Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: stock

Year TitleAuthor
2017   Deep Stock Representation Learning: From Candlestick Charts to Investment Decisions  G Hu, Y Hu, K Yang, Z Yu, F Sung, Z Zhang, F Xie, J Liu
2017   Listening to Chaotic Whispers: A Deep Learning Framework for News-oriented Stock Trend Prediction  Z Hu, W Liu, J Bian, X Liu, TY Liu 
2017   … the Black Box of Financial AI with CLEAR-Trade: A CLass-Enhanced Attentive Response Approach for Explaining and Visualizing Deep Learning-Driven Stock Market …  D Kumar, GW Taylor, A Wong
2017   Deep Learning for Stock Market Prediction: Exploiting Time-Shifted Correlations of Stock Price Gradients  B Möws
2017   Comparing Neural Networks for Predicting Stock Markets  T Aamodt, J Torresen
2017   Time series prediction of stock price using deep belief networks with intrinsic plasticity  X Li, L Yang, F Xue, H Zhou
2017   Prediction of Stock Market performance by using machine learning techniques  K Raza
2017   Deep Learning Networks for Stock Market Analysis and Prediction: Methodology, Data Representations, and Case Studies  E Chong, C Han, FC Park
2017   How Random are Intraday Stock Prices? Evidence from Deep Learning  G IBIKUNLE, B MÖWS
2017   Restricted Boltzmann machine based stock market trend prediction  Q Liang, W Rong, J Zhang, J Liu, Z Xiong
2016   Quantifying News Tone to Analyze the Tokyo Stock Exchange with Deep Learning  K Goshima, HT CMA, H Takahashi
2016   Non-Conformity Detection in High-Dimensional Time Series of Stock Market Data  A Kasuga, Y Ohsawa, T Yoshino, S Ashida
2016   Stock prediction using deep learning  R Singh, S Srivastava
2016   Artificial neural networks approach to the forecast of stock market price movements  L Di Persio, O Honchar
2015   Predicting Stock Markets with Neural Networks  T Aamodt
2015   The Impact of Structured Event Embeddings on Scalable Stock Forecasting Models  JB Nascimento, M Cristo
2015   Prediction of changes in the stock market using twitter and sentiment analysis  IV Serban, DS González, X Wu
2015   Stock Price Prediction via Deep Belief Networks  X Chen
2015   Leveraging temporal properties of news events for stock market prediction  A Yoshihara, K Seki, K Uehara
2015   Leverage Financial News to Predict Stock Price Movements Using Word Embeddings and Deep Neural Networks  Y Peng, H Jiang
2015   Deep Learning Stock Volatilities with Google Domestic Trends  R Xiong, EP Nicholas, Y Shen
2014   Prediction of Stock Trend Based on Deep Belief Networks  ZY Xu, LN Tang, CP Tian