Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sentiment classification

Year TitleAuthor
2017   A hybrid Sentiment Classification method using Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic  JB Sathe, MP Mali
2017   Improving Deep Belief Networks via Delta Rule for Sentiment Classification  Y Jin, H Zhang, D Du
2017   Leveraging Sparse and Dense Feature Combinations for Sentiment Classification  T Yu, C Hidey, O Rambow, K McKeown
2017   Deep Transfer Learning for Social Media Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification  C Zhao, S Wang, D Li 
2017   Exploring overall opinions for document level sentiment classification with structural SVM  X Pu, G Wu, C Yuan
2016   Deep Belief Networks with Feature Selection for Sentiment Classification  P Ruangkanokmas, T Achalakul, K Akkarajitsakul
2016   Learning Document Embeddings by Predicting N-grams for Sentiment Classification of Long Movie Reviews  B Li, T Liu, X Du, D Zhang, Z Zhao
2016   LyS at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Exploiting Neural Activation Values for Twitter Sentiment Classification and Quantification  D Vilaresa, Y Dovala, MA Alonsoa
2016   Deep Neural Network for Short-Text Sentiment Classification  X Li, J Pang, B Mo, Y Rao, FL Wang
2016   Transfer Learning for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification with Weakly Shared Deep Neural Networks  G Zhou, Z Zeng, JX Huang, T He
2016   INSIGHT-1 at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentiment Classification and Quantification  S Ruder12, P Ghaffari, JG Breslin
2016   CUFE at SemEval-2016 Task 4: A gated recurrent model for sentiment classification  M Nabil, M Aly, AF Atiya
2016   A hybrid method for bilingual text sentiment classification based on deep learning  G Liu, X Xu, B Deng, S Chen, L Li
2015   An Empirical Study on Sentiment Classification of Chinese Review using Word Embedding  Y Lin, H Lei, J Wu, X Li
2015   SWATCS65: Sentiment Classification Using an Ensemble of Class Projects  R Wicentowski
2015   Chinese Microblog Sentiment Classification Based on Deep Belief Nets with Extended Multi-Modality Features  X Sun, C Li, W Xu, F Ren
2015   Cross-lingual sentiment classification with stacked autoencoders  G Zhou, Z Zhu, T He, XT Hu
2015   Combining Convolutional Neural Network and Support Vector Machine for Sentiment Classification  Y Cao, R Xu, T Chen
2014   Learning Bilingual Embedding Model for Cross-Language Sentiment Classification  X Tang, X Wan
2014   Chinese comments sentiment classification based on word2vec and SVM< sup> perf</sup>  D Zhang, H Xu, Z Su, Y Xu