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Year TitleAuthor
2017   A Review of Neural Network based Semantic Segmentation for Scene Understanding in Context of the self driving Car  J Niemeijer, P Pekezou Fouopi, S Knake
2017   Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation using Generative Adversarial Networks  THP Jensen
2017   Deep Semantic Hashing with Generative Adversarial Networks  Z Qiu, Y Pan, T Yao, T Mei
2017   Attentive Semantic Video Generation using Captions  T Marwah, G Mittal, VN Balasubramanian
2017   CSF: Crowdsourcing Semantic Fusion for Heterogeneous Media Big Data in the Internet of Things  K Guo, Y Tang, P Zhang
2017   Robot Semantic Localization Through CNN Descriptors  E Cruz, JC Rangel, M Cazorla 
2017   3D Semantic Maps for Scene Segmentation  C Romero
2017   Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Superpixel Pooling Network  S Kwak, S Hong, B Han
2017   A New Convolutional Network-in-Network Structure and Its Applications in Skin Detection, Semantic Segmentation, and Artifact Reduction  Y Kim, I Hwang, NI Cho
2017   Multi-View Deep Learning for Consistent Semantic Mapping with RGB-D Cameras  L Ma, J Stückler, C Kerl, D Cremers
2017   Semi and Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Generative Adversarial Network  N Souly, C Spampinato, M Shah
2017   Semi Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Generative Adversarial Network  N Souly, C Spampinato, M Shah
2017   A Fully Convolutional Network for Semantic Labeling of 3D Point Clouds  M Yousefhussien, DJ Kelbe, EJ Ientilucci, C Salvaggio
2017   Cascaded Feature Network for Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images  D Lin, G Chen, D Cohen
2017   Deep Multi-label Hashing for Large-Scale Visual Search Based on Semantic Graph  C Zhong, Y Yu, S Tang, S Satoh, K Xing
2017   Semantic Augmented Reality Environment with Material-Aware Physical Interactions  L Chen, K Francis, W Tang
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation in multimodal medical images  I LITIS
2017   Kernel Based Semantic Hashing for Gait Retrieval  Y Zhou, Y Huang, Q Hu, L Wang 
2017   Lesion Detection In Ct Images Using Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation Technique  A Kalinovskya, V Liauchuka, A Tarasaub
2017   Human parsing, namely partitioning the human body into semantic regions, has drawn much attention recently for its wide applications in human-centric analysis. …  AC Jalba, A Sobiecki, AC Telea
2017   Joint Semantic and Motion Segmentation for dynamic scenes using Deep Convolutional Networks  N Haque, ND Reddy, KM Krishna
2017   6-DoF Object Pose from Semantic Keypoints  G Pavlakos, X Zhou, A Chan, KG Derpanis, K Daniilidis
2017   Deep residual coalesced convolutional network for efficient semantic road segmentation  I Ardiyanto, TB Adji
2017   Context-Aware Semantic Inpainting  H Li, G Li, L Lin, Y Yu 
2017   Character-Based Text Classification using Top Down Semantic Model for Sentence Representation  Z Wu, X Zheng, D Dahlmeier
2017   Real-time hierarchical fusion system for semantic segmentation in offroad scenes  K Dang, M Hoy, J Dauwels, J Yuan
2017   Weakly Supervised Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation: Understanding Semantic Layout of Images with Minimum Human …  S Hong, S Kwak, B Han 
2017   Generative Adversarial Learning for Reducing Manual Annotation in Semantic Segmentation on Large Scale Miscroscopy Images: Automated Vessel Segmentation in …  A Lahiri, K Ayush, PK Biswas, P Mitra
2017   Medical image semantic segmentation based on deep learning  F Jiang, A Grigorev, S Rho, Z Tian, YS Fu, W Jifara
2017   FCSS: Fully Convolutional Self-Similarity for Dense Semantic Correspondence  S Kim, D Min, B Ham, S Jeon, S Lin, K Sohn
2017   Semantic enhanced deep learning for image classification  S Li, M Li, C Jiang 
2017   MaskLab: Instance Segmentation by Refining Object Detection with Semantic and Direction Features  LC Chen, A Hermans, G Papandreou, F Schroff 
2017   A top-down manner-based DCNN architecture for semantic image segmentation  K Qiao, J Chen, L Wang, L Zeng, B Yan
2017   Weakly-Labelled Semantic Segmentation of Fish Objects in Underwater Videos Using a Deep Residual Network  AB Labao, PC Naval
2017   Predicting Deeper into the Future of Semantic Segmentation  N Neverova, P Luc, C Couprie, J Verbeek, Y Lecun
2017   Deep context modeling for semantic segmentation  K Nguyen, C Fookes, S Sridharan
2017   Towards Automatic Semantic Segmentation in Volumetric Ultrasound  X Yang, L Yu, S Li, X Wang, N Wang, J Qin, D Ni
2017   Gaussian Filter in CRF Based Semantic Segmentation  Y Gu, Q Wu, J Li, K Cheng
2017   Sketch-based Image Retrieval with Deep Visual Semantic Descriptor  F Huang, C Jin, Y Zhang, K Weng, T Zhang, W Fan 
2017   Data equilibrium based automatic image annotation by fusing deep model and semantic propagation  X Ke, M Zhou, Y Niu, W Guo
2017   Speedup of Deep Learning Ensembles for Semantic Segmentation Using a Model Compression Technique  A Holliday, M Barekatain, J Laurmaa, C Kandaswamy
2017   Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Based on Co-segmentation  T Shen, G Lin, L Liu, C Shen, I Reid
2017   Conditional Adversarial Network for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Tumor  M Rezaei, K Harmuth, W Gierke, T Kellermeier
2017   Survey on Semantic Indexing of High dimensional Data with Deep Learning Techniques  LH Medida, K Ramani
2017   Real-time Semantic Segmentation of Crop and Weed for Precision Agriculture Robots Leveraging Background Knowledge in CNNs  A Milioto, P Lottes, C Stachniss
2017   Expression recognition using semantic information and local texture features  C Wu, C Huang, H Chen
2017   Multi Semantic Feature Fusion Framework for Video Segmentation and  R Liang, Q Zhu
2017   On semantic image segmentation using deep convolutional neural network with shortcuts and easy class extension  C Wang, L Mauch, Z Guo, B Yang
2017   Learning to Align Semantic Segmentation and 2.5 D Maps for Geolocalization  A Armagan, M Hirzer, PM Roth, V Lepetit
2017   Semantic Web-Mining and Deep Vision for Lifelong Object Discovery  J Young, V Basile, E Cabrio, N Hawes, B Caputo
2017   Residual Conv-Deconv Grid Network for Semantic Segmentation  D Fourure, R Emonet, E Fromont, D Muselet
2017   A Semantic Loss Function for Deep Learning with Symbolic Knowledge  J Xu, Z Zhang, T Friedman, Y Liang, GV Broeck 
2017   Deep Context Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation  W Yang, Q Zhou, Y Fan, G Gao, S Wu, W Ou, H Lu 
2017   Variational Deep Semantic Hashing for Text Documents  S Chaidaroon, Y Fang
2017   Fully Convolutional Neural Networks with Full-scale-features for Semantic Segmentation  T Pan, B Wang, G Ding, JH Yong
2017   Son of Zorn's Lemma: Targeted Style Transfer Using Instance-aware Semantic Segmentation  C Castillo, S De, X Han, B Singh, AK Yadav
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation with GANs  S Sankaranarayanan, Y Balaji, A Jain, SN Lim 
2017   Large-scale Semantic Web Image Retrieval Using Bimodal Deep Learning Techniques  C Huang, H Xu, L Xie, J Zhu, C Xu, Y Tang 
2017   Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against Semantic Image Segmentation  JH Metzen, MC Kumar, T Brox, V Fischer
2017   Deep Learning of Binary and Gradient Judgements for Semantic Paraphrase  Y Bizzoni, S Lappin 
2017   Fast Residual Forests: Rapid Ensemble Learning for Semantic Segmentation  Y Zuo, T Drummond 
2017   Error Correction for Dense Semantic Image Labeling  YH Huang, X Jia, S Georgoulis, T Tuytelaars 
2017   Customized Semantic Segmentation by using Virtual World Data  JS Kang, DK Kim, EJ Rhee 
2017   Taskoriented grasping with semantic and geometric scene understanding  R Detry, J Papon, L Matthies 
2017   Efficient and robust deep networks for semantic segmentation  GL Oliveira, C Bollen, W Burgard, T Brox
2017   Learning to Extract Semantic Structure from Documents Using Multimodal Fully Convolutional Neural Network  X Yang, E Yumer, P Asente, M Kraley, D Kifer, CL Giles
2017   Semantic Video Segmentation by Gated Recurrent Flow Propagation  D Nilsson, C Sminchisescu
2017   Initializing Convolutional Filters with Semantic Features for Text Classification  S Li, Z Zhao, T Liu, R Hu, X Du
2017   Video2Vec: Learning Semantic Spatio-Temporal Embedding for Video Representations  SH Hu
2017   Semantic video search by automatic video annotation using TensorFlow  K Ashangani, KU Wickramasinghe, DWN De Silva
2017   A Deep Learning Approach for Scientific Paper Semantic Ranking  F Gargiulo, S Silvestri, M Fontanella, M Ciampi
2017   Investigating the feature collection for semantic segmentation via single skip connection  J Yim, KA Sohn 
2017   Bringing Background into the Foreground: Making All Classes Equal in Weakly-supervised Video Semantic Segmentation  FS Saleh, MS Aliakbarian, M Salzmann, L Petersson
2017   Translation-aware Semantic Segmentation via Conditional Least Square Generative Adversarial Networks  M Zhanga, X Hua, L Zhaoa, S Pangb, J Gonga, M Luoa
2017   Automatic Discoveries of Physical and Semantic Concepts via Association Priors of Neuron Groups  S Li, K Jia, X Wang
2017   Towards an accurate social media disaster event detection system based on deep learning and semantic representation  Z Lin, H Jin, B Robinson, X Lin
2017   Transformable semantic map based navigation using autonomous deep learning object segmentation  Y Furuta, K Wada, M Murooka, S Nozawa, Y Kakiuchi
2017   End-to-End Training of Hybrid CNN-CRF Models for Semantic Segmentation using Structured Learning  A Colovic, P Knöbelreiter, A Shekhovtsov, T Pock
2017   Deep Semantic Classification for 3D LiDAR Data  A Dewan, GL Oliveira, W Burgard
2017   Adversarial Examples for Semantic Image Segmentation  V Fischer, MC Kumar, JH Metzen, T Brox
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation of remote sensing images with rich spectral content  A Hamida, A Benoît, P Lambert, L Klein, C Amar 
2017   3D Semantic Segmentation with Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks  B Graham, M Engelcke, L van der Maaten 
2017   Semantic Labelling Of Road Furniture In Mobile Laser Scanning Data.  F Li, SO Elberink, G Vosselman
2017   Semantic Image Synthesis via Adversarial Learning  H Dong, S Yu, C Wu, Y Guo
2017   3DCNN-DQN-RNN: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Semantic Parsing of Large-scale 3D Point Clouds  F Liu, S Li, L Zhang, C Zhou, R Ye, Y Wang, J Lu
2017   Improved semantic segmentation for robotic applications with hierarchical conditional random fields  BJ Meyer, T Drummond
2017   Max-margin learning of deep structured models for semantic segmentation  M Larsson, J Alvén, F Kahl
2017   Generative Semantic Manipulation with Contrasting GAN  X Liang, H Zhang, EP Xing
2017   Semantic Multisensory Embeddings For Video Search By Text  A Habibian, TEJ Mensink, CGM Snoek
2017   CSMCCVA: Framework of cross-modal semantic mapping based on cognitive computing of visual and auditory sensations  刘扬
2017   A Review on Deep Learning Techniques Applied to Semantic Segmentation  A Garcia
2017   Deep Semantic Indexing Using Convolutional Localization Network with Region-Based Visual Attention for Image Database  M Zhang, Y Yang, H Zhang, Y Ji, N Xie, HT Shen
2017   Neural Semantic Personalized Ranking for item cold-start recommendation  T Ebesu, Y Fang
2017   Label Refinement Network for Coarse-to-Fine Semantic Segmentation  MA Islam, S Naha, M Rochan, N Bruce, Y Wang
2017   Learning Deep Spatio-Temporal Dependency for Semantic Video Segmentation  Z Qiu, T Yao, T Mei 
2017   FusionNet: Edge Aware Deep Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Harbor Images  D Cheng, G Meng, S Xiang, C Pan
2017   LesionSeg: Semantic segmentation of skin lesions using Deep Convolutional Neural Network  D Ramachandram, T DeVries
2017   Large Kernel Matters--Improve Semantic Segmentation by Global Convolutional Network  C Peng, X Zhang, G Yu, G Luo, J Sun
2017   Linking signal and semantic representations of musical content for music information retrieval  M Buccoli
2017   Learning Multi-level Region Consistency with Dense Multi-label Networks for Semantic Segmentation  T Shen, G Lin, C Shen, I Reid
2017   A new semantic attribute deep learning with a linguistic attribute hierarchy for spam detection  H He, T Watson, C Maple, J Mehnen, T Ashutosh
2017   Semantic segmentation for 3D localization in urban environments  A Armagan, M Hirzer, V Lepetit
2017   Training convolutional neural networks for semantic classification of remote sensing imagery  M Castelluccio, G Poggi, C Sansone, L Verdoliva
2017   SCNet: Learning Semantic Correspondence  K Han, RS Rezende, B Ham, KYK Wong, M Cho
2017   Exemplar-Based Image and Video Stylization Using Fully Convolutional Semantic Features  F Zhu, Z Yan, J Bu, Y Yu
2017   Learning a deeply supervised multi-modal RGB-D embedding for semantic scene and object category recognition  HFM Zaki, F Shafait, A Mian
2017   Semantic Interpolation in Implicit Models  Y Kilcher, A Lucchi, T Hofmann 
2017   [POSTER] Semantic Augmented Reality Environment with Material-Aware Physical Interactions  L Chen, K Francis, W Tang 
2017   Music emotion analysis using semantic embedding recurrent neural networks  J Jakubik, H Kwaśnicka
2017   Deep convolutional encoder-decoder network with model uncertainty for semantic segmentation  S Isobe, S Arai
2017   Learning Deep Semantic Embeddings for Cross-Modal Retrieval  C Kang, S Liao, Z Li, Z Cao, G Xiong 
2017   Semantic Scene Mapping with Spatio-temporal Deep Neural Network for Robotic Applications  R Li, D Gu, Q Liu, Z Long, H Hu 
2017   ST-GAN: Unsupervised Facial Image Semantic Transformation Using Generative Adversarial Networks  J Zhang, F Zhong, G Cao, X Qin 
2017   Semantic segmentation of color eye images for improving iris segmentation  D Osorio
2017   Maritime Semantic Labeling of Optical Remote Sensing Images with Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network  H Lin, Z Shi, Z Zou
2017   Automatic Semantic Style Transfer using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Soft Masks  H Zhao, PL Rosin, YK Lai
2017   Learning based semantic segmentation for robot navigation in outdoor environment  J Lin, WJ Wang, SK Huang, HC Chen
2017   Subset selection for visualization of relevant image fractions for deep learning based semantic image segmentation  L Mauch, C Wang, B Yang
2016   Built-in Foreground/Background Prior for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation  F Saleh, MSA Akbarian, M Salzmann, L Petersson
2016   Scale-Invariant Feature Learning using Deconvolutional Neural Networks for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation  HE Kim, S Hwang
2016   Semantic Image Segmentation via Fully Convolutional Networks  M Falkenhainer
2016   Integrating Deep Learning with Correlation-based Multimedia Semantic Concept Detection  HY Ha
2016   A Deep Semantic Mobile Application for Thyroid Cytopathology  E Kim, M Cortre
2016   Learning contextual information for indoor semantic segmentation  J Wang, C Zheng, W Chen, X Wu
2016   Exploiting deep convolutional network and patch-level CRFs for indoor semantic segmentation  X Wu, M Du, W Chen, Z Li
2016   Semantic computation in geography question answering  S Zhao, Y Zheng, C Zhu, T Zhao, S Li
2016   An Empirical Convolutional Neural Network approach for Semantic Relation Classification  P Qin, W Xu, J Guo
2016   Learning Dense Convolutional Embeddings For Semantic Segmentation  AW Harley, KG Derpanis, I Kokkinos
2016   Semantic tracking: Single-target tracking with inter-supervised convolutional networks  J Xiao, Q Lan, L Qiao, A Leonardis
2016   Do semantic parts emerge in Convolutional Neural Networks?  A Gonzalez
2016   Joint Optical Flow and Temporally Consistent Semantic Segmentation  J Hur, S Roth
2016   Semantic Segmentation Of Railway Track Images With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  X Gibert, VM Patel, R Chellappa
2016   Enhancing Semantic Segmentation for Robotics: The Power of 3D Entangled Forests  D Wolf, J Prankl, M Vincze
2016   Meaningful Maps $-$ Object-Oriented Semantic Mapping  N Sünderhauf, TT Pham, Y Latif, M Milford, I Reid
2016   Social Media Use for Open Innovation Initiatives: Proposing the Semantic Learning-Based Innovation Framework (SLBIF)  K Mirkovski, F von Briel, PB Lowry
2016   Learning Semantic Segmentation with Weakly-Annotated Videos  P Tokmakov, K Alahari, C Schmid
2016   Single Image Action Recognition using Semantic Body Part Actions  Z Zhao, H Ma, S You
2016   DeepLab: Semantic Image Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Nets, Atrous Convolution, and Fully Connected CRFs  LC Chen, G Papandreou, I Kokkinos, K Murphy
2016   Guest editorial: Bridging the semantic gap in multimedia understanding  Y Yan, J Lu
2016   Learning Transferrable Knowledge for Semantic Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Neural Network  S Hong, J Oh, B Han, H Lee
2016   Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation using Motion Cues  P Tokmakov, K Alahari, C Schmid
2016   Deep Learning Markov Random Field for Semantic Segmentation  Z Liu, X Li, P Luo, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Find your Way by Observing the Sun and Other Semantic Cues  WC Ma, S Wang, MA Brubaker, S Fidler, R Urtasun
2016   a Convolutional Network for Semantic Facade Segmentation and Interpretation  M Schmitz, H Mayer
2016   CogALex-V Shared Task: GHHH-Detecting Semantic Relations via Word Embeddings  M Attia, S Maharjan, Y Samih, L Kallmeyer, T Solorio
2016   Exploring Context with Deep Structured models for Semantic Segmentation  G Lin, C Shen, A Hengel, I Reid
2016   Automatically Learning Semantic Features for Defect Prediction  S Wang, T Liu, L Tan
2016   Capturing Semantic Similarity for Entity Linking with Convolutional Neural Networks  M Francis
2016   Learning a Semantic Space of Web Search via Session Data  L Bing, ZY Niu, W Lam, H Wang
2016   Simple Does It: Weakly Supervised Instance and Semantic Segmentation  A Khoreva, R Benenson, J Hosang, M Hein, B Schiele
2016   On-Line Large Scale Semantic Fusion  T Cavallari, L Di Stefano
2016   Improving Constrained Bundle Adjustment Through Semantic Scene Labeling  A Salehi, V Gay
2016   Semantic Expansion of Auto-Generated Scene Descriptions to Solve Robotic Tasks  MA Gutiérrez, RE Banchs
2016   Graphlets: Capturing Semantic Relationships Between Objects in Images  R Krishna, B Ni, T Migimatsu
2016   Exploiting Semantic Information and Deep Matching for Optical Flow  M Bai, W Luo, K Kundu, R Urtasun
2016   LSI: Latent Semantic Inference for Natural Image Segmentation  L Dong, N Feng, Q Zhang
2016   A Semantic RBM-based Model for Image Set Classification  S Elaiwat, M Bennamoun, F Boussaid
2016   Scene-driven Retrieval in Edited Videos using Aesthetic and Semantic Deep Features  L Baraldi, C Grana, R Cucchiara
2016   RGBD Semantic Segmentation Using Spatio-Temporal Data-Driven Pooling  Y He, WC Chiu, M Keuper, M Fritz
2016   The Cityscapes Dataset for Semantic Urban Scene Understanding  M Cordts, M Omran, S Ramos, T Rehfeld, M Enzweiler
2016   Deep Semantic Matching for Optical Flow  M Bai, W Luo, K Kundu, R Urtasun
2016   Fast, Exact and Multi-Scale Inference for Semantic Image Segmentation with Deep Gaussian CRFs  S Chandra, I Kokkinos
2016   Semantic Segmentation via Multi-task, Multi-domain Learning  A Trémeau, C Wolf
2016   Semantic Noise Modeling for Better Representation Learning  HE Kim, S Hwang, K Cho
2016   High-Resolution Semantic Labeling with Convolutional Neural Networks  E Maggiori, Y Tarabalka, G Charpiat, P Alliez
2016   MayoNLP at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Semantic textual similarity based on lexical semantic net and deep learning semantic model  N Afzal, Y Wang, H Liu
2016   NUIG-UNLP at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Soft Alignment and Deep Learning for Semantic Textual Similarity  JP McCrae, K Asooja, N Aggarwal, P Buitelaar
2016   Fbk-hlt-nlp at semeval-2016 task 2: A multitask, deep learning approach for interpretable semantic textual similarity  S Magnolini, A Feltracco, B Magnini
2016   Semantic Labeling of Music  P Knees, M Schedl
2016   Full-Resolution Residual Networks for Semantic Segmentation in Street Scenes  T Pohlen, A Hermans, M Mathias, B Leibe
2016   Did Evolution get it right? An evaluation of Near-Infrared imaging in semantic scene segmentation using deep learning  JR Siddiqui
2016   Scene classification based on semantic labeling  JC Rangel, M Cazorla, I García
2016   Machine Learning for Semantic Parsing in Review  A Aghaebrahimian, J Filip
2016   Training Bit Fully Convolutional Network for Fast Semantic Segmentation  H Wen, S Zhou, Z Liang, Y Zhang, D Feng, X Zhou
2016   Extracting Discriminative Keyphrases with Learned Semantic Hierarchies  Y Wang, SD Mining, Y Jin, UN Brunswick, X Zhu
2016   Semantic annotation for complex video street views based on 2D-3D multi-feature fusion and aggregated boosting decision forests  X Wang, G Yan, H Wang, J Fu, J Hua, J Wang, Y Yang
2016   Personalized Semantic Word Vectors  J Ebrahimi, D Dou
2016   Unsupervised Total Variation Loss for Semi-supervised Deep Learning of Semantic Segmentation  M Javanmardi, M Sajjadi, T Liu, T Tasdizen
2016   MultiNet: Real-time Joint Semantic Reasoning for Autonomous Driving  M Teichmann, M Weber, M Zoellner, R Cipolla
2016   Deep Semantic Mapping for Cross-Modal Retrieval  C Wang, H Yang, C Meinel
2016   Hierarchically Supervised Deconvolutional Network for Semantic Video Segmentation  Y Wang, J Liu, Y Li, J Fu, M Xu, H Lu
2016   Semantic Relatedness in Convolutional Neural Networks  P Missault
2016   Fully Convolutional Networks for Dense Semantic Labelling of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery  J Sherrah
2016   Can Ground Truth Label Propagation from Video help Semantic Segmentation?  S Karthik Mustikovela, MY Yang, C Rother
2016   Objectness-aware Semantic Segmentation  Y Wang, J Liu, Y Li, J Yan, H Lu
2016   Multimodal Learning via Exploring Deep Semantic Similarity  D Hu, X Lu, X Li
2016   Multi-Domain Joint Semantic Frame Parsing using Bi-directional RNN-LSTM  D Hakkani
2016   AL‐DDCNN: a distributed crossing semantic gap learning for person re‐identification  K Cheng, Y Zhan, M Qi
2016   High-performance Semantic Segmentation Using Very Deep Fully Convolutional Networks  Z Wu, C Shen, A Hengel
2016   Pixel-level Encoding and Depth Layering for Instance-level Semantic Labeling  J Uhrig, M Cordts, U Franke, T Brox
2016   Clockwork Convnets for Video Semantic Segmentation  E Shelhamer, K Rakelly, J Hoffman, T Darrell
2016   Mapping Auto-context Decision Forests to Deep ConvNets for Semantic Segmentation  DL Richmond, D Kainmueller, MY Yang, EW Myers
2016   Towards Robust Semantic Segmentation using Deep Fusion}  A Valada, G Oliveira, T Brox, W Burgard
2016   Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images using Deep Learning  S Muruganandham
2016   Re-identification and semantic retrieval of pedestrians in video surveillance scenarios  F Pala
2016   Scene semantic classification based on random-scale stretched convolutional neural network for high-spatial resolution remote sensing imagery  Y Liu, Y Zhong, F Fei, L Zhang
2016   Combining Semantic and Geometric Features for Object Class Segmentation of Indoor Scenes  F Husain, H Schulz, B Dellen, C Torras, S Behnke
2016   Diverse Sampling for Self-Supervised Learning of Semantic Segmentation  M Mostajabi, N Kolkin, G Shakhnarovich
2016   Lexicon based semantic detection of sentiments using expected likelihood estimate smoothed odds ratio  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Joint Semantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation with Deep Convolutional Networks  A Mousavian, H Pirsiavash, J Kosecka
2016   Gaussian Conditional Random Field Network for Semantic Segmentation  R Vemulapalli, O Tuzel, MY Liu, R Chellappa
2016   Fast Semantic Image Segmentation with High Order Context and Guided Filtering  F Shen, G Zeng
2016   CNN based texture synthesize with Semantic segment  X Liang, B Zhuo, P Li, L He
2016   Bridging Computational Features Toward Multiple Semantic Features with Multi-task Regression: A Study of CT Pulmonary Nodules  S Chen, D Ni, J Qin, B Lei, T Wang, JZ Cheng
2016   A Deep Learning Approach for Semantic Segmentation in Histology Tissue Images  J Wang, JD MacKenzie, R Ramachandran, DZ Chen
2016   A CNN Cascade for Landmark Guided Semantic Part Segmentation}  A Jackson, M Valstar, G Tzimiropoulos
2016   Pixel-level encoding and depth layering for instance-level semantic segmentation  J Uhrig, M Cordts, U Franke, T Brox
2016   Semantic Feature Mining for Video Event Understanding  X Yang, T Zhang, C Xu
2016   Generating Natural Language Descriptions for Semantic Representations of Human Brain Activity  E Matsuo, I Kobayashi, S Nishimoto, S Nishida, H Asoh
2016   Learning Common and Specific Features for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation with Deconvolutional Networks  J Wang, Z Wang, D Tao, S See, G Wang
2016   Semantic indexing with deep learning: a case study  Y Yan, XC Yin, BW Zhang, C Yang, HW Hao
2016   Dense semantic labeling of sub-decimeter resolution images with convolutional neural networks  M Volpi, D Tuia
2016   Exploring Deep Space: Learning Personalized Ranking in a Semantic Space  JBP Vuurens, M Larson, AP de Vries
2016   Bridging the Semantic Gaps of GPU Acceleration for Scale-out CNN-based Big Data Processing: Think Big, See Small  M Song, Y Hu, Y Xu, C Li, H Chen, J Yuan, T Li
2016   STFCN: Spatio-Temporal FCN for Semantic Video Segmentation  M Fayyaz, MH Saffar, M Sabokrou, M Fathy, R Klette
2016   Image semantic segmentation based on FCN-CRF model  H Zhou, J Zhang, J Lei, S Li, D Tu
2016   Image Captioning with Semantic Attention  Q You, H Jin, Z Wang, C Fang, J Luo
2016   Unsupervised Conceptualization and Semantic Text Indexing for Information Extraction  E Ruppert
2016   Global Deconvolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation  V Nekrasov, J Ju, J Choi
2016   A deep semantic framework for multimodal representation learning  C Wang, H Yang, C Meinel
2016   Video Captioning with Transferred Semantic Attributes  Y Pan, T Yao, H Li, T Mei
2016   Fully Convolutional Instance-aware Semantic Segmentation  Y Li, H Qi, J Dai, X Ji, Y Wei
2016   Task-Based Semantic Evaluation of Parse Tree Discontinuity  S de Gooijer, WH Zuidema
2015   Semantic Amodal Segmentation  Y Zhu, Y Tian, D Mexatas, P Dollár
2015   Weakly-and Semi-Supervised Learning of a Deep Convolutional Network for Semantic Image Segmentation  G Papandreou, LC Chen, K Murphy, AL Yuille
2015   Semantic Image Search from Multiple Query Images  G Vaca
2015   Discovering Semantic Vocabularies for Cross-Media Retrieval  A Habibian, T Mensink, CGM Snoek
2015   Weakly-and Semi-Supervised Learning of a DCNN for Semantic Image Segmentation  G Papandreou, LC Chen, K Murphy, AL Yuille
2015   On metric embedding for boosting semantic similarity computations  J Subercaze, C Gravier, F Laforest
2015   What's the point: Semantic segmentation with point supervision  O Russakovsky, AL Bearman, V Ferrari, FF Li
2015   Deep Semantic Encodings for Language Modeling  AO Bayer, G Riccardi
2015   Fast Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds using a Dense CRF with Learned Parameters  D Wolf, J Prankl, M Vincze
2015   Semantic Summarization of Egocentric Photo Stream Events  A Lidon, M Bolaños, M Dimiccoli, P Radeva
2015   Multi-Scale Convolutional Architecture for Semantic Segmentation  A Raj, D Maturana, S Scherer
2015   Semantic Analysis in Human Action Recognition: A Comprehensive Study  Z Zhang, S Liu, S Liu, L Han, Y Shao
2015   Semantic Parsing for Text Analytics  M Kuhlmann
2015   Research Article Encoding Sequential Information in Semantic Space Models: Comparing Holographic Reduced Representation and Random Permutation  G Recchia, M Sahlgren, P Kanerva, MN Jones
2015   Semantic Part Segmentation with Deep Learning  S Tsogkas, I Kokkinos, G Papandreou, A Vedaldi
2015   Integrating Geometrical Context for Semantic Labeling of Indoor Scenes using RGBD Images  SH Khan, M Bennamoun, F Sohel, R Togneri
2015   Semantic Image Segmentation with Contextual Hierarchical Models  M Seyedhosseini, T Tasdizen
2015   Domain Adaptation for Syntactic and Semantic Dependency Parsing Using Deep Belief Networks  H Yang, T Zhuang, C Zong
2015   Semantic Image Segmentation With Deep Con-Volutional Nets And Fully Connected Crfs  LC Chen, G Papandreou, I Kokkinos, K Murphy
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