Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: semi-supervised

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation using Generative Adversarial Networks  THP Jensen
2017   Semi-supervised Conditional GANs  K Sricharan, R Bala, M Shreve, H Ding, K Saketh
2017   Visual vehicle tracking based on deep representation and semi-supervised learning  Y CAI, H WANG, X SUN, L CHEN
2017   Good Semi-supervised Learning that Requires a Bad GAN  Z Dai, Z Yang, F Yang, WW Cohen, R Salakhutdinov
2017   Semi-Supervised Learning via New Deep Network Inversion  R Balestriero, V Roger, HG Glotin, RG Baraniuk 
2017   Semi-supervised Deep Learning using Pseudo Labels for Hyperspectral Image Classification  H Wu, S Prasad 
2017   Joint Weakly and Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Localization and Classification of Masses in Breast Ultrasound Images  SY Shin, S Lee, ID Yun, KM Lee 
2017   Generative Adversarial Networks-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification  Z He, H Liu, Y Wang, J Hu 
2017   Semi-supervised Assessment of Incomplete LV Coverage in Cardiac MRI Using Generative Adversarial Nets  L Zhang, A Gooya, AF Frangi
2017   Semi-Supervised Deep Neural Network for Network Intrusion Detection  M Nadeem, O Marshall, S Singh, X Fang, X Yuan
2017   Improved Semi-supervised Learning with GANs using Manifold Invariances  A Kumar, P Sattigeri, PT Fletcher
2017   Deep Learning at 15PF: Supervised and Semi-Supervised Classification for Scientific Data  T Kurth, J Zhang, N Satish, I Mitliagkas, E Racah
2017   Learning Loss Functions for Semi-supervised Learning via Discriminative Adversarial Networks  CN Santos, K Wadhawan, B Zhou
2017   Semi-Supervised Haptic Material Recognition for Robots using Generative Adversarial Networks  Z Erickson, S Chernova, CC Kemp
2017   Semi-Supervised Learning with IPM-based GANs: an Empirical Study  T Sercu, Y Mroueh 
2017   Rapid online semi-supervised training of a scene parser using a convolutional auto-encoder and representation nudging  S Arnold, K Yamazaki
2017   Classification of 1D-Signal Types Using Semi-Supervised Deep Learning  T Šebrek
2017   Semi-Supervised Learning for Optical Flow with Generative Adversarial Networks  WS Lai, JB Huang, MH Yang 
2017   A semi-supervised generative framework with deep learning features for high-resolution remote sensing image scene classification  W Han, R Feng, L Wang, Y Cheng 
2017   Weight-averaged consistency targets improve semi-supervised deep learning results  A Tarvainen, H Valpola
2017   GAR: An efficient and scalable Graph-based Activity Regularization for semi-supervised learning  O Kilinc, I Uysal
2017   Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Monocular Depth Map Prediction  Y Kuznietsov, J Stückler, B Leibe
2017   Smooth Neighbors on Teacher Graphs for Semi-supervised Learning  Y Luo, J Zhu, M Li, Y Ren, B Zhang 
2017   A Deep Neural Network Based on ELM for Semi-supervised Learning of Image Classification  P Chang, J Zhang, J Hu, Z Song 
2017   Semi-Supervised Image Classification with Self-Paced Cross-Task Networks  S Wu, Q Ji, S Wang, HS Wong, Z Yu, Y Xu 
2017   Auto-encoder with Adversarially Regularized Latent Variables for Semi-Supervised Learning  R Tachibana, T Matsubara, K Uehara
2017   Semi-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning in Support of IoT and Smart City Services  M Mohammadi, A Al
2017   Deep Learning of Semi-supervised Process Data with Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine and Soft Sensor Application  L Yao, Z Ge
2017   The Deep Belief and Self-Organizing Neural Network as a Semi-Supervised Classification Method for Hyperspectral Data  W Lan, Q Li, N Yu, Q Wang, S Jia, K Li 
2017   Customer Profile Learning Based On Semi-Supervised Recurrent Neural Network Using Partially Labeled Sequence Data  H Li, A Sheopuri, J Yi, Q Yu 
2016   Semi-supervised Learning with Encoder-Decoder Recurrent Neural Networks: Experiments with Motion Capture Sequences  C Pal
2016   Multi-Objective Model Selection (MOMS)-based Semi-Supervised Framework for Sentiment Analysis  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Semi-Supervised Learning with Context-Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks  E Denton, S Gross, R Fergus
2016   Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning in Acoustic Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition  Y Liu
2016   SSDH: Semi-supervised Deep Hashing for Large Scale Image Retrieval  J Zhang, Y Peng, J Zhang
2016   Semi-supervised Knowledge Transfer for Deep Learning from Private Training Data  N Papernot, M Abadi, Ú Erlingsson, I Goodfellow
2016   A semi-supervised approach to sentiment analysis using revised sentiment strength based on SentiWordNet  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Building energy modeling (BEM) using clustering algorithms and semi-supervised machine learning approaches  H Naganathan, WO Chong, X Chen
2016   SWIMS: Semi-Supervised Subjective Feature Weighting and Intelligent Model Selection for Sentiment Analysis  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Mutual Exclusivity Loss for Semi-Supervised Deep Learning  M Sajjadi, M Javanmardi, T Tasdizen
2016   Semi-supervised deep learning by metric embedding  E Hoffer, N Ailon
2016   Temporal Ensembling for Semi-Supervised Learning  S Laine, T Aila
2016   Semi-supervised Learning using Denoising Autoencoders for Brain Lesion Detection and Segmentation  V Alex, K Vaidhya, S Thirunavukkarasu, C Kesavdas
2016   Active and Semi-Supervised Learning in ASR: Benefits on the Acoustic and Language Models  T Drugman, J Pylkkönen, R Kneser
2016   Semi-supervised classification of hyperspectral imagery based on stacked autoencoders  Q Fu, X Yu, X Wei, Z Xue
2016   Unsupervised Total Variation Loss for Semi-supervised Deep Learning of Semantic Segmentation  M Javanmardi, M Sajjadi, T Liu, T Tasdizen
2016   Deep and Fast: Deep Learning Hashing with Semi-supervised Graph Construction  J Song, L Gao, F Zou, Y Yan
2016   Decision making via semi-supervised machine learning techniques  E Protopapadakis
2016   Locally Embedding Autoencoders: A Semi-Supervised Manifold Learning Approach of Document Representation  C Wei, S Luo, X Ma, H Ren, J Zhang, L Pan
2016   Semi-supervised Variational Autoencoders for Sequence Classification  W Xu, H Sun
2016   Semi-Supervised Learning with the Deep Rendering Mixture Model  T Nguyen, W Liu, E Perez, RG Baraniuk, AB Patel
2016   Semi-Supervised Classification with Graph Convolutional Networks  TN Kipf, M Welling
2016   Virtual Adversarial Training for Semi-Supervised Text Classification  T Miyato, AM Dai, I Goodfellow
2016   Infinite Variational Autoencoder for Semi-Supervised Learning  E Abbasnejad, A Dick, A Hengel
2016   Semi-Supervised Feature Transformation for Tissue Image Classification  K Watanabe, T Kobayashi, T Wada
2015   Weakly-and Semi-Supervised Learning of a Deep Convolutional Network for Semantic Image Segmentation  G Papandreou, LC Chen, K Murphy, AL Yuille
2015   Weakly-and Semi-Supervised Learning of a DCNN for Semantic Image Segmentation  G Papandreou, LC Chen, K Murphy, AL Yuille
2015   Semi-Supervised Approach to Named Entity Recognition in Spanish Applied to a Real-World Conversational System  SS Bojórquez, VM González
2015   Semi-supervised Sequence Learning  AM Dai, QV Le
2015   Extended Semi-supervised Fuzzy Learning Method for Nonlinear Outliers via Pattern Discovery  X Song, Z Liu, X Yang, J Yang, Y Qi
2015   ECE-544 Project: Semi-Supervised Hashing for Large-Scale Search  RS Pahwa
2015   Semi-supervised Hierarchical Clustering Ensemble and Its Application  W Xiao, Y Yang, H Wang, T Li, H Xing
2015   Online Learning of Deep Hybrid Architectures for Semi-Supervised Categorization  AG Ororbia II, D Reitter, J Wu, CL Giles
2015   Semi-supervised Energy Modeling (SSEM) for Building Clusters Using Machine Learning Techniques  H Naganathan, WK Chong, X Chen
2015   Multi-softmax Deep Neural Network for Semi-supervised Training  H Su12, H Xu
2015   Deep Transductive Semi-supervised Maximum Margin Clustering  G Chen
2015   Online Semi-Supervised Learning with Deep Hybrid Boltzmann Machines and Denoising Autoencoders  II Ororbia, G Alexander, CL Giles, D Reitter
2015   Large Scale Distributed Semi-Supervised Learning Using Streaming Approximation  S Ravi, Q Diao
2015   Semi-supervised learning and feature evaluation for RGB-D object recognition  Y Cheng, X Zhao, K Huang, T Tan
2015   Deep semi-supervised learning for domain adaptation  HY Chen, JT Chien
2015   Semi-supervised deep extreme learning machine for Wi-Fi based localization  Y Gu, Y Chen, J Liu, X Jiang
2015   Semi-Supervised Dependency Parsing  W Chen, M Zhang
2015   Semi-Supervised Learning with Ladder Network  A Rasmus, H Valpola, M Honkala, M Berglund, T Raiko
2015   Learning a Deep Hybrid Model for Semi-Supervised Text Classification  AG Ororbia II, CL Giles, D Reitter
2014   Inductive Bias for Semi-supervised Extreme Learning Machine  F Bisio, S Decherchi, P Gastaldo, R Zunino
2014   Coupled Projections for Semi-supervised Adaptation of Dictionaries  S Shekhar, VM Patel, HV Nguyen, R Chellappa
2014   Multi-View Semi-Supervised Learning Based Image Annotation  CJ Sun, SH Zhu, Z Shi
2014   Greedy Approaches to Semi-Supervised Subspace Learning  M Kim
2014   Vehicle Type Classification Using Semi-Supervised Convolutional Neural Network  Z Dong, Y Wu, M Pei, Y Jia
2014   Semi-Supervised Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition  Y Cheng, X Zhao, K Huang, T Tan