Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: speech separation

Year TitleAuthor
2017   An Improved Supervised Speech Separation Method Based on Perceptual Weighted Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  HAN Wei, X ZHANG, SUN Meng, LI Li, SHI Wenhua
2017   Supervised Speech Separation Based on Deep Learning: An Overview  DL Wang, J Chen
2017   A comparison of perceptually motivated loss functions for binary mask estimation in speech separation  B Milner, D Websdale
2017   Multi-talker Speech Separation with Utterance-level Permutation Invariant Training of Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  M Kolbæk, D Yu, ZH Tan, J Jensen
2017   Deep Learning Based Binaural Speech Separation in Reverberant Environments  X Zhang, DL Wang
2016   A Pairwise Algorithm Using Deep Stacking Network for Speech Separation and Pitch Estimation  X Zhang, H Zhang, S Nie, W Liu
2016   A Regression Approach to Single-Channel Speech Separation Via High-Resolution Deep Neural Networks  J Du, Y Tu, LR Dai, CH Lee
2015   Supervised Speech Separation Using Deep Neural Networks  Y Wang
2015   Localization based stereo speech separation using deep networks  Y Yu, W Wang, J Luo, P Feng
2015   Speech Separation based on Deep Belief Network  W Haijia, Z Xiongwei, Z Liangliang, Z Xia
2015   Deep Nmf For Speech Separation  J Le Roux, JR Hershey, F Weninger
2015   Phase-Sensitive And Recognition-Boosted Speech Separation Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks  H Erdogan, JR Hershey, S Watanabe, J Le Roux
2014   Speech separation based on improved deep neural networks with dual outputs of speech features for both target and interfering speakers  Y Tu, J Du, Y Xu, L Dai, CH Lee
2014   Speech Separation of A Target Speaker Based on Deep Neural Networks  TY Du Jun, X Yong, LCH Dai Lirong
2014   Deep Neural Network Based Speech Separation for Robust Speech Recognition  T Yanhui, D Jun, X Yong, D Lirong, L Chin
2014   Supervised Speech Separation And Processing  K Han