Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: similarity

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Video super-resolution reconstruction based on deep convolutional neural network and spatio-temporal similarity  L Linghui, D Junping, L Meiyu, R Nan, F Dan
2017   Image processing and understanding based on graph similarity testing: algorithm design and software development  J Kang
2017   Towards a Hybrid Deep-Learning Method for Music Classification and Similarity Measurement  H Li, X Fei, KM Chao, M Yang, C He
2017   Stacked Denoising Autoencoder-Based Deep Collaborative Filtering Using the Change of Similarity  Y Suzuki, T Ozaki
2017   Cosine Normalization: Using Cosine Similarity Instead of Dot Product in Neural Networks  L Chunjie, Y Qiang
2017   Modality-specific Cross-modal Similarity Measurement with Recurrent Attention Network  Y Peng, J Qi, Y Yuan
2017   Deep learning and shapes similarity for joint segmentation and tracing single neurons in SEM images  Q Rao, C Xiao, H Han, X Chen, L Shen, Q Xie
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Similarity Learning  PO Pinheiro 
2017   Cross-media Similarity Metric Learning with Unified Deep Networks  J Qi, X Huang, Y Peng
2017   Imposing Class-Wise Feature Similarity in Stacked Autoencoders by Nuclear Norm Regularization  K Gupta, A Majumdar 
2017   Using Deep Learning for Image Similarity in Product Matching  M Rivas
2017   Appearance invariance in convolutional networks with neighborhood similarity  T Tasdizen, M Sajjadi, M Javanmardi, N Ramesh
2016   A Data Driven Similarity Measure and Example Mapping Function for General, Unlabelled Data Sets  D Lejeune, K Driessens
2016   Generating Images with Perceptual Similarity Metrics based on Deep Networks  A Dosovitskiy, T Brox
2016   Compact Discrete Representations for Scalable Similarity Search  M Norouzi
2016   Assessing the Corpus Size vs. Similarity Trade-off for Word Embeddings in Clinical NLP  K Roberts
2016   Autoencoding beyond pixels using a learned similarity metric  ABL Larsen, SK Sønderby, O Winther
2016   Siamese Recurrent Architectures for Learning Sentence Similarity  J Mueller, A Thyagarajan
2016   Accurate prediction of docked protein structure similarity using neural networks and restricted Boltzmann machines  R Farhoodi, B Akbal
2016   Capturing Semantic Similarity for Entity Linking with Convolutional Neural Networks  M Francis
2016   Combine multiple mass spectral similarity measures for compound identification  J Zhang, Y Xia, CH Zheng, B Wang, X Zhang, P Chen
2016   Demv-Matchmaker: Emotional Temporal Course Representation And Deep Similarity Matching For Automatic Music Video …  JC Lin, WL Wei, HM Wang
2016   MayoNLP at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Semantic textual similarity based on lexical semantic net and deep learning semantic model  N Afzal, Y Wang, H Liu
2016   NUIG-UNLP at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Soft Alignment and Deep Learning for Semantic Textual Similarity  JP McCrae, K Asooja, N Aggarwal, P Buitelaar
2016   Fbk-hlt-nlp at semeval-2016 task 2: A multitask, deep learning approach for interpretable semantic textual similarity  S Magnolini, A Feltracco, B Magnini
2016   Fast Non-Parametric Tests of Relative Dependency and Similarity  W Bounliphone, E Belilovsky, A Tenenhaus
2016   A Deep Siamese Neural Network Learns the Human-Perceived Similarity Structure of Facial Expressions Without Explicit Categories  SJ Rao, Y Wang, GW Cottrell
2016   Triplet Similarity Embedding for Face Verification  S Sankaranarayanan, A Alavi, R Chellappa
2016   Multimodal Learning via Exploring Deep Semantic Similarity  D Hu, X Lu, X Li
2016   M $^ 2$ S-Net: Multi-Modal Similarity Metric Learning based Deep Convolutional Network for Answer Selection  M Lingxun, L Yan
2016   Kinship Verification from Faces via Similarity Metric Based Convolutional Neural Network  L Li, X Feng, X Wu, Z Xia, A Hadid
2016   Learning perceptual texture similarity and relative attributes from computational features  J Lou, L Qi, J Dong, H Yu, G Zhong
2016   Deep pair-wise similarity learning for face recognition  K Grm, S Dobrisek, V Struc
2016   Cross-Domain Visual Matching via Generalized Similarity Measure and Feature Learning  L Lin, G Wang, W Zuo, X Feng, L Zhang
2016   Method for determining similarity of objects represented in images  M Jones, T Marks, E Ahmed
2016   Tag-Aware Personalized Recommendation Using a Deep-Semantic Similarity Model with Negative Sampling  Z Xu, C Chen, T Lukasiewicz, Y Miao, X Meng
2016   Modeling Time Series Similarity with Siamese Recurrent Networks  W Pei, DMJ Tax, L van der Maaten
2016   Triangular Similarity Metric Learning: a Siamese Architecture Approach  L Zheng
2015   Online Kernel-Based Multimodal Similarity Learning with Application to Image Retrieval  W Zhang, H Zhang
2015   A novel method based on data visual autoencoding for time series similarity matching  C Qian, Y Wang, G Hu, L Guo
2015   On metric embedding for boosting semantic similarity computations  J Subercaze, C Gravier, F Laforest
2015   Similarity Search and Applications: 8th International Conference, SISAP 2015, Glasgow, UK, October 12-14, 2015, Proceedings  G Amato, R Connor, F Falchi, C Gennaro
2015   Video super-resolution reconstruction based on correlation learning and spatio-temporal nonlocal similarity  M Liang, J Du, L Li
2015   MetricFusion: Generalized Metric Swarm Learning for Similarity Measure  L Zhang, D Zhang
2015   Logistic Similarity Metric Learning For Face Verification  L Zheng, K Idrissi, C Garcia, S Duffner, A Baskurt
2015   Similarity Learning with Top-heavy Ranking Loss for Person Re-identification  J Wang, N Sang, Z Wang, C Gao
2015   Lemon and Tea Are Not Similar: Measuring Word-to-Word Similarity by Combining Different Methods  R Banjade, N Maharjan, NB Niraula, V Rus, D Gautam
2015   DeepFont: A System for Font Recognition and Similarity  Z Wang, J Yang, H Jin, J Brandt, E Shechtman
2015   Scalable Multimedia Retrieval by Deep Learning Hashing with Relative Similarity Learning  L Gao, J Song, F Zou, D Zhang, J Shao
2015   Single Image Super-Resolution via Internal Gradient Similarity  Y Xian, Y Tian
2015   Learning visual similarity for product design with convolutional neural networks  S Bell, K Bala
2015   Learning to generate images with perceptual similarity metrics  K Ridgeway, J Snell, B Roads, R Zemel, M Mozer
2015   Bit-Scalable Deep Hashing with Regularized Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval and Person Re-identification  R Zhang, L Lin, R Zhang, W Zuo, L Zhang
2015   Non-speaker information reduction from Cosine Similarity Scoring in i-vector based speaker verification  H Zeinali, A Mirian, H Sameti, B BabaAli
2014   Cross-Modal Similarity Learning: A Low Rank Bilinear Formulation  C Kang, S Liao, Y He, J Wang, S Xiang, C Pan
2014   Spot the Odd Song Out: Similarity Model Adaptation and Analysis using Relative Human Ratings  D Wolff
2014   Medical Semantic Similarity with a Neural Language Model  L De Vine, G Zuccon, B Koopman, L Sitbon, P Bruza
2014   Obtaining Cross-modal Similarity Metric with Deep Neural Architecture  R Li, F Feng, X Wang, P Lu, B Li