Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: statistical

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Wasserstein Distributional Robustness and Regularization in Statistical Learning  R Gao, X Chen, AJ Kleywegt
2017   A novel statistical signal processing approach for analysing high volatile expression profiles.  Z Ghodsi
2017   Statistical Literacy In The Data Science Workplace  R GRANT
2017   Advanced Data Analysis in Neuroscience: Integrating statistical and computational models  D Durstewitz
2017   Combining Logical Abduction and Statistical Induction: Discovering Written Primitives with Human Knowledge  WZ Dai, ZH Zhou
2017   Computer-aided assessment of breast density: Comparison of supervised deep learning and feature based statistical learning  S Li, J Wei, HP Chan, MA Helvie, MA Roubidoux, Y Lu 
2017   A statistical approach to combining multisource information in one‐class classifiers  KM Simonson, R Derek West, RL Hansen
2017   Statistical Latent Space Approach for Mixed Data Modelling and Applications  TD Nguyen, T Tran, D Phung, S Venkatesh
2017   Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Networks Under A Multi-task Learning Framework  S Yang, L Xie, X Chen, X Lou, D Huang, H Li
2017   Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Incorporating Generative Adversarial Networks  Y Saito, S Takamichi, H Saruwatari
2017   Generative adversarial network-based glottal waveform model for statistical parametric speech synthesis  B Bollepalli, L Juvela, P Alku
2017   Interrelationship between geochemical elements of sediment and groundwater at Samrak Park Delta of Nakdong River Basin in Korea: multivariate statistical analyses …  S Venkatramanan, SY Chung, S Selvam, JH Son
2017   Neural Computation of Statistical Image Properties in Peripheral Vision  C Zetzsche, R Rosenholtz, N Cheema, K Gadzicki
2017   Improved voicing decision using glottal activity features for statistical parametric speech synthesis  N Adiga, BK Khonglah, SRM Prasanna
2016   How big data changes statistical machine learning  L Bottou
2016   Deep Learning for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis  ZH Ling
2016   DBN-based Spectral Feature Representation for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis  YJ Hu, ZH Ling
2016   Phase-Processing For Voice Activity Detection: A Statistical Approach  J Stahl, P Mowlaee, J Kulmer
2016   Feature and Statistical Model Development in Structural Health Monitoring  I Kim
2016   Statistical Learning of Biological Structure in Human Brain Imaging  D Bzdok
2016   A Deep Source-Context Feature for Lexical Selection in Statistical Machine Translation  P Gupta, MR Costa
2016   Deep belief network based statistical feature learning for fingerprint liveness detection  S Kim, B Park, BS Song, S Yang
2016   Statistical physics of linear and bilinear inference problems  C Schülke
2016   Morphology Generation for Statistical Machine Translation using Deep Learning Techniques  MR Costa
2016   Learnable Histogram: Statistical Context Features for Deep Neural Networks  Z Wang, H Li, W Ouyang, X Wang
2016   Statistical Learning Based Framework for Random Networks Knowledge Extraction Applied in Smart Cities  S Tigani, M Ouzzif, R Saadane
2016   Hidden Variable Models for Market Basket Data. Statistical Performance and Managerial Implications  H Hruschka
2016   Statistical Data Analysis and Prediction Model for Learning Assessment in Korean High Schools Based on EduData  H Choi, Y Kang
2016   Fault Diagnosis for Rotating Machinery Using Vibration Measurement Deep Statistical Feature Learning  C Li, RV Sánchez, G Zurita, M Cerrada, D Cabrera
2016   A Rigorous Statistical Framework for the Mathematics of Sensing, Exploitation and Execution  L Carin
2016   Classical Statistics and Statistical Learning in Imaging Neuroscience  D Bzdok
2016   Statistical mechanics of unsupervised feature learning in a restricted Boltzmann machine with binary synapses  H Huang
2016   Towards Realizing Sign Language-to-Speech Conversion by Combining Deep Learning and Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis  X An, H Yang, Z Gan
2016   Statistical learning of parts and wholes: A neural network approach  DC Plaut, AKV Velde
2016   Statistical Reasoning and Methods in Epidemiology to Promote Individualized Health: In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Johns Hopkins University …  EL Ogburn, SL Zeger
2016   Learning API usages from bytecode: a statistical approach  HV Pham, PM Vu, TT Nguyen
2016   A review of machine learning and statistical approaches for detecting SNP interactions in high-dimensional genomic data  S Uppu, A Krishna, R Gopalan
2015   A Waveform Representation Framework for High-quality Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis  B Fan, SW Lee, X Tian, L Xie, M Dong
2015   Smoking Gun or Circumstantial Evidence? Comparison of Statistical Learning Methods using Functional Annotations for Prioritizing Risk Variants  SA Gagliano, R Ravji, MR Barnes, ME Weale, J Knight
2015   Acoustic Modeling In Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis–From Hmm To Lstm-Rnn  H Zen
2015   The estimation and application of unnormalized statistical models  P Brakel
2015   Learning Statistical Scripts with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks  K Pichotta, RJ Mooney
2015   State of the Art in Statistical Methods for Language and Speech Processing  JR Bellegarda, C Monz
2015   Beyond Word-based Language Model in Statistical Machine Translation  J Zhang, S Liu, M Li, M Zhou, C Zong
2015   On Statistical Analysis of Neuroimages with Imperfect Registration  WH Kim, SN Ravi, SC Johnson, OC Okonkwo, V Singh
2015   A Statistical View of Deep Learning  S Mohamed
2015   A scalable spatiotemporal inference framework based on statistical shape analysis for natural ecosystem monitoring by remote sensing  X Liu, A Sharma, X Yang, N Nye
2015   Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Big Data  B Franke, JF Plante, R Roscher, A Lee, C Smyth
2015   A Statistical Theory of Deep Learning via Proximal Splitting  NG Polson, BT Willard, M Heidari
2015   Statistical Learning in Chip (SLIC)  RD Blanton, X Li, K Mai, D Marculescu, R Marculescu
2015   Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks Using Acoustic Environment Classification for Statistical Model-Based Voice ActivityDetection  I Hwang, HM Park, JH Chang
2015   Statistical Literacy Social Media Project for the Masses  E Gundlach, C Maybee, K O'Shea
2015   Non-linear Learning for Statistical Machine Translation  S Huang, H Chen, X Dai, J Chen
2015   Statistical embeddings using a multilayer union of subspaces  RM Taylor Jr, B Necioglu
2015   Statistical Testing Of Segment Homogeneity In Classification Of Piecewise-Regular Objects  A SAVCHENKO, N BELOVA
2014   A Deep Learning Approach to Data-driven Parameterizations for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis  PK Muthukumar, AW Black
2014   Racing to Learn: Statistical Inference and Learning in a Single Spiking Neuron with Adaptive Kernels  S Afshar, L George, J Tapson, A van Schaik
2014   Automatic vertebrae localization, identification, and segmentation using deep learning and statistical models  A Suzani