Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: stacked autoencoders

Year TitleAuthor
2017   On the Evaluation of Energy-Efficient Deep Learning Using Stacked Autoencoders on Mobile GPUs  G Falcao, LA Alexandre, J Marques, X Frazao, J Maria
2017   A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory.  W Bao, J Yue, Y Rao
2017   Deep belief networks and stacked autoencoders for the P300 Guilty Knowledge Test  JP Kulasingham, V Vibujithan, AC De Silva
2017   Stacked autoencoders for the P300 component detection  L Vareka, P Mautner
2017   Recognition of Human Activities in Smart Homes Using Stacked Autoencoders  NEH Mbarki, R Ejbali, M Zaied
2017   A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory  W Bao, J Yue, Y Rao
2017   Imposing Class-Wise Feature Similarity in Stacked Autoencoders by Nuclear Norm Regularization  K Gupta, A Majumdar¬†
2016   Semi-supervised classification of hyperspectral imagery based on stacked autoencoders  Q Fu, X Yu, X Wei, Z Xue
2016   Faster learning of deep stacked autoencoders on multi-core systems using synchronized layer-wise pre-training  A Santara, D Maji, DP Tejas, P Mitra, A Gupta
2016   A Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Deep Learning Integrated Algorithm with Stacked Autoencoders and SVR for FX Prediction  H Shen, X Liang
2015   Multimodal fusion for sensor data using stacked autoencoders  P Zhang, X Ma, W Zhang, S Lin, H Chen, AL Yirun
2015   Feature Learning Using Stacked Autoencoders to Predict the Activity of Antimicrobial Peptides  F Camacho, R Torres, R Ramos
2015   Stacked Autoencoders Using Low-Power Accelerated Architectures for Object Recognition in Autonomous Systems  J Maria, J Amaro, G Falcao, LA Alexandre
2015   Cross-lingual sentiment classification with stacked autoencoders  G Zhou, Z Zhu, T He, XT Hu
2015   A study on the similarities of Deep Belief Networks and Stacked Autoencoders  A Holst, A de Giorgio, A Lansner
2014   Recognition of Handwritten Characters in Chinese Legal Amounts by Stacked Autoencoders  M Wang, Y Chen, X Wang
2014   Feature extraction with stacked autoencoders for epileptic seizure detection  A Supratak, L Li, Y Guo