Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: spiking

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Cross-Layer Design Exploration for Energy-Quality Tradeoffs in Spiking and Non-Spiking Deep Artificial Neural Networks  B Han, A Ankit, A Sengupta, K Roy
2017   A Programmable Event-driven Architecture for Evaluating Spiking Neural Networks  A Roy, S Venkataramani, N Gala, S Sen
2017   Relative ordering learning in spiking neural network for pattern recognition  Z Lin, D Ma, J Meng, L Chen
2017   Bio-Inspired Spiking Convolutional Network Using Layer-Wise Sparse Coding And Stdp Learning  A Tavanaei, AS Maida
2017   Improving multi-layer spiking neural networks by incorporating brain-inspired rules  Y Zeng, T Zhang, B Xu
2017   Deep Learning with Dynamic Spiking Neurons and Fixed Feedback Weights  A Samadi, TP Lillicrap, DB Tweed
2017   Spatio-Temporal Backpropagation for Training High-performance Spiking Neural Networks  Y Wu, L Deng, G Li, J Zhu, L Shi
2017   Neuromorphic Hardware In The Loop: Training a Deep Spiking Network on the BrainScaleS Wafer-Scale System  S Schmitt, J Klaehn, G Bellec, A Gruebl, M Guettler
2017   Spiking convolutional deep belief networks  J Kaiser, D Zimmerer, JCV Tieck, S Ulbrich, A Roennau 
2017   Real-Time Classification Through a Spiking Deep Belief Network with Intrinsic Plasticity  F Xue, X Chen, X Li
2017   An Event-Driven Classifier for Spiking Neural Networks Fed with Synthetic or Dynamic Vision Sensor Data  E Stromatias, M Soto, T Serrano
2017   Toward a spintronic deep learning spiking neural processor  A Sengupta, B Han, K Roy
2017   Biological modelling of a computational spiking neural network with neuronal avalanches  X Li, Q Chen, F Xue
2016   Darwin: a neuromorphic hardware co-processor based on Spiking Neural Networks  J Shen, D Ma, Z Gu, M Zhang, X Zhu, X Xu, Q Xu
2016   Computing with hardware neurons: spiking or classical? Perspectives of applied Spiking Neural Networks from the hardware side  S Dytckov, M Daneshtalab
2016   Modelling Spiking Neural Network from the Architecture Evaluation Perspective  Y Ji, YH Zhang, WM Zheng
2016   A Spiking Network that Learns to Extract Spike Signatures from Speech Signals  A Tavanaei, AS Maida
2016   Towards deep learning with spiking neurons in energy based models with contrastive Hebbian plasticity  T Mesnard, W Gerstner, J Brea
2016   Fast and Efficient Asynchronous Neural Computation with Adapting Spiking Neural Networks  D Zambrano, SM Bohte
2016   Learning to be Efficient: Algorithms for Training Low-Latency, Low-Compute Deep Spiking Neural Networks  D Neil, M Pfeiffer, SC Liu
2016   Towards an Spiking Deep Belief Network for Face Recognition Application  M Fatahi, M Ahmadi, A Ahmadi, M Shahsavari
2016   Optimized Mapping Spiking Neural Networks onto Network-on-Chip  Y Ji, Y Zhang, H Liu, W Zheng
2016   Deep Spiking Networks  P O'Connor, M Welling
2016   STDP-based spiking deep neural networks for object recognition  SR Kheradpisheh, M Ganjtabesh, SJ Thorpe
2016   Unsupervised Regenerative Learning of Hierarchical Features in Spiking Deep Networks for Object Recognition  P Panda, K Roy
2016   Training Spiking Deep Networks for Neuromorphic Hardware  E Hunsberger, C Eliasmith
2016   Simulation of Bayesian Learning and Inference on Distributed Stochastic Spiking Neural Networks  K Ahmed, A Shrestha, Q Qiu
2016   System Design for In-hardware STDP Learning and Spiking Based Probablistic Inference  K Ahmed, A Shrestha, Y Wang, Q Qiu
2016   Supervised learning based on temporal coding in spiking neural networks  H Mostafa
2016   Neuromorphic Architectures for Spiking Deep Neural Networks  G Indiveri, F Corradi, N Qiao
2016   Probabilistic Deep Spiking Neural Systems Enabled by Magnetic Tunnel Junction  A Sengupta, M Parsa, B Han, K Roy
2016   An Efficient Approach to Boosting Performance of Deep Spiking Network Training  S Park, S Lee, H Nam, S Yoon
2016   Bio-Inspired Spiking Convolutional Neural Network using Layer-wise Sparse Coding and STDP Learning  A Tavanaei, AS Maida
2016   Training Deep Spiking Neural Networks using Backpropagation  JH Lee, T Delbruck, M Pfeiffer
2015   Spiking neural network with RRAM: can we use it for real-world application?  T Tang, L Xia, B Li, R Luo, Y Chen, Y Wang, H Yang
2015   Fast-Classifying, High-Accuracy Spiking Deep Networks Through Weight and Threshold Balancing  PU Diehl, D Neil, J Binas, M Cook, SC Liu, M Pfeiffer
2015   Spiking Deep Networks with LIF Neurons  E Hunsberger, C Eliasmith
2015   Mapping Generative Models onto Networks of Digital Spiking Neurons  BU Pedroni, S Das, JV Arthur, PA Merolla, BL Jackson
2015   Converting Static Image Datasets to Spiking Neuromorphic Datasets Using Saccades  G Orchard, A Jayawant, G Cohen, N Thakor
2015   Gibbs Sampling with Low-Power Spiking Digital Neurons  S Das, BU Pedroni, P Merolla, J Arthur, AS Cassidy
2015   Training, Recognition, And Generation In A Spiking Deep Belief Network (Dbn)  VSR Annapureddy, DJ Julian, A Sarah
2015   A Scale and Translation Invariant Approach for Early Classification of Spatio-Temporal Patterns Using Spiking Neural Networks  B Rekabdar, M Nicolescu, M Nicolescu, MT Saffar
2015   Robustness of spiking Deep Belief Networks to noise and reduced bit precision of neuro-inspired hardware platforms  E Stromatias, D Neil, M Pfeiffer, F Galluppi, SB Furber
2015   Musical notes classification with Neuromorphic Auditory System using FPGA and a Convolutional Spiking Network  E Cerezuela
2015   A New Image Denoising Scheme Using Spiking Neuromorphic Systems  J Oh, J Gwak, A Rafiqueꜟ, M Jeon
2015   A Re-configurable On-line Learning Spiking Neuromorphic Processor comprising 256 neurons and 128K synapses  N Qiao, H Mostafa, F Corradi, M Osswald, F Stefanini
2015   A current-mode spiking neural classifier with lumped dendritic nonlinearity  A Banerjee, S Kar, S Roy, A Bhaduri, A Basu
2015   Real-time event-driven spiking neural network object recognition on the SpiNNaker platform  G Orchard, X Lagorce, C Posch, SB Furber
2014   Spiking Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Energy-Efficient Object Recognition  Y Cao, Y Chen, D Khosla
2014   Racing to Learn: Statistical Inference and Learning in a Single Spiking Neuron with Adaptive Kernels  S Afshar, L George, J Tapson, A van Schaik
2014   Improved Perception-Based Spiking Neuron Learning Rule for Real-Time User Authentication  H Qu, X Xie, Y Liu, M Zhang, L Lu