Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: robotic

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Learning Robotic Manipulation of Granular Media  C Schenck, J Tompson, D Fox, S Levine
2017   " Look At This One" Detection sharing between modality-independent classifiers for robotic discovery of people  J Guerry, B Le Saux, D Filliat 
2017   Learning state representations for robotic control: Information disentangling and multi-modal learning  W Duan
2017   Deep Residual Learning for Instrument Segmentation in Robotic Surgery  D Pakhomov, V Premachandran, M Allan, M Azizian
2017   Robotic grasp detection using deep learning and geometry model of soft hand  HY Wang, WK Ling
2017   Enabling Imagination: Generative Adversarial Network-Based Object Finding in Robotic Tasks  H Che, B Hu, B Ding, H Wang 
2017   Implementation of Multiple View Approach for Pose Estimation with an Eye-In-Hand Robotic System  K Li, C Zhuang, J Wu, Z Xiong
2017   Domain Randomization and Generative Models for Robotic Grasping  J Tobin, W Zaremba, P Abbeel 
2017   2D/3D Object Recognition and Categorization Approaches for Robotic Grasping  N Zrira, M Hannat, EH Bouyakhf, HA Khan 
2017   Transfer learning from synthetic to real images using variational autoencoders for robotic applications  T Inoue, S Chaudhury, G De Magistris, S Dasgupta
2017   Localised and Learnt Applications of Machine Learning for Robotic Incremental Sheet Forming  M Zwierzycki, P Nicholas, MR Thomsen
2017   What am i doing? Robotic self-action recognition  Z Li, CW Au, Y Kakiuchi, K Okada, M Inaba
2017   Using Simulation and Domain Adaptation to Improve Efficiency of Deep Robotic Grasping  K Bousmalis, A Irpan, P Wohlhart, Y Bai, M Kelcey
2017   Improved semantic segmentation for robotic applications with hierarchical conditional random fields  BJ Meyer, T Drummond
2017   Self-Supervised Siamese Learning on Stereo Image Pairs for Depth Estimation in Robotic Surgery  M Ye, E Johns, A Handa, L Zhang, P Pratt, GZ Yang
2017   Detection and Localization of Robotic Tools in Robot-Assisted Surgery Videos Using Deep Neural Networks for Region Proposal and Detection.  D Sarikaya, J Corso, K Guru
2017   A vision-centered multi-sensor fusing approach to self-localization and obstacle perception for robotic cars  J Xue, D Wang, S Du, D Cui, Y Huang, N Zheng
2017   Feature extraction using MPEG-CDVS and Deep Learning with application to robotic navigation and image classification  P Porto Buarque De Gusmao
2017   GPLAC: Generalizing Vision-Based Robotic Skills using Weakly Labeled Images  A Singh, L Yang, S Levine
2017   Semantic Scene Mapping with Spatio-temporal Deep Neural Network for Robotic Applications  R Li, D Gu, Q Liu, Z Long, H Hu 
2016   Automatic Learning to Remove Multipath Distortions in Time-of-Flight Range Images for a Robotic Arm Setup  K Son, MY Liu, Y Taguchi
2016   Towards Combining Robotic Algorithms and Machine Learning: End-To-End Learnable Histogram Filters  RJO Brock
2016   Shape Completion Enabled Robotic Grasping  J Varley, C DeChant, A Richardson, A Nair, J Ruales
2016   Learning to Remove Multipath Distortions in Time-of-Flight Range Images for a Robotic Arm Setup  K Son, MY Liu, Y Taguchi
2016   Learning Hand-Eye Coordination for Robotic Grasping with Large-Scale Data Collection  S Levine, P Pastor, A Krizhevsky, D Quillen
2016   Semantic Expansion of Auto-Generated Scene Descriptions to Solve Robotic Tasks  MA Gutiérrez, RE Banchs
2016   Predictive robotic controller apparatus and methods  P Laurent, JB Passot, O Sinyavskiy, F Ponulak
2016   Feature Detection Apparatus And Methods For Training Of Robotic Navigation  B Ibarz Gabardos, A Smith, P O'connor
2016   Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression Images for a Robotic Companion  V Palade
2016   Robotic Grasp Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  S Kumra, C Kanan
2016   A convolutional neural network for robotic arm guidance using sEMG based frequency-features  UC Allard, F Nougarou, CL Fall, P Giguère, C Gosselin
2016   Learning Hand-Eye Coordination for Robotic Grasping with Deep Learning and Large-Scale Data Collection  S Levine, P Pastor, A Krizhevsky, D Quillen
2016   Deep Learning of Robotic Tasks using Strong and Weak Human Supervision  B Hilleli, R El
2016   Exploring Robotic Minds: Actions, Symbols, and Consciousness As Self-Organizing Dynamic Phenomena  J Tani
2016   A Deep-Neuro-Fuzzy approach for estimating the interaction forces in Robotic surgery  AI Aviles, SM Alsaleh, E Montseny, P Sobrevilla
2016   Deep learning with convolutional neural networks: a resource for the control of robotic prosthetic hands via electromyography  M Atzori, M Cognolato, H Müller
2016   Learning Depth-aware Deep Representations for Robotic Perception  L Porzi, SR Bulo, A Penate
2016   Multi-modal Deep Extreme Learning Machine for Robotic Grasping Recognition  J Wei, H Liu, G Yan, F Sun
2016   Robotic grasping recognition using multi-modal deep extreme learning machine  J Wei, H Liu, G Yan, F Sun
2015   Object Recognition from Short Videos for Robotic Perception  I Bogun, A Angelova, N Jaitly
2015   Methods And Apparatus For Autonomous Robotic Control  M Versace, A Gorshechnikov, G Livitz, J Palma
2015   Analysis of Different Sparsity Methods in Constrained RBM for Sparse Representation in Cognitive Robotic Perception  Z Cui, SS Ge, Z Cao, J Yang, H Ren
2015   Real-time Deep Learning of Robotic Manipulator Inverse Dynamics  AS Polydoros, L Nalpantidis, V Krüger
2015   An Artificial Intelligent Skin for Autonomous Robotic Control  Z Guo, CT Hsu, J Starek, W Pointner, Y Kumar, S Roy
2015   Hive Collective Intelligence for Cloud Robotics: A Hybrid Distributed Robotic Controller Design for Learning and Adaptation  A Gkiokas, EG Tsardoulias, PA Mitkas
2015   Learning Visual Feature Spaces for Robotic Manipulation with Deep Spatial Autoencoders  C Finn, XY Tan, Y Duan, T Darrell, S Levine, P Abbeel
2015   Image Based Approaches for Tunnels' Defects Recognition via Robotic Inspectors  E Protopapadakis, N Doulamis
2015   Towards Vision-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Motion Control  F Zhang, J Leitner, M Milford, B Upcroft, P Corke
2015   Trainable Convolutional Network Apparatus And Methods For Operating A Robotic Vehicle  P O'connor, E Izhikevich
2015   An Acoustic Events Recognition for Robotic Systems Based on a Deep Learning Method  T Niwa, T Kawakami, R Ooe, T Mitamura, M Kinoshita
2015   Advanced Robotic Grasping System Using Deep Learning  P Bezak, P Bozek, Y Nikitin
2014   Robotic Grasping System Using Convolutional Neural Networks  P Bezák, YR Nikitin, P Božek