Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sentence

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Character-Based Text Classification using Top Down Semantic Model for Sentence Representation  Z Wu, X Zheng, D Dahlmeier
2017   A Hybrid Neural Network for Sentence Classification  X Du, R Zhou
2017   Retrieval of Sentence Sequences for an Image Stream via Coherence Recurrent Convolutional Networks.  C Park, Y Kim, G Kim
2016   Tree-based convolution: A new neural architecture for sentence modeling  L Mou, H Peng, G Li, Y Xu, L Zhang, Z Jin
2016   Siamese Recurrent Architectures for Learning Sentence Similarity  J Mueller, A Thyagarajan
2016   Convolutional Neural Networks vs. Convolution Kernels: Feature Engineering for Answer Sentence Reranking  K Tymoshenko, D Bonadiman, A Moschitti
2016   Exploiting Sentence and Context Representations in Deep Neural Models for Spoken Language Understanding  LMR Barahona, M Gasic, N Mrkšić, PH Su, S Ultes
2016   Compositional Sentence Representation from Character within Large Context Text  G Kim, H Lee, J Choi, S Lee
2016   Sentence Embedding Evaluation Using Pyramid Annotation  T Baumel, R Cohen, M Elhadad
2016   Enhancing Sentence Relation Modeling with Auxiliary Character-level Embedding  P Li, H Huang
2015   Deep Sentence Embedding Using the Long Short Term Memory Network: Analysis and Application to Information Retrieval  H Palangi, L Deng, Y Shen, J Gao, X He, J Chen
2015   Stochastic Language Generation in Dialogue using Recurrent Neural Networks with Convolutional Sentence Reranking  TH Wen, M Gašic, D Kim, N Mrkšic, PH Su, D Vandyke
2015   Tree-based Convolution for Sentence Modeling  M Ma, L Huang, B Zhou, B Xiang
2015   Self-Adaptive Hierarchical Sentence Model  H Zhao, Z Lu, P Poupart
2015   Tree-based Convolution: A New Architecture for Sentence Modeling  L Mou, H Peng, G Li, Y Xu, L Zhang, Z Jin
2014   Deep Learning for Answer Sentence Selection  L Yu, KM Hermann, P Blunsom, S Pulman