Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: simulation

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Simulation of noisy dynamical system by Deep Learning  K Yeo
2017   Face aging effect simulation model based on multilayer representation and shearlet transform  Y Li, Y Li
2017   Multi-task Domain Adaptation for Deep Learning of Instance Grasping from Simulation  K Fang, Y Bai, S Hinterstoisser, M Kalakrishnan 
2017   Realistic Visual Simulation of Water Effects in Response to Human Motion using a Depth Camera  JH Kim, J Lee, CH Kim, SJ Kim
2017   Classification of micro-Doppler signatures of human aquatic activity through simulation and measurement using transferred learning  Y Kim, J Park, T Moon
2017   Efficient training-image based geostatistical simulation and inversion using a spatial generative adversarial neural network  E Laloy, R Hérault, D Jacques, N Linde
2017   Prediction of Cognitive States during Flight Simulation using Multimodal Psychophysiological Sensing  AR Harrivel, CL Stephens, RJ Milletich, CM Heinich
2017   Learning How to Drive in a Real World Simulation with Deep Q-Networks  P Wolf, C Hubschneider, M Weber, A Bauer, J Härtl
2017   GAN Based Sample Simulation for SEM-Image Super Resolution  M Yang, G Li, C Shu, P Zhao, H Han 
2017   Learning about Complex Systems from the Bottom Up: Role-Playing Together in a Participatory Simulation  ST Levy
2017   Accurate lithography simulation model based on convolutional neural networks  Y Watanabe, T Kimura, T Matsunawa, S Nojima
2017   Learning to Grasp Objects based on Ensemble Learning Combining Simulation Data and Real Data  YH Na, HJ Jo, JB Song 
2017   Simulation based optimal control via deep learning  D Belomestny, J Schoenmakers
2017   Using Simulation and Domain Adaptation to Improve Efficiency of Deep Robotic Grasping  K Bousmalis, A Irpan, P Wohlhart, Y Bai, M Kelcey
2017   NVMLearn: A simulation platform for non-volatile-memory-based deep learning hardware  DD Lu, FX Liang, YC Wang, HK Zeng
2017   Estimation of the Botanical Composition of Clover-Grass Leys from RGB Images Using Data Simulation and Fully Convolutional Neural Networks  S Skovsen, M Dyrmann, AK Mortensen, KA Steen 
2017   Freehand Ultrasound Image Simulation with Spatially-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Hu, E Gibson, LL Lee, W Xie, DC Barratt
2017   Deep Learning for Flow Sculpting: Insights into Efficient Learning using Scientific Simulation Data.  D Stoecklein, KG Lore, M Davies, S Sarkar
2017   Work in Progress: The Effects of Computer Simulation and Animation on Student Metacognition During Engineering Dynamics Learning  N Fang, C Kretzer, A Jessup, SM Tajvidi
2017   Machine Learning Models of Errors in Large Eddy Simulation Predictions of Surface Pressure Fluctuations  MF Barone, JA Fike, KS Chowdhary, WL Davis IV
2017   Imitation of human expressions based on emotion estimation by mental simulation  T Horii, Y Nagai, M Asada
2017   Feedback Techniques in Computer-Based Simulation Training: A Survey  S Wijewickrema, X Ma, J Bailey, G Kennedy, S O'Leary
2016   Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation With Convolutional Networks  J Tompson, K Schlachter, P Sprechmann, K Perlin
2016   Physics Simulation Games 4  J Renz, X Ge
2016   Finite-sensor fault-diagnosis simulation study of gas turbine engine using information entropy and deep belief networks  D Feng, M Xiao, Y Liu, H Song, Z Yang, Z Hu
2016   Beyond 3D: Extending life of subsea assets by applying advanced simulation and prediction  P Michalak, G Viecelli
2016   Evaluating the spoken dialogue system of a conversational character: A Simulation Study  Y Alvarado, CR Gatica, GV Gil Costa, RA Guerrero
2016   Workshop on Theory and Practice of Adiabatic Quantum Computers and Quantum Simulation  E Kapit, H Nishimori, V Oganesyan, S Pilati, G Santoro
2016   A Comparative Evaluation of Approximate Probabilistic Simulation and Deep Neural Networks as Accounts of Human Physical Scene Understanding  R Zhang, J Wu, C Zhang, WT Freeman, JB Tenenbaum
2016   Simulation of Bayesian Learning and Inference on Distributed Stochastic Spiking Neural Networks  K Ahmed, A Shrestha, Q Qiu
2016   Environment Simulation for the Promotion of the Open Data Initiative  J Synnott, C Nugent, S Zhang, A Calzada, I Cleland
2016   3D Simulation for Robot Arm Control with Deep Q-Learning  S James, E Johns
2016   Supermodeling in simulation of melanoma progression  W Dzwinel, A Kłusek, OV Vasilyev
2016   Learning From Simulation Design to Develop Better Experiential Learning Initiatives An Integrative Approach  AI Canhoto, J Murphy
2015   Embedding High-Fidelity Simulation Into a Foundations of Nursing Course  MS Talbot
2015   Simulation studies of an All-Spin Artificial Neural Network: Emulating neural and synaptic functionalities through domain wall motion in ferromagnets  A Sengupta, Y Shim, K Roy
2015   Educational science meets simulation  SJ Pasquale
2015   Using High-fidelity Simulation as a Learning Strategy in an Undergraduate Intensive Care Course  A Badir, Z Zeybekoglu, P Karacay, N Göktepe, S Topcu
2015   Motivational Effect of Web-Based Simulation Game in Teaching Operations Management  TN Nguyen
2015   Simulation of cardiac emergencies with real patients  H Williams, L Yang, J Gale, S Paranehewa, A Joshi
2015   Humans predict liquid dynamics using probabilistic simulation  CJ Bates, I Yildirim, JB Tenenbaum, PW Battaglia
2015   Deep independence network analysis of structural brain imaging: A simulation study  E Castro, D Hjelm, S Plis, L Dinh, J Turner, V Calhoun
2015   Robust ASR using neural network based speech enhancement and feature simulation  S Sivasankaran, AA Nugraha, E Vincent
2014   Simulation and the learning of the law: constructing and using an online transactional assessment in employment law  C Strevens, R Welch
2014   0146 Managing Risk, The Use Of Simulation In Pharmacy Education  M Collins, A Green, L Maguire, J Hardisty, L Scott
2014   0035 Simphys: The Use Of High-fidelity Simulation To Teach Physiology To Early-years Medical Students  E Good