Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: speech recognition

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Spectral-Domain Speech Enhancement for Speech Recognition  CH You, MA Bin
2017   Discriminative Acoustic Features for Deployable Speech Recognition  A Faria
2017   On Dnn Posterior Probability Combination In Multi-Stream Speech Recognition For Reverberant Environments  F Xiong, S Goetze, BT Meyer
2017   Automatic Parameter Switching of Noise Reduction for Speech Recognition  T Kawase, K Niwa, Y Hioka, K Kobayashi
2017   Building An Assistant Mobile Application For Teaching Arabic Pronunciation Using A New Approach For Arabic Speech Recognition  B ALKHATIB, M KAWAS, A ALNAHHAS, R BONDOK
2017   Robust automatic speech recognition based on neural network in reverberant environments  L Bai, HL Li, YY He
2017   Speech recognition using deep neural network-recent trends  M Sarma
2017   Monolithic 3D IC designs for low-power deep neural networks targeting speech recognition  K Chang, D Kadetotad, Y Cao, J Seo, SK Lim
2017   Hierarchical Bayesian Combination of Plug-in Maximum A Posteriori Decoders in Deep Neural Networks-based Speech Recognition and Speaker Adaptation  Z Huang, SM Siniscalchi, CH Lee
2017   Robust Speech Recognition Using Generative Adversarial Networks  A Sriram, H Jun, Y Gaur, S Satheesh 
2017   Reducing speech recognition latency  MME Bisani, HE Secker
2017   Dysarthric Speech Recognition and Offline Handwriting Recognition using Deep Neural Networks  S Pillai
2017   Attention-Based End-to-End Speech Recognition in Mandarin  C Shan, J Zhang, Y Wang, L Xie
2017   Multivariate Autoregressive Spectrogram Modeling for Noisy Speech Recognition  S Ganapathy
2017   Deep Temporal Architecture for Audiovisual Speech Recognition  C Tian, Y Yuan, X Lu 
2017   Multi-resolution spectral input for convolutional neural network-based speech recognition  L Tóth
2017   Multi-task Learning Of Deep Neural Networks For Audio Visual Automatic Speech Recognition  A Thanda, SM Venkatesan
2017   An Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaptation Approach for Robust Speech Recognition  S Sun, B Zhang, L Xie, Y Zhang
2017   HMM/MLP speech recognition system using a novel data clustering approach  L Lazli, M Boukadoum, OA Mohamed
2017   Kernel Approximation Methods for Speech Recognition  A May, AB Garakani, Z Lu, D Guo, K Liu, A Bellet, L Fan
2017   Auxiliary Multimodal LSTM for Audio-visual Speech Recognition and Lipreading  C Tian, W Ji, Y Yuan
2017   Speech recognition in a dialog system: from conventional to deep processing  A Becerra, JI de la Rosa, E González
2017   Guest Editorial for the special issue on Multi-Microphone Speech Recognition in Everyday Environments  J Barker, R Marxer, E Vincent, S Watanabe
2017   Stimulated Training For Automatic Speech Recognition And Keyword Search In Limited Resource Conditions  A Ragni, C Wu, MJF Gales, J Vasilakes, KM Knill
2017   Deep LSTM for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition  X Tian, J Zhang, Z Ma, Y He, J Wei, P Wu, W Situ, S Li
2017   Exploring Speech Enhancement with Generative Adversarial Networks for Robust Speech Recognition  C Donahue, B Li, R Prabhavalkar 
2017   On the Relevance of Auditory-Based Gabor Features for Deep Learning in Automatic Speech Recognition  AMC Martinez, SH Mallidi, BT Meyer
2017   Deep Speech Recognition  L Deng
2017   Dynamic pruning in speech recognition  JS Kramer, AD Rosen, KJ Basye
2017   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Robust Speech Recognition via Variational Autoencoder-Based Data Augmentation  WN Hsu, Y Zhang, J Glass
2017   An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach to Simultaneous Speech Dereverberation and Acoustic Modeling for Robust Speech Recognition  B Wu, K Li, F Ge, Z Huang, M Yang, SM Siniscalchi
2017   Unsupervised modulation filter learning for noise-robust speech recognition  P Agrawal, S Ganapathy
2017   Auxiliary Features from Laser-Doppler Vibrometer Sensor for Deep Neural Network Based Robust Speech Recognition  L Sun, J Du, Z Xie, Y Xu
2017   Visual Speech Recognition Using PCA Networks and LSTMs in a Tandem GMM-HMM System  M Zimmermann, M Mehdipour Ghazi, HK Ekenel
2017   Automatic speaker identification using speech recognition features  HE Secker
2017   Analysis and modeling for robust whispered speech recognition  S Ghaffarzadegan
2017   I-vector estimation as auxiliary task for multi-task learning based acoustic modeling for automatic speech recognition  G Pironkov, S Dupont, T Dutoit
2017   End-To-End Speech Recognition Applied To Brazilian Portuguese Using Deep Learning  IM Quintanilha
2017   On the relevance of auditory-based Gabor features for deep learning in robust speech recognition  AM Castro Martinez, SH Mallidi, BT Meyer
2017   Whispered Speech Recognition Using Deep Denoising Autoencoder and Inverse Filtering  ĐT Grozdić, ST Jovičić 
2017   Methods for Addressing Data Diversity in Automatic Speech Recognition  M Doulaty Bashkand
2017   Language Adaptive Multilingual CTC Speech Recognition  M Müller, S Stüker, A Waibel
2016   Large-Margin Structured Prediction Extensions of Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition  S Ravuri
2016   An Experimental Comparison of Deep Neural Networks for End-to-end Speech Recognition  Z Zhang, Z Sun, J Liu, J Chen, Z Huo, X Zhang
2016   Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning in Acoustic Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition  Y Liu
2016   Joint acoustic factor learning for robust deep neural network based automatic speech recognition  S Kundu, G Mantena, Y Qian, T Tan, M Delcroix
2016   Exploiting LSTM structure in deep neural networks for speech recognition  T He, J Droppo
2016   Towards Improving Low-Resource Speech Recognition Using Articulatory and Language Features  M Müller, S Stüker, A Waibel
2016   Isolated Word Speech Recognition System Using Deep Neural Networks  D Dhanashri, SB Dhonde
2016   Neural networks for proper name retrieval in the framework of automatic speech recognition  D Fohr, I Illina
2016   A Comprehensive Study of Deep Bidirectional LSTM RNNs for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition  A Zeyer, P Doetsch, P Voigtlaender, R Schlüter, H Ney
2016   Toward growing modular deep neural networks for continuous speech recognition  Z Ansari, SA Seyyedsalehi
2016   Personalized Speech recognition on mobile devices  I McGraw, R Prabhavalkar, R Alvarez, MG Arenas
2016   Prosody Utilization in Continuous Speech Recognition  J Bartošek
2016   Deep Complementary Bottleneck Features For Visual Speech Recognition  S Petridis, M Pantic
2016   An efficient noise-robust automatic speech recognition system using artificial neural networks  S Gupta, KM Bhurchandi, AG Keskar
2016   Domain Adaptation Of Deep Neural Networks For Automatic Speech Recognition Via Wireless Sensors  G Gosztolya, T Grósz
2016   Selection of Optimal Array Noise Reduction Parameter Set for Accurate Speech Recognition in Various Noisy Environments  T Kawase, K Niwa, Y Hioka, K Kobayashi
2016   The Appropriate Hidden Layers of Deep Belief Networks for Speech Recognition  Q Wei, H Li, X Zhou
2016   Speech Recognition of Continuous Tamil phoneme using DBN  AC Banumathi
2016   Feature mapping using deep belief networks for robust speech recognition  M Gholmipour, B Nasersharif
2016   Deep neural network acoustic models for multi-dialect Arabic speech recognition  NF Hmad
2016   Improving Electroencephalography-Based Imagined Speech Recognition with a Simultaneous Video Data Stream  SJ Stolze
2016   Investigation of DNN-based audio-visual speech recognition  S TAMURA, H NINOMIYA, N KITAOKA, S OSUGA
2016   Multi-channel speech enhancement and amplitude modulation analysis for noise robust automatic speech recognition  N Moritz, K Adiloğlu, J Anemüller, S Goetze
2016   Graph based manifold regularized deep neural networks for automatic speech recognition  VS Tomar, RC Rose
2016   Hybrid DNN-Latent structured SVM acoustic models for continuous speech recognition  S Ravuri
2016   A Comparison between Deep Neural Nets and Kernel Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition  Z Lu, D Guo, AB Garakani, K Liu, A May, A Bellet, L Fan
2016   Automatic Speech Recognition Based on Neural Networks  R Schlüter, P Doetsch, P Golik, M Kitza, T Menne, K Irie
2016   DNN-Based Acoustic Modeling for Russian Speech Recognition Using Kaldi  I Kipyatkova, A Karpov
2016   Towards End-to-End Speech Recognition  D PALAZ
2016   An experimental study on joint modeling of mixed-bandwidth data via deep neural networks for robust speech recognition  J Gao, J Du, C Kong, H Lu, E Chen, CH Lee
2016   A Review on Automatic Speech Recognition Architecture and Approaches  S Karpagavalli, E Chandra
2016   Wav2Letter: an End-to-End ConvNet-based Speech Recognition System  R Collobert, C Puhrsch, G Synnaeve
2016   Speech recognition capability generation and control  Y Watanabe, A Rajasekaram, R Ramachandran
2016   Improving Speech Recognition Using Limited Accent Diverse British English Training Data With Deep Neural Networks  M Najafian, S Safavi, JHL Hansen, M Russell
2016   Joint training of DNNs by incorporating an explicit dereverberation structure for distant speech recognition  T Gao, J Du, Y Xu, C Liu, LR Dai, CH Lee
2016   Training Maxout Neural Networks for Speech Recognition Tasks  A Prudnikov, M Korenevsky
2016   Signal Processing Algorithm-Integrated Deep Neural Network-Based Speech Recognition Apparatus And Learning Method …  H Chung, JG Park, SJ Lee, YK Lee
2016   Noise Robust Speech Recognition Using Deep Belief Networks  M Farahat, R Halavati
2015   End-to-End Attention-based Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition  D Bahdanau, J Chorowski, D Serdyuk, P Brakel
2015   New Trends In Machine Learning For Speech Recognition  I GAVAT, D MILITARU
2015   Deep Belief Neural Networks and Bidirectional Long-Short Term Memory Hybrid for Speech Recognition  Ł BROCKI, K MARASEK
2015   Robust Excitation-Based Features For Automatic Speech Recognition  T Drugman, Y Stylianou, L Chen, X Chen, MJF Gales
2015   Deep Neural Network Applications on Automatic Speech Recognition  P Wang
2015   Prediction, Bayesian inference and feedback in speech recognition  D Norris, JM McQueen, A Cutler
2015   Multi-task Learning of Deep Neural Networks for Low-resource Speech Recognition  D Chen, B Mak
2015   Audio augmentation for speech recognition  T Ko, V Peddinti, D Povey, S Khudanpur
2015   Highway Long Short-Term Memory RNNs for Distant Speech Recognition  Y Zhang, G Chen, D Yu, K Yao, S Khudanpur, J Glass
2015   Using Language Adaptive Deep Neural Networks for Improved Multilingual Speech Recognition  M Müller, A Waibel
2015   Feature Extraction Using Pre-Trained Convolutive Bottleneck Nets For Dysarthric Speech Recognition  Y Takashima, T Nakashika, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki
2015   Listening With Your Eyes: Towards a Practical Visual Speech Recognition System Using Deep Boltzmann Machines  C Sui, M Bennamoun, R Togneri
2015   Frame Based Postprocessor for Speech Recognition Based on Augmented Conditional Random Fields  Y Hifny
2015   Building DNN Acoustic Models for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition  AL Maas, P Qi, Z Xie, AY Hannun, CT Lengerich
2015   Reverberant speech recognition combining deep neural networks and deep autoencoders augmented with a phone-class feature  M Mimura, S Sakai, T Kawahara
2015   Acoustic Model Structuring for Improving Automatic Speech Recognition Performance  A Gorin
2015   Denoising Convolutional Autoencoders for Noisy Speech Recognition  M Kayser, V Zhong
2015   Model-based Approaches to Robust Speech Recognition in Diverse Environments  Y Wang
2015   Exploiting Low-Dimensional Structures To Enhance Dnn Based Acoustic Modeling In Speech Recognition  P Dighe, G Luyet, A Asaei, H Bourlard
2015   Meta-Data Inputs To Front End Processing For Automatic Speech Recognition  D Willett, KJ Lööf, Y Pan, J Pinto, C Gollan
2015   Deep Multimodal Learning for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition  Y Mroueh, E Marcheret, V Goel
2015   Noisy Training for Deep Neural Networks in Speech Recognition  S Yin, C Liu, Z Zhang, Y Lin, D Wang, J Tejedor, T Fang
2015   EESEN: End-to-End Speech Recognition using Deep RNN Models and WFST-based Decoding  Y Miao, M Gowayyed, F Metze
2015   Deep Neural Network Based Spectral Feature Mapping for Robust Speech Recognition  K Han, Y He, D Bagchi, E Fosler
2015   Deep Speech 2: End-to-End Speech Recognition in English and Mandarin  D Amodei, R Anubhai, E Battenberg, C Case, J Casper
2015   A Fast Learning Method for the Multi-layer Perceptron in Automatic Speech Recognition Systems  C Cai, Y Xu, D Ke, K Su
2015   The NAIST English Speech Recognition System for IWSLT 2015  M Heck, QT Do, S Sakti, G Neubig, S Nakamura
2015   Maxout neurons for deep convolutional and LSTM neural networks in speech recognition  M Cai, J Liu
2015   An investigation on DNN-derived bottleneck features for GMM-HMM based robust speech recognition  Y You, Y Qian, T He, K Yu
2015   Local trajectory based speech enhancement for robust speech recognition with deep neural network  Y You, Y Qian, K Yu
2015   Analysis of CNN-based Speech Recognition System using Raw Speech as Input  D Palaz, MM Doss, R Collobert
2015   Deep Feature Learning for Tibetan Speech Recognition using Sparse Auto-encoder  H Wang, Y Zhao, XF Liu, XN Xu, L Wang, N Zhou
2015   Attention-Based Models for Speech Recognition  J Chorowski, D Bahdanau, D Serdyuk, K Cho
2015   Small-footprint Deep Neural Networks with Highway Connections for Speech Recognition  L Liang, R Steve
2015   The LIUM English-to-French Spoken Language Translation System and the Vecsys/LIUM Automatic Speech Recognition System for Italian Language for IWSLT 2014  A Rousseau, L Barrault, P Deléglise, Y Esteve
2015   Towards Structured Deep Neural Network for Automatic Speech Recognition  YH Liao, HY Lee, L Lee
2015   Deep learning in acoustic modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding-an overview  I Gavat, D Militaru
2015   Fast adaptation of deep neural network based on discriminant codes for speech recognition  S Xue, O Abdel
2014   Learning linearly separable features for speech recognition using convolutional neural networks  D Palaz, MM Doss, R Collobert
2014   End-to-end Continuous Speech Recognition using Attention-based Recurrent NN: First Results  J Chorowski, D Bahdanau, K Cho, Y Bengio
2014   Decision tree based state tying for speech recognition using DNN derived embeddings  X Li, X Wu
2014   Speaker adaptation of hybrid NN/HMM model for speech recognition based on singular value decomposition  S Xue, H Jiang, L Dai
2014   Labeling unsegmented sequence data with DNN-HMM and its application for speech recognition  X Li, X Wu
2014   Investigation of stochastic Hessian-Free optimization in Deep neural networks for speech recognition  Z You, B Xu
2014   A critical examination of deep learningapproaches to automated speech recognition  NGA LAYOUSS
2014   Improving Acoustic Model for Vietnamese Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Deep Bottleneck Features  QB Nguyen, TT Vu, CM Luong
2014   DeepSpeech: Scaling up end-to-end speech recognition  A Hannun, C Case, J Casper, B Catanzaro, G Diamos
2014   Audio-visual speech recognition using deep learning  K Noda, Y Yamaguchi, K Nakadai, HG Okuno, T Ogata
2014   Deep neural network adaptation for children's and adults' speech recognition  R Serizel, D Giuliani, FBK FBK
2014   The relation of eye gaze and face pose: Potential impact on speech recognition  M Slaney, A Stolcke, D Hakkani
2014   Feature Mapping of Multiple Beamformed Sources for Robust Overlapping Speech Recognition Using a Microphone Array  W Li, L Wang, Y Zhou, J Dines, M Magimai
2014   Raw Speech Signal-based Continuous Speech Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks  D Palaz, R Collobert
2014   Dysarthric Speech Recognition Using a Convolutive Bottleneck Network  T Nakashika, T Yoshioka, T Takiguchi, Y Ariki
2014   Ensemble Learning Approaches in Speech Recognition  Y Zhao, J Xue, X Chen
2014   Deep Neural Network Based Speech Separation for Robust Speech Recognition  T Yanhui, D Jun, X Yong, D Lirong, L Chin
2014   Extracting Deep Bottleneck Features For Visual Speech Recognition  C Sui, R Togneri, M Bennamoun
2014   Spatial Diffuseness Features for DNN-Based Speech Recognition in Noisy and Reverberant Environments  A Schwarz, C Huemmer, R Maas, W Kellermann