Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: sparse representation

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Object Tracking via Inverse Sparse Representation and Convolutional Networks  H Wang, H Ge
2017   Local and Global Sparse Representation for No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images  F Li, F Shao, Q Jiang, R Fu, G Jiang, M Yu
2017   Multiscale Superpixel-Based Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification  S Zhang, S Li, W Fu, L Fang
2016   Image super-resolution reconstruction via RBM-based joint dictionary learning and sparse representation  Z Zhang, A Liu, Q Lei
2016   Sparse Representation and Deep Learning for Image and Video Reconstruction  M Iliadis
2016   A Versatile Sparse Representation Based Post-Processing Method for Improving Image Super-Resolution  J Yang, J Guo, H Chao
2016   Sparse Representation Based Complete Kernel Marginal Fisher Analysis Framework for Computational Art Painting Categorization  A Puthenputhussery, Q Liu, C Liu
2016   Surface approximation via sparse representation and parameterization optimization  L Xu, R Wang, Z Yang, J Deng, F Chen, L Liu
2016   Cluster-Based Image Super-resolution via Jointly Low-rank and Sparse Representation  N Han, Z Song, Y Li
2016   Denoising Deep Extreme Learning Machines for Sparse Representation  X Cheng, H Liu, X Xu, F Sun
2016   Learning blind quality evaluator for stereoscopic images using joint sparse representation  F Shao, K Li, W Lin, G Jiang, Q Dai
2015   Fusion Algorithm Of Optical Images And Sar With Svt And Sparse Representation  Y Zhouping
2015   Analysis of Different Sparsity Methods in Constrained RBM for Sparse Representation in Cognitive Robotic Perception  Z Cui, SS Ge, Z Cao, J Yang, H Ren
2015   Automatic facial attribute analysis via adaptive sparse representation of random patches  D Mery, K Bowyer
2015   Robust people counting using sparse representation and random projection  H Foroughi, N Ray, H Zhang
2015   Spatiotemporal Context Awareness for Urban Traffic Modeling and Prediction: Sparse Representation Based Variable Selection  S Yang, S Shi, X Hu, M Wang
2015   A Modified Sparse Representation Method for Facial Expression Recognition  WWLH Xu
2014   Learning Block Group Sparse Representation Combined with Convolutional Neural Networks for RGB-D Object Recognition  S Tu, Y Xue, J Wang, X Huang, X Zhang
2014   HSR: L1/2 Regularized Sparse Representation for Fast Face Recognition using Hierarchical Feature Selection  B Han, B He, T Sun, M Ma, A Lendasse