Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: scale

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep learning based subdivision approach for large scale macromolecules structure recovery from electron cryo tomograms  M Xu, X Chai, H Muthakana, X Liang, G Yang
2017   Hierarchical Compression of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Large Scale Visual Recognition for Mobile Applications  B Kim, M Lee, J Kim, J Kim, J Lee
2017   Large Scale Evolution of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Volunteer Computing  T Desell
2017   Generative Adversarial Learning for Reducing Manual Annotation in Semantic Segmentation on Large Scale Miscroscopy Images: Automated Vessel Segmentation in …  A Lahiri, K Ayush, PK Biswas, P Mitra
2017   Large scale product search with spatial quantization and deep ranking  S Qi, Z Kyaw, X Wang, ZL Jiang, J Guan
2017   Dual Temporal Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Micro-Expression Recognition  M Peng, C Wang, T Chen, G Liu, X Fu
2017   Deep Learning Features at Scale for Visual Place Recognition  Z Chen, A Jacobson, N Sunderhauf, B Upcroft, L Liu
2017   Deep Recurrent Neural Network with Multiple Time scale and Its Real World Applications  M Lee
2017   Large Scale Cross Category Analysis of Consumer Review Content on Sales Conversion Leveraging Deep Learning  X Liu, D Lee, K Srinivasan
2017   A Novel Weight-Shared Multi-Stage Network Architecture of CNNs for Scale Invariance  R Takahashi, T Matsubara, K Uehara
2017   Residual Network with Delayed Max Pooling for Very Large Scale Plant Identification  ST Hang, M Aono
2017   Cognitive Computing Architectures for Machine (Deep) Learning at Scale  S Mittal
2017   A Machine Learning Based Framework for Verification and Validation of Massive Scale Image Data  J Ding, XH Hu, V Gudivada
2017   Detection of Anomalies in Large Scale Accounting Data using Deep Autoencoder Networks  M Schreyer, T Sattarov, D Borth, A Dengel, B Reimer
2017   A Large Scale Prediction Engine for App Install Clicks and Conversions  N Bhamidipati, R Kant, S Mishra 
2017   Large scale automatic image annotation based on convolutional neural network  R Wang, Y Xie, J Yang, L Xue, M Hu, Q Zhang
2017   Using convolutional networks and satellite imagery to identify patterns in urban environments at a large scale  A Albert, J Kaur, M Gonzalez
2017   Deep Learning based Large Scale Visual Recommendation and Search for E-Commerce  D Shankar, S Narumanchi, HA Ananya, P Kompalli
2017   Large Scale Novel Object Discovery in 3D  S Srivastava, G Sharma, B Lall
2017   Effective Visual Tracking Using Multi-Block and Scale Space Based on Kernelized Correlation Filters  S Jeong, G Kim, S Lee
2017   Improving Efficiency in Deep Learning for Large Scale Visual Recognition  B Liu
2017   Large scale digital prostate pathology image analysis combining feature extraction and deep neural network  N Zhou, A Fedorov, F Fennessy, R Kikinis, Y Gao
2017   Large Scale Sensor Data Processing Based On Deep Stacked Autoencoder Network.  N ELARABY, M ELMOGY, S BARAKAT 
2016   Large Scale Business Store Front Detection from Street Level Imagery  Q Yu, C Szegedy, MC Stumpe, L Yatziv, V Shet, J Ibarz
2016   Large Scale Distributed Hessian-Free Optimization for Deep Neural Network  X He, D Mudigere, M Smelyanskiy, M Takáč
2016   Trajectory-Based Place-Recognition for Efficient Large Scale Localization  S Lynen, M Bosse, R Siegwart
2016   Saliency meets spatial quantization: A practical framework for large scale product search  S Qi, K Zawlin, H Zhang, X Wang, K Gao, L Yao
2016   SSDH: Semi-supervised Deep Hashing for Large Scale Image Retrieval  J Zhang, Y Peng, J Zhang
2016   Scale Coding Bag of Deep Features for Human Attribute and Action Recognition  FS Khan, J van de Weijer, RM Anwer, AD Bagdanov
2016   How to scale distributed deep learning?  PH Jin, Q Yuan, F Iandola, K Keutzer
2016   On-Line Large Scale Semantic Fusion  T Cavallari, L Di Stefano
2016   Leveraging Talent Globally to Scale Indian Innovation  G KATRAGADDA
2016   Whole Layers Transfer Learning of Deep Neural Networks for a Small Scale Dataset  Y Sawada, K Kozuka
2016   Large Scale Gaussian Process for Overlap-based Object Proposal Scoring  SL Pintea, S Karaoglu, JC van Gemert
2016   Unsupervised Category Discovery via Looped Deep Pseudo-Task Optimization Using a Large Scale Radiology Image Database  X Wang, L Lu, H Shin, L Kim, I Nogues, J Yao
2016   Large Scale Indexing and Searching Deep Convolutional Neural Network Features  G Amato, F Debole, F Falchi, C Gennaro, F Rabitti
2016   thecerealkiller at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Deep learning based system for classifying sentiment of tweets on two point scale  V Yadav, I Hyderabad
2016   Deep learning and svm classification for plant recognition in content-based large scale image retrieval  BP Tóth, DP Márton Tóth, G Szúcs
2016   Weakly Supervised Large Scale Object Localization with Multiple Instance Learning and Bag Splitting.  W Ren, K Huang, D Tao, T Tan
2016   Building a large scale dataset for image emotion recognition: The fine print and the benchmark  Q You, J Luo, H Jin, J Yang
2016   Deep Learning At Scale and At Ease  W Wang, G Chen, H Chen, TTA Dinh, J Gao, BC Ooi
2016   Adaptive Neuron Apoptosis for Accelerating Deep Learning on Large Scale Systems  C Siegel, J Daily, A Vishnu
2016   Empirical study of PROXTONE and PROXTONE $^+ $ for Fast Learning of Large Scale Sparse Models  Z Shi, R Liu
2016   Contextual LSTM (CLSTM) models for Large scale NLP tasks  S Ghosh, O Vinyals, B Strope, S Roy, T Dean, L Heck
2016   TensorFlow: learning functions at scale  M Abadi
2016   Large Scale Data Enabled Evolution of Spoken Language Research and Applications  S Jothilakshmi, VN Gudivada
2016   Deep learning the city: Quantifying urban perception at a global scale  A Dubey, N Naik, D Parikh, R Raskar, CA Hidalgo
2016   Large Scale Deep Learning for Computer Aided Detection of Mammographic Lesions  T Kooi, G Litjens, B van Ginneken, A Gubern
2016   Programming and Runtime Support to Blaze FPGA Accelerator Deployment at Datacenter Scale  M Huang, D Wu, CH Yu, Z Fang, M Interlandi, T Condie
2015   The Validation of the Active Learning in Health Professions Scale  R Kammer, L Schreiner, YK Kim, A Denial
2015   LCSTS: A Large Scale Chinese Short Text Summarization Dataset  B Hu, Q Chen, F Zhu
2015   EventNet: A Large Scale Structured Concept Library for Complex Event Detection in Video  G Ye, Y Li, H Xu, D Liu, SF Chang
2015   Large scale crowd analysis based on convolutional neural network  L Cao, X Zhang, W Ren, K Huang
2015   MegaFace: A Million Faces for Recognition at Scale  D Miller, I Kemelmacher
2015   Partitioning Large Scale Deep Belief Networks Using Dropout  Y Huang, S Zhang
2015   Multi-sparse Descriptor: A Scale Invariant Feature for Pedestrian Detection  Y Liu, P Lasang, M Siegel, Q Sun
2015   Transfer learning method using multi-prediction deep Boltzmann machines for a small scale dataset  Y Sawada, K Kozuka
2015   Large Scale Optimization for Machine Learning  H Wang
2015   An Efficient Map Reduce for Large Scale Deep Belief Nets  M Bijjili, MV Rao
2015   Understanding and predicting image memorability at a large scale  A Khosla, AS Raju, A Torralba, A Oliva
2015   Indexing of CNN Features for Large Scale Image Search  R Liu, Y Zhao, S Wei, Z Zhu, L Liao, S Qiu
2015   Multi Task Sequence Learning for Depression Scale Prediction from Video  L Chao, J Tao, M Yang, Y Li
2015   A Scale and Translation Invariant Approach for Early Classification of Spatio-Temporal Patterns Using Spiking Neural Networks  B Rekabdar, M Nicolescu, M Nicolescu, MT Saffar
2015   Large Scale Business Discovery from Street Level Imagery  Q Yu, C Szegedy, M Stumpe, L Yatziv, V Shet, J Ibarz
2015   A Scale Mixture Perspective of Multiplicative Noise in Neural Networks  E Nalisnick, A Anandkumar, P Smyth
2015   Large Scale Optimization with Proximal Stochastic Newton-Type Gradient Descent  Z Shi, R Liu
2015   Efficient Large Scale Video Classification  B Varadarajan, G Toderici, S Vijayanarasimhan
2015   DjiNN and Tonic: DNN as a service and its implications for future warehouse scale computers  J Hauswald, Y Kang, MA Laurenzano, Q Chen, C Li
2015   Large Scale Artificial Neural Network Training Using Multi-GPUs  L Wang, W Wu, J Xiao, Y Yi
2015   What can we learn about CNNs from a large scale controlled object dataset?  A Borji, S Izadi, L Itti
2015   Large Scale Distributed Semi-Supervised Learning Using Streaming Approximation  S Ravi, Q Diao
2015   Saliency, Scale and Information: Towards a Unifying Theory  S Rahman, N Bruce
2015   Active Sampler: Light-weight Accelerator for Complex Data Analytics at Scale  J Gao, HV Jagadish, BC Ooi
2015   Deep Learning for Large Scale Biodiversity Monitoring  DJ Klein, MW McKown, BR Tershy
2014   How to Scale Up Kernel Methods to Be As Good As Deep Neural Nets  Z Lu, A May, K Liu, AB Garakani, D Guo, A Bellet, L Fan
2014   Tensor index for large scale image retrieval  L Zheng, S Wang, P Guo, H Liang, Q Tian
2014   Development And Validation Of Science Homework Scale For Middle-School Students  Y Tas, S Sungur, C Oztekin
2014   UNISENSE: A Unified and Sustainable Sensing and Transport Architecture for Large Scale and Heterogeneous Sensor Networks  Y Jin, HP Tan
2014   Practice in Synonym Extraction at Large Scale  L Cao, C Wang