Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: robot

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Human Robot Interaction using Dynamic Hand Gestures  Z Zafar, DA Salazar, S Al
2017   Learning to Manipulate Granular Media with a Robot  C Schenckc, D Fox, J Tompson, S Levine
2017   Robot Semantic Localization Through CNN Descriptors  E Cruz, JC Rangel, M Cazorla 
2017   Deep Detection of People and their Mobility Aids for a Hospital Robot  A Vasquez, M Kollmitz, A Eitel, W Burgard
2017   This paper proposes comparison of fuzzy membership functions for decision-making in security robot system. Robot's decision-making speed depends on fuzzy …  J Tavoosi, AA Suratgar, MB Menhaj
2017   Sensor Fusion for Robot Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning  S Bohez, T Verbelen, E De Coninck, B Vankeirsbilck
2017   Multi-stage Suture Detection for Robot Assisted Anastomosis based on Deep Learning  Y Hu, Y Gu, J Yang, GZ Yang 
2017   Detection of anomalous behavior in a robot system based on deep learning elements  LV Utkin, VS Zaborovskii, SG Popov
2017   Genetic Algorithm Based Deep Learning Parameters Tuning for Robot Object Recognition and Grasping  D Hossain, G Capi
2017   Service robot for the visually impaired: Providing navigational assistance using Deep Learning  A Shakeel
2017   Realization of the Gesture Interface by Multifingered Robot Hand  P Vladimir, S Elizaveta
2017   Dex-Net 3.0: Computing Robust Robot Suction Grasp Targets in Point Clouds using a New Analytic Model and Deep Learning  J Mahler, M Matl, X Liu, A Li, D Gealy, K Goldberg
2017   Automatic Illumination Planning for Robot Vision Inspection System  H Wang, J Wang, W Chen, L Xu
2017   Pick-place of dynamic objects by robot manipulator based on deep learning and easy user interface teaching systems  D Hossain, G Capi, M Jindai, S Kaneko
2017   Is Deep Learning Safe for Robot Vision? Adversarial Examples against the iCub Humanoid  M Melis, A Demontis, B Biggio, G Brown, G Fumera
2017   Learning Deep Policies for Robot Bin Picking by Simulating Robust Grasping Sequences  J Mahler, K Goldberg 
2017   Incremental Learning for Robot Perception through HRI  S Valipour, C Perez, M Jagersand
2017   Deep Object-Centric Representations for Generalizable Robot Learning  C Devin, P Abbeel, T Darrell, S Levine
2017   Robot gains social intelligence through multimodal deep reinforcement learning  AH Qureshi, Y Nakamura, Y Yoshikawa, H Ishiguro
2017   Learning Robot Activities from First-Person Human Videos Using Convolutional Future Regression  J Lee, MS Ryoo
2017   Dim Line Tracking Using Deep Learning for Autonomous Line Following Robot  G Matczak, P Mazurek
2017   To Go or Not To Go? A Near Unsupervised Learning Approach For Robot Navigation  N Hirose, A Sadeghian, P Goebel, S Savarese
2017   Research on Human Target Recognition Algorithm of Home Service Robot Based on Fast-RCNN  L Quan, D Pei, B Wang, W Ruan 
2017   Perception-Link Behavior Model: Supporting a Novel Operator Interface for a Customizable Anthropomorphic Telepresence Robot  W Gu, G Seet, N Magnenat
2017   Convolutional Neural Network-Based Robot Navigation Using Uncalibrated Spherical Images  L Ran, Y Zhang, Q Zhang, T Yang
2017   Learning based semantic segmentation for robot navigation in outdoor environment  J Lin, WJ Wang, SK Huang, HC Chen
2016   Sound source separation for robot audition using deep learning  K Noda, N Hashimoto, K Nakadai, T Ogata
2016   Comparing Human-Centric and Robot-Centric Sampling for Robot Deep Learning from Demonstrations  M Laskey, C Chuck, J Lee, J Mahler, S Krishnan
2016   Data Augmentation for Object Recognition of Dynamic Learning Robot  JY Chan, SS Ge, C Wang, M Li
2016   A novel path planning method for biomimetic robot based on deep learning  Y Lu, S Yi, Y Liu, Y Ji, B Shen
2016   Development of a jellyfish reconnaissance and removal robot system using unmanned aerial and surface vehicles  D Kim, H Kim, S Jung, J Koo, J Kim, JU Shin, H Myung
2016   A deep neural network solution towards mobile robot perception and exploration  S Li
2016   A Self-Driving Robot Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Neuromorphic Hardware  T Hwu, J Isbell, N Oros, J Krichmar
2016   A Real-Time Deep Learning Pedestrian Detector for Robot Navigation  D Ribeiro, A Mateus, JC Nascimento, P Miraldo
2016   Training an Interactive Humanoid Robot Using Multimodal Deep Reinforcement Learning  H Cuayáhuitl, G Couly, C Olalainty
2016   Robot UI  C Batliner, MJ Newsum, MC Rehm
2016   Repeatable Folding Task by Humanoid Robot Worker using Deep Learning  PC Yang, K Sasaki, K Suzuki, K Kase, S Sugano
2016   Autonomous Wheeled Robot Navigation with Uncalibrated Spherical Images  L Ran, Y Zhang, T Yang, P Zhang
2016   A robot system for pruning grape vines  T Botterill, S Paulin, R Green, S Williams, J Lin
2016   A Robot Learning to Play a Mobile Game Under Unknown Dynamics  W Yoon, SA Kim, J Choi
2016   3D Simulation for Robot Arm Control with Deep Q-Learning  S James, E Johns
2016   Neural Network Based Ball Tracking for Robot Nao  D Vere, R Jaka, J Hvizdo
2016   Application of Deep Belief Neural Network for Robot Object Recognition and Grasping  D Hossain, G Capi
2016   Robot grasp detection using multimodal deep convolutional neural networks  Z Wang, Z Li, B Wang, H Liu
2015   Navigating a Robot through Big Visual Sensory Data  A Altahhan
2015   Comparative study of soft computing techniques for mobile robot navigation in an unknown environment  M Algabri, H Mathkour, H Ramdane, M Alsulaiman
2015   The attentive robot companion: learning spatial information from observation and verbal interaction  L Ziegler
2015   Towards a deep feature-action architecture for robot homing  A Altahhan
2015   Supersizing Self-supervision: Learning to Grasp from 50K Tries and 700 Robot Hours  L Pinto, A Gupta
2015   Schedule Management System for a Child-Care Home Robot  DH Kwak, BT Zhang
2015   Robot team learning enhancement using Human Advice  J Girard, MR Emami
2015   Robust face recognition via transfer learning for robot partner  W Tay, N Nuo, J Botzheim, CK Loo, N Kubota
2015   Multimodal Deep Autoencoders for Control of a Mobile Robot  J Sergeant, N Sünderhauf, M Milford, B Upcroft
2015   2014 Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV)  R Gouiaa, J Meunier
2015   Place Categorization and Semantic Mapping on a Mobile Robot  N Sünderhauf, F Dayoub, S McMahon, B Talbot
2015   Improving Cognitive Skills of the Industrial Robot  P Bezák
2015   Pororobot: A Deep Learning Robot That Plays Video Q&A Games  KM Kim, CJ Nan, JW Ha, YJ Heo, BT Zhang
2014   Robot Learning Manipulation Action Plans by “Watching” Unconstrained Videos from the World Wide Web  Y Yang, Y Li, Y Aloimonos