Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: stacked autoencoder

Year TitleAuthor
2017   δ-agree Adaboost Stacked Autoencoder for Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting  T Zhou, G Han, X Xu, Z Lin, C Han, Y Huang, J Qin
2017   Stacked Autoencoder Method for Fabric Defect Detection  A SEKER, AG YUKSEK
2017   Land-Use Classification with Remote Sensing Image Based on Stacked Autoencoder  A Ding, X Zhou
2017   Large Scale Sensor Data Processing Based On Deep Stacked Autoencoder Network.  N ELARABY, M ELMOGY, S BARAKAT 
2017   A case for stacked autoencoder based order recognition of continuous-phase FSK  AB Ambaw, M Bari, M Doroslovački
2016   Object Classification Using Stacked Autoencoder and Convolutional Neural Network  VCR Gottimukkula
2016   Non-Linear Hyperspectral Subspace Mapping using Stacked Autoencoder  N Wadströmer, D Gustafsson
2016   Segmenting Brain Tissues from Chinese Visible Human Dataset by Deep-Learned Features with Stacked Autoencoder  G Zhao, X Wang, Y Niu, L Tan, SX Zhang
2016   EEG Based Eye State Classification using Deep Belief Network and Stacked AutoEncoder  S Narejo, E Pasero, F Kulsoom
2016   Stacked Autoencoder Based Identification of Monsoon Predictors for Prediction of Indian Summer Monsoon  M Saha, A Santara, P Mitra, A Chakraborty
2016   IPMiner: hidden ncRNA-protein interaction sequential pattern mining with stacked autoencoder for accurate computational prediction  X Pan, YX Fan, J Yan, HB Shen
2015   Novel Segmented Stacked AutoEncoder for Effective Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Extraction in Hyperspectral Imaging  J Zabalza, J Ren, J Zheng, H Zhao, C Qing, Z Yang
2015   A Novel Method for Text Recognition in Natural Scene Based on Sparse Stacked Autoencoder  C HUANG, L ZHONG, Y HUANG, G ZHANG, X ZHONG
2015   Stacked Autoencoder 를 이용한 특징 추출 기반 Fuzzy k-Nearest Neighbors 패턴 분류기 설계  S Autoencoder
2015   Design of Fuzzy k-Nearest Neighbors Classifiers based on Feature Extraction by using Stacked Autoencoder  석범노, 성권오
2015   Bearing fault diagnosis method based on stacked autoencoder and softmax regression  S Tao, T Zhang, J Yang, X Wang, W Lu
2015   Denoising hybrid noises in image with stacked autoencoder  X Ye, L Wang, H Xing, L Huang