Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sentiment

Year TitleAuthor
2017   CNN for situations understanding based on sentiment analysis of twitter data  S Liao, J Wang, R Yu, K Sato, Z Cheng
2017   Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis Using the Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks  R Kumar, HSG Pannu
2017   An Efficient Deep Neural Architecture for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Twitter  W Becker, J Wehrmann, HEL Cagnini, RC Barros
2017   Sentiment analysis for short Chinese text based on character-level methods  Y An, X Tang, B Xie
2017   A hybrid Sentiment Classification method using Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic  JB Sathe, MP Mali
2017   Deep Learning Model for Sentiment Analysis in Multi-lingual Corpus  L Medrouk, A Pappa 
2017   Enhancing Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis with Ensemble Techniques in Social Applications  O Araque, I Corcuera
2017   Human Computer Interaction for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining: A Review  S Goswamil, J Poray
2017   A Deep Learning Approach to Deal with Data Uncertainty in Sentiment Analysis  M Di Capua, A Petrosino
2017   An evaluation of sentiment analysis for mobile devices  J Messias, JP Diniz, E Soares, M Ferreira, M Araújo
2017   Automated Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques  Y Gupta, PG Kumar
2017   Sentiment Analysis With Convolutional Neural Networks: Classifying sentiment in Swedish reviews  K Svensson
2017   Basic tasks of sentiment analysis  I Chaturvedi, S Poria, E Cambria 
2017   Improving Deep Belief Networks via Delta Rule for Sentiment Classification  Y Jin, H Zhang, D Du
2017   Deep Learning approach for sentiment analysis of short texts  A Hassan, A Mahmood
2017   Deep learning for sentiment analysis  LM Rojas‐Barahona
2017   Multi-modal Sentiment Feature Learning Based on Sentiment Signal  D Lin, L Li, D Cao, S Li
2017   Leveraging Sparse and Dense Feature Combinations for Sentiment Classification  T Yu, C Hidey, O Rambow, K McKeown
2017   Deep Transfer Learning for Social Media Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification  C Zhao, S Wang, D Li 
2017   Combination of Domain Knowledge and Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis  K Vo, D Pham, M Nguyen, T Mai, T Quan 
2017   Sentiment Predictability for Stocks  J Prosky, X Song, A Tan, M Zhao 
2017   Arabic Language Sentiment Analysis on Health Services  AM Alayba, V Palade, M England, R Iqbal
2017   Ensemble Application of Convolutional Neural Networks and Multiple Kernel Learning for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  S Poria, H Peng, A Hussain, N Howard, E Cambria
2017   Sentiment Classification: Feature Selection Based Approaches Versus Deep Learning  AK Uysal, YL Murphey
2017   Application of Deep Learning to Sentiment Analysis for recommender system on cloud  G Preethi, PV Krishna, MS Obaidat, V Saritha
2017   Explaining Recurrent Neural Network Predictions in Sentiment Analysis  L Arras, G Montavon, KR Müller, W Samek
2017   Amobee at SemEval-2017 Task 4: Deep Learning System for Sentiment Detection on Twitter  A Rozental, D Fleischer
2017   Sentiment analysis based on rhetorical structure theory: Learning deep neural networks from discourse trees  M Kraus, S Feuerriegel
2017   Deep Learning Networks For Visual Sentiment Analysis: CaffeNet and TensorFlow  SS Shaikh, PM Tayade, SN Deshmukh
2017   Exploring overall opinions for document level sentiment classification with structural SVM  X Pu, G Wu, C Yuan
2017   Deep Learning Paradigm with Transformed Monolingual Word Embeddings for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis  Y Lu, T Mori 
2017   Learning to Generate Reviews and Discovering Sentiment  A Radford, R Jozefowicz, I Sutskever
2017   Are Deep Learning Methods Better for Twitter Sentiment Analysis?  Y Lu, K Sakamoto, H Shibuki, T Mori
2017   A Deep Learning Approach For Sentiment Analysis  M Capua
2017   Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis  W Zhao, Z Guan, L Chen, X He, D Cai, B Wang
2017   A character-based convolutional neural network for language-agnostic Twitter sentiment analysis  J Wehrmann, W Becker, HEL Cagnini, RC Barros
2017   Topic Based Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Learning  S Tandon 
2016   Inferring Sentiment from Web Images with Joint Inference on Visual and Social Cues: A Regulated Matrix Factorization Approach  YWYHS Kambhampati, B Li
2016   Image Sentiment Analysis using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Domain Specific Fine Tuning  S Jindal, S Singh
2016   Deep Belief Networks with Feature Selection for Sentiment Classification  P Ruangkanokmas, T Achalakul, K Akkarajitsakul
2016   Real-Time Topic and Sentiment Analysis in Human-Robot Conversation  E Russell
2016   A visualization of evolving clinical sentiment using vector representations of clinical notes  MM Ghassemi, RG Mark, S Nemati
2016   Multi-Objective Model Selection (MOMS)-based Semi-Supervised Framework for Sentiment Analysis  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Finki at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Deep Learning Architecture for Twitter Sentiment Analysis  D Stojanovski, G Strezoski, G Madjarov, I Dimitrovski
2016   Design of Sentiment Analysis System for Hindi Content  M Yadav, V Bhojane
2016   Visual Sentiment Analysis for Social Images Using Transfer Learning Approach  J Islam, Y Zhang
2016   Unsupervised Feature Learning Assisted Visual Sentiment Analysis  Z Li, Y Fan, F Wang, W Liu
2016   Context-Aware Text Representation for Social Relation Aided Sentiment Analysis  LM Nguyen
2016   Learning Document Embeddings by Predicting N-grams for Sentiment Classification of Long Movie Reviews  B Li, T Liu, X Du, D Zhang, Z Zhao
2016   A semi-supervised approach to sentiment analysis using revised sentiment strength based on SentiWordNet  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Select-Additive Learning: Improving Cross-individual Generalization in Multimodal Sentiment Analysis  H Wang, A Meghawat, LP Morency, EP Xing
2016   LyS at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Exploiting Neural Activation Values for Twitter Sentiment Classification and Quantification  D Vilaresa, Y Dovala, MA Alonsoa
2016   Gaussian Neuron in Deep Belief Network for Sentiment Prediction  Y Jin, D Du, H Zhang
2016   Deep Neural Network for Short-Text Sentiment Classification  X Li, J Pang, B Mo, Y Rao, FL Wang
2016   From Pixels to Sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, B Jou, X Giro
2016   SWIMS: Semi-Supervised Subjective Feature Weighting and Intelligent Model Selection for Sentiment Analysis  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Sentiment Analysis: Mining Opinions, Sentiments, and Emotions Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago) Cambridge University Press, 2015 ISBN 9781107017894  J Zhao, K Liu, L Xu
2016   Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis-Invited Talk  R Socher
2016   Cross-modality Consistent Regression for Joint Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis of Social Multimedia  Q You, J Luo, H Jin, J Yang
2016   Transfer Learning for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification with Weakly Shared Deep Neural Networks  G Zhou, Z Zeng, JX Huang, T He
2016   INSIGHT-1 at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentiment Classification and Quantification  S Ruder12, P Ghaffari, JG Breslin
2016   CUFE at SemEval-2016 Task 4: A gated recurrent model for sentiment classification  M Nabil, M Aly, AF Atiya
2016   INSIGHT-1 at SemEval-2016 Task 5: Deep Learning for Multilingual Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis  S Ruder12, P Ghaffari, JG Breslin
2016   thecerealkiller at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Deep learning based system for classifying sentiment of tweets on two point scale  V Yadav, I Hyderabad
2016   YZU-NLP Team at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Ordinal Sentiment Classifi-cation Using a Recurrent Convolutional Network  Y He, LC Yu, CS Yang, KR Lai, W Liu
2016   Distributional Correspondence Indexing for Cross-Lingual and Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification.  AM Fernández, A Esuli, F Sebastiani
2016   Sentiment analysis for Odia language using supervised classifier: an information retrieval in Indian language initiative  SK Sahu, P Behera, DP Mohapatra, RC Balabantaray
2016   SENSEI-LIF at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Polarity embedding fusion for robust sentiment analysis  M Rouvier, B Favre
2016   Leveraging Multimodal Information for Event Summarization and Concept-level Sentiment Analysis  RR Shah, Y Yu, A Verma, S Tang, AD Shaikh
2016   Visual and Textual Sentiment Analysis of a Microblog Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  Y Yu, H Lin, J Meng, Z Zhao
2016   Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Microblog based on Deep Neural Networks with Convolutional Extension Features  SUN Xiao, LI Chengcheng, REN Fuji
2016   PotTS at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Using Character-level Convolutional Neural Networks.  U Sidarenka, KL Straße
2016   A hybrid method for bilingual text sentiment classification based on deep learning  G Liu, X Xu, B Deng, S Chen, L Li
2016   Recursive Neural Conditional Random Fields for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis  W Wang, SJ Pan, D Dahlmeier, X Xiao
2016   eSAP: A Decision Support Framework for Enhanced Sentiment Analysis and Polarity Classification  FH Khan, U Qamar, S Bashir
2016   Paragraph2Vec-based sentiment analysis on social media for business in Thailand  P Sanguansat
2016   Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Micro Blog Based on DNN and ELM and Vector Space Model  H Liu, S Li, C Jiang, H Liu
2016   Smart Citizen Sensing: A Proposed Computational System with Visual Sentiment Analysis and Big Data Architecture  KB Ahmed, M Bouhorma, MB Ahmed
2016   Dealing with High Dimensional Sentiment Data Using Gradient Boosting Machines  V Athanasiou, M Maragoudakis
2016   Sentiment Analysis in Finance Market Forcast  D Wang
2016   Visual Sentiment Analysis with Network in Network  Z Li, Y Fan, F Wang
2015   Convolutional Neural Networks for Multimedia Sentiment Analysis  G Cai, B Xia
2015   Sentiment Analysis with Incremental Human-in-the-Loop Learning and Lexical Resource Customization  S Mishra, J Diesner, J Byrne, E Surbeck
2015   Sentiment Data Flow Analysis by Means of Dynamic Linguistic Patterns  S Poria, E Cambria, A Gelbukh, D Federica Bisio
2015   Parallel Recursive Deep Model for Sentiment Analysis  G Tian, Y Zhou
2015   Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Images  Y Wang, S Wang, J Tang, H Liu, B Li
2015   An Empirical Study on Sentiment Classification of Chinese Review using Word Embedding  Y Lin, H Lei, J Wu, X Li
2015   SWATCS65: Sentiment Classification Using an Ensemble of Class Projects  R Wicentowski
2015   Improving Link Prediction in Social Networks by User Comments and Sentiment Lexicon  F Liu, B Liu, C Sun, M Liu, X Wang
2015   Prediction of changes in the stock market using twitter and sentiment analysis  IV Serban, DS González, X Wu
2015   Swiss-Chocolate: Combining Flipout Regularization and Random Forests with Artificially Built Subsystems to Boost Text-Classification for Sentiment  F Uzdilli, M Jaggi, D Egger, P Julmy, L Derczynski
2015   Review Sentiment Analysis Based on Deep Learning  Z Hu, J Hu, W Ding, X Zheng
2015   Twitter Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network  D Stojanovski, G Strezoski, G Madjarov, I Dimitrovski
2015   Chinese Microblog Sentiment Classification Based on Deep Belief Nets with Extended Multi-Modality Features  X Sun, C Li, W Xu, F Ren
2015   Sentiment-Specific Representation Learning for Document-Level Sentiment Analysis  D Tang
2015   Sentiment Analysis via Integrating Distributed Representations of Variable-length Word Sequence  Z Cui, X Shi, Y Chen
2015   Cross-lingual sentiment classification with stacked autoencoders  G Zhou, Z Zhu, T He, XT Hu
2015   Combining Convolutional Neural Network and Support Vector Machine for Sentiment Classification  Y Cao, R Xu, T Chen
2015   Learning Higher-Level Features with Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Sentiment Analysis  T Huynh, Y He, S Rüger
2015   Diving Deep into Sentiment: Understanding Fine-tuned CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction  V Campos, A Salvador, B Jou, X Giró
2015   Modelling User Affect and Sentiment in Intelligent User Interfaces: A Tutorial Overview  BW Schuller
2015   Comparing Recursive Autoencoder and Convolutional Network for Phrase-Level Sentiment Polarity Classification  J Jurgovsky, M Granitzer
2015   Recursive Autoencoder with HowNet Lexicon for Sentence-Level Sentiment Analysis  X Fu, Y Xu
2015   Deep learning for sentiment analysis: successful approaches and future challenges  D Tang, B Qin, T Liu
2014   DeepSentiBank: Visual Sentiment Concept Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  T Chen, D Borth, T Darrell, SF Chang
2014   Fuzzy Subjective Sentiment Phrases: A Context Sensitive and Self-Maintaining Sentiment Lexicon  SA Bahrainian, M Liwicki, A Dengel
2014   Learning Bilingual Embedding Model for Cross-Language Sentiment Classification  X Tang, X Wan
2014   Recursive Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis over Social Data  C Li, B Xu, G Wu, S He, G Tian, H Hao
2014   Visual Sentiment Prediction with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  C Xu, S Cetintas, KC Lee, LJ Li
2014   Robust Image Sentiment Analysis Using Progressively Trained and Domain Transferred Deep Networks  Q You, J Luo, H Jin, J Yang
2014   Chinese comments sentiment classification based on word2vec and SVM< sup> perf</sup>  D Zhang, H Xu, Z Su, Y Xu