Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: scheduling

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Arrival Traffic Scheduling Performance subject to Futuristic Traffic Statistics  N Takeichi
2017   Multiple-Reservoir Scheduling Using β-Hill Climbing Algorithm  E Alsukni, OS Arabeyyat, MA Awadallah, L Alsamarraie
2017   DVFS-Based Long-Term Task Scheduling for Dual-Channel Solar-Powered Sensor Nodes  T Wu, Y Liu, D Zhang, J Li, XS Hu, CJ Xue, H Yang
2016   SERF: Efficient Scheduling for Fast Deep Neural Network Serving via Judicious Parallelism  F Yan, O Ruwase, Y He, E Smirni
2015   Optimizing Scheduling of Refinery Operations based on Piecewise Linear Models  X Gao, Y Jiang, T Chen, D Huang
2015   Deadline-aware task scheduling for solar-powered nonvolatile sensor nodes with global energy migration  D Zhang, Y Liu, X Sheng, J Li, T Wu, CJ Xue, H Yang
2014   Memory Access Optimized Scheduling Scheme for DCNNs on a Mobile Processor  A Dundar, J Jin, V Gokhale, B Martini, E Culurciello