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2017   Improving Long-Term Learning of Model Reference Adaptive Controllers for Flight Applications: A Sparse Neural Network Approach  SA Nivison, P Khargonekar
2017   A Study of Convolutional Sparse Feature Learning for Human Age Estimate  X Wang, R Li, Y Zhou, C Kambhamettu
2017   Recognition of fatigue status of pilots based on deep sparse auto-encoding network  H Shuang, W Chuanfeng, W Qi
2017   Unsupervised Transfer Learning via Multi-Scale Convolutional Sparse Coding for Biomedical Applications  H Chang, J Han, C Zhong, A Snijders, JH Mao
2017   Deep Ensemble Learning of Sparse Regression Models for Brain Disease Diagnosis  HI Suk, SW Lee, D Shen
2017   Stacked Sparse Autoencoder-Based Deep Network for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery  Y Qi, C Shen, D Wang, J Shi, X Jiang, Z Zhu
2017   Deep Sparse Coding for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring  S Singh, A Majumdar
2017   Object Tracking via Inverse Sparse Representation and Convolutional Networks  H Wang, H Ge
2017   Tensor-Generative Adversarial Network with Two-dimensional Sparse Coding: Application to Real-time Indoor Localization  C Zhu, L Xu, XY Liu, F Qian 
2017   Constructing a Deep Regression Model Utilizing Cascaded Sparse Autoencoders and Stochastic Gradient Descent  A Moussavi
2017   AMP-Inspired Deep Networks for Sparse Linear Inverse Problems  M Borgerding, P Schniter, S Rangan
2017   A Noisy Sparse Convolution Neural Network Based on Stacked Auto-encoders  Y Ding, X Zhang, J Tang 
2017   Convergence analysis of BP neural networks via sparse response regularization  J Wang, Y Wen, Z Ye, L Jian, H Chen
2017   Deep Learning Predicts Correlation between a Functional Signature of Higher Visual Areas and Sparse Firing of Neurons  C Zhuang, Y Wang, D Yamins, X Hu 
2017   Deep Learning for Rapid Sparse MR Fingerprinting Reconstruction  O Cohen, B Zhu, MS Rosen 
2017   Sparse representations based distributed attribute learning for person re-identification  K Cheng, K Hui, Y Zhan, M Li
2017   Cell Detection with Deep Learning Accelerated by Sparse Kernel  J Huang, Z Xu
2017   Model selection for sparse high-dimensional learning  PA Mattei
2017   Learning a Referenceless Stereopair Quality Engine with Deep Nonnegativity Constrained Sparse Autoencoder  Q Jiang, F Shao, W Lin, G Jiang 
2017   Sparse Inference Modules For Deep Learning  PK Pilly, ND Stepp, N Srinivasa 
2017   Local receptive field constrained stacked sparse autoencoder for classification of hyperspectral images  X Wan, C Zhao
2017   Towards Enhancing Stacked Extreme Learning Machine With Sparse Autoencoder by Correntropy  X Luo, Y Xu, W Wang, M Yuan, X Ban, Y Zhu, W Zhao
2017   iSS-PC: Identifying Splicing Sites via Physical-Chemical Properties Using Deep Sparse Auto-Encoder  ZC Xu, P Wang, WR Qiu, X Xiao
2017   DNN based detection of Pronunciation Erroneous Tendency in data sparse condition  Y Gao, Y Xie, J Lin, J Zhang
2017   Layerwise feature selection in Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder for tumor type prediction  V Singh, N Baranwal, RK Sevakula, NK Verma, Y Cui
2017   Improving Efficiency in Sparse Learning with the Feedforward Inhibitory Motif  Z Xu, S Skorheim, M Tu, V Berisha, S Yu, J Seo
2017   Multi-Layer Convolutional Sparse Modeling: Pursuit and Dictionary Learning  J Sulam, V Papyan, Y Romano, M Elad
2017   Direct Load Control of Thermostatically Controlled Loads Based on Sparse Observations Using Deep Reinforcement Learning  F Ruelens, BJ Claessens, P Vrancx, F Spiessens
2017   NullHop: A Flexible Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator Based on Sparse Representations of Feature Maps  A Aimar, H Mostafa, E Calabrese, A Rios
2017   Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks  B Graham, L van der Maaten
2017   Radar HRRP recognition based on sparse denoising autoencoder and multi-layer perceptron deep model  H Yan, Z Zhang, G Xiong, W Yu
2017   Deep Learning on Sparse Manifolds for Faster Object Segmentation  JC Nascimento, G Carneiro
2017   Spectral–spatial feature learning for hyperspectral imagery classification using deep stacked sparse autoencoder  G Abdi, F Samadzadegan, P Reinartz
2017   Robust visual tracking via multiscale deep sparse networks  X Wang, Z Hou, W Yu, Y Xue, Z Jin, B Dai
2017   Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Based on Sparse Regressive Deep Neural Network  H Sun, S Li
2017   Bio-Inspired Spiking Convolutional Network Using Layer-Wise Sparse Coding And Stdp Learning  A Tavanaei, AS Maida
2017   Reducing Covariate Factors Of Gait Recognition Using Feature Selection, Dictionary-Based Sparse Coding, And Deep Learning  MN Alotaibi
2017   Learning Compositional Sparse Bimodal Models  S Kumar, V Dhiman, PA Koch, JJ Corso
2017   Video Representation and Coding Using a Sparse Steered Mixture-of-Experts Network  L Lange, R Verhack, T Sikora
2017   Spectral–spatial classification of hyperspectral images using trilateral filter and stacked sparse autoencoder  C Zhao, X Wan, G Zhao, Y Yan
2017   Group Sparse Autoencoder  A Sankaran, M Vatsa, R Singh, A Majumdar
2017   Building Extraction Based on an Optimized Stacked Sparse Autoencoder of Structure and Training Samples Using LIDAR DSM and Optical Images  Y Yan, Z Tan, N Su, C Zhao
2017   Local and Global Sparse Representation for No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images  F Li, F Shao, Q Jiang, R Fu, G Jiang, M Yu
2017   Sparse Bayesian Reinforcement Learning  M Lee
2017   Sparse Wavelet Auto-Encoders for Image Classification  S Hassairi, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   Leveraging Sparse and Dense Feature Combinations for Sentiment Classification  T Yu, C Hidey, O Rambow, K McKeown
2017   Dense and Sparse Labeling with Multi-Dimensional Features for Saliency Detection  Y Yuan, C Li, J Kim, W Cai, DD Feng
2017   Combining Normal Sparse into Discriminative Deep Belief Networks  F Khalid, MI Fanany
2017   14.3 A 28nm SoC with a 1.2 GHz 568nJ/prediction sparse deep-neural-network engine with> 0.1 timing error rate tolerance for IoT applications  PN Whatmough, SK Lee, H Lee, S Rama, D Brooks
2017   Sparse Diffusion-Convolutional Neural Networks  J Atwood, S Pal, D Towsley, A Swami 
2017   Accelerating Training of Deep Neural Networks via Sparse Edge Processing  S Dey, Y Shao, KM Chugg, PA Beerel 
2017   3D Semantic Segmentation with Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks  B Graham, M Engelcke, L van der Maaten 
2017   Deep Sparse Subspace Clustering  X Peng, J Feng, S Xiao, J Lu, Z Yi, S Yan
2017   iDHSs-PseTNC: Identifying DNase I Hypersensitive Sites with Pseuo Trinucleotide Component by Deep Sparse Auto-Encoder  ZC Xu, SY Jiang, WR Qiu, YC Liu, X Xiao
2017   A New Deep Transfer Learning Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder for Fault Diagnosis  L Wen, L Gao, X Li
2017   Sparse Deep Nonnegative Matrix Factorization  Z Guo, S Zhang
2017   Weighted time series fault diagnosis based on a stacked sparse autoencoder  F Lv, C Wen, M Liu, Z Bao
2017   Multiscale Superpixel-Based Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification  S Zhang, S Li, W Fu, L Fang
2017   Evolutionary Training of Sparse Artificial Neural Networks: A Network Science Perspective  DC Mocanu, E Mocanu, P Stone, PH Nguyen
2017   Discriminative Transformation Learning for Fuzzy Sparse Subspace Clustering  Z Wen, B Hou, Q Wu, L Jiao
2017   Automatic Modulation Classification Using Deep Learning based on Sparse Autoencoders with Non-negativity Constraints  A Ali, F Yangyu
2017   The Brain's Computational Efficiency derives from using Sparse Distributed Representations  R Rinkus
2017   Segmenting Atrial Fibrosis from Late Gadolinium-Enhanced Cardiac MRI by Deep-Learned Features with Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoders  S Haldar, E Nyktari, X Ye, G Slabaugh, T Wong
2017   Building Recurrent Networks by Unfolding Iterative Thresholding for Sequential Sparse Recovery  S Wisdom, T Powers, J Pitton, L Atlas
2017   Deep Learning for Photoacoustic Tomography from Sparse Data  S Antholzer, M Haltmeier, J Schwab
2017   Multisensor Feature Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Sparse Autoencoder and Deep Belief Network  Z Chen, W Li
2017   Image Classification Based on Convolutional Denoising Sparse Auto-encoder  S Chena, H Liua, X Zenga, S Qiana, J Yub, W Guob
2017   Sparse Restricted Boltzmann Machine Based on Multiobjective Optimization  Y Li, X Bai, X Liang, L Jiao 
2017   Softmax regression based deep sparse autoencoder network for facial emotion recognition in human-robot interaction  L Chen, M Zhou, W Su, M Wu, J She, K Hirota 
2017   Skill Transfer between Industrial Robots by Sparse learning  K Lan
2017   Sparse filtering with the generalized lp/lq norm and its applications to the condition monitoring of rotating machinery  X Jia, M Zhao, Y Di, P Li, J Lee
2017   Spatial-Spectral Unsupervised Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder Classifier for Hyperspectral Imagery  X Han, Y Zhong, L Zhang
2017   Hyperspectral image feature extraction method based on sparse constraint convolutional neural network  P Jia, M Zhang, W Yu, Y Shen
2017   A Classification Method for Moving Targets in the Wild Based on Microphone Array and Linear Sparse Auto-Encoder  F Guo, J Huang, X Zhang, X You, X Zu, Q Zhao, Y Ding
2017   SPARCNet: A Hardware Accelerator for Efficient Deployment of Sparse Convolutional Networks  A Page, A Jafari, C Shea, T Mohsenin
2017   Nonredundant sparse feature extraction using autoencoders with receptive fields clustering  BO Ayinde, JM Zurada
2017   Discriminant analysis via jointly L2, 1-norm sparse tensor preserving embedding for image classification  R Huang, C Liu, J Zhou
2017   Image Clustering Based on Deep Sparse Representations  L Lv, D Zhao, Q Deng
2017   A Hybrid Algorithm of Extreme Learning Machine and Sparse Auto-Encoder  Y Lin, Y Liang, S Yoshida, X Feng, R Guan
2017   Cross-domain expression recognition based on sparse coding and transfer learning  Y Yang, W Zhang, Y Huang
2017   Recognition and retrieval of sound events using sparse coding convolutional neural network  CY Wang, A Santoso, S Mathulaprangsan, CC Chiang
2016   Deviant Learning Algorithm: Learning Sparse Mismatch Representations through Time and Space  EN Osegi, VI Anireh
2016   Image super-resolution reconstruction via RBM-based joint dictionary learning and sparse representation  Z Zhang, A Liu, Q Lei
2016   Characterization and assessment of fabric smoothness appearance based on sparse coding  P Xu, X Ding, X Wu, R Wang
2016   Collaborative Filtering with Stacked Denoising AutoEncoders and Sparse Inputs  F Strub, J Mary
2016   Accelerating Convolutional Sparse Coding for Curvilinear Structures Segmentation by Refining SCIRD-TS Filter Banks.  R Annunziata, E Trucco
2016   Robust transfer learning in multi-robot systems by using sparse autoencoder  LV Utkin, SG Popov, YA Zhuk
2016   Deep Representations Based on Sparse Auto-Encoder Networks for Face Spoofing Detection  D Yang, J Lai, L Mei
2016   Sparse Representation and Deep Learning for Image and Video Reconstruction  M Iliadis
2016   Sparse Factorization Layers for Neural Networks with Limited Supervision  P Koch, JJ Corso
2016   A stacked sparse autoencoder based architecture for Punjabi and English spoken language classification using MFCC features  V Arora, P Sood, KU Keshari
2016   Transformer fault diagnosis using continuous sparse autoencoder  L Wang, X Zhao, J Pei, G Tang
2016   Deep Adaptive Network: An Efficient Deep Neural Network with Sparse Binary Connections  X Zhou, S Li, K Qin, K Li, F Tang, S Hu, S Liu, Z Lin
2016   Using convolutional features and a sparse autoencoder for land-use scene classification  E Othman, Y Bazi, N Alajlan, H Alhichri, F Melgani
2016   Robust Single Image Super-Resolution via Deep Networks with Sparse Prior.  D Liu, Z Wang, B Wen, J Yang, W Han, T Huang
2016   A Versatile Sparse Representation Based Post-Processing Method for Improving Image Super-Resolution  J Yang, J Guo, H Chao
2016   Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Using Sparse Representations of Convolutional Neural Network Features  H Liang, Q Li
2016   Sparse feature learning for image analysis in segmentation, classification, and disease diagnosis.  E Hosseini
2016   Automated Diagnosis of Parkinsonian Syndromes by Deep Sparse Filtering-Based Features  A Ortiz, FJ Martínez
2016   Towards Understanding Sparse Filtering: A Theoretical Perspective  FM Zennaro, K Chen
2016   Constructing Deep Sparse Coding Network for Image Classification  S Zhang, J Wang, X Tao, Y Gong, N Zheng
2016   A Deconvolutional Competitive Algorithm for Building Sparse Hierarchical Representations  D Paiton, S Lundquist, W Shainin, X Zhang, P Schultz
2016   Discriminative Sparse Neighbor Approximation for Imbalanced Learning  C Huang, CC Loy, X Tang
2016   Classification of Epileptic EEG Signals with Stacked Sparse Autoencoder Based on Deep Learning  Q Lin, S Ye, X Huang, S Li, M Zhang, Y Xue, WS Chen
2016   Visualizing and Understanding Nonnegativity Constrained Sparse Autoencoder in Deep Learning  BO Ayinde, E Hosseini
2016   Research of stacked denoising sparse autoencoder  L Meng, S Ding, N Zhang, J Zhang
2016   Sparse Representation Based Complete Kernel Marginal Fisher Analysis Framework for Computational Art Painting Categorization  A Puthenputhussery, Q Liu, C Liu
2016   Accurate segmentation of nuclei in pathological images via sparse reconstruction and deep convolutional networks  X Pan, L Li, H Yang, Z Liu, J Yang, L Zhao, Y Fan
2016   Invariant object recognition based on combination of sparse DBN and SOM with temporal trace rule  H Cai, S Wang, E Liu, H Liu
2016   Sparse recovery techniques for hyperspectral imaging  HK Aggarwal, A Majumdar
2016   Surface approximation via sparse representation and parameterization optimization  L Xu, R Wang, Z Yang, J Deng, F Chen, L Liu
2016   Distributed sparse HMAX model  Y Wang, Q Zhang, X Hu
2016   Sparse Auto-encoder with Smoothed l_1 Regularization  L Zhang, Y Lu, Z Zhang, B Wang, F Li
2016   A Deep Neural Network Architecture Using Dimensionality Reduction with Sparse Matrices  W Matsumoto, M Hagiwara, PT Boufounos
2016   3D U-Net: Learning Dense Volumetric Segmentation from Sparse Annotation  Ö Çiçek, A Abdulkadir, SS Lienkamp, T Brox
2016   Vehicle detection based on visual saliency and deep sparse convolution hierarchical model  Y Cai, H Wang, X Chen, L Gao, L Chen
2016   Multistage committees of deep feedforward convolutional sparse denoise autoencoder for object recognition  S Luo, Y Ding, K Hao
2016   Cluster-Based Image Super-resolution via Jointly Low-rank and Sparse Representation  N Han, Z Song, Y Li
2016   Onsager-corrected deep learning for sparse linear inverse problems  M Borgerding, P Schniter
2016   Empirical study of PROXTONE and PROXTONE $^+ $ for Fast Learning of Large Scale Sparse Models  Z Shi, R Liu
2016   Detecting fingering of overblown flute sound using sparse feature learning  Y Han, K Lee
2016   Investigation on the kurtosis filter and the derivation of convolutional sparse filter for impulsive signature enhancement  X Jia, M Zhao, Y Di, C Jin, J Lee
2016   Terrain classification with Polarimetric SAR based on Deep Sparse Filtering Network  H Liu, Q Min, C Sun, J Zhao, S Yang, B Hou, J Feng
2016   A pruning algorithm for extreme learning machine based on sparse coding  Y Yu, Z Sun
2016   A jointly local structured sparse deep learning network for face recognition  R Wu, S Kamata
2016   Onsager-Corrected Deep Networks for Sparse Linear Inverse Problems  M Borgerding, P Schniter
2016   Stain Normalization using Sparse AutoEncoders (StaNoSA): Application to digital pathology  A Janowczyk, A Basavanhally, A Madabhushi
2016   3D Keypoint Detection Based on Deep Neural Network with Sparse Autoencoder  X Lin, C Zhu, Q Zhang, Y Liu
2016   Mid-Level Feature Representation via Sparse Autoencoder for Remotely Sensed Scene Classification  E Li, P Du, A Samat, Y Meng, M Che
2016   Bio-Inspired Spiking Convolutional Neural Network using Layer-wise Sparse Coding and STDP Learning  A Tavanaei, AS Maida
2016   Super Resolution of Medical Image Using Integrated Approach of Deep Learning and Sparse Coding  S Jindal, HG Kaur
2016   Denoising Deep Extreme Learning Machines for Sparse Representation  X Cheng, H Liu, X Xu, F Sun
2016   Sparse Coding Extreme Learning Machine for Classification  Z Sun, Y Yu
2016   Learning blind quality evaluator for stereoscopic images using joint sparse representation  F Shao, K Li, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2016   Deep neural network for halftone image classification based on sparse auto-encoder  Y Zhang, E Zhang, W Chen
2016   Modulation recognition of underwater acoustic communication signals based on denoising & deep sparse autoencoder  H YANG, X YAO, S SHEN, J XIONG, X ZHANG
2015   Infrared ultraspectral signature classification based on a restricted Boltzmann machine with sparse and prior constraints  X Mei, Y Ma, F Fan, C Li, C Liu, J Huang, J Ma
2015   Modeling object recognition in visual cortex using multiple firing K-means and Non-negative Sparse Coding  Y Wang, L Deng
2015   Building Feature Space of Extreme Learning Machine with Sparse Denoising Stacked-autoencoder  W Huang, F Sun
2015   Fusion Algorithm Of Optical Images And Sar With Svt And Sparse Representation  Y Zhouping
2015   Analysis of Different Sparsity Methods in Constrained RBM for Sparse Representation in Cognitive Robotic Perception  Z Cui, SS Ge, Z Cao, J Yang, H Ren
2015   Sparse Robust Recovery and Learning  YL Gwon
2015   The effect of different hidden unit number of sparse autoencoder  Q Xu, L Zhang
2015   Systems, Apparatuses, And Methods For Deep Learning Of Feature Detectors With Sparse Coding  T Lin, H Kung
2015   A Deep Learning Method Combined Sparse Autoencoder with SVM  Y Ju, J Guo, S Liu
2015   A Two-Layer Local Constrained Sparse Coding Method for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization  G Lihua, G Chenggan
2015   Classification of uncooperative vehicles with sparse laser Doppler vibrometry measurements  J Wei, CH Liu, Z Zhu, O Mendoza
2015   Deep Learning, Sparse Coding, and SVM for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images  A Halpern, JR Smith
2015   Single Image Super-Resolution Via Bm3D Sparse Coding  K Egiazarian, V Katkovnik
2015   Hierarchical Recognition System for Target Recognition from Sparse Representations  Z Cui, Z Cao, J Yang, H Ren
2015   Unveiling The Tree: A Convex Framework for Sparse Problems  TA Lahlou, AV Oppenheim
2015   Sparse Neural Networks  M Thom
2015   Toward a Robust Sparse Data Representation for Wireless Sensor Networks  MA Alsheikh, S Lin, HP Tan, D Niyato
2015   Learning Sparse Feature Representations using Probabilistic Quadtrees and Deep Belief Nets  S Basu, M Karki, S Ganguly, R DiBiano
2015   Deeply Improved Sparse Coding for Image Super-Resolution  Z Wang, D Liu, J Yang, W Han, T Huang
2015   A Real-Time Visual Tracking Approach Using Sparse Autoencoder and Extreme Learning Machine  L Dai, Y Zhu, G Luo, C He, H Lin
2015   Trading Interpretability for Accuracy: Oblique Treed Sparse Additive Models  J Wang, R Fujimaki, Y Motohashi
2015   Sparse Coding with Fast Image Alignment via Large Displacement Optical Flow  X Sun, NM Nasrabadi, TD Tran
2015   Automatic facial attribute analysis via adaptive sparse representation of random patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2015   A Vehicle Type Recognition Method based on Sparse Auto Encoder  HL Rong, YX Xia
2015   Topologically Ordered Feature Extraction Based on Sparse Group Restricted Boltzmann Machines  Z Chena, S Xionga, Z Fangb, R Zhanga, X Konga
2015   Automatic sleep stage classification based on sparse deep belief net and combination of multiple classifiers  J Zhang, Y Wu, J Bai, F Chen
2015   A Novel Method for Text Recognition in Natural Scene Based on Sparse Stacked Autoencoder  C HUANG, L ZHONG, Y HUANG, G ZHANG, X ZHONG
2015   An Efficient Concept Detection System Via Sparse Ensemble Learning  S Tang, ZX Xu, YD Zhang, HJ Li, YT Zheng, JT Li
2015   Deep Learning of Part-Based Representation of Data Using Sparse Autoencoders With Nonnegativity Constraints  E Hosseini
2015   Deep learning human actions from video via sparse filtering and locally competitive algorithms  WE Hahn, S Lewkowitz, DC Lacombe Jr, E Barenholtz
2015   Sparse nonlinear representation for voice conversion  T Nakashika, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki
2015   HSAE: A Hessian Regularized Sparse Auto-Encoders  W Liu, T Ma, D Tao, J You
2015   Cascaded Sparse Spatial Bins for Efficient and Effective Generic Object Detection  D Novotny, J Matas
2015   Stacked Sparse Autoencoder (SSAE) for Nuclei Detection on Breast Cancer Histopathology images.  J Xu, L Xiang, Q Liu, H Gilmore, J Wu, J Tang
2015   A Sparse Pyramid Pooling Strategy  L Wang, S Gong, C Liu, Y Ji, M Song
2015   Sparse Deep Stacking Network for Image Classification  J Li, H Chang, J Yang
2015   Robust visual tracking via CAMShift and structural local sparse appearance model  H Zhao, K Xiang, S Cao, X Wang
2015   A Multiobjective Sparse Feature Learning Model for Deep Neural Networks  M Gong, J Liu, H Li, Q Cai, L Su
2015   Robust people counting using sparse representation and random projection  H Foroughi, N Ray, H Zhang
2015   Multi-manifold Sparse Graph Embedding for Multi-modal Image Classification  J Li, Y Wu, J Zhao, K Lu
2015   Multiclass feature learning for hyperspectral image classification: sparse and hierarchical solutions  D Tuia, R Flamary, N Courty
2015   Columnar Machine: Fast estimation of structured sparse codes  A Lőrincz, ZÁ Milacski, B Pintér, AL Verő
2015   Deep Feature Learning for Tibetan Speech Recognition using Sparse Auto-encoder  H Wang, Y Zhao, XF Liu, XN Xu, L Wang, N Zhou
2015   Sparse Filtering in Theano  DC LaCombe Jr
2015   A novel method of diagnosing premature ventricular contraction based on sparse auto-encoder and softmax regression  J Yang, Y Bai, G Li, M Liu, X Liu
2015   The Unsupervised Hierarchical Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder for Neuroimaging Data Classification  X Han, Y Zhong, L He, SY Philip, L Zhang
2015   Sparse Coral Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  M Elawady
2015   Spatiotemporal Context Awareness for Urban Traffic Modeling and Prediction: Sparse Representation Based Variable Selection  S Yang, S Shi, X Hu, M Wang
2015   Cell recognition based on topological sparse coding for microscopy imaging of focused ultrasound treatment  Z Wang, J Zhu, Y Xue, C Song, N Bi
2015   Object recognition in remote sensing images using sparse deep belief networks  W Diao, X Sun, F Dou, M Yan, H Wang, K Fu
2015   Deep sparse coding network for image classification  S Zhou, S Zhang, J Wang
2015   Manifold learning in sparse selected feature subspaces  Y Fang, Y Zheng, C Yu
2015   A Modified Sparse Representation Method for Facial Expression Recognition  WWLH Xu
2015   Sparse Robust Filters for Scene Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images  S Yang, M Wang, H Long, Z Liu
2015   Spatially Constrained Sparse Coding Scheme for Natural Scene Categorization  H Zhang, Y Liu, B Xie, J Yu
2014   Recognition of Facial Attributes using Adaptive Sparse Representations of Random Patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2014   Predicting backbone Cα angles and dihedrals from protein sequences by stacked sparse auto‐encoder deep neural network  J Lyons, A Dehzangi, R Heffernan, A Sharma
2014   Compute Less to Get More: Using ORC to Improve Sparse Filtering  J Lederer, S Guadarrama
2014   Static hand gesture recognition using stacked Denoising Sparse Autoencoders  V Kumar, GC Nandi, R Kala
2014   Statistically Adaptive Image Denoising Based on Overcomplete Topographic Sparse Coding  H Zhao, J Luo, Z Huang, T Nagumo, J Murayama
2014   Smartphone based visible iris recognition using deep sparse filtering  KB Raja, R Raghavendra, VK Vemuri, C Busch
2014   Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Local and Global Sparse Gaussian  T Koriyama, T Nose, T Kobayashi
2014   Nuclei/Cell Detection in Microscopic Skeletal Muscle Fiber Images and Histopathological Brain Tumor Images Using Sparse Optimizations  H Su
2014   A linear approach for sparse coding by a two-layer neural network  A Montalto, G Tessitore, R Prevete
2014   Sparsey^ TM: Spatiotemporal Event Recognition via Deep Hierarchical Sparse Distributed Codes  GJ Rinkus
2014   Learning Block Group Sparse Representation Combined with Convolutional Neural Networks for RGB-D Object Recognition  S Tu, Y Xue, J Wang, X Huang, X Zhang
2014   Learning Feature Representations with a Cost-Relevant Sparse Autoencoder  M Längkvist, A Loutfi
2014   A Truncated EM Approach for Spike-and-Slab Sparse Coding  AS Sheikh, JA Shelton, J Lücke
2014   Meta-parameter free unsupervised sparse feature learning  A Romero, P Radeva, C Gatta
2014   Analyzing sparse dictionaries for online learning with kernels  P Honeine
2014   HSR: L1/2 Regularized Sparse Representation for Fast Face Recognition using Hierarchical Feature Selection  B Han, B He, T Sun, M Ma, A Lendasse
2014   Provable Methods for Training Neural Networks with Sparse Connectivity  H Sedghi, A Anandkumar
2014   Sparse Representations, Numerical Linear Algebra, and Optimization  G Kutyniok, M Saunders, S Wright, O Yilmaz