Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: rectifier

Year TitleAuthor
2017   From Deep to Shallow: Transformations of Deep Rectifier Networks  S An, F Boussaid, M Bennamoun, J Hu
2016   Laughter Classification Using Deep Rectifier Neural Networks with a Minimal Feature Subset  G GOSZTOLYA, B András, T NEUBERGER, T László
2015   Assessing the Degree of Nativeness and Parkinson's Condition Using Gaussian Processes and Deep Rectifier Neural Networks  T Grósz, R Busa
2015   How Can Deep Rectifier Networks Achieve Linear Separability and Preserve Distances?  S An, UWA EDU, F Boussaid, M Bennamoun
2014   Localization of Visual Codes in the DCT Domain Using Deep Rectifier Neural Networks  P Bodnár, T Grósz, L Tóth, LG Nyúl