Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: robots

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection for Industrial Robots through Prediction in Unsupervised Feature Space  A Munawar, P Vinayavekhin, G De Magistris
2017   Using deep learning to detect network intrusions and malware in autonomous robots  A Jones, J Straub
2017   Real-time Semantic Segmentation of Crop and Weed for Precision Agriculture Robots Leveraging Background Knowledge in CNNs  A Milioto, P Lottes, C Stachniss
2017   Multimodal architecture for emotion in robots using deep learning  M Ghayoumi, AK Bansal
2017   Autonomous exploration of mobile robots through deep neural networks  L Tai, S Li, M Liu
2017   Semi-Supervised Haptic Material Recognition for Robots using Generative Adversarial Networks  Z Erickson, S Chernova, CC Kemp
2017   Deep EndoVO: A Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network (RCNN) based Visual Odometry Approach for Endoscopic Capsule Robots  M Turan, Y Almalioglu, H Araujo, E Konukoglu, M Sitti
2017   Six Degree-of-Freedom Localization of Endoscopic Capsule Robots using Recurrent Neural Networks embedded into a Convolutional Neural Network  M Turan, A Abdullah, R Jamiruddin, H Araujo
2017   Modeling and Design Analysis of Facial Expressions of Humanoid Social Robots Using Deep Learning Techniques  S Murthy
2017   A Passive Learning Sensor Architecture for Multimodal Image Labeling: An Application for Social Robots  MA Gutiérrez, LJ Manso, H Pandya, P Núñez
2017   Deep-learning-based object recognition system and gridmap-based path planning algorithm for object tracking of swarm robots  H Kim, 김한근
2017   Skill Transfer between Industrial Robots by Sparse learning  K Lan
2017   A deep learning based fusion of RGB camera information and magnetic localization information for endoscopic capsule robots  M Turan, J Shabbir, H Araujo, E Konukoglu, M Sitti 
2017   A Deep Learning Based 6 Degree-of-Freedom Localization Method for Endoscopic Capsule Robots  M Turan, Y Almalioglu, E Konukoglu, M Sitti
2016   Toward Never-Ending Object Learning for Robots  Y Sun
2016   Towards Cognitive Exploration through Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robots  L Tai, M Liu
2016   Apparatus And Methods For Training Of Robots  AT Smith, V Polonichko
2016   Learning Deep Generative Spatial Models for Mobile Robots  A Pronobis, RPN Rao
2016   What Can I Do Around Here? Deep Functional Scene Understanding for Cognitive Robots  C Ye, Y Yang, C Fermuller, Y Aloimonos
2016   Markerless Perspective Taking for Humanoid Robots in Unconstrained Environments  T Fischer, Y Demiris
2016   Architecture of Emotion in Robots Using Convolutional Neural Networks  M Ghayoumi, AK Bansal
2015   RoboCup@ Home: Analysis and results of evolving competitions for domestic and service robots  L Iocchi, D Holz, J Ruiz
2014   The effectiveness of simulated robots for supporting the learning of introductory programming: a multi-case case study  L Major, T Kyriacou, P Brereton
2014   Helping robots see the big picture  J Bohannon