speech emotion recognition using Deep Retinal Convolution Neural Networks  Y Niu, D Zou, Y Niu, Z He, H Tan
2017   Deep Learning for Tattoo Recognition  X Di, VM Patel
2017   Towards Speech Emotion Recognition “in the wild” using Aggregated Corpora and Deep Multi-Task Learning  J Kim, G Englebienne, KP Truong, V Evers
2017   Fast Conceptor Classifier in Pre-trained Neural Networks for Visual Recognition  G Qian, L Zhang, Q Zhang
2017   Multi-velocity neural networks for facial expression recognition in videos  O Gupta, D Raviv, R Raskar
2017   Multi-modal motion dictionary learning for facial expression recognition  JC Kim, SY Chun, CS Lee
2017   Individual Recognition in Schizophrenia using Deep Learning Methods with Random Forest and Voting Classifiers: Insights from Resting State EEG Streams  L Chu, R Qiu, H Liu, Z Ling, X Shi
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2017   Automatic Recognition of Deceptive Facial Expressions of Emotion  I Ofodile, K Kulkarni, CA Corneanu, S Escalera, X Baro
2017   Adult Image and Video Recognition by a Deep Multicontext Network and Fine-to-Coarse Strategy  X Ou, H Ling, H Yu, P Li, F Zou, S Liu
2017   Deep-learning-based object recognition system and gridmap-based path planning algorithm for object tracking of swarm robots  H Kim, 김한근
2017   Deep Object Recognition Across Domains based on Adaptive Extreme Learning Machine  L Zhang, Z He, Y Liu
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2017   Deep Learning Based Recognition of Meltdown in Autistic Kids  VSP Patnam, FT George, K George, A Verma
2017   Hand Gesture Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  G Madjarov 
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2017   Utilization-based object recognition in confined spaces  A Shirkhodaie, D Telagamsetti, AL Chan
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2017   Pooling the Convolutional Layers in Deep ConvNets for Video Action Recognition  S Zhao, Y Liu, Y Han, R Hong, Q Hu, Q Tian
2017   Facial Expression Recognition Utilizing Local Direction-based Robust Features and Deep Belief Network  MZ Uddin, MM Hassan, A Almogren, A Alamri
2017   Sequential Segment Networks for Action Recognition  QQ Chen, YJ Zhang
2017   Object Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Features Transformed by a Recursive Network Structure  HM Bui, M Lech, E Cheng, K Neville, IS Burnett
2017   SkeletonNet: Mining Deep Part Features for 3D Action Recognition  Q Ke, S An, M Bennamoun, F Sohel, F Boussaid
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2017   A Deep Neural Architecture for Kitchen Activity Recognition  R Granada, J Monteiro, RC Barros, F Meneguzzi
2017   Prediction-based learning for continuous emotion recognition in speech  J Han, Z Zhang, F Ringeval, B Schuller
2017   Deep Learning based Isolated Arabic Scene Character Recognition  SB Ahmed, S Naz, MI Razzak, R Yousaf
2017   Body Joint guided 3D Deep Convolutional Descriptors for Action Recognition  C Cao, Y Zhang, C Zhang, H Lu
2017   Inception Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition  MZ Alom, M Hasan, C Yakopcic, TM Taha
2017   Comparison between Backpropagation and CNN for the Recognition of Traffic Signs  JE Zafra, RJ Moreno, RD Hernández
2017   Learning a Fully Convolutional Network for Object Recognition using very few Data  C Reinders, H Ackermann, MY Yang, B Rosenhahn
2017   Novel directional patterns and a Generalized Supervised Dimension Reduction System (GSDRS) for facial emotion recognition  AS Alphonse, D Dharma
2017   Modelling speech emotion recognition using logistic regression and decision trees  A Jacob
2017   A novel recurrent hybrid network for feature fusion in action recognition  S Yu, Y Cheng, L Xie, Z Luo, M Huang, S Li
2017   Deep Speech Recognition  L Deng
2017   Gait recognition based on model-based methods and deep belief networks  M Benouis, M Senouci, R Tlemsani, L Mostefai
2017   Automated plasmodia recognition in microscopic images for diagnosis of malaria using convolutional neural networks  S Krappe, M Benz, A Gryanik, E Tannich, C Wegner
2017   Research on Human Target Recognition Algorithm of Home Service Robot Based on Fast-RCNN  L Quan, D Pei, B Wang, W Ruan 
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2017   58. A New Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Deep Learning and Paired Classification  H Chen 
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2017   Sequential Dual Deep Learning with Shape and Texture Features for Sketch Recognition  Q Jia, M Yu, X Fan, H Li
2017   Learning Deep and Shallow Features for Human Activity Recognition  S Sani, S Massie, N Wiratunga, K Cooper
2017   Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction with Application to Face Recognition  F Liu, Q Zhao, X Liu, D Zeng
2017   Mobile Multi-Food Recognition Using Deep Learning  P Pouladzadeh, S Shirmohammadi
2017   The Detection and Recognition of Bridges' Cracks Based on Deep Belief Network  X Wang, Y Zhang
2017   End-to-end recognition of slab identification numbers using a deep convolutional neural network  SJ Lee, JP Yun, G Koo, SW Kim
2017   Learning Saliency For Human Action Recognition  D Stefic
2017   Island Loss for Learning Discriminative Features in Facial Expression Recognition  J Cai, Z Meng, AS Khan, Z Li, Y Tong 
2017   Dynamic pruning in speech recognition  JS Kramer, AD Rosen, KJ Basye
2017   Deep Affordance-grounded Sensorimotor Object Recognition  S Thermos, GT Papadopoulos, P Daras, G Potamianos
2017   A Deep Convolution Neural Network Model for Vehicle Recognition and Face Recognition  X Luo, R Shen, J Hu, J Deng, L Hu, Q Guan
2017   Coupled Deep Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition  X Wu, L Song, R He, T Tan
2017   Quality Aware Network for Set to Set Recognition  Y Liu, J Yan, W Ouyang
2017   Enhance deep learning performance in face recognition  Z Lu, X Jiang, A Kot
2017   Offline and online deep learning for image recognition  NH Phong, B Ribeiro
2017   Deep Active Learning for Named Entity Recognition  Y Shen, H Yun, ZC Lipton, Y Kronrod, A Anandkumar
2017   Face recognition in real-world surveillance videos with deep learning method  Y Wang, T Bao, C Ding, M Zhu
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Robust Speech Recognition via Variational Autoencoder-Based Data Augmentation  WN Hsu, Y Zhang, J Glass
2017   Automated Latent Fingerprint Recognition  K Cao, AK Jain
2017   Two Stream LSTM: A Deep Fusion Framework for Human Action Recognition  H Gammulle, S Denman, S Sridharan, C Fookes
2017   An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach to Simultaneous Speech Dereverberation and Acoustic Modeling for Robust Speech Recognition  B Wu, K Li, F Ge, Z Huang, M Yang, SM Siniscalchi
2017   Unsupervised modulation filter learning for noise-robust speech recognition  P Agrawal, S Ganapathy
2017   Auxiliary Features from Laser-Doppler Vibrometer Sensor for Deep Neural Network Based Robust Speech Recognition  L Sun, J Du, Z Xie, Y Xu
2017   Urdu Nastaliq Recognition using Convolutional-Recursive Deep Learning  S Naz, AI Umar, R Ahmad, I Siddiqi, SB Ahmed
2017   Deep learning architecture for iris recognition based on optimal Gabor filters and deep belief network  F He, Y Han, H Wang, J Ji, Y Liu, Z Ma
2017   Virtual reality of recognition technologies of the improved contour coding image based on level set and neural network models  L Sun, J Xing, Z Wang, X Zhang, L Liu
2017   Visual Speech Recognition Using PCA Networks and LSTMs in a Tandem GMM-HMM System  M Zimmermann, M Mehdipour Ghazi, HK Ekenel
2017   Active AU Based Patch Weighting for Facial Expression Recognition  W Xie, L Shen, M Yang, Z Lai
2017   Towards End-to-End Face Recognition through Alignment Learning  Y Zhong, J Chen, B Huang
2017   Deep Learning Based Real-time Object Recognition System with Image Web Crawler  M Lee, H Jeong, Y Ha
2017   Automatic speaker identification using speech recognition features  HE Secker
2017   Stacked auto encoder training incorporating printed text data for handwritten bangla numeral recognition  M Ahmed, AK Paul, MAH Akhand
2017   A Time Delay Neural Network for Online Arabic Handwriting Recognition  R Zouari, H Boubaker, M Kherallah
2017   Surface EMG-Based Inter-Session Gesture Recognition Enhanced by Deep Domain Adaptation  Y Du, W Jin, W Wei, Y Hu, W Geng
2017   MomentsNet: a simple learning-free method for binary image recognition  J Wu, S Qiu, Y Kong, Y Chen, L Senhadji, H Shu
2017   Hybrid Activity and Plan Recognition for Video Streams  R Granada, RF Pereira, J Monteiro, R Barros, D Ruiz
2017   DeepGait: A Learning Deep Convolutional Representation for View-Invariant Gait Recognition Using Joint Bayesian  C Li, X Min, S Sun, W Lin, Z Tang
2017   Deep learning and SVM‐based emotion recognition from Chinese speech for smart affective services  W Zhang, D Zhao, Z Chai, LT Yang, X Liu, F Gong
2017   Using a Synthetic Character Database for Training Deep Learning Models Applied to Offline Handwritten Recognition  J Sueiras, V Ruiz, Á Sánchez, JF Vélez
2017   Towards optimal convolutional neural network parameters for bengali handwritten numerals recognition  MS Rahman
2017   Analysis and modeling for robust whispered speech recognition  S Ghaffarzadegan
2017   Learning representation hierarchies by sharing visual features: a computational investigation of Persian character recognition with unsupervised deep learning  Z Sadeghi, A Testolin
2017   Bodhisattva head images modeling style recognition of Dazu Rock Carvings based on deep convolutional network  H Wang, Z He, Y Huang, D Chen, Z Zhou
2017   Deep spatio-temporal features for multimodal emotion recognition  D Nguyen, K Nguyen, S Sridharan, A Ghasemi, D Dean
2017   Ranking to Learn and Learning to Rank: On the Role of Ranking in Pattern Recognition Applications  G Roffo
2017   Cross-subject recognition of operator functional states via EEG and switching deep belief networks with adaptive weights  Z Yin, J Zhang
2017   LG-CNN: From Local Parts to Global Discrimination for Fine-Grained Recognition  GS Xie, XY Zhang, W Yang, ML Xu, S Yan, CL Liu
2017   Generation of Human Depth Images with Body Part Labels for Complex Human Pose Recognition  K Nishi, J Miura
2017   Evolving Node Transfer Functions in Deep Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition  D Vodianyk, P Rokita
2017   Deep LSTM-based Goal Recognition Models for Open-World Digital Games  W Min, B Mott, J Rowe, J Lester
2017   I-vector estimation as auxiliary task for multi-task learning based acoustic modeling for automatic speech recognition  G Pironkov, S Dupont, T Dutoit
2017   Improving Efficiency in Deep Learning for Large Scale Visual Recognition  B Liu
2017   Two streams recurrent neural networks for large-scale continuous gesture recognition  X Chai, Z Liu, F Yin, Z Liu, X Chen
2017   A Novel Text Structure Feature Extractor for Chinese Scene Text Detection and Recognition  X Ren, Y Zhou, Z Huang, J Sun, X Yang, K Chen
2017   Learning a deeply supervised multi-modal RGB-D embedding for semantic scene and object category recognition  HFM Zaki, F Shafait, A Mian
2017   BLSTM Recurrent Neural Network for Object Recognition  Y Qin
2017   Knock-Knock: Acoustic Object Recognition by using Stacked Denoising Autoencoders  S Luo, L Zhu, K Althoefer, H Liu
2017   Cross-domain expression recognition based on sparse coding and transfer learning  Y Yang, W Zhang, Y Huang
2017   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Probability-Based Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition  G Wen, Z Hou, H Li, D Li, L Jiang, E Xun
2017   End-To-End Speech Recognition Applied To Brazilian Portuguese Using Deep Learning  IM Quintanilha
2017   Uni-and multimodal methods for single-and multi-label recognition  S Ishikawa, J Laaksonen
2017   MBVCNN: Joint convolutional neural networks method for image recognition  T Tong, X Mu, L Zhang, Z Yi, P Hu
2017   Handwritten Bangla Digit Recognition Using Deep Learning  MZ Alom, P Sidike, TM Taha, VK Asari
2017   Modulation recognition with GNU radio, keras, and HackRF  JL Ziegler, RT Arn, W Chambers
2017   Modulation recognition using hierarchical deep neural networks  K Karra, S Kuzdeba, J Petersen
2017   Deep Spatio-temporal Manifold Network for Action Recognition  C Li, C Chen, B Zhang, Q Ye, J Han, R Ji
2017   A Study and Comparison of Human and Deep Learning Recognition Performance Under Visual Distortions  S Dodge, L Karam
2017   Learning Human Pose Models from Synthesized Data for Robust RGB-D Action Recognition  J Liu, A Mian
2017   Deep learning of volumetric representation for 3D object recognition  H Liu, Y Cong, Y Tang
2017   Object recognition using cellular simultaneous recurrent networks and convolutional neural network  MZ Alom, M Alam, TM Taha, KM Iftekharuddin
2017   Respiration-based emotion recognition with deep learning  Q Zhang, X Chen, Q Zhan, T Yang, S Xia
2017   Human action recognition using transfer learning with deep representations  AB Sargano, X Wang, P Angelov, Z Habib
2017   An infinite classification RBM model for radar HRRP recognition  X Peng, X Gao, X Li
2017   Robust Mobile Visual Recognition System: From Bag of Visual Words to Deep Learning  D Li
2017   An effective recognition method for medical sheet based on deep learning approach  P Duan, Z Li, Y Wang, B Zhang, Y Cao 
2017   Deep features-based speech emotion recognition for smart affective services  AM Badshah, N Rahim, N Ullah, J Ahmad 
2017   Deep kernel learning method for SAR image target recognition  X Chen, X Peng, R Duan, J Li 
2017   Deep Learning Framework for Recognition of Cattle using Muzzle Point Image Pattern  S Kumar, A Pandey, KSR Satwik, S Kumar, SK Singh 
2017   Environmental Sound Recognition Using Masked Conditional Neural Networks  F Medhat, D Chesmore, J Robinson 
2017   Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Activity Recognition in Smart Environment  M Geist, A Holzinger 
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Handwritten Number Recognition  V Ruiz, MTG de Lena, J Sueiras, A Sanchez, JF Velez
2017   On the relevance of auditory-based Gabor features for deep learning in robust speech recognition  AM Castro Martinez, SH Mallidi, BT Meyer
2017   Manifold Regularized Slow Feature Analysis for Dynamic Texture Recognition  J Miao, X Xu, X Xing, D Tao
2017   VFH-Color and Deep Belief Network for 3D Point Cloud Recognition  N Zrira, M Hannat, EH Bouyakhf
2017   Vehicle Color Recognition with Vehicle-Color Saliency Detection and Dual-Orientational Dimensionality Reduction of CNN Deep Features  Q Zhang, J Li, L Zhuo, H Zhang, X Li
2017   Wearable Biosensor Network Enabled Multimodal Daily-life Emotion Recognition Employing Reputation-driven Imbalanced Fuzzy Classification  Y Dai, X Wang, P Zhang, W Zhang
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Face Recognition in Unlabeled Videos  K Sohn, S Liu, G Zhong, X Yu, MH Yang, M Chandraker
2017   Tandem hidden Markov models using deep belief networks for offline handwriting recognition  PP Roy, G Zhong, M Cheriet
2017   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for facial expression recognition  A Uçar
2017   Learning Deep Representation for Place Recognition in SLAM  A Mukherjee, S Chakraborty, SK Saha 
2017   RGB-D-based Human Motion Recognition with Deep Learning: A Survey  P Wang, W Li, P Ogunbona, J Wan, S Escalera 
2017   Underwater non-cooperative communication signal recognition with deep learning  C LI, Q Zhou, X Han, J Yin, M Shao 
2017   Reduced Scattering Representation for Malayalam Character Recognition  K Manjusha, MA Kumar, KP Soman 
2017   Non-Frontal Facial Expression Recognition Using a Depth-Patch Based Deep Neural Network  NM Yao, H Chen, QP Guo 
2017   A robust human activity recognition system using smartphone sensors and deep learning  MM Hassan, MZ Uddin, A Mohamed, A Almogren 
2017   Material Recognition For Object Identification  IZ Yalniz, LB Baldwin, ASK Dhua, IT Lewis, CJ Taylor 
2017   Recognition of Fatigue Status of Pilots Based on Deep Contractive Auto-Encoding Network  S Han, L Bai, L Sun, Q Wu 
2017   Automatic Alzheimer's Disease Recognition from MRI Data Using Deep Learning Method  S Luo, X Li, J Li 
2017   Whispered Speech Recognition Using Deep Denoising Autoencoder and Inverse Filtering  ĐT Grozdić, ST Jovičić 
2017   A novel radar signal recognition method based on a deep restricted Boltzmann machine  D Zhou, X Wang, Y Tian, R Wang
2017   A case for stacked autoencoder based order recognition of continuous-phase FSK  AB Ambaw, M Bari, M Doroslovački
2017   Methods for Addressing Data Diversity in Automatic Speech Recognition  M Doulaty Bashkand
2017   Deep-learning Approaches to Object Recognition from 3D Data  Z Chen
2017   Recognition and retrieval of sound events using sparse coding convolutional neural network  CY Wang, A Santoso, S Mathulaprangsan, CC Chiang
2017   Language Adaptive Multilingual CTC Speech Recognition  M Müller, S Stüker, A Waibel
2016   Atoms of recognition in human and computer vision  S Ullman, L Assif, E Fetaya, D Harari
2016   Part Recognition Method Based on Visual Selective Attention Mechanism and Deep Learning  D Zhou, N Xiao
2016   Neural model of biological motion recognition based on shading cues  LA Fedorov, MA Giese
2016   Towards real-time Speech Emotion Recognition using deep neural networks  HM Fayek, M Lech, L Cavedon
2016   Neural representation for object recognition in inferotemporal cortex  SR Lehky, K Tanaka
2016   Memory Matters: Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Scene Text Recognition  G Qiang, T Dan, L Guohui, L Jun
2016   Emotional expression recognition with a cross-channel convolutional neural network for human-robot interaction  P Barros, C Weber, S Wermter
2016   Handwritten Digit String Segmentation And Recognition Using Deep Learning  O ELITEZ
2016   Large-Margin Structured Prediction Extensions of Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition  S Ravuri
2016   Deep Learning in robotics: 3D object recognition and modeling human motion  H Porneuf, M Robert, J Zhou
2016   Mitigation of Effects of Occlusion on Object Recognition with Deep Neural Networks through Low-Level Image Completion  B Chandler, E Mingolla
2016   From retina to behavior: prey-predator recognition by convolutional neural networks and their modulation by classical conditioning  N Yoshida
2016   Continuous action segmentation and recognition using hybrid convolutional neural network-hidden Markov model model  J Lei, G Li, J Zhang, Q Guo, D Tu
2016   Accessorize to a Crime: Real and Stealthy Attacks on State-of-the-Art Face Recognition  M Sharif, S Bhagavatula, L Bauer, MK Reiter
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2016   Face recognition technology research and implementation based on mobile phone system  H Li, X Zhu
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2016   Recognition of Actions of Medical Workers on the Basis of Accelerometer Readings with the Use of a Deep Belief Network  OA Galkin
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2016   A Finger Vein Recognition Algorithm Using Feature Block Fusion and Depth Neural Network  C Chen, Z Wu, P Li, J Zhang, Y Wang, H Li
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2016   Application of Neural Network for Human Actions Recognition  T Hachaj, MR Ogiela
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2016   Studying Very Low Resolution Recognition Using Deep Networks  Z Wang, S Chang, Y Yang, D Liu, TS Huang
2016   Comparison of Recent Machine Learning Techniques for Gender Recognition from Facial Images  J Lemley, S Abdul
2016   Demo: GPU-based Image Recognition and Object Detection on Commodity Mobile Devices  LN Huynh, RK Balan, Y Lee
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2016   Enhancing Place Recognition using Joint Intensity-Depth Analysis and Synthetic Data  E Sizikova, VK Singh, B Georgescu, M Halber, K Ma
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2016   A weakly supervised activity recognition framework for real-time synthetic biology laboratory assistance  C Lavania, S Thulasidasan, A LaMarca, J Scofield
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2016   Deep learning based symbol recognition for the visually impaired  S Park, T Jeon, S Kim, S Lee, J Kim
2016   Mobile Food Recognition with an Extreme Deep Tree  N Martinel, C Piciarelli, GL Foresti, C Micheloni
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2016   A Very Deep Sequences Learning Approach for Human Action Recognition  Z Lin, C Yuan
2016   Software Effort Estimation Framework To Improve Organization Productivity Using Emotion Recognition Of Software Engineers In …  BP Rao, PS Ramaiah
2016   Impact of multi-focused images on recognition of soft biometric traits  V Chiesa, JL Dugelay
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2016   Automatic Multi-Fault Recognition in TFDS Based on Convolutional Neural Network  J Sun, Z Xiao, Y Xie
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2016   Towards an Spiking Deep Belief Network for Face Recognition Application  M Fatahi, M Ahmadi, A Ahmadi, M Shahsavari
2016   VegeShop Tool: A Tool for Vegetable Recognition Using DNN  Y Sakai, T Oda, M Ikeda, L Barolli
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2016   Hierarchical Context Modeling for Video Event Recognition  X Wang, Q Ji
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2016   Robust face recognition based on dynamic rank representation  H Li, CY Suen
2016   Devanagari Character Recognition using Bi-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition  P Singh
2016   An Improved Arabic Handwritten Recognition System using Deep Support Vector Machines  M Elleuch, M Kherallah
2016   A deep learning approach to single-particle recognition in cryo-electron microscopy  Y Zhu, Q Ouyang, Y Mao
2016   Robust Audio Event Recognition with 1-Max Pooling Convolutional Neural Networks  H Phan, L Hertel, M Maass, A Mertins
2016   Domain Adaptation Of Deep Neural Networks For Automatic Speech Recognition Via Wireless Sensors  G Gosztolya, T Grósz
2016   Handshape recognition for Argentinian Sign Language using ProbSom  F Ronchetti, F Quiroga, CA Estrebou, LC Lanzarini
2016   Ensemble of texture descriptors and classifiers for face recognition  A Lumini, L Nanni, S Brahnam
2016   Real-time Action Recognition with Enhanced Motion Vector CNNs  B Zhang, L Wang, Z Wang, Y Qiao, H Wang
2016   Learning Robust and Discriminative Manifold Representations for Pattern Recognition  S Kumar
2016   The Changing Fortunes of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision  R Chellappa
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2016   On-Demand Video Processing In Wireless Networks An Application: Action Recognition  N Felemban
2016   Emotion Recognition from Speech Signals Using Deep Learning Methods  S Pathak, MV Kolhe
2016   Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression Images for a Robotic Companion  V Palade
2016   Indoor scene recognition via multi-task metric multi-kernel learning from RGB-D images  Y Zheng, X Gao
2016   Orientation-boosted Voxel Nets for 3D Object Recognition  N Sedaghat, M Zolfaghari, T Brox
2016   Face Recognition across Time Lapse Using Convolutional Neural Networks  H El Khiyari, H Wechsler
2016   Deep learning in vision-based static hand gesture recognition  OK Oyedotun, A Khashman
2016   An Efficient Bayesian Approach to Exploit the Context of Object-Action Interaction for Object Recognition  S Yoon, H Park, J Yi
2016   Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep Belief Network  Y Yang, D Fang, D Zhu
2016   Dynamic Image Networks for Action Recognition  H Bilen, B Fernando, E Gavves, A Vedaldi, S Gould
2016   Multi-Modal Vertebrae Recognition using Transformed Deep Convolution Network  Y Cai, M Landis, DT Laidley, A Kornecki, A Lum, S Li
2016   Correlated and Individual Multi-Modal Deep Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition  Z Wang, R Lin, J Lu, J Feng
2016   Selection of Optimal Array Noise Reduction Parameter Set for Accurate Speech Recognition in Various Noisy Environments  T Kawase, K Niwa, Y Hioka, K Kobayashi
2016   A Novel Image Segmentation Combined Color Recognition Algorithm through Boundary Detection and Deep Neural Network  Y Liu, J Yang, B Guo, J Yang, X Zhang
2016   Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Multimodal Deep Learning  W Liu, WL Zheng, BL Lu
2016   Self-Configuring Ensemble of Neural Network Classifiers for Emotion Recognition in the Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction  E Sopov, I Ivanov
2016   The Appropriate Hidden Layers of Deep Belief Networks for Speech Recognition  Q Wei, H Li, X Zhou
2016   Automatic recognition of element classes and boundaries in the birdsong with variable sequences  T Koumura, K Okanoya
2016   Human action recognition using genetic algorithms and convolutional neural networks  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2016   Object Recognition Base on Deep Belief Network  Y Zhang, Z Liu, W Zhou, Y Zhang
2016   Convolutional Neural Random Fields for Action Recognition  C Liu, J Liu, Z He, Y Zhai, Q Hu, Y Huang
2016   Action Recognition Using Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines  P Palasek, I Patras
2016   Deep learning for HRRP-based target recognition in multistatic radar systems  J Lund, V Koivunen
2016   Towards Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild: A New Database and Deep Recognition System  X Peng, Z Xia, L Li, X Feng
2016   Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild Using Improved Dense Trajectories and Fisher Vector Encoding  S Afshar, A Ali Salah
2016   Automatic Age and Gender Recognition in Human Face Image Dataset using Convolutional Neural Network System  S Shaik, AA Micheal
2016   LSTM Networks for Mobile Human Activity Recognition  Y Chen, K Zhong, J Zhang, Q Sun, X Zhao
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2016   Facial expression recognition based on local region specific features and support vector machines  D Ghimire, S Jeong, J Lee, SH Park
2016   Convolutional Network Representation for Visual Recognition  A Sharif Razavian
2016   Food Image Recognition by Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)  Y Lu
2016   Single Sample Face Recognition from Video via Stacked Supervised Auto-encoder  PJS Vega, RQ Feitosa, VHA Quirita, PN Happ
2016   DeepCham: Collaborative Edge-Mediated Adaptive Deep Learning for Mobile Object Recognition  D Li, T Salonidis, NV Desai, MC Chuah
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2016   Real-time Traffic Sign Recognition system with deep convolutional neural network  S Jung, U Lee, J Jung, DH Shim
2016   Low-effort place recognition with WiFi fingerprints using deep learning  M Nowicki, J Wietrzykowski
2016   STDP-based spiking deep neural networks for object recognition  SR Kheradpisheh, M Ganjtabesh, SJ Thorpe
2016   Super Resolution and Face Recognition Based People Activity Monitoring Enhancement Using Surveillance Camera  T Uiboupin
2016   Geological Disaster Recognition on Optical Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning  Y Liu, L Wu
2016   Rate-energy-accuracy optimization of convolutional architectures for face recognition  L Bondi, L Baroffio, M Cesana, M Tagliasacchi
2016   Unsupervised Regenerative Learning of Hierarchical Features in Spiking Deep Networks for Object Recognition  P Panda, K Roy
2016   Speech Recognition of Continuous Tamil phoneme using DBN  AC Banumathi
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2016   Pretraining Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition  M Haavisto
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2016   3D Object Recognition Based on Volumetric Representation Using Convolutional Neural Networks  X Xu, D Corrigan, A Dehghani, S Caulfield, D Moloney
2016   Deep convolutional neural networks for predominant instrument recognition in polyphonic music  Y Han, J Kim, K Lee
2016   A Hierarchical Predictive Coding Model of Object Recognition in Natural Images  MW Spratling
2016   Feature mapping using deep belief networks for robust speech recognition  M Gholmipour, B Nasersharif
2016   A Novel Approach of Face Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks  TS AKHEEL, D JILANI
2016   Deep Learning-Based Fast Hand Gesture Recognition Using Representative Frames  V John, A Boyali, S Mita, M Imanishi, N Sanma
2016   Robust Automated Human Activity Recognition and its Application to Sleep Research  A Sathyanarayana, F Ofli, L Fernandes
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2016   Indoor Space Recognition using Deep Convolutional Neural Network: A Case Study at MIT Campus  F Zhang, F Duarte, R Ma, D Milioris, H Lin, C Ratti
2016   Learning Spatial-Semantic Context with Fully Convolutional Recurrent Network for Online Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition  Z Xie, Z Sun, L Jin, H Ni, T Lyons
2016   Learning Deep Wavelet Networks for Recognition System of Arabic Words  A Bouallégue, S Hassairi, R Ejbali, M Zaied
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2016   Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System Using Deep Network-Based Data Fusion  A Majumder, L Behera, VK Subramanian
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2016   The method of insulator recognition based on deep learning  Y Liu, J Yong, L Liu, J Zhao, Z Li
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2016   Design of convolution neural network with frequency selectivity for wearable camera embed glasses based image recognition systems via nonconvex functional …  J Su, Q Liu, M Wang, J Cao, WK Ling
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2016   Gait Biometric Recognition  JE Mason, I Traoré, I Woungang
2016   Deep Convolutional Neural Network Classifier for Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition  P Singh, A Verma, NS Chaudhari
2016   Partial discharge patterns recognition with deep Convolutional Neural Networks  G Li, M Rong, X Wang, X Li, Y Li
2016   Multi-Channel Multi-Model Feature Learning for Face Recognition  MS Aslan, Z Hailat, T Elafif, XW Chen
2016   A Deep Learning-Based Gait Posture Recognition from Depth Information for Smart Home Applications  MZ Uddin, MR Kim
2016   Recognition of Mould Colony on Unhulled Paddy Based on Computer Vision using Conventional Machine-learning and Deep Learning Techniques  K Sun, Z Wang, K Tu, S Wang, L Pan
2016   Improving Electroencephalography-Based Imagined Speech Recognition with a Simultaneous Video Data Stream  SJ Stolze
2016   Face Recognition Based on Deep Belief Network Combined with Center-Symmetric Local Binary Pattern  C Li, W Wei, J Wang, W Tang, S Zhao
2016   Deep Learning Techniques for RGB-D Visual Recognition System  YS Hsiao
2016   Towards 3D object recognition with contractive autoencoders  B Liu, L Kong, J Zhao, J Wu, Z Tan
2016   Deep learning and svm classification for plant recognition in content-based large scale image retrieval  BP Tóth, DP Márton Tóth, G Szúcs
2016   Gender recognition from face images with trainable COSFIRE filters  G Azzopardi, A Greco, M Vento
2016   The University of Passau Open Emotion Recognition System for the Multimodal Emotion Challenge  J Deng, N Cummins, J Han, X Xu, Z Ren, V Pandit
2016   Invariant object recognition based on combination of sparse DBN and SOM with temporal trace rule  H Cai, S Wang, E Liu, H Liu
2016   Offline Handwriting Recognition System Using Convolutional Network  A Manoj, P Borate, P Jain, V Sanas, R Pashte
2016   Real-time target detection and recognition with deep convolutional networks for intelligent visual surveillance  W Xu, J He, HL Zhang, B Mao, J Cao
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2016   GPU-enabled back-propagation artificial neural network for digit recognition in parallel  R Brito, S Fong, K Cho, W Song, R Wong
2016   Recognition of Human Activities Using Continuous Autoencoders with Wearable Sensors  L Wang
2016   Local Tiled Deep Networks for Recognition of Vehicle Make and Model  Y Gao, HJ Lee
2016   Traffic lights recognition based on PCANet  Z Wang, Z Bi, C Wang, L Lin, H Wang
2016   Automatic Recognition of Books Based on Machine Learning  B Zhu, L Yang, X Wu, T Guo
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2016   Investigation of DNN-based audio-visual speech recognition  S TAMURA, H NINOMIYA, N KITAOKA, S OSUGA
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2016   Emotion Recognition Using Multimodal Deep Learning  W Liu, WL Zheng, BL Lu
2016   Optical Character Recognition Systems for Latin Language  A Chaudhuri, K Mandaviya, P Badelia, SK Ghosh
2016   Optical Character Recognition Systems for German Language  A Chaudhuri, K Mandaviya, P Badelia, SK Ghosh
2016   Optical Character Recognition Systems for French Language  A Chaudhuri, K Mandaviya, P Badelia, SK Ghosh
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2016   RNN Based Uyghur Text Line Recognition and Its Training Strategy  P Li, J Zhu, L Peng, Y Guo
2016   Graph based manifold regularized deep neural networks for automatic speech recognition  VS Tomar, RC Rose
2016   Machine Learning on the Cloud for Pattern Recognition  T Nguyen
2016   A Comprehensive Analysis of Deep Learning Based Representation for Face Recognition  MM Ghazi, HK Ekenel
2016   A novel motor imagery EEG recognition method based on deep learning  M Li, M Zhang, Y Sun
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2016   Learning Word Segmentation Representations to Improve Named Entity Recognition for Chinese Social Media  N Peng, M Dredze
2016   Recognition Of Acoustic Signals Of Induction Motors With The Use Of Msaf10 And Bayes Classfier  A GLOWACZ
2016   Hybrid DNN-Latent structured SVM acoustic models for continuous speech recognition  S Ravuri
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2016   Age Recognition Based on GMM and DBN with Using Wavelet Packet Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient  XN Du, YU Yi
2016   Improved Aircraft Recognition for Aerial Refueling Through Data Augmentation in Convolutional Neural Networks  R Mash, B Borghetti, J Pecarina
2016   A Comparative Analysis of Deep and Shallow Features for Multimodal Face Recognition in a Novel RGB-D-IR Dataset  T Freitas, PG Alves, C Carpinteiro, J Rodrigues
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2016   3D Object Recognition with Convolutional Neural Network  A Garcia
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2016   Deep Learning for Textual Entailment Recognition  C Lyu, Y Lu, D Ji, B Chen
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2016   Multi-Instrumental Deep Learning for Automatic Genre Recognition  M Kleć
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2016   Signer-Independent Recognition Of Static Asl Signs  M ABRAMSON
2016   Pose Invariant Face Recognition using Gabor Jets Combined with a t-norm based Classifier  A Bhat
2016   Max-Pooling Convolutional Neural Network for Chinese Digital Gesture Recognition  Z Qian, L Yawei, Z Mengyu, Y Yuliang, X Ling
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2016   Speech Emotion Recognition Using Voiced Segment Selection Algorithm  Y Gu, E Postma, HX Lin, J van den Herik
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2015   Video Event Recognition with Deep Hierarchical Context Model  X Wang, Q Ji
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2015   Deep Learning with GPU Technology for Image & Feature Recognition  AB Lowndes
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2015   Combining Multiple Sources of Knowledge in Deep CNNs for Action Recognition  E Park, X Han, TL Berg, AC Berg
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