Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: regularized

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Data Based on Sample-Dependent Repulsion Graph Regularized Auto-encoder  X WANG, Y KONG, Y CHENG 
2017   A regularized deep learning approach for clinical risk prediction of acute coronary syndrome using electronic health records.  Z Huang, W Dong, H Duan, J Liu
2017   Graph regularized Restricted Boltzmann Machine  D Chen, J Lv, Z Yi
2017   Adversarially Regularized Autoencoders for Generating Discrete Structures  Y Kim, K Zhang, AM Rush, Y LeCun
2017   Stochastic Decorrelation Constraint Regularized Auto-Encoder for Visual Recognition  F Mao, W Xiong, B Du, L Zhang
2017   A Regularized Ensemble Framework of Deep Learning for Cancer Detection from Multi-class, Imbalanced Training Data  X Yuan, L Xie, M Abouelenien 
2017   A Tree Regularized Classifier--Exploiting Hierarchical Structure Information in Feature Vector for Human Action Recognition.  H Luo, F Zhao, S Chen, H Lu
2017   Regularized 2-D Complex-Log Spectral Analysis and Subspace Reliability Analysis of Micro-Doppler Signature for UAV Detection  J Ren, X Jiang
2017   Auto-encoder with Adversarially Regularized Latent Variables for Semi-Supervised Learning  R Tachibana, T Matsubara, K Uehara
2017   A Regularized Deep Learning Approach for Image De-Blurring  FL Conti, G Minucci, N Derakhshan
2017   Manifold Regularized Slow Feature Analysis for Dynamic Texture Recognition  J Miao, X Xu, X Xing, D Tao
2017   Shakeout: A New Approach to Regularized Deep Neural Network Training.  G Kang, J Li, D Tao
2016   Three-dimensional image-based human pose recovery with hypergraph regularized autoencoders  C Hong, J Yu, Y Jane, Z Yu, X Chen
2016   Hyper-class Augmented and Regularized Deep Learning for Fine-grained Image Classification  T Yang, X Wang, Y Lin, S Xie
2016   Learning Representations for Steganalysis from Regularized CNN Model with Auxiliary Tasks  Y Qian, J Dong, W Wang, T Tan
2016   Place Classification with a Graph Regularized Deep Neural Network  Y Liao, S Kodagoda, Y Wang, L Shi, Y Liu
2016   Iterative Multi-domain Regularized Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Detection and Segmentation from Ultrasound Images  H Chen, Y Zheng, JH Park, PA Heng, SK Zhou
2016   Ideal Regularized Composite Kernel for Hyperspectral Image Classification  J Peng, H Chen, Y Zhou, L Li
2016   Graph based manifold regularized deep neural networks for automatic speech recognition  VS Tomar, RC Rose
2016   Regularized autoencoders  K Gupta, A Majumdar
2016   Co-Sparsity Regularized Deep Hashing For Image Instance Retrieval  J Lin, O Morere, V Chandrasekhar, A Veillard, H Goh
2015   Exploiting Feature and Class Relationships in Video Categorization with Regularized Deep Neural Networks  YG Jiang, Z Wu, J Wang, X Xue, SF Chang
2015   PR-ELM: Parallel Regularized Extreme Learning Machine based on Cluster  Y Wang, Y Dou, X Liu, Y Lei
2015   Hypergraph Regularized Autoencoder for Image-Based 3D Human Pose Recovery  C Hong, X Chen, X Wang, C Tang
2015   Hypergraph Regularized Autoencoder for 3D Human Pose Recovery  C Hong, J Yu, Y Jane, X Chen
2015   Structured Regularized Robust Coding for Face Recognition  M Yang, T Song, F Liu, L Shen
2015   Scene Recognition by Manifold Regularized Deep Learning Architecture  Y Yuan, L Mou, X Lu
2015   Place classification with a graph regularized deep neural network model  Y Liao, S Kodagoda, Y Wang, L Shi, Y Liu
2015   Lung Segmentation In Chest Radiographs Using Distance Regularized Level Set And Deep-Structured Learning And Inference  TA Ngo, G Carneiro
2015   Understand Scene Categories by Objects: A Semantic Regularized Scene Classifier Using Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Liao, S Kodagoda, Y Wang, L Shi, Y Liu
2015   HSAE: A Hessian Regularized Sparse Auto-Encoders  W Liu, T Ma, D Tao, J You
2015   Bit-Scalable Deep Hashing with Regularized Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval and Person Re-identification  R Zhang, L Lin, R Zhang, W Zuo, L Zhang
2015   Multi-Loss Regularized Deep Neural Network  C Xu, C Lu, X Liang, J Gao, W Zheng, T Wang, S Yan
2014   Supervised feature learning via ℓ2-norm regularized logistic regression for 3D object recognition  F Zou, Y Wang, Y Yang, K Zhou, Y Chen, J Song
2014   Regularized Hierarchical Feature Learning with Non-Negative Sparsity and Selectivity for Image Classification  B Liu, J Liu, X Bai, H Lu
2014   HSR: L1/2 Regularized Sparse Representation for Fast Face Recognition using Hierarchical Feature Selection  B Han, B He, T Sun, M Ma, A Lendasse