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Year TitleAuthor
2017   An Improved Supervised Speech Separation Method Based on Perceptual Weighted Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  HAN Wei, X ZHANG, SUN Meng, LI Li, SHI Wenhua
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Protein Function Prediction from Sequence  XL Liu
2017   Sync-DRAW: Automatic Video Generation using Deep Recurrent A entive Architectures  T Marwah, VN Balasubramanian
2017   Recurrent Networks With Motion-Based Attention For Video Understanding  Z LI, E Gavves, M Jain, CGM Snoek
2017   High-performance video content recognition with long-term recurrent convolutional network for FPGA  X Zhang, X Liu, A Ramachandran, C Zhuge, S Tang
2017   Machine Health Monitoring Using Local Feature-based Gated Recurrent Unit Networks  R Zhao, D Wang, R Yan, K Mao, F Shen, J Wang
2017   EMG-Based Estimation of Limb Movement Using Deep Learning With Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks.  P Xia, J Hu, Y Peng 
2017   1179 Multimodal Ambulatory Sleep Detection Using Recurrent Neural Networks  W Chen, A Sano, D Lopez, S Taylor, AW McHill
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification  L Mou, P Ghamisi, XX Zhu
2017   Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Small-Footprint Keyword Spotting  SO Arik, M Kliegl, R Child, J Hestness, A Gibiansky
2017   Recurrent Attentional Reinforcement Learning for Multi-label Image Recognition  T Chen, Z Wang, G Li, L Lin 
2017   SAR Image Classification via Deep Recurrent Encoding Neural Networks  J Geng, H Wang, J Fan, X Ma 
2017   Predicting electricity consumption for commercial and residential buildings using deep recurrent neural networks  A Rahman, V Srikumar, AD Smith 
2017   Direct Estimation of Regional Wall Thicknesses via Residual Recurrent Neural Network  W Xue, IB Nachum, S Pandey, J Warrington, S Leung
2017   A Recurrent Variational Autoencoder for Human Motion Synthesis  I Habibie, D Holden, J Schwarz, J Yearsley, T Komura
2017   Action Localization In Sequential Data With Attention Proposals From A Recurrent Network  M Jain, Z LI, E Gavves, CGM Snoek 
2017   Video Analysis With Convolutional Attention Recurrent Neural Networks  Z LI, E Gavves, M Jain, CGM Snoek 
2017   Algorithmic Music Composition using Recurrent Neural Networking  KC Huang, Q Jung, J Lu
2017   A Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network for Symbolic Melody Generation  J Wu, C Hu, Y Wang, X Hu, J Zhu 
2017   Recurrent Multimodal Interaction for Referring Image Segmentation  C Liu, Z Lin, X Shen, J Yang, X Lu, A Yuille
2017   Co-training an Improved Recurrent Neural Network with Probability Statistic Models for Named Entity Recognition  Y Sun, L Li, Z Xie, Q Xie, X Li, G Xu
2017   Contemporary deep recurrent learning for recognition  KM Iftekharuddin, M Alam, L Vidyaratne
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks in Speech Synthesis Using a Continuous Vocoder  MS Al
2017   Deep Image-to-Image Recurrent Network with Shape Basis Learning for Automatic Vertebra Labeling in Large-Scale 3D CT Volumes  D Yang, T Xiong, D Xu, SK Zhou, Z Xu, M Chen
2017   Deep recurrent neural networks based binaural speech segregation for the selection of closest target of interest  R Venkatesan, AB Ganesh 
2017   Deep Recurrent Conditional Random Field Network for Protein Secondary Prediction  AR Johansen, CK Sønderby, SK Sønderby, O Winther
2017   Face Alignment Recurrent Network  Q Hou, J Wang, R Bai, S Zhou, Y Gong
2017   Gradual Learning of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  Z Aharoni, G Rattner, H Permuter
2017   Recurrent neural networks: methods and applications to non-linear predictions  A Bay, E Magli
2017   Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network For Speech Processing  Y Zhao, X Jin, X Hu
2017   Language Generation with Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks without Pre-training  O Press, A Bar, B Bogin, J Berant, L Wolf
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Network with Multiple Time scale and Its Real World Applications  M Lee
2017   Predicting the occurrence of world news events using recurrent neural networks and auto-regressive moving average models  EM Smith, J Smith, P Legg, S Francis
2017   Deep EndoVO: A Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network (RCNN) based Visual Odometry Approach for Endoscopic Capsule Robots  M Turan, Y Almalioglu, H Araujo, E Konukoglu, M Sitti
2017   A pilot study in using deep-learning to predict limited life-expectancy in women with recurrent cervical cancer  K Matsuo, S Purushotham, A Moeini, G Li, H Machida
2017   Fast Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Direct Perception in Autonomous Driving  Y Hou, S Hornauer, K Zipser 
2017   Fullie and Wiselie: A Dual-Stream Recurrent Convolutional Attention Model for Activity Recognition  K Chen, L Yao, T Gu, Z Yu, X Wang, D Zhang 
2017   State inference of RNA secondary structures with deep recurrent neural networks  D Willmott, D Murrugarra, Q Ye
2017   Six Degree-of-Freedom Localization of Endoscopic Capsule Robots using Recurrent Neural Networks embedded into a Convolutional Neural Network  M Turan, A Abdullah, R Jamiruddin, H Araujo
2017   Recurrent Attention Network using Spatial-temporal Relations for Action Recognition  M Zhang, Y Yang, Y Ji, N Xie, F Shen 
2017   An energy-efficient deep learning processor with heterogeneous multi-core architecture for convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks  D Shin, J Lee, J Lee, J Lee, HJ Yoo
2017   Detecting Target Text Related to Algorithmic Efficiency in Scholarly Big Data Using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Model  M Ali, S Tuarob 
2017   Recurrent convolutional face alignment  W Wang, S Tulyakov, N Sebe
2017   Convolutional over Recurrent Encoder for Neural Machine Translation  P Dakwale, C Monz
2017   Real-valued (Medical) Time Series Generation with Recurrent Conditional GANs  C Esteban, SL Hyland, G Rätsch
2017   Semantic Video Segmentation by Gated Recurrent Flow Propagation  D Nilsson, C Sminchisescu
2017   Learning Auxiliary Categorical Information For Speech Synthesis Based On Deep And Recurrent Neural Networks  Z Wen, K Li, Z Huang, J Tao, CH Lee
2017   Deep Learning Approach for Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in the Internet of Things (IoT) Network using Gated Recurrent Neural Networks (GRU)  MK Putchala
2017   Deep Residual Recurrent Neural Networks for Characterisation of Cardiac Cycle Phase from Echocardiograms  FT Dezaki, N Dhungel, AH Abdi, C Luong, T Tsang
2017   Deep Recurrent Regression for Facial Landmark Detection  H Lai, S Xiao, Y Pan, Z Cui, J Feng, C Xu, J Yin, S Yan
2017   When Recurrent Neural Networks meet the Neighborhood for Session-Based Recommendation  D Jannach, M Ludewig
2017   Sequential User-based Recurrent Neural Network Recommendations  T Donkers, B Loepp, J Ziegler
2017   SqueezeSeg: Convolutional Neural Nets with Recurrent CRF for Real-Time Road-Object Segmentation from 3D LiDAR Point Cloud  B Wu, A Wan, X Yue, K Keutzer 
2017   Modality-specific Cross-modal Similarity Measurement with Recurrent Attention Network  Y Peng, J Qi, Y Yuan
2017   Gated Recurrent Convolution Neural Network for OCR  J Wang, X Hu 
2017   Thalamus Gated Recurrent Modules  D Hafner, A Irpan, J Davidson, N Heess 
2017   Land Cover Classification via Multitemporal Spatial Data by Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  D Ienco, R Gaetano, C Dupaquier, P Maurel
2017   Enhancing audio surveillance with hierarchical recurrent neural networks  F Colangelo, F Battisti, M Carli, A Neri, F Calabró 
2017   Irony Detection with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks  YH Huang, HH Huang, HH Chen
2017   Online Action Detection And Forecast Via Multitask Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  C Liu, Y Li, Y Hu, J Liu
2017   Delineation of Skin Strata in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images using Recurrent Convolutional Networks with Toeplitz Attention  A Bozkurt, K Kose, J Coll
2017   Denoising Gravitational Waves using Deep Learning with Recurrent Denoising Autoencoders  H Shen, D George, EA Huerta, Z Zhao 
2017   Recurrent Segmentation for Variable Computational Budgets  L McIntosh, D Sussillo, N Maheswaranathan, J Shlens 
2017   Recurrent Generative Adversarial Networks for Proximal Learning and Automated Compressive Image Recovery  M Mardani, H Monajemi, V Papyan, S Vasanawala 
2017   Multi-talker Speech Separation with Utterance-level Permutation Invariant Training of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  M Kolbæk, D Yu, ZH Tan, J Jensen
2017   TricorNet: A Hybrid Temporal Convolutional and Recurrent Network for Video Action Segmentation  L Ding, C Xu
2017   SAR Target Recognition Using the Multi-aspect-aware Bidirectional LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks  F Zhang, C Hu, Q Yin, W Li, H Li, W Hong
2017   Feature Extraction via Recurrent Random Deep Ensembles and its Application in Gruop-level Happiness Estimation  S Tang, Y Pan
2017   A New Temporal Abstraction for Health Diagnosis Prediction using Deep Recurrent Networks  A Manashty, JL Thomson
2017   Adult Content Detection in Videos with Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks  J Wehrmann, GS Simões, RC Barros, VF Cavalcante
2017   Face Alignment Using a Deep Neural Network with Local Feature Learning and Recurrent Regression  BH Park, SY Oh, IJ Kim
2017   Explaining Recurrent Neural Network Predictions in Sentiment Analysis  L Arras, G Montavon, KR Müller, W Samek
2017   Aspect of Blame in Tweets: A Deep Recurrent Neural Network Approach  H Wandabwa, MA Naeem, F Mirza
2017   An Analysis of Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks for Gesture Recognition  E Tsironi, P Barros, C Weber, S Wermter
2017   A multiple time series-based recurrent neural network for short-term load forecasting  B Zhang, JL Wu, PC Chang
2017   Building Recurrent Networks by Unfolding Iterative Thresholding for Sequential Sparse Recovery  S Wisdom, T Powers, J Pitton, L Atlas
2017   Drum Transcription From Polyphonic Music With Recurrent Neural Networks  R Vogl, M Dorfer, P Knees
2017   DeepVO: towards end-to-end visual odometry with deep recurrent convolutional neural networks  S Wang, R Clark, H Wen, N Trigoni
2017   Inception Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition  MZ Alom, M Hasan, C Yakopcic, TM Taha
2017   A novel recurrent hybrid network for feature fusion in action recognition  S Yu, Y Cheng, L Xie, Z Luo, M Huang, S Li
2017   Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Answer Selection in Community Question Answering  X Zhou, B Hu, Q Chen, X Wang
2017   Blood Pressure Prediction via Recurrent Models with Contextual Layer  X Li, S Wu, L Wang
2017   Recurrent Neural System with Minimum Complexity: A Deep Learning Perspective  X Sun, T Li, Y Li, Q Li, Y Huang, J Liu
2017   A Workload Prediction Approach Using Models Stacking Based on Recurrent Neural Network and Autoencoder  HM Nguyen, S Woo, J Im, T Jun, D Kim
2017   Sequence-specific bias correction for RNA-seq data using recurrent neural networks  Y Zhang, R Yamaguchi, S Imoto, S Miyano
2017   Video Super-Resolution via Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks.  Y Huang, W Wang, L Wang
2017   Two streams recurrent neural networks for large-scale continuous gesture recognition  X Chai, Z Liu, F Yin, Z Liu, X Chen
2017   BLSTM Recurrent Neural Network for Object Recognition  Y Qin
2017   Retrieval of Sentence Sequences for an Image Stream via Coherence Recurrent Convolutional Networks.  C Park, Y Kim, G Kim
2017   Drug-drug Interaction Extraction via Recurrent Neural Network with Multiple Attention Layers  Z Yi, S Li, J Yu, Q Wu
2017   Object recognition using cellular simultaneous recurrent networks and convolutional neural network  MZ Alom, M Alam, TM Taha, KM Iftekharuddin
2017   Adaptive learning method of recurrent temporal deep belief network to analyze time series data  T Ichimura, S Kamada
2017   The implementation of a Deep Recurrent Neural Network Language Model on a Xilinx FPGA  Y Hao, S Quigley 
2017   Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Activity Recognition in Smart Environment  M Geist, A Holzinger 
2017   Music emotion analysis using semantic embedding recurrent neural networks  J Jakubik, H Kwaśnicka
2017   Unconstrained Fashion Landmark Detection via Hierarchical Recurrent Transformer Networks  S Yan, Z Liu, P Luo, S Qiu, X Wang, X Tang
2017   Customer Profile Learning Based On Semi-Supervised Recurrent Neural Network Using Partially Labeled Sequence Data  H Li, A Sheopuri, J Yi, Q Yu 
2017   Source separation using dictionary learning and deep recurrent neural network with locality preserving constraint  T Pham, YS Lee, S Mathulaprangsan, JC Wang
2017   An end-to-end recognizer for in-air handwritten Chinese characters based on a new recurrent neural networks  H Ren, W Wang, K Lu, J Zhou, Q Yuan
2016   Combining Fully Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for 3D Biomedical Image Segmentation  J Chen, L Yang, Y Zhang, M Alber, DZ Chen
2016   Generating images with recurrent adversarial networks  DJ Im, CD Kim, H Jiang, R Memisevic
2016   Predicting Clinical Events by Combining Static and Dynamic Information Using Recurrent Neural Networks  C Esteban, O Staeck, Y Yang, V Tresp
2016   Learning to Communicate to Solve Riddles with Deep Distributed Recurrent Q-Networks  JN Foerster, YM Assael, N de Freitas, S Whiteson
2016   Memory Matters: Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Scene Text Recognition  G Qiang, T Dan, L Guohui, L Jun
2016   Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Video Segmentation  S Valipour, M Siam, M Jagersand, N Ray
2016   Semi-supervised Learning with Encoder-Decoder Recurrent Neural Networks: Experiments with Motion Capture Sequences  C Pal
2016   Investigating gated recurrent neural networks for speech synthesis  Z Wu, S King
2016   Shape Completion with Recurrent Memory  X Yang, L Yu, L Wu, D Ni, PA Heng
2016   Training Recurrent Neural Networks by Diffusion  H Mobahi
2016   Deep Convolutional and LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks for Multimodal Wearable Activity Recognition  FJ Ordóñez, D Roggen
2016   LIVELINET: A Multimodal Deep Recurrent Neural Network to Predict Liveliness in Educational Videos  A Sharma, A Biswas, A Gandhi, S Patil, O Deshmukh
2016   Discriminatively Trained Recurrent Neural Networks for Continuous Dimensional Emotion Recognition from Audio  F Weninger, F Ringeval, E Marchi, B Schuller
2016   Learning Word Dependencies in Text by Means of a Deep Recurrent Belief Network  I Chaturvedi, YS Ong, IW Tsang, RE Welsch
2016   Using recurrent neural network models for early detection of heart failure onset  E Choi, A Schuetz, WF Stewart, J Sun
2016   Recurrent Neural Network with Word Embedding for Complaint Classification  P Assawinjaipetch, V Sornlertlamvanich, K Shirai
2016   Monet-Style Images Generation Using Recurrent Neural Networks  Y Zhao, D Xu
2016   Unsupervised Learning from Continuous Video in a Scalable Predictive Recurrent Network  F Piekniewski, P Laurent, C Petre, M Richert, D Fisher
2016   A Deep Spatial Contextual Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Network for Saliency Detection  N Liu, J Han
2016   Lattice-Based Recurrent Neural Network Encoders for Neural Machine Translation  J Su, Z Tan, D Xiong, Y Liu
2016   Siamese Recurrent Architectures for Learning Sentence Similarity  J Mueller, A Thyagarajan
2016   Recurrent Image Captioner: Describing Images with Spatial-Invariant Transformation and Attention Filtering  H Liu, Y Yang, F Shen, L Duan, HT Shen
2016   CSVideoNet: A Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Compressive Sensing Video Reconstruction  K Xu, F Ren
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series with Missing Values  Z Che, S Purushotham, K Cho, D Sontag, Y Liu
2016   Phased LSTM: Accelerating Recurrent Network Training for Long or Event-based Sequences  D Neil, M Pfeiffer, SC Liu
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks With Limited Numerical Precision  J Ott, Z Lin, Y Zhang, SC Liu, Y Bengio
2016   Attention Based Recurrent Neural Networks for Online Advertising  S Zhai, K Chang, R Zhang, Z Zhang
2016   Online Multi-target Tracking using Recurrent Neural Networks  A Milan, SH Rezatofighi, A Dick, K Schindler, I Reid
2016   Bridging the Gaps Between Residual Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks and Visual Cortex  Q Liao, T Poggio
2016   Viewpoint Invariant 3D Human Pose Estimation with Recurrent Error Feedback  A Haque, B Peng, Z Luo, A Alahi, S Yeung, L Fei
2016   Algorithmic Composition of Melodies with Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  F Colombo, SP Muscinelli, A Seeholzer, J Brea
2016   Streaming Normalization: Towards Simpler and More Biologically-plausible Normalizations for Online and Recurrent Learning  Q Liao, K Kawaguchi, T Poggio
2016   Recursive Recurrent Nets with Attention Modeling for OCR in the Wild  CY Lee, S Osindero
2016   GeThR-Net: A Generalized Temporally Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network for Multimodal Information Fusion  A Gandhi, A Sharma, A Biswas, O Deshmukh
2016   Domain Adaptation of Recurrent Neural Networks for Natural Language Understanding  A Jaech, L Heck, M Ostendorf
2016   Development of a sound coding strategy based on a deep recurrent neural network for monaural source separation in cochlear implants  W Nogueira, T Gajecki, B Krüger, J Janer, A Büchner
2016   Recurrent Exponential-Family Harmoniums without Backprop-Through-Time  JG Makin, BK Dichter, PN Sabes
2016   Mnemonic Descent Method: A recurrent process applied for end-to-end face alignment  G Trigeorgis, P Snape, MA Nicolaou, E Antonakos
2016   Recurrent Attentional Networks for Saliency Detection  J Kuen, Z Wang, G Wang
2016   Learning Compact Recurrent Neural Networks  Z Lu, V Sindhwani, TN Sainath
2016   Information retrieval in instant messaging platforms using Recurrent Neural Networks  JHP Suorra
2016   Representation of linguistic form and function in recurrent neural networks  Á Kádár, G Chrupała, A Alishahi
2016   Architectural Complexity Measures of Recurrent Neural Networks  S Zhang, Y Wu, T Che, Z Lin, R Memisevic
2016   Hierarchical Conflict Propagation: Sequence Learning in a Recurrent Deep Neural Network  AJR Simpson
2016   Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks  A Oord, N Kalchbrenner, K Kavukcuoglu
2016   Online Detection and Classification of Dynamic Hand Gestures With Recurrent 3D Convolutional Neural Network  P Molchanov, X Yang, S Gupta, K Kim, S Tyree, J Kautz
2016   Recurrent Mixture Density Network for Spatiotemporal Visual Attention  L Bazzani, H Larochelle, L Torresani
2016   Learning to Read Chest X-Rays: Recurrent Neural Cascade Model for Automated Image Annotation  HC Shin, K Roberts, L Lu, D Demner
2016   Recurrent Support Vector Machines For Slot Tagging In Spoken Language Understanding  Y Shi, K Yao, H Chen, D Yu, YC Pan, MY Hwang
2016   Automatic scanpath generation with deep recurrent neural networks  D Simon, S Sridharan, S Sah, R Ptucha, C Kanan
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks with Elastic Time Context in Language Modeling  K Beneš
2016   CUFE at SemEval-2016 Task 4: A gated recurrent model for sentiment classification  M Nabil, M Aly, AF Atiya
2016   YZU-NLP Team at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Ordinal Sentiment Classifi-cation Using a Recurrent Convolutional Network  Y He, LC Yu, CS Yang, KR Lai, W Liu
2016   End-to-End Instance Segmentation and Counting with Recurrent Attention  M Ren, RS Zemel
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks For Drum Transcription  R Vogl, M Dorfer, P Knees
2016   Learning Spatial-Semantic Context with Fully Convolutional Recurrent Network for Online Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition  Z Xie, Z Sun, L Jin, H Ni, T Lyons
2016   Convolutional Gated Recurrent Networks for Video Segmentation  M Siam, S Valipour, M Jagersand, N Ray
2016   Sync-DRAW: Automatic GIF Generation using Deep Recurrent Attentive Architectures  G Mittal, T Marwah, V Balasubramanian
2016   Temporal Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos with Recurrent Neural Networks  A Montes, A Salvador, X Giro
2016   Realtime control of sequence generation with character based Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  M Akten
2016   Recurrent Convolutional Network for Video-based Person Re-Identification  N McLaughlin, J Martinez del Rincon, P Miller
2016   Recurrent Human Pose Estimation  V Belagiannis, A Zisserman
2016   Universal Approximation Results for the Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machine and the Recurrent Temporal Restricted Boltzmann Machine  S Odense, R Edwards
2016   A Depth Camera-based Human Activity Recognition via Deep Learning Recurrent Neural Network for Health and Social Care Services  SU Park, JH Park, MA Al
2016   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Supernovae Classification  T Charnock, A Moss
2016   Efficient Character-level Document Classification by Combining Convolution and Recurrent Layers  Y Xiao, K Cho
2016   Deep Tracking: Seeing Beyond Seeing Using Recurrent Neural Networks  P Ondruska, I Posner
2016   Unsupervised Learning of Audio Segment Representations using Sequence-to-sequence Recurrent Neural Networks  YA Chung, CC Wu, CH Shen, HY Lee
2016   Blind Room Acoustics Characterization Using Recurrent Neural Networks and Modulation Spectrum Dynamics  JF Santos, TH Falk
2016   Context-Based Error Correction Scheme Using Recurrent Neural Network for Resilient and Efficient Intra-Chip Data Transmission  N Sugaya, M Natsui, T Hanyu
2016   Spatially Supervised Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Object Tracking  G Ning, Z Zhang, C Huang, Z He, X Ren, H Wang
2016   Fully Convolutional Recurrent Network for Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition  Z Xie, Z Sun, L Jin, Z Feng, S Zhang
2016   Multi-digit Image Synthesis Using Recurrent Conditional Variational Autoencoder  H Sun, W Xu, C Deng, Y Tan
2016   Recurrent Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-slice MRI Cardiac Segmentation  RPK Poudel, P Lamata, G Montana
2016   A Latent Variable Recurrent Neural Network for Discourse Relation Language Models  Y Ji, G Haffari, J Eisenstein
2016   Deeply-Supervised Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Saliency Detection  Y Tang, X Wu, W Bu
2016   Fine-grained Recurrent Neural Networks for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Ultrasound Images  X Yang, L Yu, L Wu, Y Wang, D Ni, J Qin, PA Heng
2016   TrimZero: A Torch Recurrent Module for Efficient Natural Language Processing  JH Kim, J Kim, JW Ha, BT Zhang13
2016   Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks.  T de Bruin, K Verbert, R Babuska
2016   Recurrent 3D Attentional Networks for End-to-End Active Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes  M Liu, Y Shi, L Zheng, K Xu
2016   Learning to Learn and Compositionality with Deep Recurrent Neural Networks: Learning to Learn and Compositionality  N de Freitas
2016   Event nugget detection with forward-backward recurrent neural networks  R Ghaeini, XZ Fern, L Huang, P Tadepalli
2016   Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks  T de Bruin, K Verbert, R BabuŠka
2016   Deep Edge Guided Recurrent Residual Learning for Image Super-Resolution  W Yang, J Feng, J Yang, F Zhao, J Liu, Z Guo, S Yan
2016   Deep, Convolutional, and Recurrent Models for Human Activity Recognition using Wearables  NY Hammerla, S Halloran, T Ploetz
2016   Recurrent Neural Networks for Customer Purchase Prediction on Twitter  M Korpusik, S Sakaki, FCYY Chen
2016   Autonomous driving challenge: To Infer the property of a dynamic object based on its motion pattern using recurrent neural network  M Fathollahi, R Kasturi
2016   Delta Networks for Optimized Recurrent Network Computation  D Neil, JH Lee, T Delbruck, SC Liu
2016   Learning to predict where to look in interactive environments using deep recurrent q-learning  S Mousavi, A Borji, N Mozayani
2016   RETURNN: The RWTH Extensible Training framework for Universal Recurrent Neural Networks  P Doetsch, A Zeyer, P Voigtlaender, I Kulikov
2016   Negation Scope Detection with Recurrent Neural Networks Models in Review Texts  L Lazib, Y Zhao, B Qin, T Liu
2016   Dynamic Approximation with Feedback Control for Energy-Efficient Recurrent Neural Network Hardware  J Kung, D Kim, S Mukhopadhyay
2016   Stylistic Transfer in Natural Language Generation Systems Using Recurrent Neural Networks  J Kabbara, JCK Cheung
2016   A Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Sequential Face Alignment  X Peng, RS Feris, X Wang, DN Metaxas
2016   Feedback recurrent neural network-based embedded vector and its application in topic model  L Li, S Gan, X Yin
2016   Classification of Speaker Intoxication Using a Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network  K Berninger, J Hoppe, B Milde
2016   Investigating Gated Recurrent Networks For Speech Synthesis  Z Wu, S King
2016   Modeling Time Series Similarity with Siamese Recurrent Networks  W Pei, DMJ Tax, L van der Maaten
2016   Multi-task Recurrent Model for Speech and Speaker Recognition  Z Tang, L Li, D Wang
2016   deepTarget: End-to-end Learning Framework for microRNA Target Prediction using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  B Lee, J Baek, S Park, S Yoon
2016   Large-Scale Item Categorization in e-Commerce Using Multiple Recurrent Neural Networks  JW Ha, H Pyo, J Kim
2016   Recurrent Coevolutionary Latent Feature Processes for Continuous-Time Recommendation  H Dai, Y Wang, R Trivedi, L Song
2015   Multi-modal Dimensional Emotion Recognition using Recurrent Neural Networks  S Chen, Q Jin
2015   DRAW: A Recurrent Neural Network For Image Generation  K Gregor, I Danihelka, A Graves, D Wierstra
2015   Joint Optimization of Masks and Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Monaural Source Separation  PS Huang, M Kim, M Hasegawa
2015   Learning Morphological Transformations with Recurrent Neural Networks  S Biswas, T Breuel
2015   Unsupervised Extraction of Video Highlights Via Robust Recurrent Auto-encoders  H Yang, B Wang, S Lin, D Wipf, M Guo, B Guo
2015   Batch Normalized Recurrent Neural Networks  C Laurent, G Pereyra, P Brakel, Y Zhang, Y Bengio
2015   An Improved Computer Interface Comprising a Recurrent Neural Network and a Natural User Interface  J Yang, R Horie
2015   Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network for Skeleton Based Action Recognition  Y Du, W Wang, L Wang
2015   A Recurrent Multilayer Model with Hebbian Learning and Intrinsic Plasticity Leads to Invariant Object Recognition and Biologically Plausible Receptive Fields  M Teichmann, FH Hamker
2015   Recurrent Network Models for Human Dynamics  K Fragkiadaki, S Levine, P Felsen, J Malik
2015   Detecting Interrogative Utterances with Recurrent Neural Networks  J Chung, J Devlin, HH Awadalla
2015   Learning Statistical Scripts with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks  K Pichotta, RJ Mooney
2015   Voice Conversion Using Deep Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Based Recurrent Neural Networks  L Sun, S Kang, K Li, H Meng
2015   Stochastic Language Generation in Dialogue using Recurrent Neural Networks with Convolutional Sentence Reranking  TH Wen, M Gašic, D Kim, N Mrkšic, PH Su, D Vandyke
2015   A Tutorial on Deep Learning Part 2: Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks  QV Le
2015   Classification of Occluded Objects using Fast Recurrent Processing  O Yilmaz
2015   On Speaker Adaptation of Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  Y Miao, F Metze
2015   Deep Recurrent Q-Learning for Partially Observable MDPs  M Hausknecht, P Stone
2015   Unsupervised Learning of Multiple Languages Using Recurrent Neural Networks  MP Nieto, M Berglund, T Raiko
2015   Recurrent Neural Networks for Emotion Recognition in Video  S Ebrahimi Kahou, V Michalski, K Konda, R Memisevic
2015   Exploring Recurrent Neural Networks to Detect Named Entities from Biomedical Text  L Li, L Jin, D Huang
2015   Recurrent Network Models for Kinematic Tracking  K Fragkiadaki, S Levine, J Malik
2015   Multimodal Dimensional Affect Recognition Using Deep Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks  E Pei, L Yang, D Jiang, H Sahli
2015   Learning Wake-Sleep Recurrent Attention Models  J Ba, R Grosse, R Salakhutdinov, B Frey
2015   Unidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network With Recurrent Output Layer For Low-Latency Speech …  H Zen, H Sak
2015   Recurrent neural network  B RNN
2015   Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks: Learning Spatial Dependencies for Image Representation  Z Zuo, B Shuai, G Wang, X Liu, X Wang, B Wang
2015   Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network for Document Modeling  R Lin, S Liu, M Yang, M Li, M Zhou, S Li
2015   Recurrent Neural Networks for Driver Activity Anticipation via Sensory-Fusion Architecture  A Jain, A Singh, HS Koppula, S Soh, A Saxena
2015   Recurrent Spatial Transformer Networks  SK Sønderby, CK Sønderby, L Maaløe, O Winther
2015   Video captioning with recurrent networks based on frame-and video-level features and visual content classification  R Shetty, J Laaksonen
2015   Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Networks  S Zheng, S Jayasumana, B Romera
2015   Recurrent Neural Network Training with Dark Knowledge Transfer  D Wang, C Liu, Z Tang, Z Zhang, M Zhao
2015   Convolutional Neural Networks with Intra-layer Recurrent Connections for Scene Labeling  M Liang, X Hu, B Zhang
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