Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: softmax

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Softmax regression based deep sparse autoencoder network for facial emotion recognition in human-robot interaction  L Chen, M Zhou, W Su, M Wu, J She, K Hirota 
2017   A deep learning and softmax regression fault diagnosis method for multi-level converter  B Xin, T Wang, T Tang 
2016   Text classification based on deep belief network and softmax regression  M Jiang, Y Liang, X Feng, X Fan, Z Pei, Y Xue, R Guan
2016   Age Estimation Based on A Single Network with Soft Softmax of Aging Modeling  Z Tan, S Zhou, J Wan, Z Lei, SZ Li
2015   An Image Retrieval Method for Binary Images Based on DBN and Softmax Classifier  B Liao, J Xu, J Lv, S Zhou
2015   An Exploration of Softmax Alternatives Belonging to the Spherical Loss Family  A de Brébisson, P Vincent
2015   A novel method of diagnosing premature ventricular contraction based on sparse auto-encoder and softmax regression  J Yang, Y Bai, G Li, M Liu, X Liu
2015   Bearing fault diagnosis method based on stacked autoencoder and softmax regression  S Tao, T Zhang, J Yang, X Wang, W Lu
2014   Quaternion softmax classifier  R Zeng, J Wu, Z Shao, L Senhadji, H Shu