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Year TitleAuthor
2017   Constrained Deep Weak Supervision for Histopathology Image Segmentation  Z Jia, X Huang, EI Chang, Y Xu
2017   SegNet: A Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Scene Segmentation  V Badrinarayanan, A Kendall, R Cipolla
2017   A Review of Neural Network based Semantic Segmentation for Scene Understanding in Context of the self driving Car  J Niemeijer, P Pekezou Fouopi, S Knake
2017   Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation using Generative Adversarial Networks  THP Jensen
2017   Retinal Vessel Segmentation in Fundoscopic Images with Generative Adversarial Networks  J Son, SJ Park, KH Jung
2017   Seeds based Part Segmentation by Seeds Propagation and Region Convexity Decomposition  F Meng, H Li, Q Wu, KN Ngan, J Cai
2017   Exploiting saliency for object segmentation from image level labels  SJ Oh, R Benenson, A Khoreva, Z Akata, M Fritz
2017   Fully Convolutional Architectures for Multi-Class Segmentation in Chest Radiographs  AA Novikov, D Major, D Lenis, J Hladůvka, M Wimmer
2017   A Dataset and a Technique for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation for Computational Pathology.  N Kumar, R Verma, S Sharma, S Bhargava
2017   Deep Learning Segmentation of Optical Microscopy Images Improves 3D Neuron Reconstruction  R Li, T Zeng, S Ji
2017   Hierarchical Vertex Regression Based Segmentation of Head and Neck CT Images for Radiotherapy Planning  Z Wang, L Wei, L Wang, Y Gao, W Chen, D Shen 
2017   3D Semantic Maps for Scene Segmentation  C Romero
2017   Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Superpixel Pooling Network  S Kwak, S Hong, B Han
2017   Deep Poincare Map For Robust Medical Image Segmentation  Y Mo, F Liu, J Zhang, G Yang, T He, Y Guo
2017   Semi and Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Generative Adversarial Network  N Souly, C Spampinato, M Shah
2017   SCAN: Structure Correcting Adversarial Network for Chest X-rays Organ Segmentation  W Dai, J Doyle, X Liang, H Zhang, N Dong, Y Li
2017   Deep Residual Learning for Instrument Segmentation in Robotic Surgery  D Pakhomov, V Premachandran, M Allan, M Azizian
2017   Semi Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Generative Adversarial Network  N Souly, C Spampinato, M Shah
2017   Cascaded Feature Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images  D Lin, G Chen, D Cohen
2017   StemNet: A Temporally Trained Fully Convolutional Network for Segmentation of Muscular Stem Cells  M Isaksson
2017   Neural Network Segmentation of Laser Scanning System Data  AI Abramov, IV Abramov, TA Mazitov, AA Nikitin
2017   Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Learning Technique  OM Singh
2017   Realization of Chinese word segmentation based on deep learning method  X Wang, M Wang, Q Zhang
2017   Multi-Planar Deep Segmentation Networks for Cardiac Substructures from MRI and CT  A Mortazi, J Burt, U Bagci
2017   Radar HRRP Target Recognition Based on t-SNE Segmentation and Discriminant Deep Belief Network  M Pan, J Jiang, Q Kong, J Shi, Q Sheng, T Zhou
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation in multimodal medical images  I LITIS
2017   Fully Convolutional Object Depth Prediction for 3D Segmentation from 2.5 D Input  K Wada, K Okada, M Inaba
2017   Exploring deep features: deeper fully convolutional neural network for image segmentation  SA Kamran, B Khaled, M Asif, S Bin Kabir
2017   Lesion Detection In Ct Images Using Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation Technique  A Kalinovskya, V Liauchuka, A Tarasaub
2017   Use of Gabor filters and Deep Networks in the Segmentation of Retinal Vessel Morphology  HA Leopolda, J Orchardb, J Zeleka
2017   A deep learning model integrating FCNNs and CRFs for brain tumor segmentation  X Zhao, Y Wu, G Song, Z Li, Y Zhang, Y Fan
2017   Automatic segmentation of the right ventricle from cardiac MRI using a learning‐based approach  MR Avendi, A Kheradvar, H Jafarkhani
2017   Combining Bottom-Up, Top-Down, and Smoothness Cues for Weakly Supervised Image Segmentation  A Roy, S Todorovic
2017   Segmentation of prostate contours for automated diagnosis using ultrasound images: A survey  RP Singh, S Gupta, UR Acharya
2017   Joint Semantic and Motion Segmentation for dynamic scenes using Deep Convolutional Networks  N Haque, ND Reddy, KM Krishna
2017   Liver segmentation in color images (Conference Presentation)  B Ma, TP Kingham, MI Miga, WR Jarnagin, AL Simpson
2017   Automatic segmentation of nine retinal layer boundaries in OCT images of non-exudative AMD patients using deep learning and graph search  L Fang, D Cunefare, C Wang, RH Guymer, S Li
2017   Texture segmentation with Fully Convolutional Networks  V Andrearczyk, PF Whelan
2017   Comparison of the Deep-Learning-Based Automated Segmentation Methods for the Head Sectioned Images of the Virtual Korean Human Project  M Eshghi, HR Roth, M Oda, MS Chung, K Mori
2017   Deep residual coalesced convolutional network for efficient semantic road segmentation  I Ardiyanto, TB Adji
2017   Polarimetrie SAR image classification based on deep belief network and superpixel segmentation  S Ge, J Lu, H Gu, Z Yuan, W Su 
2017   Curve-Structure Segmentation from Depth Maps: A CNN-based Approach and Its Application to Exploring Cultural Heritage Objects  Y Lu, J Zhou, J Chen, J Wang, K Smith, W Colin 
2017   Adversarial Synthesis Learning Enables Segmentation Without Target Modality Ground Truth  Y Huo, Z Xu, S Bao, A Assad, RG Abramson 
2017   Partial Labeled Gastric Tumor Segmentation via patch-based Reiterative Learning  Y Nan, G Coppola, Q Liang, K Zou, W Sun, D Zhang 
2017   The application of series multi-pooling convolutional neural networks for medical image segmentation  F Wang, S Huang, L Shi, W Fan 
2017   Efficient symmetry-driven fully convolutional network for multimodal brain tumor segmentation  H Shen, J Zhang, W Zheng 
2017   Deep Learning with Lung Segmentation and Bone Shadow Exclusion Techniques for Chest X-Ray Analysis of Lung Cancer  Y Gordienko, P Gang, J Hui, W Zeng, Y Kochura 
2017   Fully automated, deep learning segmentation of oxygen-induced retinopathy images  S Xiao, F Bucher, Y Wu, A Rokem, CS Lee, KV Marra 
2017   Deep Convolutional Level Set Method for Image Segmentation  A Kristiadi, P Pranowo 
2017   Iterative Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network for Medical Image Segmentation  JU Kim, HG Kim, YM Ro
2017   Real-time hierarchical fusion system for semantic segmentation in offroad scenes  K Dang, M Hoy, J Dauwels, J Yuan
2017   Traffic Scene Segmentation Based on RGB-D Image and Deep Learning  L Li, B Qian, J Lian, W Zheng, Y Zhou
2017   Conditional Random Field and Deep Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation  FI Alam, J Zhou, AWC Liew, X Jia, J Chanussot, Y Gao 
2017   Deep Learning Based Hand Detection in Cluttered Environment Using Skin Segmentation  K Roy, A Mohanty, RR Sahay 
2017   Interactive Medical Image Segmentation using Deep Learning with Image-specific Fine-tuning  G Wang, W Li, MA Zuluaga, R Pratt, PA Patel 
2017   Combining deep learning with anatomy analysis for segmentation of portal vein for liver SBRT planning  B Ibragimov, D Toesca, D Chang, A Koong, L Xing 
2017   Generative Adversarial Learning for Reducing Manual Annotation in Semantic Segmentation on Large Scale Miscroscopy Images: Automated Vessel Segmentation in …  A Lahiri, K Ayush, PK Biswas, P Mitra
2017   Multiple surface segmentation using novel deep learning and graph based methods  A Shah
2017   Large-Scale 3D Shape Reconstruction and Segmentation from ShapeNet Core55  L Yi, H Su, L Shao, M Savva, H Huang, Y Zhou 
2017   Retinal Vasculature Segmentation Using Local Saliency Maps and Generative Adversarial Networks For Image Super Resolution  D Mahapatra 
2017   Fully automated segmentation of prostate whole gland and transition zone in diffusion-weighted MRI using convolutional neural networks  T Clark, J Zhang, S Baig, A Wong, MA Haider 
2017   Retinal Fluid Segmentation and Detection in Optical Coherence Tomography Images using Fully Convolutional Neural Network  D Lu, M Heisler, S Lee, G Ding, MV Sarunic, MF Beg 
2017   Towards Automatic Abdominal Multi-Organ Segmentation in Dual Energy CT using Cascaded 3D Fully Convolutional Network  S Chen, H Roth, S Dorn, M May, A Cavallaro, MM Lell 
2017   Medical image semantic segmentation based on deep learning  F Jiang, A Grigorev, S Rho, Z Tian, YS Fu, W Jifara
2017   Interstitial Lung Diseases via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: Segmentation Label Propagation, Unordered Pooling and Cross-Dataset Learning  M Gao, Z Xu, DJ Mollura
2017   Automatic Pancreas Segmentation Using Coarse-to-Fine Superpixel Labeling  A Farag, L Lu, HR Roth, J Liu, E Turkbey, RM Summers
2017   Fully Automated Segmentation Using Distance Regularised Level Set and Deep-Structured Learning and Inference  TA Ngo, G Carneiro
2017   MaskLab: Instance Segmentation by Refining Object Detection with Semantic and Direction Features  LC Chen, A Hermans, G Papandreou, F Schroff 
2017   Tap and Shoot Segmentation  DJ Chen, JT Chien, HT Chen, LW Chang
2017   Automatic Magnetic Resonance Image Prostate Segmentation Based on Adaptive Feature Learning Probability Boosting Tree Initialization and CNN-ASM Refinement  B He, D Xiao, Q Hu, F Jia 
2017   A top-down manner-based DCNN architecture for semantic image segmentation  K Qiao, J Chen, L Wang, L Zeng, B Yan
2017   Recurrent Multimodal Interaction for Referring Image Segmentation  C Liu, Z Lin, X Shen, J Yang, X Lu, A Yuille
2017   Weakly-Labelled Semantic Segmentation of Fish Objects in Underwater Videos Using a Deep Residual Network  AB Labao, PC Naval
2017   Predicting Deeper into the Future of Semantic Segmentation  N Neverova, P Luc, C Couprie, J Verbeek, Y Lecun
2017   Focal FCN: Towards Small Object Segmentation with Limited Training Data  XY Zhou, M Shen, C Riga, GZ Yang, SL Lee 
2017   Deep context modeling for semantic segmentation  K Nguyen, C Fookes, S Sridharan
2017   Hyperspectral Image Segmentation with Markov Random Fields and a Convolutional Neural Network  X Cao, F Zhou, L Xu, D Meng, Z Xu, J Paisley
2017   Esophagus Tumor Segmentation Using Fully Convolutional Neural Network and Graph Cut  Z Hao, J Liu, J Liu
2017   Joint Craniomaxillofacial Bone Segmentation and Landmark Digitization by Context-Guided Fully Convolutional Networks  J Zhang, M Liu, L Wang, S Chen, P Yuan, J Li
2017   Towards Image-Guided Pancreas and Biliary Endoscopy: Automatic Multi-organ Segmentation on Abdominal CT with Dense Dilated Networks  E Gibson, F Giganti, Y Hu, E Bonmati, S Bandula
2017   Towards Automatic Semantic Segmentation in Volumetric Ultrasound  X Yang, L Yu, S Li, X Wang, N Wang, J Qin, D Ni
2017   Boundary-Aware Fully Convolutional Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation  H Shen, R Wang, J Zhang, SJ McKenna
2017   DeepUNet: A Deep Fully Convolutional Network for Pixel-level Sea-Land Segmentation  R Li, W Liu, L Yang, S Sun, W Hu, F Zhang, W Li
2017   Tracking and Segmentation of the Airways in Chest CT Using a Fully Convolutional Network  Q Meng, HR Roth, T Kitasaka, M Oda, J Ueno, K Mori
2017   Gaussian Filter in CRF Based Semantic Segmentation  Y Gu, Q Wu, J Li, K Cheng
2017   Population specific template construction and brain structure segmentation using deep learning methods  R Mehta
2017   Neuroimage special issue on brain segmentation and parcellation  RC Craddock, P Bellec, S Jbabdi
2017   Deep learning for retinal image segmentation  A Garifullin
2017   Speedup of Deep Learning Ensembles for Semantic Segmentation Using a Model Compression Technique  A Holliday, M Barekatain, J Laurmaa, C Kandaswamy
2017   Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Based on Co-segmentation  T Shen, G Lin, L Liu, C Shen, I Reid
2017   Conditional Adversarial Network for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumor  M Rezaei, K Harmuth, W Gierke, T Kellermeier
2017   Multi-view longitudinal CNN for multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation  A Birenbaum, H Greenspan
2017   Real-time Semantic Segmentation of Crop and Weed for Precision Agriculture Robots Leveraging Background Knowledge in CNNs  A Milioto, P Lottes, C Stachniss
2017   Multi Semantic Feature Fusion Framework for Video Segmentation and  R Liang, Q Zhu
2017   Size-Invariant Fully Convolutional Neural Network for vessel segmentation of digital retinal images  Y Luo, H Cheng, L Yang
2017   Coarse-to-Fine Stacked Fully Convolutional Nets for lymph node segmentation in ultrasound images  Y Zhang, MTC Ying, L Yang, AT Ahuja, DZ Chen
2017   On semantic image segmentation using deep convolutional neural network with shortcuts and easy class extension  C Wang, L Mauch, Z Guo, B Yang
2017   Learning to Align Semantic Segmentation and 2.5 D Maps for Geolocalization  A Armagan, M Hirzer, PM Roth, V Lepetit
2017   Video Object Segmentation Through Deep Convolutional Networks  Y Zhang, Z He
2017   Automatic magnetic resonance prostate segmentation by deep learning with holistically nested networks  R Cheng, HR Roth, NS Lay, L Lu, B Turkbey
2017   Residual Conv-Deconv Grid Network for Semantic Segmentation  D Fourure, R Emonet, E Fromont, D Muselet
2017   Joint Background Reconstruction and Foreground Segmentation via A Two-stage Convolutional Neural Network  X Zhao, Y Chen, M Tang, J Wang
2017   Big Data Regression Using Tree Based Segmentation  R Sambasivan, S Das
2017   Automatic Liver Segmentation Using an Adversarial Image-to-Image Network  D Yang, D Xu, SK Zhou, B Georgescu, M Chen, S Grbic
2017   Deep Context Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation  W Yang, Q Zhou, Y Fan, G Gao, S Wu, W Ou, H Lu 
2017   SegAN: Adversarial Network with Multi-scale $ L_1 $ Loss for Medical Image Segmentation  Y Xue, T Xu, H Zhang, R Long, X Huang
2017   Fully Convolutional Neural Networks with Full-scale-features for Semantic Segmentation  T Pan, B Wang, G Ding, JH Yong
2017   Son of Zorn's Lemma: Targeted Style Transfer Using Instance-aware Semantic Segmentation  C Castillo, S De, X Han, B Singh, AK Yadav
2017   On hierarchical brain tumor segmentation in MRI using fully convolutional neural networks: A preliminary study  S Pereira, A Oliveira, V Alves, CA Silva
2017   Deep Learning on Sparse Manifolds for Faster Object Segmentation  JC Nascimento, G Carneiro
2017   Convolutional networks for vehicle track segmentation  TT Quach
2017   Automatic Myocardial Segmentation by Using A Deep Learning Network in Cardiac MRI  AH Curiale, FD Colavecchia, P Kaluza, RA Isoardi
2017   Identification and segmentation of myelinated nerve fibers in a cross-sectional optical microscopic image using a deep learning model.  T Naito, Y Nagashima, K Taira, N Uchio, S Tsuji
2017   Towards dense volumetric pancreas segmentation in CT using 3D fully convolutional networks  H Roth, M Oda, N Shimizu, H Oda, Y Hayashi 
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation with GANs  S Sankaranarayanan, Y Balaji, A Jain, SN Lim 
2017   Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against Semantic Image Segmentation  JH Metzen, MC Kumar, T Brox, V Fischer
2017   Segmentation of the Proximal Femur from MR Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  CM Deniz, S Hallyburton, A Welbeck, S Honig, K Cho
2017   Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks with Jaccard Distance  Y Yuan, M Chao, YC Lo
2017   BrainSegNet: a convolutional neural network architecture for automated segmentation of human brain structures  R Mehta, A Majumdar, J Sivaswamy
2017   Visible Spectral Iris Segmentation via Deep Convolutional Network  Y He, S Wang, K Pei, M Liu, J Lai 
2017   Fast Residual Forests: Rapid Ensemble Learning for Semantic Segmentation  Y Zuo, T Drummond 
2017   Automatic Segmentation of Kidneys using Deep Learning for Total Kidney Volume Quantification in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease.  K Sharma, C Rupprecht, A Caroli, MC Aparicio
2017   Suggestive Annotation: A Deep Active Learning Framework for Biomedical Image Segmentation  L Yang, Y Zhang, J Chen, S Zhang, DZ Chen
2017   An automatic deep learning approach for coronary artery calcium segmentation  G Santini, D Della Latta, N Martini, G Valvano, A Gori
2017   Customized Semantic Segmentation by using Virtual World Data  JS Kang, DK Kim, EJ Rhee 
2017   Automatic lung nodule graph cuts segmentation with deep learning false positive reduction  W Sun, X Huang, TLB Tseng, W Qian
2017   Deep learning for segmentation of brain tumors: can we train with images from different institutions?  D Paredes, A Saha, MA Mazurowski
2017   Segmentation of inner and outer bladder wall using deep-learning convolutional neural network in CT urography  M Gordon, L Hadjiiski, K Cha, HP Chan, R Samala
2017   Joint deep shape and appearance learning: application to optic pathway glioma segmentation  A Mansoor, I Li, RJ Packer, RA Avery, MG Linguraru
2017   Deep Learning-Based Iris Segmentation for Iris Recognition in Visible Light Environment  M Arsalan, HG Hong, RA Naqvi, MB Lee, MC Kim 
2017   Automatic cerebrospinal fluid segmentation in non-contrast CT images using a 3D convolutional network  A Patel, SC van de Leemput, M Prokop
2017   Spatially Aware Melanoma Segmentation Using Hybrid Deep Learning Techniques  M Attia, M Hossny, S Nahavandi, A Yazdabadi
2017   A deep learning network for right ventricle segmentation in short-axis MRI  GN Luo, R An, KQ Wang, SY Dong, HG Zhang
2017   A left ventricular segmentation method on 3D echocardiography using deep learning and snake  SY Dong, GN Luo, GX Sun, KQ Wang, HG Zhang
2017   HEp-2 Specimen Image Segmentation and Classification Using Very Deep Fully Convolutional Network.  Y Li, L Shen, S Yu
2017   Efficient and robust deep networks for semantic segmentation  GL Oliveira, C Bollen, W Burgard, T Brox
2017   Semantic Video Segmentation by Gated Recurrent Flow Propagation  D Nilsson, C Sminchisescu
2017   3D Convolutional Neural Networks with Graph Refinement for Airway Segmentation Using Incomplete Data Labels  D Jin, Z Xu, AP Harrison, K George, DJ Mollura
2017   Multi-scale Volumetric ConvNet with Nested Residual Connections for Segmentation of Anterior Cranial Base  Y Pei, H Qin, G Ma, Y Guo, G Chen, T Xu, H Zha
2017   3D U-net with Multi-level Deep Supervision: Fully Automatic Segmentation of Proximal Femur in 3D MR Images  G Zeng, X Yang, J Li, L Yu, PA Heng, G Zheng
2017   Structure Prediction for Gland Segmentation with Hand-Crafted and Deep Convolutional Features  S Manivannan, W Li, J Zhang, E Trucco, S McKenna
2017   Integrating Segmentation with Deep Learning for Enhanced Classification of Epithelial and Stromal Tissues in H&E Images  Z Al
2017   Automatic Liver and Tumor Segmentation of CT and MRI Volumes using Cascaded Fully Convolutional Neural Networks  PF Christ, F Ettlinger, F Grün, MEA Elshaera, J Lipkova
2017   Advanced deep learning for blood vessel segmentation in retinal fundus images  L Ngo, JH Han
2017   Joint Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation Using Fully Convolutional and Adversarial Networks  SM Shankaranarayana, K Ram, K Mitra
2017   Joint Segmentation of Multiple Thoracic Organs in CT Images with Two Collaborative Deep Architectures  R Trullo, C Petitjean, D Nie, D Shen, S Ruan
2017   Skin Lesion Segmentation via Deep RefineNet  X He, Z Yu, T Wang, B Lei
2017   Patch-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Corneal Ulcer Area Segmentation  Q Sun, L Deng, J Liu, H Huang, J Yuan, X Tang
2017   Multi-scale Networks for Segmentation of Brain Magnetic Resonance Images  J Wei, Y Xia
2017   Towards Topological Correct Segmentation of Macular OCT from Cascaded FCNs  Y He, A Carass, Y Yun, C Zhao, BM Jedynak
2017   Abdomen Segmentation in 3D Fetal Ultrasound Using CNN-powered Deformable Models  A Schmidt
2017   Left Atrium Segmentation in CT Volumes with Fully Convolutional Networks  H Liu, J Feng, Z Feng, J Lu, J Zhou
2017   Automated Segmentation of Hyperintense Regions in FLAIR MRI Using Deep Learning  P Korfiatis, TL Kline, BJ Erickson
2017   Straw Row Position And Orientation Reconstruction Through Image Segmentation  AY Shkanaev, DV Polevoy, AV Panchenko, YY Borisov
2017   Fully Convolutional Network with Superpixel Parsing for Fashion Web Image Segmentation  L Yang, H Rodriguez, M Crucianu, M Ferecatu
2017   Performance of an Artificial Multi-observer Deep Neural Network for Fully Automated Segmentation of Polycystic Kidneys  TL Kline, P Korfiatis, ME Edwards, JD Blais
2017   Historical Document Image Segmentation with LDA-Initialized Deep Neural Networks  M Alberti, M Seuret, V Pondenkandath, R Ingold 
2017   Image Segmentation and Classification for Sickle Cell Disease using Deformable U-Net  M Zhang, X Li, M Xu, Q Li 
2017   SqueezeSeg: Convolutional Neural Nets with Recurrent CRF for Real-Time Road-Object Segmentation from 3D LiDAR Point Cloud  B Wu, A Wan, X Yue, K Keutzer 
2017   Investigating the feature collection for semantic segmentation via single skip connection  J Yim, KA Sohn 
2017   Bringing Background into the Foreground: Making All Classes Equal in Weakly-supervised Video Semantic Segmentation  FS Saleh, MS Aliakbarian, M Salzmann, L Petersson
2017   Edge Enhanced Traffic Scene Segmentation Algorithm with Deep Neural Network  W Liu, H Tian, J Hu, S Cheng, H Yuan
2017   Translation-aware Semantic Segmentation via Conditional Least Square Generative Adversarial Networks  M Zhanga, X Hua, L Zhaoa, S Pangb, J Gonga, M Luoa
2017   SeNet: Structured Edge Network for Sea-Land Segmentation  D Cheng, G Meng, G Cheng, C Pan
2017   Volumetric ConvNets with Mixed Residual Connections for Automated Prostate Segmentation from 3D MR Images  L Yu, X Yang, H Chen, J Qin, PA Heng
2017   3D object segmentation for shelf bin picking by humanoid with deep learning and occupancy voxel grid map  K Wada, M Murooka, K Okada, M Inaba
2017   Transformable semantic map based navigation using autonomous deep learning object segmentation  Y Furuta, K Wada, M Murooka, S Nozawa, Y Kakiuchi
2017   End-to-End Training of Hybrid CNN-CRF Models for Semantic Segmentation using Structured Learning  A Colovic, P Knöbelreiter, A Shekhovtsov, T Pock
2017   Automated segmentation of 3D anatomical structures on CT images by using a deep convolutional network based on end-to-end learning approach  X Zhou, R Takayama, S Wang, X Zhou, T Hara, H Fujita
2017   Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Belief Networks and Pathological Knowledge  T Zhan, Y Chen, X Hong, Z Lu, Y Chen
2017   Segmentation and feature extraction of retinal vascular morphology  HA Leopold, J Orchard, J Zelek, V Lakshminarayanan
2017   Large deep neural networks for MS lesion segmentation  JC Prieto, M Cavallari, M Palotai, AM Pinzon
2017   Deep learning and shapes similarity for joint segmentation and tracing single neurons in SEM images  Q Rao, C Xiao, H Han, X Chen, L Shen, Q Xie
2017   Automatic segmentation of the prostate on CT images using deep learning and multi-atlas fusion  L Ma, R Guo, G Zhang, F Tade, DM Schuster, P Nieh
2017   Automatic MR prostate segmentation by deep learning with holistically-nested networks  R Cheng, HR Roth, N Lay, L Lu, BI Turkbey, W Gandler
2017   Automatic segmentation of left ventricle in cardiac cine MRI images based on deep learning  T Zhou, I Icke, B Dogdas, S Parimal, S Sampath
2017   A weakly supervised road extraction approach via deep convolutional nets based image segmentation  W Xia, N Zhong, D Geng, L Luo
2017   A Novel Multi-task Deep Learning Model for Skin Lesion Segmentation and Classification  X Yang, Z Zeng, SY Yeo, C Tan, HL Tey, Y Su
2017   Adversarial Examples for Semantic Image Segmentation  V Fischer, MC Kumar, JH Metzen, T Brox
2017   Adversarial Deep Structured Nets for Mass Segmentation from Mammograms  W Zhu, X Xiang, TD Tran, GD Hager, X Xie 
2017   A machine learning approach to the unsupervised segmentation of mitochondria in subcellular electron microscopy data  J Dietlmeier
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation of remote sensing images with rich spectral content  A Hamida, A Benoît, P Lambert, L Klein, C Amar 
2017   Automatic Spine Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Network via Redundant Generation of Class Labels for 3D Spine Modeling  M Vania, D Mureja, D Lee 
2017   Splenomegaly Segmentation using Global Convolutional Kernels and Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Huo, Z Xu, S Bao, C Bermudez, AJ Plassard, J Liu 
2017   Multi-level deep supervised networks for retinal vessel segmentation  J Mo, L Zhang
2017   Panicle-SEG: a robust image segmentation method for rice panicles in the field based on deep learning and superpixel optimization  X Xiong, L Duan, L Liu, H Tu, P Yang, D Wu, G Chen 
2017   Segmentation of Drivable Road Using Deep Fully Convolutional Residual Network with Pyramid Pooling  X Liu, Z Deng 
2017   W-Net: A Deep Model for Fully Unsupervised Image Segmentation  X Xia, B Kulis 
2017   Recurrent Segmentation for Variable Computational Budgets  L McIntosh, D Sussillo, N Maheswaranathan, J Shlens 
2017   3D Semantic Segmentation with Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks  B Graham, M Engelcke, L van der Maaten 
2017   An Automatic Computerized Method for Segmentation Labels of Various Glioma Sub-regions on Supporting Brain Tumor Detection in Radiologic Imaging  P Guo 
2017   Fully Convolutional Network with Hypercolumn Features for Brain Tumor Segmentation  M Islam, H Ren 
2017   Deep Learning Tissue Segmentation in Cardiac Histopathology Images  JJ Nirschl, A Janowczyk, EG Peyster, R Frank 
2017   Generative Adversarial Network based Synthesis for Supervised Medical Image Segmentation  T Neff, C Payer, D Štern, M Urschler
2017   Self-paced cross-modality transfer learning for efficient road segmentation  W Wang, N Wang, X Wu, S You, U Neumann
2017   Improved semantic segmentation for robotic applications with hierarchical conditional random fields  BJ Meyer, T Drummond
2017   Segmentation of Multiple Structures in Chest Radiographs Using Multi-task Fully Convolutional Networks  C Wang
2017   TricorNet: A Hybrid Temporal Convolutional and Recurrent Network for Video Action Segmentation  L Ding, C Xu
2017   Improved fuzzy-c means, Deep Belief Networks, and Morphological Operations in Object segmentation  EN Singh, EVK Attri
2017   Max-margin learning of deep structured models for semantic segmentation  M Larsson, J Alvén, F Kahl
2017   Simultaneous Multiple Surface Segmentation Using Deep Learning  A Shah, M Abramoff, X Wu
2017   Cell Segmentation In Cancer Histopathology Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks  V Kavassery Rajalingam
2017   A deep convolutional neural network for brain tissue segmentation in Neonatal MRI  K Murphy, GB Boylan, AF Smeaton, K McGuinness
2017   A fully automatic deep learning method for atrial scarring segmentation from late gadolinium-enhanced MRI images  G Yang, X Zhuang, H Khan, S Haldar, E Nyktari, X Ye
2017   Automatic 3D ultrasound segmentation of the first trimester placenta using deep learning  P Looney, GN Stevenson, KH Nicolaides, W Plasencia
2017   Nuclei segmentation in histopathology images using deep neural networks  P Naylor, M Laé, F Reyal, T Walter
2017   Cascaded Fully Convolutional Networks for automatic prenatal ultrasound image segmentation  L Wu, Y Xin, S Li, T Wang, PA Heng, D Ni
2017   MIMO-Net: A multi-input multi-output convolutional neural network for cell segmentation in fluorescence microscopy images  SEA Raza, L Cheung, D Epstein, S Pelengaris, M Khan
2017   Deep learning with spatiotemporal consistency for nerve segmentation in ultrasound images  A Hafiane, P Vieyres, A Delbos
2017   Automatic fetal body and amniotic fluid segmentation from fetal ultrasound images by encoder-decoder network with inner layers  Y Li, R Xu, J Ohya, H Iwata
2017   A Deep Level Set Method for Image Segmentation  M Jagersand
2017   An Exploration of 2D and 3D Deep Learning Techniques for Cardiac MR Image Segmentation  CF Baumgartner, LM Koch, M Pollefeys, E Konukoglu
2017   Grey Matter Segmentation in Spinal Cord MRIs via 3D Convolutional Encoder Networks with Shortcut Connections  Y Yoo, B De Leener, A Traboulsee, J Cohen
2017   Automated lesion segmentation and dermoscopic feature segmentation for skin cancer analysis  MP Pour, H Seker, L Shao
2017   3D FCN Feature Driven Regression Forest-Based Pancreas Localization and Segmentation  T Kitasaka, K Misawa, M Fujiwara, D Rueckert, K Mori
2017   Adversarial Training and Dilated Convolutions for Brain MRI Segmentation  JPW Pluim
2017   Evaluation of Four Supervised Learning Schemes in White Matter Hyperintensities Segmentation in Absence or Mild Presence of Vascular Pathology  MF Rachmadi, MC Valdés
2017   Comparison of Automatic Vessel Segmentation Techniques for Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Angiography with Limited Ground Truth Data  E Trucco
2017   Deep Supervision for Pancreatic Cyst Segmentation in Abdominal CT Scans  Y Zhou, L Xie, EK Fishman, AL Yuille
2017   Deep-FExt: Deep Feature Extraction for Vessel Segmentation and Centerline Prediction  G Tetteh, M Rempfler, BH Menze, C Zimmer
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2016   Built-in Foreground/Background Prior for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation  F Saleh, MSA Akbarian, M Salzmann, L Petersson
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