Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: satellite

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Learning Based Large-Scale Automatic Satellite Crosswalk Classification  RF Berriel, AT Lopes, AF de Souza, T Oliveira
2017   Mapping Sub-Saharan African Agriculture in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery with Computer Vision & Machine Learning  SR Debats
2017   Precipitation Identification with Bispectral Satellite Information Using Deep Learning Approaches  Y Tao, X Gao, A Ihler, S Sorooshian, K Hsu
2017   Building Identification in Satellite Images Using ANFIS Classifier  E Madhavan, S Kalpana
2017   Jaakko Pihlajasalo Improvement Of Satellite Orbit Prediction Ac-Curacy And Quality With Deep Learning And Spec-Tral Analysis  PDS Ali
2017   Exploiting Deep Matching and SAR Data for the Geo-Localization Accuracy Improvement of Optical Satellite Images  N Merkle, L Wenjie, S Auer, R Müller, R Urtasun
2017   Deep and fast learning for feature extraction of merged or fused satellite remote sensing images to observe lake eutrophication (Conference Presentation)  NB Chang
2017   Lane boundary extraction from satellite imagery  A Zang, R Xu, Z Li, D Doria 
2017   A multi-task convolutional neural network for mega-city analysis using very high resolution satellite imagery and geospatial data  F Zhang, B Du, L Zhang
2017   Image Classification of High Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Deep Learning Approach  KM Sukre, IA Rizvi, MM Kadam
2017   Distinguishing Cloud and Snow in Satellite Images via Deep Convolutional Network  Y Zhan, J Wang, J Shi, G Cheng, L Yao, W Sun
2017   Estimating ground-level PM2. 5 by fusing satellite and station observations: A geo-intelligent deep learning approach  T Li, H Shen, Q Yuan, X Zhang, L Zhang
2017   Detection of Flooding Events in Social Multimedia and Satellite Imagery using Deep Neural Networks  B Bischke, P Bhardwaj, A Gautam, P Helber, D Borth
2017   Using convolutional networks and satellite imagery to identify patterns in urban environments at a large scale  A Albert, J Kaur, M Gonzalez
2017   Roof Type Selection Based On Patch-Based Classification Using Deep Learning For High Resolution Satellite Imagery.  T Partovi, F Fraundorfer, S Azimi, D Marmanis
2017   A Deep Learning Approach for Population Estimation from Satellite Imagery  C Robinson, F Hohman, B Dilkina
2016   Automatic Detection and Classification of Oil Tanks in Optical Satellite Images Based on Convolutional Neural Network  Q Wang, J Zhang, X Hu, Y Wang
2016   Satellite Imagery Classification Based on Deep Convolution Network  Z Ma, Z Wang, C Liu, X Liu
2016   Classification and Segmentation of Satellite Orthoimagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks  M Längkvist, A Kiselev, M Alirezaie, A Loutfi
2016   Data mining techniques on satellite images for discovery of risk areas  BB Traore, B Kamsu
2016   Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Incorporating Objectness and Convolutional Neural Network  S Qu, Y Wang, G Meng, C Pan
2016   Benchmarking Deep Learning Frameworks for the Classification of Very High Resolution Satellite Multispectral Data  M Papadomanolaki, M Vakalopoulou, S Zagoruyko
2016   Detection by Classification of Buildings in Multispectral Satellite Imagery  T Ishii, E Simo
2016   Fast Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images Using Fully Convolutional Network  J Hu, T Xu, J Zhang, Y Yang
2016   Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images using Deep Learning  S Muruganandham
2016   Combining satellite imagery and machine learning to predict poverty  N Jean, M Burke, M Xie, WM Davis, DB Lobell
2016   Convolutional neural network features based change detection in satellite images  AM El Amin, Q Liu, Y Wang
2016   A Deep Neural Network Modeling Framework to Reduce Bias in Satellite Precipitation Products  Y Tao, X Gao, K Hsu, S Sorooshian, A Ihler
2015   Deep Learning Method For Satellite Image Classification: A LiteratureReview  KM Sukre, IA Rizvi, MM Kadam
2015   Classifying Maritime Vessels from Satellite Imagery with HyperNEAT  P Verbancsics, J Harguess
2015   A Hierarchical Oil Tank Detector With Deep Surrounding Features for High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery  L Zhang, Z Shi, J Wu
2015   On The Analysis Of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Applied To Building Detection In Satellite Images  B KARAGÖZ
2015   DeepSat-A Learning framework for Satellite Imagery  S Basu, S Ganguly, S Mukhopadhyay, R DiBiano
2015   Feature Learning HyperNEAT: Evolving Neural Networks to Extract Features for Classification of Maritime Satellite Imagery  P Verbancsics, J Harguess
2015   Deep neural networks-based vehicle detection in satellite images  Q Jiang, L Cao, M Cheng, C Wang, J Li
2014   Joint Road Network Extraction From A Set Of High Resolution Satellite Images  O Besbes, A Benazza