Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sampling

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning, Dynamic Sampling and Smart Energy-dispersive Spectroscopy  Y Zhang, D Godaliyadda, N Ferrier, E Gulsoy
2017   Uniform Manifold Sampling (UMS): Sampling the Maximum Entropy PDF  PM Baggenstoss
2017   Guiding the search in continuous state-action spaces by learning an action sampling distribution from off-target samples  B Kim, LP Kaelbling, T Lozano
2017   Phase space sampling and operator confidence with generative adversarial networks  K Mills, I Tamblyn 
2017   Hashed Binary Search Sampling for Convolutional Network Training with Large Overhead Image Patches  D Lunga, L Yang, B Bhaduri
2017   The sampling brain  AN Sanborn, N Chater
2016   Column Sampling based Discrete Supervised Hashing  WC Kang, WJ Li, ZH Zhou
2016   Tracking and segmentation of the endocardium of the left ventricle in a 2D ultrasound using deep learning architectures and Monte Carlo sampling  JC Nascimento, G Carneiro, A Freitas
2016   Comparing Human-Centric and Robot-Centric Sampling for Robot Deep Learning from Demonstrations  M Laskey, C Chuck, J Lee, J Mahler, S Krishnan
2016   Sampling and Friends  H Jaeger
2016   Annealing Gaussian into ReLU: a New Sampling Strategy for Leaky-ReLU RBM  CL Li, S Ravanbakhsh, B Poczos
2016   The role of different sampling methods in improving biological activity prediction using deep belief network  F Ghasemi, A Fassihi, H Pérez‐Sánchez
2016   Non-uniform patch sampling with deep convolutional neural networks for white matter hyperintensity segmentation  M Ghafoorian, N Karssemeijer, T Heskes
2016   Deep learning with ensemble classification method for sensor sampling decisions  S Taleb, A Al Sallab, H Hajj, Z Dawy, R Khanna
2016   Deep Q-Learning with Prioritized Sampling  J Zhai, Q Liu, Z Zhang, S Zhong, H Zhu, P Zhang
2016   Diverse Sampling for Self-Supervised Learning of Semantic Segmentation  M Mostajabi, N Kolkin, G Shakhnarovich
2016   Core Sampling Framework for Pixel Classification  M Karki, R DiBiano, S Basu, S Mukhopadhyay
2016   Estimation of effective temperatures in quantum annealers for sampling applications: A case study with possible applications in deep learning  M Benedetti, J Realpe
2016   Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation Using a Deep-Semantic Similarity Model with Negative Sampling  Z Xu, C Chen, T Lukasiewicz, Y Miao, X Meng
2016   Glaucoma Detection Using Entropy Sampling And Ensemble Learning For Automatic Optic Cup And Disc Segmentation  J Zilly, JM Buhmann, D Mahapatra
2016   Automatic Defect Classification Without Sampling and Feature Selection  W Chang, R Olavarria, K Rao
2015   Learning Sampling Functions for Efficient Object Detection  Y Pang, J Cao, X Li
2015   Bootstrapped Thompson Sampling and Deep Exploration  I Osband, B Van Roy
2015   Estimation of effective temperatures in a quantum annealer and its impact in sampling applications: A case study towards deep learning applications  M Benedetti, J Realpe
2015   Dense vs Sparse: A Comparative Study of Sampling Analysis in Scene Classification of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery  J Hu, GS Xia, F Hu, L Zhang
2015   Gibbs Sampling with Low-Power Spiking Digital Neurons  S Das, BU Pedroni, P Merolla, J Arthur, AS Cassidy
2015   Boosting Convolutional Filters with Entropy Sampling for Optic Cup and Disc Image Segmentation from Fundus Images  JG Zilly, JM Buhmann, D Mahapatra
2015   Scheduled Sampling for Sequence Prediction with Recurrent Neural Networks  S Bengio, O Vinyals, N Jaitly, N Shazeer
2015   Unsupervised Learning in Synaptic Sampling Machines  EO Neftci, BU Pedroni, S Joshi, M Al
2014   7 Perturb-and-MAP Random Fields: Reducing Random Sampling to Optimization, with Applications in Computer Vision  G Papandreou, A Yuille