Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sound

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Continuous robust sound event classification using time-frequency features and deep learning  I McLoughlin, H Zhang, Z Xie, Y Song, W Xiao, H Phan
2017   Sound Event Recognition Using Auditory-Receptive-Field Binary Pattern and Hierarchical-Diving Deep Belief Network  CY Wang, JC Wang, A Santoso, CC Chiang, CH Wu
2017   Acoustic Features for Environmental Sound Analysis  R Serizel, V Bisot, S Essid, G Richard
2017   Bi-class classification of humpback whale sound units against complex background noise with Deep Convolution Neural Network  C Dorian, R Lefort, J Bonnel, JL Zarader, O Adam
2017   Robust sound event classification with bilinear multi-column ELM-AE and two-stage ensemble learning  J Zhang, J Yin, Q Zhang, J Shi, Y Li
2017   Representations of Sound in Deep Learning of Audio Features from Music  S Shuvaev, H Giaffar, AA Koulakov 
2017   Shape and Material from Sound  Q Li, Z Huang, J Wu, J Tenenbaum, B Freeman 
2017   A Comparison of deep learning methods for environmental sound  J Li, W Dai, F Metze, S Qu, S Das
2017   Baby Cry Sound Detection: A Comparison of Hand Crafted Features and Deep Learning Approach  R Torres, D Battaglino, L Lepauloux
2017   A Transfer Learning Based Feature Extractor for Polyphonic Sound Event Detection Using Connectionist Temporal Classification  Y Wang, F Metze
2017   Urban Data Mining applied to sound sensor networks  T Vertriest
2017   UbiEar: Bringing Location-independent Sound Awareness to the Hard-of-hearing People with Smartphones  L Sicong, Z Zimu, D Junzhao, S Longfei, J Han
2017   Environmental Sound Recognition Using Masked Conditional Neural Networks  F Medhat, D Chesmore, J Robinson 
2017   Recognition and retrieval of sound events using sparse coding convolutional neural network  CY Wang, A Santoso, S Mathulaprangsan, CC Chiang
2016   Sound source separation for robot audition using deep learning  K Noda, N Hashimoto, K Nakadai, T Ogata
2016   Reduction of Computational Cost Using Two-Stage Deep Neural Network for Training for Denoising and Sound Source Identification  T Morito, O Sugiyama, S Uemura, R Kojima, K Nakadai
2016   Evaluation of vehicle interior sound quality using a continuous restricted Boltzmann machine-based DBN  HB Huang, RX Li, ML Yang, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   SoundNet: Learning Sound Representations from Unlabeled Video  Y Aytar, C Vondrick, A Torralba
2016   Deep learning and its application in silent sound technology  V Varshney, D Singh, A Tiwari
2016   Dcase Report For Task 3: Sound Event Detection In Real Life Audio  YH Lai, CH Wang, SY Hou, BY Chen, Y Tsao, YW Liu
2016   Environmental Sound Classification Using Cen-Tral Auditory Representations And Deep Neural Networks  K Chen, L Yang, Z Sang
2016   Ambient sound provides supervision for visual learning  A Owens, J Wu, JH McDermott, WT Freeman
2016   Sound Pattern Matching for Automatic Prosodic Event Detection  M Cernak, A Asaei, PEJC Honnet, P Garner
2016   Development of a sound coding strategy based on a deep recurrent neural network for monaural source separation in cochlear implants  W Nogueira, T Gajecki, B Krüger, J Janer, A Büchner
2016   Learning sound representations from unlabeled video  Y Aytar, C Vondrick, A Torralba
2016   Sound quality prediction of vehicle interior noise using deep belief networks  HB Huang, XR Huang, RX Li, TC Lim, WP Ding
2016   An Overview of Applications and Advancements in Automatic Sound Recognition  RV Sharan, TJ Moir
2016   Detecting fingering of overblown flute sound using sparse feature learning  Y Han, K Lee
2016   Filterbank learning for deep neural network based polyphonic sound event detection  E Cakir, EC Ozan, T Virtanen
2016   DNN-based Environmental Sound Recognition with Real-recorded and Artificially-mixed Training Data  Y NAKAJIMA, M SUNOHARA, T NAITO, N SUNAGO
2016   Supervised and Unsupervised Sound Retrieval by Vocal Imitation  Y Zhang, Z Duan
2015   A Preliminary Study on Deep-Learning Based Screaming Sound Detection  M Zaheer, JY Kim, HG Kim, SY Na
2015   Polyphonic Sound Event Detection Using Multi Label Deep Neural Networks  E Cakir, T Heittola, H Huttunen, T Virtanen
2015   How Sound is NSSE? Investigating the Psychometric Properties of NSSE at a Public, Research Extensive  CM Campbell, AF Cabrera
2015   Sound Generation via Cross-Modal Transcoding  A Tibo, S UNIFI, S Conforti, L Brusci, M Gori, U IT
2015   How to Design a Learning Session Based on Sound Educational Principles  R Cartwright
2015   Environmental sound classification with convolutional neural networks  KJ Piczak
2015   Sound Retrieval From Vocal Imitation Queries Based On Deep Neural Networks  Y Zhang, Z Duan
2014   Automated intelligent system for sound signalling device quality assurance  T Maniak, C Jayne, R Iqbal, F Doctor
2014   Multilabel Sound Event Classification with Neural Networks  E Cakir