Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: solar

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Development of a Daily Solar Major Flare Occurrence Probability Model Based on Vector Parameters from SDO/HMI  D Lim, YJ Moon, J Park, K Lee, JY Lee 
2017   A comparison of deep-learning models to the forecast of the daily solar flare occurrence using various solar images  S Shin, YJ Moon, H Chu 
2017   DeepVel: deep learning for the estimation of horizontal velocities at the solar surface  AA Ramos, IS Requerey, N Vitas
2017   Application of a deep-learning method to the forecast of daily solar flare occurrence using Convolution Neural Network  S Shin, YJ Moon, H Chu
2017   Convolutional neural network for classification of solar radio spectrum  S Chen, L Xu, L Ma, W Zhang, Z Chen, Y Yan
2017   Solar Power Prediction Using Deep Learning  P Poudel, B Jang
2017   Solar Event Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  A Kucuk, JM Banda, RA Angryk
2016   Multimodal deep learning for solar radio burst classification  L Ma, Z Chen, L Xu, Y Yan
2016   Machine Learning Approach to Forecast Global Solar Radiation Time Series  G Terren
2016   Smart Tiles—an Energy Infrastructure for the Solar System  H Bloom
2015   Imaging and representation learning of solar radio spectrums for classification  Z Chen, L Ma, L Xu, C Tan, Y Yan
2015   Multimodal Learning for Classification of Solar Radio Spectrum  Z Chen, L Ma, L Xu, Y Weng, Y Yan