Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: representation learning

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Representation Learning by Learning to Count  M Noroozi, H Pirsiavash, P Favaro
2017   Representation learning via Dual-Autoencoder for recommendation  F Zhuang, Z Zhang, M Qian, C Shi, X Xie, Q He
2017   Superpixel-Based Difference Representation Learning for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote Sensing Images  M Gong, T Zhan, P Zhang, Q Miao
2017   Representation Learning with Pair-wise Constraints for Collaborative Ranking  F Zhuang, D Luo, NJ Yuan, X Xie, Q He
2017   MARTA GANs: Unsupervised Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification  D Lin, K Fu, Y Wang, G Xu, X Sun 
2017   CM-GANs: Cross-modal Generative Adversarial Networks for Common Representation Learning  Y Peng, J Qi, Y Yuan 
2017   Neural Discrete Representation Learning  A Oord, O Vinyals, K Kavukcuoglu 
2017   Deconvolutional Paragraph Representation Learning  Y Zhang, D Shen, G Wang, Z Gan, R Henao, L Carin
2017   NIPS 2016 Workshop on Representation Learning in Artificial and Biological Neural Networks (MLINI 2016)  L Wehbe, A Nunez
2017   Representation Learning and Adversarial Generation of 3D Point Clouds  P Achlioptas, O Diamanti, I Mitliagkas, L Guibas
2017   Multi-Task Representation Learning  MR Bouguelia, S Pashami, S lawomir Nowaczyk
2017   Deep representation learning for human motion prediction and classification  J Bütepage, M Black, D Kragic, H Kjellström
2017   Linear Guided Autoencoder: Representation Learning with Linearity  H Ohno
2017   Inductive Representation Learning on Large Graphs  WL Hamilton, R Ying, J Leskovec
2017   Deep Unsupervised Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Images  DY Lin
2017   Representation Learning for Retinal Vasculature Embeddings  L Giancardo, K Roberts, Z Zhao
2017   Action-Affect-Gender Classification using Multi-Task Representation Learning  TJ Shields, MR Amer, M Ehrlich, A Tamrakar
2017   Representation Learning based Assistive System for Persons with Dysarthria  S Chandrakala, N Rajeswari
2017   Kernel-Based Multilayer Extreme Learning Machines for Representation Learning  CM Wong, CM Vong, PK Wong, J Cao
2017   Representation Learning in Large Attributed Graphs  NK Ahmed, RA Rossi, R Zhou, JB Lee, X Kong 
2017   Cross-modal Common Representation Learning by Hybrid Transfer Network  X Huang, Y Peng, M Yuan
2017   Representation Learning on Large and Small Data  CN Chou, CK Shie, FC Chang, J Chang, EY Chang
2017   Towards Representation Learning for Biomedical Concept Detection in Medical Images: UA. PT Bioinformatics in ImageCLEF 2017  E Pinho, JF Silva, JM Silva, C Costa
2017   Domain Adaptation Using Representation Learning for the Classification of Remote Sensing Images  A Elshamli, GW Taylor, A Berg, S Areibi
2017   Common Representation Learning Using Step-based Correlation Multi-Modal CNN  G Bhatt, P Jha, B Raman 
2017   Transitive Invariance for Self-supervised Visual Representation Learning  X Wang, K He, A Gupta
2017   Deep Multimodal Representation Learning from Temporal Data  X Yang, P Ramesh, R Chitta, S Madhvanath, EA Bernal
2017   Linear Disentangled Representation Learning for Facial Actions  X Xiang, TD Tran
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks for Multimodal Representation Learning in Video Hyperlinking  V Vukotic, C Raymond, G Gravier
2016   Bayesian Representation Learning With Oracle Constraints  T Karaletsos, S Belongie, C Tech, G Rätsch
2016   Representation learning for mammography mass lesion classificationwith convolutional neural networks  J Arevalo, FA González, R Ramos
2016   Representation Learning with Deconvolution for Multivariate Time Series Classification and Visualization  Z Wang, W Song, L Liu, F Zhang, J Xue, Y Ye, M Fan
2016   New Techniques in Deep Representation Learning  G Andrew, E Todorov, E Fox, C Guestrin, L Zettlemoyer
2016   Multi-layer Representation Learning for Medical Concepts  E Choi, MT Bahadori, E Searles, C Coffey, J Sun
2016   Combining Generative and Discriminative Representation Learning for Lung CT Analysis with Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines  G van Tulder, M de Bruijne
2016   Common Variable Learning and Invariant Representation Learning using Siamese Neural Networks  U Shaham, R Lederman
2016   Super-resolution of medical image using representation learning  X Yang, S Zhant, C Hu, Z Liang, D Xie
2016   Walk and Learn: Facial Attribute Representation Learning from Egocentric Video and Contextual Data  J Wang, Y Cheng, RS Feris
2016   Representation learning of sequential data with application in bioinformatics  M Brbic
2016   Deep Multi-View Representation Learning for Multi-modal Features of the Schizophrenia and Schizo-affective Disorder  J Qi, J Tejedor
2016   Facial Attributes Classification Using Multi-Task Representation Learning  M Ehrlich, TJ Shields, T Almaev, MR Amer
2016   Semantic Noise Modeling for Better Representation Learning  HE Kim, S Hwang, K Cho
2016   Classifying spatial trajectories using representation learning  Y Endo, H Toda, K Nishida, J Ikedo
2016   A Distributed Deep Representation Learning Model for Big Image Data Classification  L Dong, N Lv, Q Zhang, S Xie, L He, M Mao
2016   Local Invariance Representation Learning Algorithm with Multi-layer Extreme Learning Machine  X Jia, X Li, H Du, B Bhanu
2016   Robust Face Recognition with Deep Multi-View Representation Learning  J Li, J Zhao, F Zhao, H Liu, J Li, S Shen, J Feng, T Sim
2016   Theory reconstruction: a representation learning view on predicate invention  S Dumancic, H Blockeel
2016   Binary representation learning in computer vision  F Shen, H Zhang, Y Yang, C Shen
2016   Action-Affect Classification and Morphing using Multi-Task Representation Learning  TJ Shields, MR Amer, M Ehrlich, A Tamrakar
2016   Stacked Deep Polynomial Network Based Representation Learning for Tumor Classification with Small Ultrasound Image Dataset  J Shi, S Zhou, X Liu, Q Zhang, M Lu, T Wang
2016   Deep Symbolic Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Time-series Classification  S Zhang, S Bahrampour, N Ramakrishnan, M Shah
2016   Representation Learning From Time Labelled Heterogeneous Data for Mobile Crowdsensing  C Ma, Q Zhu, S Wu, B Liu
2016   Representation Learning on Time Series with Symbolic Approximation and Deep Learning  Z Wang
2016   Exploring Representation Learning With CNNs for Frame-to-Frame Ego-Motion Estimation  G Costante, M Mancini, P Valigi, TA Ciarfuglia
2016   Domain Adaptation and Domain Generalization with Representation Learning  M Ghifary
2016   Hierarchical Representation Learning for Kinship Verification  N Kohli, M Vatsa, R Singh, A Noore, A Majumdar
2016   Representation Learning for Homophilic Preferences  TT Nguyen, HW Lauw
2016   CURL: Image Classification using Co-training and Unsupervised Representation Learning  S Bianco, G Ciocca, C Cusano
2016   A deep semantic framework for multimodal representation learning  C Wang, H Yang, C Meinel
2016   iCaRL: Incremental Classifier and Representation Learning  SA Rebuffi, A Kolesnikov, CH Lampert
2016   Multimodal and Crossmodal Representation Learning from Textual and Visual Features with Bidirectional Deep Neural Networks for Video Hyperlinking  V Vukotic, C Raymond, G Gravier
2015   Apprendimento di Modelli Grafici (Probabilistici) per il Representation Learning  PP di Ricerca
2015   Representation Learning for Single-Channel Source Separation and Bandwidth Extension  M Zoehrer, R Peharz, F Pernkopf
2015   Image Representation Learning by Deep Appearance and Spatial Coding  B Liu, J Liu, Z Li, H Lu
2015   Probabilistic slow feature analysis‐based representation learning from massive process data for soft sensor modeling  C Shang, B Huang, F Yang, D Huang
2015   Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning by Context Prediction  C Doersch, A Gupta, AA Efros
2015   On Deep Multi-View Representation Learning  W Wang, R Arora, K Livescu, J Bilmes
2015   Representation Learning with Deep Extreme Learning Machines for Efficient Image Set Classification  M Uzair, F Shafait, B Ghanem, A Mian
2015   Training Stacked Denoising Autoencoders for Representation Learning  J Liang, K Kelly
2015   Deep Trans-layer Unsupervised Networks for Representation Learning  W Zhu, J Miao, L Qing, X Chen
2015   When crowds hold privileges: Bayesian unsupervised representation learning with oracle constraints  T Karaletsos, S Belongie, G Rätsch
2015   End-to-End Photo-Sketch Generation via Fully Convolutional Representation Learning  L Zhang, L Lin, X Wu, S Ding, L Zhang
2015   LRBM: A Restricted Boltzmann Machine Based Approach for Representation Learning on Linked Data  K Li, J Gao, S Guo, N Du, X Li, A Zhang
2015   A comparative evaluation of supervised and unsupervised representation learning approaches for anaplastic medulloblastoma differentiation  A Cruz
2015   Sentiment-Specific Representation Learning for Document-Level Sentiment Analysis  D Tang
2015   Face Detection using Representation Learning  S Zhan, QQ Tao, XH Li
2015   Imaging and representation learning of solar radio spectrums for classification  Z Chen, L Ma, L Xu, C Tan, Y Yan
2015   Unsupervised domain adaptation via representation learning and adaptive classifier learning  M Gheisari, MS Baghshah
2015   Deep Ranking for Person Re-identification via Joint Representation Learning  SZ Chen, CC Guo, JH Lai
2015   Representation Learning  AG POLAT
2015   On Invariance and Selectivity in Representation Learning  F Anselmi, L Rosasco, T Poggio
2015   DISC: Deep Image Saliency Computing via Progressive Representation Learning  T Chen, L Lin, L Liu, X Luo, X Li
2015   On Deep Representation Learning from Noisy Web Images  PD Vo, A Ginsca, HL Borgne, A Popescu
2015   Data driven visual tracking via representation learning and online multi-class LPBoost learning  X Yang, S Wang
2015   Improving Deep Representation Learning with Complex and Multimodal Data  K Sohn
2014   Detector Discovery in the Wild: Joint Multiple Instance and Representation Learning  J Hoffman, D Pathak, T Darrell, K Saenko
2014   Deep Representation Learning with Target Coding Supplementary Material  S Yang, P Luo, CC Loy, KW Shum, X Tang
2014   Deep Representation Learning with Target Coding  S Yang, P Luo, CC Loy, KW Shum, X Tang
2014   A Tibetan Component Representation Learning Method for Online Handwritten Tibetan Character Recognition  LL Ma, J Wu
2014   Difference representation learning using stacked restricted Boltzmann machines for change detection in SAR images  J Liu, M Gong, J Zhao, H Li, L Jiao
2014   Stochastic Descent Analysis of Representation Learning Algorithms  RM Golden
2014   Feature Representation Learning in Deep Neural Networks  D Yu, L Deng