Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: regularization

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Wasserstein Distributional Robustness and Regularization in Statistical Learning  R Gao, X Chen, AJ Kleywegt
2017   Stabilizing Training of Generative Adversarial Networks through Regularization  K Roth, A Lucchi, S Nowozin, T Hofmann
2017   Convergence analysis of BP neural networks via sparse response regularization  J Wang, Y Wen, Z Ye, L Jian, H Chen
2017   A deep learning SAR ATR system using regularization and prioritized classes  S Wagner, K Barth, S Brüggenwirth
2017   Implicit Regularization in Deep Learning  B Neyshabur
2017   Neural Networks Regularization Through Invariant Features Learning  S Belharbi, C Chatelain, R Herault, S Adam
2017   Spectral Norm Regularization for Improving the Generalizability of Deep Learning  Y Yoshida, T Miyato
2017   Cross-modal Deep Metric Learning with Multi-task Regularization  X Huang, Y Peng
2017   GAR: An efficient and scalable Graph-based Activity Regularization for semi-supervised learning  O Kilinc, I Uysal
2017   A learned sparseness and IGMRF-based regularization framework for dense disparity estimation using unsupervised feature learning  S Nahar, MV Joshi
2017   GLSR-VAE: Geodesic Latent Space Regularization for Variational AutoEncoder Architectures  G Hadjeres, F Nielsen, F Pachet
2017   Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Transform-Based Nonlocal Self-Similarity Modeling and Learning-Based Gradient Regularization  H Chen, X He, L Qing, Q Teng
2017   Imposing Class-Wise Feature Similarity in Stacked Autoencoders by Nuclear Norm Regularization  K Gupta, A Majumdar 
2017   Optimization of DBN using Regularization Methods Applied for Recognizing Arabic Handwritten Script  M Elleuch, N Tagougui, M Kherallah
2017   A Regularization Post Layer: An Additional Way How to Make Deep Neural Networks Robust  J Vaněk, J Zelinka, D Soutner, J Psutka 
2017   Batch regularization to converge the deep neural network for indoor RGBD scene understanding  H Hayat, Y Liu, M Shah, A Ahmad
2017   Improving Pooling Method for Regularization of Convolutional Networks Based On the Failure Probability Density  Y Zhang, BM Shi
2017   On Generalization and Regularization in Deep Learning  P Lemberger
2017   Geometry of Optimization and Implicit Regularization in Deep Learning  B Neyshabur, R Tomioka, R Salakhutdinov, N Srebro
2017   Input Layer Regularization of Multilayer Feedforward Neural Networks  F Li, JM Zurada, Y Liu, W Wu
2016   DropConnect Regularization Method with Sparsity Constraint for Neural Networks  L Zifeng, J Xiaojun, W Xiaohan, H Hai, TAN Youheng
2016   Single image super-resolution using regularization of non-local steering kernel regression  K Zhang, X Gao, J Li, H Xia
2016   Automatic Node Selection for Deep Neural Networks using Group Lasso Regularization  T Ochiai, S Matsuda, H Watanabe, S Katagiri
2016   Discriminative Regularization for Generative Models  A Lamb, V Dumoulin, A Courville
2016   Sparse Auto-encoder with Smoothed l_1 Regularization  L Zhang, Y Lu, Z Zhang, B Wang, F Li
2016   Regularization for Unsupervised Deep Neural Nets  B Wang, D Klabjan
2016   The Effects of Regularization on Learning Facial Expressions with Convolutional Neural Networks  T Hinz, P Barros, S Wermter
2016   A Domain Adaptation Regularization for Denoising Autoencoders  S Clinchant, G Csurka, B Chidlovskii
2016   A novel companion objective function for regularization of deepconvolutional neural networks  W Sun, F Su
2016   Multiframe Motion Coupling via Infimal Convolution Regularization for Video Super Resolution  H Dirks, J Geiping, D Cremers, M Moeller
2015   DropELM: Fast Neural Network Regularization with Dropout and DropConnect  A Iosifidis, A Tefas, I Pitas
2015   Latent Variable Modeling with Diversity-Inducing Mutual Angular Regularization  P Xie, Y Deng, E Xing
2015   Elastic regularization in restricted Boltzmann machines: Dealing with $ p\ gg N$  S Zhang
2015   Swiss-Chocolate: Combining Flipout Regularization and Random Forests with Artificially Built Subsystems to Boost Text-Classification for Sentiment  F Uzdilli, M Jaggi, D Egger, P Julmy, L Derczynski
2015   GraphConnect: A Regularization Framework for Neural Networks  J Huang, Q Qiu, R Calderbank, G Sapiro
2015   Mask selective regularization for restricted Boltzmann machines  J Mansanet, A Albiol, R Paredes, A Albiol
2015   Regularization Of Context-Dependent Deep Neural Networks With Context-Independent Multi-Task Training  P Bell, S Renals
2015   On the Generalization Error Bounds of Neural Networks under Diversity-Inducing Mutual Angular Regularization  P Xie, Y Deng, E Xing
2015   Universum Prescription: Regularization using Unlabeled Data  X Zhang, Y LeCun
2014   A Survey of Regularization Methods for Deep Neural Network  N Tripathi, A Jadeja
2014   Neural Network Regularization via Robust Weight Factorization  J Rudy, W Ding, DJ Im, GW Taylor
2014   In Search of the Real Inductive Bias: On the Role of Implicit Regularization in Deep Learning  B Neyshabur, R Tomioka, N Srebro