Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sensing

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep learning based threat classification in distributed acoustic sensing systems  M Aktas, T Akgun, MU Demircin, D Buyukaydin
2017   Distributed Opportunistic Sensing and Fusion for Traffic Congestion Detection  A Nottle, D Harborne, D Braines, M Alzantot
2017   Local feature representation based on linear filtering with feature pooling and divisive normalization for remote sensing image classification  L Wan, N Liu, Y Guo, H Huo, T Fang
2017   Deep Multitask Architecture for Integrated 2D and 3D Human Sensing  AI Popa, M Zanfir, C Sminchisescu
2017   A Review On The Remote Sensing Images Based On Object Detection Using Deep Belief Networks  EA Kaur, EN Kaur
2017   Superpixel-Based Difference Representation Learning for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote Sensing Images  M Gong, T Zhan, P Zhang, Q Miao
2017   Efficient Compressed Sensing for Wireless Neural Recording: A Deep Learning Approach  B Sun, H Feng
2017   Deep learning based multi-threat classification for phase-OTDR fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing applications  M Aktas, T Akgun, MU Demircin, D Buyukaydin
2017   Accurate Object Localization in Remote Sensing Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Long, Y Gong, Z Xiao, Q Liu
2017   Exploiting Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Deep Belief Networks in Compressed Sensing  LF Polania, KE Barner
2017   Extracting Parking Areas from Remote Sensing Imagery and Spatiotemporal Traffic Data  J Glaab
2017   Fully Convolutional Network With Task Partitioning for Inshore Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images  H Lin, Z Shi, Z Zou
2017   MARTA GANs: Unsupervised Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification  D Lin, K Fu, Y Wang, G Xu, X Sun 
2017   Multi-Modal Remote Sensing Data Fusion Framework.  MAA Ghaffar, TT Vu, TH Maul
2017   Deformable ConvNet with Aspect Ratio Constrained NMS for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery  Z Xu, X Xu, L Wang, R Yang, F Pu 
2017   Deep and fast learning for feature extraction of merged or fused satellite remote sensing images to observe lake eutrophication (Conference Presentation)  NB Chang
2017   Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction with Cyclic Loss in Generative Adversarial Networks  TM Quan, T Nguyen
2017   Ship Detection and Classification on Optical Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning  Y Liu, HY Cui, Z Kuang, GQ Li
2017   Prediction of Cognitive States during Flight Simulation using Multimodal Psychophysiological Sensing  AR Harrivel, CL Stephens, RJ Milletich, CM Heinich
2017   A Study on the Recognition and Classification Method of High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Deep Belief Network  G Chen, X Li, L Liu
2017   Land-Use Classification with Remote Sensing Image Based on Stacked Autoencoder  A Ding, X Zhou
2017   Human Motion Sensing and Recognition  H Liu, Z Ju, X Ji, CS Chan, M Khoury
2017   Binary Patterns Encoded Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Recognition and Remote Sensing Scene Classification  RM Anwer, FS Khan, J van de Weijer, M Molinier
2017   DeepCodec: Adaptive Sensing and Recovery via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  A Mousavi, G Dasarathy, RG Baraniuk
2017   Learning to short-time Fourier transform in spectrum sensing  L Zhou, Z Sun, W Wang
2017   A Deep Learning Framework using Passive WiFi Sensing for Respiration Monitoring  UM Khan, Z Kabir, SA Hassan, SH Ahmed
2017   Deep Self-taught Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification  A Bettge, R Roscher, S Wenzel 
2017   Classification for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using a Fully Convolutional Network  G Fu, C Liu, R Zhou, T Sun, Q Zhang
2017   Multilevel Cloud Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Deep Learning  F Xie, M Shi, Z Shi, J Yin, D Zhao
2017   Deep Unsupervised Representation Learning for Remote Sensing Images  DY Lin
2017   Deep Learning Based Oil Palm Tree Detection and Counting for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  W Li, H Fu, L Yu, A Cracknell
2017   DR $^{2} $-Net: Deep Residual Reconstruction Network for Image Compressive Sensing  H Yao, F Dai, D Zhang, Y Ma, S Zhang, Y Zhang
2017   Deep learning-based classification of remote sensing image  J Liu, M Yang
2017   Aircraft Recognition Based on Landmark Detection in Remote Sensing Images  A Zhao, K Fu, S Wang, J Zuo, Y Zhang, Y Hu, H Wang
2017   On prediction error compressive sensing image reconstruction for face recognition  S Biswas, J Sil, SP Maity 
2017   A semi-supervised generative framework with deep learning features for high-resolution remote sensing image scene classification  W Han, R Feng, L Wang, Y Cheng 
2017   Deep artifact learning for compressed sensing and parallel MRI  D Lee, J Yoo, JC Ye
2017   Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Using Bag of Convolutional Features  G Cheng, Z Li, X Yao, L Guo, Z Wei
2017   Multiview Canonical Correlation Analysis Networks for Remote Sensing Image Recognition  X Yang, W Liu, D Tao, J Cheng, S Li
2017   Automatic and Fast PCM Generation for Occluded Object Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  S Qiu, G Wen, Z Deng, Y Fan, B Hui
2017   Computational intelligence in optical remote sensing image processing  Y Zhong, A Ma, Y soon Ong, Z Zhu, L Zhang 
2017   Deep learning for semantic segmentation of remote sensing images with rich spectral content  A Hamida, A Benoît, P Lambert, L Klein, C Amar 
2017   Fully-Convolutional Measurement Network for Compressive Sensing Image Reconstruction  X Xie, J Du, C Wang, G Shi, X Xu, Y Wang 
2017   Deep Feature Fusion for VHR Remote Sensing Scene Classification  S Chaib, H Liu, Y Gu, H Yao
2017   Deep Generative Adversarial Networks for Compressed Sensing Automates MRI  M Mardani, E Gong, JY Cheng, S Vasanawala
2017   Deep Sensing: Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based on Convolutional Neural Networks  W Lee, M Kim, DH Cho, R Schober
2017   A Deep-Learning-Based Forecasting Ensemble to Predict Missing Data for Remote Sensing Analysis  M Das, SK Ghosh 
2017   Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Mapping Arctic Vegetation Using Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Fusion  ZL Langford, J Kumar, FM Hoffman 
2017   Mobile Sensing Through Deep Learning  X Zeng
2017   Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Retrieval by Deep Hashing Neural Networks  Y Li, Y Zhang, X Huang, H Zhu, J Ma 
2017   Domain Adaptation Using Representation Learning for the Classification of Remote Sensing Images  A Elshamli, GW Taylor, A Berg, S Areibi
2017   Deep Residual Learning For Compressed Sensing Mri  D Lee, J Yoo, JC Ye
2017   Can a Machine Generate Humanlike Language Descriptions for a Remote Sensing Image?  Z Shi, Z Zou
2017   An Effective Method Based on ACF for Aircraft Detection in Remote Sensing Images  A Zhao, K Fu, H Sun, X Sun, F Li, D Zhang, H Wang
2017   Deep Learning Classification of Land Cover and Crop Types Using Remote Sensing Data  N Kussul, M Lavreniuk, S Skakun, A Shelestov
2017   Unsupervised Deep Feature Learning for Urban Village Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images  Y Li, X Huang, H Liu
2017   Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification: Benchmark and State of the Art  G Cheng, J Han, X Lu
2017   Active Clothing Material Perception using Tactile Sensing and Deep Learning  W Yuan, Y Mo, S Wang, E Adelson 
2017   Cell Detection with Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Compressed Sensing  Y Xue, N Ray
2017   Rolling bearing fault feature learning using improved convolutional deep belief network with compressed sensing  H Shao, H Jiang, H Zhang, W Duan, T Liang, S Wu
2017   Simultaneous extraction of roads and buildings in remote sensing imagery with convolutional neural networks  R Alshehhi, PR Marpu, WL Woon, M Dalla Mura
2017   Deep feature extraction and combination for remote sensing image classification based on pre-trained CNN models  S Chaib, H Yao, Y Gu, M Amrani
2017   FusionNet: Edge Aware Deep Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Harbor Images  D Cheng, G Meng, S Xiang, C Pan
2017   Deep neural network-based domain adaptation for classification of remote sensing images  L Ma, J Song
2017   Training convolutional neural networks for semantic classification of remote sensing imagery  M Castelluccio, G Poggi, C Sansone, L Verdoliva
2017   Parallel Multiclass Support Vector Machine for Remote Sensing Data Classification on Multicore and Many-Core Architectures  W Li, H Fu, Y You, L Yu, J Fang
2017   Integrating Multilayer Features of Convolutional Neural Networks for Remote Sensing Scene Classification  E Li, J Xia, P Du, C Lin, A Samat
2017   DeepQuality: Mass Spectra Quality Assessment via Compressed Sensing and Deep Learning  C Ma 
2017   Building Extraction From Remote Sensing Data Using Fully Convolutional Networks.  K Bittner, S Cui, P Reinartz
2017   A Novel Methodology to Label Urban Remote Sensing Images Based on Location-Based Social Media Photos  M Chi, Z Sun, Y Qin, J Shen, JA Benediktsson
2017   A Comparative Study Of Convolutional Neural Networks For Segmentation And Classification Of Remote Sensing Images  MPD Devi, DA Chitra 
2017   Maritime Semantic Labeling of Optical Remote Sensing Images with Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network  H Lin, Z Shi, Z Zou
2017   Human Motion Sensing and Recognition: A Fuzzy Qualitative Approach  H Liu, Z Ju, X Ji, CS Chan, M Khoury
2016   Deep Residual Learning for Compressed Sensing CT Reconstruction via Persistent Homology Analysis  Y Han, J Yoo, JC Ye
2016   Efficient Saliency-Based Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Belief Networks  W Diao, X Sun, X Zheng, F Dou, H Wang, K Fu
2016   Convolutional Deep Stacking Networks for Distributed Compressive Sensing  H Palangi, R Ward, L Deng
2016   Poster: MobiEar-Building an Environment-independent Acoustic Sensing Platform for the Deaf using Deep Learning  S Liu, J Du
2016   Deep Gaussian Process for Crop Yield Prediction Based on Remote Sensing Data  J You, X Li, M Low, D Lobell, S Ermon
2016   Toward Real-time Brain Sensing for Learning Assessment: Building a Rich Dataset  S Keating, E Walker, A Motupali, E Solovey
2016   A CRF that Combines Tactile Sensing and Vision for Haptic Mapping  AK Shenoi, A Kumar
2016   CSVideoNet: A Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Compressive Sensing Video Reconstruction  K Xu, F Ren
2016   A Deep Learning Approach to Block-based Compressed Sensing of Images  A Adler, D Boublil, M Elad, M Zibulevsky
2016   Single-Image Super Resolution for Multispectral Remote Sensing Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks  L Liebel, M Körner
2016   Object Recognition Under Complex Environmental Conditions on Remote Sensing Image  J Liu, M Yang
2016   Change detection based on deep feature representation and mapping transformation for multi-spatial-resolution remote sensing images  P Zhang, M Gong, L Su, J Liu, Z Li
2016   Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Data: A Technical Tutorial on the State of the Art  L Zhang, L Zhang, B Du
2016   Deep Fully-Connected Networks for Video Compressive Sensing  M Iliadis, L Spinoulas, AK Katsaggelos
2016   DeepSense: A Unified Deep Learning Framework for Time-Series Mobile Sensing Data Processing  S Yao, S Hu, Y Zhao, A Zhang, T Abdelzaher
2016   Geological Disaster Recognition on Optical Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning  Y Liu, L Wu
2016   Towards Better Exploiting Convolutional Neural Networks for Remote Sensing Scene Classification  K Nogueira, OAB Penatti, JA Santos
2016   SVM or deep learning? A comparative study on remote sensing image classification  P Liu, KKR Choo, L Wang, F Huang
2016   Spectral–spatial multi-feature-based deep learning for hyperspectral remote sensing image classification  L Wang, J Zhang, P Liu, KKR Choo, F Huang
2016   Sensing and Assessing Cognitive Workload Across Multiple Tasks  MD Ziegler, A Kraft, M Krein, LC Lo, B Hatfield
2016   Object Classification and Grasp Planning Using Visual and Tactile Sensing  F Sun, C Liu, W Huang, J Zhang
2016   Deep learning for superpixel-based classification of remote sensing images  C Gonzalo
2016   Content-Based High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval via Unsupervised Feature Learning and Collaborative Affinity Metric Fusion  Y Li, Y Zhang, C Tao, H Zhu
2016   Deep Blind Compressed Sensing  S Singh, V Singhal, A Majumdar
2016   Lasagna: towards deep hierarchical understanding and searching over mobile sensing data  C Liu, L Zhang, Z Liu, K Liu, X Li, Y Liu
2016   Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Using Multi-Scale Completed Local Binary Patterns and Fisher Vectors  L Huang, C Chen, W Li, Q Du
2016   SenTion: A framework for Sensing Facial Expressions  R Islam, K Ahuja, S Karmakar, F Barbhuiya
2016   A universal remote sensing image quality improvement method with deep learning  Y Wei, Q Yuan, H Shen, L Zhang
2016   Cloud detection of remote sensing images by deep learning  M Shi, F Xie, Y Zi, J Yin
2016   Scene semantic classification based on random-scale stretched convolutional neural network for high-spatial resolution remote sensing imagery  Y Liu, Y Zhong, F Fei, L Zhang
2016   Exploiting Correlations Among Channels In Distributed Compressive Sensing With Convolutional Deep Stacking Networks  H Palangi, R Ward, L Deng
2016   Optical Image and Remote Sensing on Ship Detection using Extreme Learning Machine  S Selvarani, S Saraswathi, D Santhiya, A Jasmitha
2016   Situation Awareness and Computational Intelligence in Opportunistic Networks to Support the Data Transmission of Urban Sensing Applications  CO Rolim, AG Rossetto, VRQ Leithardt, GA Borges
2016   Deep learning feature map for content based image retrieval system for remote sensing application  S Jain, T Zaveri, K Prajapati, S Patel
2016   Psychophysiological Sensing and State Classification for Attention Management in Commercial Aviation  AR Harrivel, C Liles, CL Stephens, KK Ellis, LJ Prinzel
2016   Fully Convolutional Neural Networks For Remote Sensing Image Classification  E Maggiori, Y Tarabalka, G Charpiat, P Alliez
2016   Convolutional Neural Networks for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Classification  E Maggiori, Y Tarabalka, G Charpiat, P Alliez
2016   The extraction of motion-onset VEP BCI features based on deep learning and compressed sensing  T Ma, H Li, H Yang, X Lv, P Li, T Liu, D Yao, P Xu
2016   Deep-STEP: A Deep Learning Approach for Spatiotemporal Prediction of Remote Sensing Data  M Das, SK Ghosh
2015   Deep Learning Based Feature Selection for Remote Sensing Scene Classification  Q Zou, L Ni, T Zhang, Q Wang
2015   On combining multiscale deep learning features for the classification of hyperspectral remote sensing imagery  W Zhao, Z Guo, J Yue, X Zhang, L Luo
2015   Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Image Understanding  L Zhang, GS Xia, T Wu, L Lin, XC Tai
2015   Enhanced gesture-based human-computer interaction through a Compressive Sensing reduction scheme of very large and efficient depth feature descriptors  T Mantecon, A Mantecon, CR del
2015   Transferring Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for the Scene Classification of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery  F Hu, GS Xia, J Hu, L Zhang
2015   IGARSS 2014-2014 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium  P Tickle, TO Chan, K Lowell
2015   Dense vs Sparse: A Comparative Study of Sampling Analysis in Scene Classification of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery  J Hu, GS Xia, F Hu, L Zhang
2015   Unsupervised Deep Feature Extraction for Remote Sensing Image Classification  A Romero, C Gatta, G Camps
2015   ZOE: A Cloud-less Dialog-enabled Continuous Sensing Wearable Exploiting Heterogeneous Computation  ND Lane, P Georgiev, C Mascolo, Y Gao
2015   Night Time Vehicle Sensing in Far Infrared Image with Deep Learning  H Wang, Y Cai, X Chen, L Chen
2015   Land Use Classification in Remote Sensing Images by Convolutional Neural Networks  M Castelluccio, G Poggi, C Sansone, L Verdoliva
2015   A scalable spatiotemporal inference framework based on statistical shape analysis for natural ecosystem monitoring by remote sensing  X Liu, A Sharma, X Yang, N Nye
2015   Reliability-based robust design of smart sensing systems for failure diagnostics using piezoelectric materials  P Wang, Z Wang, BD Youn, S Lee
2015   Review of Machine Learning Approaches for Biomass and Soil Moisture Retrievals from Remote Sensing Data  I Ali, F Greifeneder, J Stamenkovic, M Neumann
2015   Deep Learning for Social Sensing from Tweets  G Attardi, L Gorrieri, A Miaschi, R Petrolito
2015   Unsupervised feature learning for scene classification of high resolution remote sensing image  M Fu, Y Yuan, X Lu
2015   Remote Sensing Tertiary Education Meets High Intensity Interval Training  KE Joycea, B Whiteb
2015   Bayesian Sensing Hidden Markov Model for Hand Gesture Recognition  A Hernawan, YS Lee, A Santoso, CY Wang, JC Wang
2015   Design and Implementation of Novel Agricultural Remote Sensing Im-age Classification Framework through Deep Neural Network and Multi-Feature Analysis  Y ZHANG
2015   Object recognition in remote sensing images using sparse deep belief networks  W Diao, X Sun, F Dou, M Yan, H Wang, K Fu
2015   DeepEar: robust smartphone audio sensing in unconstrained acoustic environments using deep learning  ND Lane, P Georgiev, L Qendro
2015   Transfer Learning from Deep Features for Remote Sensing and Poverty Mapping  M Xie, N Jean, M Burke, D Lobell, S Ermon
2014   Image Classification with A Deep Network Model based on Compressive Sensing  Y Gan, T Zhuo, C He
2014   UNISENSE: A Unified and Sustainable Sensing and Transport Architecture for Large Scale and Heterogeneous Sensor Networks  Y Jin, HP Tan