Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: social media

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Uncertainties in Big Data When Using Internet Surveillance Tools and Social Media for Determining Patterns in Disease Incidence—Reply  MS Deiner, TM Lietman, TC Porco
2017   A deep learning approach for detecting traffic accidents from social media data  Z Zhang, Q He, J Gao, M Ni 
2017   Characterisation of mental health conditions in social media using Informed Deep Learning  G Gkotsis, A Oellrich, S Velupillai, M Liakata
2017   REX: Rapid Ensemble Classification System for Landslide Detection using Social Media  A Musaev, D Wang, J Xie, C Pu
2017   Predicting Which Topics You Will Join in the Future on Social Media  H Huang, Q Zhang, J Wu, X Huang
2017   Using deep learning to improve medication safety: the untapped potential of social media  J Xie, DD Zeng, ZA Marcum
2017   Distributed Representation, LDA Topic Modelling and Deep Learning for Emerging Named Entity Recognition from Social Media  P Jansson, S Liu
2017   The Use of Social Media in E-Learning: A Metasynthesis  E Mnkandla, A Minnaar
2017   Towards an accurate social media disaster event detection system based on deep learning and semantic representation  Z Lin, H Jin, B Robinson, X Lin
2017   Deep Transfer Learning for Social Media Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification  C Zhao, S Wang, D Li 
2017   Social Computing for Verifying Social Media Content in Breaking News  S Middleton, S Papadopoulos, Y Kompatsiaris
2017   A New Chatbot for Customer Service on Social Media  A Xu, Z Liu, Y Guo, V Sinha, R Akkiraju
2017   A Novel Methodology to Label Urban Remote Sensing Images Based on Location-Based Social Media Photos  M Chi, Z Sun, Y Qin, J Shen, JA Benediktsson
2016   Social Media Use for Open Innovation Initiatives: Proposing the Semantic Learning-Based Innovation Framework (SLBIF)  K Mirkovski, F von Briel, PB Lowry
2016   The Effect of Pets on Happiness: A Data-Driven Approach via Large-Scale Social Media  Y Wu, J Yuan, Q You, J Luo
2016   Deep Learning for Social Media Analysis in Crises Situations (Position paper)  MB Lazreg, M Goodwin, OC Granmo
2016   Deep Learning for Social Media Analysis in Crises Situations  MB Lazreg, M Goodwin, OC Granmo
2016   UTCNN: a Deep Learning Model of Stance Classificationon on Social Media Text  WF Chen, LW Ku
2016   Big Learning in Social Media Analytics  CLP Chen, X You, D Tao
2016   Deep learning for constructing microblog behavior representation to identify social media user's personality  X Liu, T Zhu
2016   Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice  L Liu, D Preotiuc
2016   InnerView: Learning Place Ambiance from Social Media Images  D Santani, R Hu, D Gatica
2016   Health Information Extraction from Social Media  A Nikfarjam
2016   Applications of Online Deep Learning for Crisis Response Using Social Media Information  D Tien Nguyen, S Joty, M Imran, H Sajjad, P Mitra
2016   Learning Word Segmentation Representations to Improve Named Entity Recognition for Chinese Social Media  N Peng, M Dredze
2016   Health-Related Spammer Detection on Chinese Social Media  X Chen, Y Zhang, J Xu, C Xing, H Chen
2016   Using Social Media to Promote Deep Learning and Increase Student Engagement  S Honeychurch, S Ahmed
2016   Paragraph2Vec-based sentiment analysis on social media for business in Thailand  P Sanguansat
2016   Deep Learning Model for Cyber Bullying Detection in the Text Representation for Social Media  T Jose
2016   Application of Object Identification in Social Media Images CS 766 Proposal  KW Cheung, J Ruan
2016   Chapter 5 Biometrics in Social Media Applications  C Li
2015   Pattern-Based Emotion Classification on Social Media  E Tromp, M Pechenizkiy
2015   Text Mining in Social Media for Security Threats  D Inkpen
2015   Unsupervised Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Images  Y Wang, S Wang, J Tang, H Liu, B Li
2015   Crime Pattern Detection Using Online Social Media  RA BOLLA
2015   Collaborative Feature Learning from Social Media  C Fang, H Jin, J Yang, Z Lin
2015   Characterizing Information Diets of Social Media Users  J Kulshrestha, MB Zafar, LE Noboa, KP Gummadi
2015   A Bayesian Approach to Identify Photos Likely to Be More Popular in Social Media  A Choudhury, S Nagaswamy
2015   Remixing to design learning: social media and peer-to-peer interaction  G Casey, M Wells
2015   Internet cognitive failure relevant to self-efficacy, learning interest, and satisfaction with social media learning  JC Hong, MY Hwang, E Szeto, CR Tsai, YC Kuo
2015   Statistical Literacy Social Media Project for the Masses  E Gundlach, C Maybee, K O'Shea
2015   Social Media Image Analysis for Public Health  VRK Garimella, A Alfayad, I Weber
2015   A Deep Learning and Knowledge Transfer Based Architecture for Social Media User Characteristic Determination  M Riemer, S Krasikov, H Srinivasan
2015   Estimating User Location in Social Media with Stacked Denoising Auto-encoders  J Liu, D Inkpen
2014   A Location-Aware Social Media Monitoring System  L Ji