Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sparse autoencoder

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Learning a Referenceless Stereopair Quality Engine with Deep Nonnegativity Constrained Sparse Autoencoder  Q Jiang, F Shao, W Lin, G Jiang 
2017   Local receptive field constrained stacked sparse autoencoder for classification of hyperspectral images  X Wan, C Zhao
2017   Towards Enhancing Stacked Extreme Learning Machine With Sparse Autoencoder by Correntropy  X Luo, Y Xu, W Wang, M Yuan, X Ban, Y Zhu, W Zhao
2017   Spectral–spatial feature learning for hyperspectral imagery classification using deep stacked sparse autoencoder  G Abdi, F Samadzadegan, P Reinartz
2017   Spectral–spatial classification of hyperspectral images using trilateral filter and stacked sparse autoencoder  C Zhao, X Wan, G Zhao, Y Yan
2017   Group Sparse Autoencoder  A Sankaran, M Vatsa, R Singh, A Majumdar
2017   Building Extraction Based on an Optimized Stacked Sparse Autoencoder of Structure and Training Samples Using LIDAR DSM and Optical Images  Y Yan, Z Tan, N Su, C Zhao
2017   Weighted time series fault diagnosis based on a stacked sparse autoencoder  F Lv, C Wen, M Liu, Z Bao
2017   Multisensor Feature Fusion for Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Sparse Autoencoder and Deep Belief Network  Z Chen, W Li
2017   Softmax regression based deep sparse autoencoder network for facial emotion recognition in human-robot interaction  L Chen, M Zhou, W Su, M Wu, J She, K Hirota 
2016   Robust transfer learning in multi-robot systems by using sparse autoencoder  LV Utkin, SG Popov, YA Zhuk
2016   A stacked sparse autoencoder based architecture for Punjabi and English spoken language classification using MFCC features  V Arora, P Sood, KU Keshari
2016   Transformer fault diagnosis using continuous sparse autoencoder  L Wang, X Zhao, J Pei, G Tang
2016   Using convolutional features and a sparse autoencoder for land-use scene classification  E Othman, Y Bazi, N Alajlan, H Alhichri, F Melgani
2016   Classification of Epileptic EEG Signals with Stacked Sparse Autoencoder Based on Deep Learning  Q Lin, S Ye, X Huang, S Li, M Zhang, Y Xue, WS Chen
2016   Visualizing and Understanding Nonnegativity Constrained Sparse Autoencoder in Deep Learning  BO Ayinde, E Hosseini
2016   Research of stacked denoising sparse autoencoder  L Meng, S Ding, N Zhang, J Zhang
2016   3D Keypoint Detection Based on Deep Neural Network with Sparse Autoencoder  X Lin, C Zhu, Q Zhang, Y Liu
2016   Mid-Level Feature Representation via Sparse Autoencoder for Remotely Sensed Scene Classification  E Li, P Du, A Samat, Y Meng, M Che
2016   Modulation recognition of underwater acoustic communication signals based on denoising & deep sparse autoencoder  H YANG, X YAO, S SHEN, J XIONG, X ZHANG
2015   The effect of different hidden unit number of sparse autoencoder  Q Xu, L Zhang
2015   A Deep Learning Method Combined Sparse Autoencoder with SVM  Y Ju, J Guo, S Liu
2015   A Real-Time Visual Tracking Approach Using Sparse Autoencoder and Extreme Learning Machine  L Dai, Y Zhu, G Luo, C He, H Lin
2015   Stacked Sparse Autoencoder (SSAE) for Nuclei Detection on Breast Cancer Histopathology images.  J Xu, L Xiang, Q Liu, H Gilmore, J Wu, J Tang
2014   Learning Feature Representations with a Cost-Relevant Sparse Autoencoder  M Längkvist, A Loutfi