Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sensor

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Transforming Sensor Data to the Image Domain for Deep Learning-an Application to Footstep Detection  MS Singh, V Pondenkandath, B Zhou, P Lukowicz
2017   Multi-National Banknote Classification Based on Visible-light Line Sensor and Convolutional Neural Network  TD Pham, DE Lee, KR Park
2017   SenseGen: A Deep Learning Architecture for Synthetic Sensor Data Generation  M Alzantot, S Chakraborty, MB Srivastava
2017   Real-time pedestrian recognition at night based on far infrared image sensor  E Choi, W Lee, K Lee, J Kim, J Kim
2017   Dirty Pixels: Optimizing Image Classification Architectures for Raw Sensor Data  S Diamond, V Sitzmann, S Boyd, G Wetzstein, F Heide
2017   Indoor Air Quality Analysis Using Deep Learning with Sensor Data  J Ahn, D Shin, K Kim, J Yang 
2017   Sensor Fusion for Robot Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning  S Bohez, T Verbelen, E De Coninck, B Vankeirsbilck
2017   Sensor fusion for ecologically valid obstacle identification: Building a comprehensive assistive technology platform for the visually impaired  JR Rizzo, Y Pan, T Hudson, EK Wong, Y Fang
2017   Automated Annotation of Sensor data for Activity Recognition using Deep Learning  M Benndorf, F Ringsleben, T Haenselmann, B Yadav 
2017   A context-Aware Smart Home Control System based on ZigBee Sensor Network  M Khan, BN Silva, C Jung, K Han
2017   A Study on the Prediction Method of Emergency Room (ER) Pollution Level based on Deep Learning using Scattering Sensor  ML Choi, MJ Lim, YM Kwon, DK Chung
2017   Learning soft mask with DNN and DNN-SVM for multi-speaker DOA estimation using an acoustic vector sensor  D Wang, Y Zou, W Wang
2017   A Brownian Motion Model and Extreme Belief Machine for Modeling Sensor Data Measurements  RA Murphy
2017   Deep learning of submerged body images from 2D sonar sensor based on convolutional neural network  S Lee
2017   Force/torque sensor calibration method by using deep-learning  HS Oh, G Kang, U Kim, JK Seo, WS You, HR Choi
2017   DVFS-Based Long-Term Task Scheduling for Dual-Channel Solar-Powered Sensor Nodes  T Wu, Y Liu, D Zhang, J Li, XS Hu, CJ Xue, H Yang
2017   A Deep Learning Approach for Iris Sensor Model Identification  F Marra, G Poggi, C Sansone, L Verdoliva
2017   A Deep Learning Approach for Blind Drift Calibration of Sensor Networks  Y Wang, A Yang, X Chen, P Wang, Y Wang, H Yang
2017   Practical Processing of Mobile Sensor Data for Continual Deep Learning Predictions  K Katevas, I Leontiadis, M Pielot, J Serrà
2017   A Data-Driven Response Virtual Sensor Technique with Partial Vibration Measurements Using Convolutional Neural Network  SB Sun, YY He, SD Zhou, ZJ Yue 
2017   A Passive Learning Sensor Architecture for Multimodal Image Labeling: An Application for Social Robots  MA Gutiérrez, LJ Manso, H Pandya, P Núñez
2017   An intelligent power monitoring and analysis system for distributed smart plugs sensor networks  SH Lee, CS Yang
2017   A deep learning based soft sensor for a sour water stripping plant  S Graziani, MG Xibilia
2017   Deep learning application trial to lung cancer diagnosis for medical sensor systems  R Shimizu, S Yanagawa, Y Monde, H Yamagishi
2017   A Visual Approach to Data Fusion in Sensor Networks  M Zsifkovits, M Moll, TS Pham, SW Pickl
2017   Cognitive Sensor Technology for Structural Health Monitoring  A Serov
2017   A Deep Learning Model for Traffic Flow State Classification Based on Smart Phone Sensor Data  W Tu, F Xiao, L Fu, G Pan
2017   A preliminary evaluation of the use of on-animal sensor data to predict metabolizable energy intake of sheep using Deep Belief Networks  H Suparwito, D Thomas, KW Wong, S Rai, H Xie
2017   An Event-Driven Classifier for Spiking Neural Networks Fed with Synthetic or Dynamic Vision Sensor Data  E Stromatias, M Soto, T Serrano
2017   Cloud-Based Processing Using Local Device Provided Sensor Data And Labels  E Visser, M Jin, L Kim, R Peri, S Zhang 
2017   Real-Time Deep Learning For Danger Prediction Using Heterogeneous Time-Series Sensor Data  R Min, D Song 
2017   An event-based classifier for Dynamic Vision Sensor and synthetic data  E Stromatias, M Soto, T Serrano
2017   Shape-independent Hardness Estimation Using Deep Learning and a GelSight Tactile Sensor  W Yuan, C Zhu, A Owens, MA Srinivasan, EH Adelson
2017   Nuclear Power Plant Thermocouple Sensor Fault Detection and Classification using Deep Learning and Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test  S Mandal, B Santhi, S Sridhar, K Vinolia
2017   A future perspective for automated detection of archaeology using deep learning with remote sensor data  I Kramer, J Hare, A Prugel
2017   Automated detection of archaeology in the New Forest using deep learning with remote sensor data  I Kramer, J Hare, A Prugel
2017   A link prediction approach based on deep learning for opportunistic sensor network  J Shu, Q Chen, L Liu, L Xu
2017   Auxiliary Features from Laser-Doppler Vibrometer Sensor for Deep Neural Network Based Robust Speech Recognition  L Sun, J Du, Z Xie, Y Xu
2017   Fault Diagnosis from Raw Sensor Data Using Deep Neural Networks Considering Temporal Coherence  R Zhang, Z Peng, L Wu, B Yao, Y Guan
2017   Moving object detection from a vehicle using sensor fusion and deep learning  RS Dheekonda, S Panda, M Hasan, S Anwar
2017   Learning the mapping function from voltage amplitudes to sensor positions in 3D-EMA using deep neural networks  C Kroos, M Plumbley
2017   Urban Data Mining applied to sound sensor networks  T Vertriest
2017   … Consumption and Send Secure Data Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks Using A Combination of Techniques For Multi-Layer Watermark And Deep Learning  N Heydari, B Minaei–Bidgoli
2017   Deep Learning of Semi-supervised Process Data with Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine and Soft Sensor Application  L Yao, Z Ge
2017   Direct Speech Reconstruction From Articulatory Sensor Data by Machine Learning  JA Gonzalez, LA Cheah, AM Gomez, PD Green 
2017   Large Scale Sensor Data Processing Based On Deep Stacked Autoencoder Network.  N ELARABY, M ELMOGY, S BARAKAT 
2017   Deep learning–based real-time query processing for wireless sensor network  KS Lee, SR Lee, Y Kim, CG Lee
2016   Texture edge-guided depth recovery for structured light-based depth sensor  H Deng, J Wu, L Zhu, Z Yan, L Yu
2016   Machine olfaction using time scattering of sensor multiresolution graphs  L Gugel, Y Shkolnisky, S Dekel
2016   Method And Apparatus Of Detecting Object Using Event-Based Sensor  Q Wang, W Mao, P Guo, S Wang, X Wang, G Shao
2016   Event-driven deep neural network hardware system for sensor fusion  I Kiselev, D Neil, SC Liu
2016   A Comparative Study of Anomaly Detection Techniques for Smart City Wireless Sensor Networks  V Garcia
2016   A Deep Learning Model for Robust Wafer Fault Monitoring with Sensor Measurement Noise  H Lee, Y Kim, CO Kim
2016   Traffic Signal Synchronization Using Computer Vision and Wireless Sensor Networks  S Desai, P Trivedi
2016   A novel soft sensor model for ball mill fill level using deep belief network and support vector machine  G Yan, Y Kang, M Ren
2016   Deep learning with ensemble classification method for sensor sampling decisions  S Taleb, A Al Sallab, H Hajj, Z Dawy, R Khanna
2016   A Denoising Based Autoassociative Model for Robust Sensor Monitoring in Nuclear Power Plants  A Shaheryar, XC Yin, HW Hao, H Ali, K Iqbal
2016   A Hybrid Spectral Clustering and Deep Neural Network Ensemble Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in Sensor Networks  T Ma, F Wang, J Cheng, Y Yu, X Chen
2016   Fault Diagnosis Based on Chemical Sensor Data with an Active Deep Neural Network  P Jiang, Z Hu, J Liu, S Yu, F Wu
2016   A Data-driven Soft Sensor Modeling Method Based on Deep Learning and its Application  W Yan, D Tang, Y Lin
2016   The Earth as Sensor and as Enigma: Geographical Science in the Global Data Age  H Couclelis
2016   Data Stream of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Deep Learning.  L Yue
2016   A Hardware Accelerated Object Recognition System Using Event-based Image Sensor  D Ruoxi
2016   Deep convolutional feature transfer across mobile activity recognition domains, sensor modalities and locations  FJ Ordonez Morales, D Roggen
2016   Electronic nose sensor drift compensation based on deep belief network  Y Luo, S Wei, Y Chai, X Sun
2016   RedEye: Analog ConvNet Image Sensor Architecture for Continuous Mobile Vision  R LiKamWa, Y Hou, J Gao, M Polansky, L Zhong
2016   Data Stream of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Deep Learning  Y Li
2015   Multimodal fusion for sensor data using stacked autoencoders  P Zhang, X Ma, W Zhang, S Lin, H Chen, AL Yirun
2015   Soft sensor modeling of mill level based on convolutional neural network  J Wei, L Guo, X Xu, G Yan
2015   Facial Expression Recognition Using Kinect Depth Sensor and Convolutional Neural Networks  EP Ijjina, CK Mohan
2015   The quickest change detection problem is studied in a general context of monitoring a large number of data streams in sensor networks when the “trigger event” may …  Y Wu, E Ordentlich, MJ Weinberger
2015   Deadline-aware task scheduling for solar-powered nonvolatile sensor nodes with global energy migration  D Zhang, Y Liu, X Sheng, J Li, T Wu, CJ Xue, H Yang
2015   Probabilistic slow feature analysis‐based representation learning from massive process data for soft sensor modeling  C Shang, B Huang, F Yang, D Huang
2015   Human Age Estimation Method Robust to Camera Sensor and/or Face Movement  DT Nguyen, SR Cho, TD Pham, KR Park
2015   Deep Learning Classifier for Fall Detection based on IR Distance Sensor Data  S Jankowski, Z Szymański, U Dziomin, P Mazurek
2015   Toward a Robust Sparse Data Representation for Wireless Sensor Networks  MA Alsheikh, S Lin, HP Tan, D Niyato
2015   Activity Learning: Discovering, Recognizing, and Predicting Human Behavior from Sensor Data  DJ Cook, NC Krishnan
2015   Soft sensor development for nonlinear and time‐varying processes based on supervised ensemble learning with improved process state partition  W Shao, X Tian, P Wang
2015   Study of soft sensor modeling based on deep learning  Y Lin, W Yan
2015   Predictive Analytics of Sensor Data Using Distributed Machine Learning Techniques  G Kejela, RM Esteves, C Rong
2015   ShiDianNao: shifting vision processing closer to the sensor  Z Du, R Fasthuber, T Chen, P Ienne, L Li, T Luo
2015   A scalable and adaptable probabilistic model embedded in an electronic nose for intelligent sensor fusion  CT Tang, CM Huang, KT Tang, H Chen
2014   Multi-modal Sensor Registration for Vehicle Perception via Deep Neural Networks  M Giering, K Reddy, V Venugopalan
2014   A hierarchical structure for gesture recognition using RGB-D sensor  H Choi, H Park
2014   Distributed Data Mining Based on Deep Neural Network for Wireless Sensor Network  C LI, X XIE, Y HUANG, H Wang, C NIU
2014   UNISENSE: A Unified and Sustainable Sensing and Transport Architecture for Large Scale and Heterogeneous Sensor Networks  Y Jin, HP Tan