Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: strategies

Year TitleAuthor
2017   The growth trend in learning strategies during the transition from secondary to higher education in Flanders  L Coertjens, V Donche, S De Maeyer, T van Daal
2017   Effects of situational interest dimensions on students' learning strategies in physical education  C Roure, G Kermarrec, D Pasco
2017   Big Data and Differential Privacy: Analysis Strategies for Railway Track Engineering  NO Attoh
2017   Rotated Filters and Learning Strategies in Convolutional Neural Networks for Mammographic Lesions Detection  EM Castro
2017   The Valuing of Deep Learning Strategies in Mathematics by Immigrant, First-Generation, and Australia-Born Students: Transitions Between Cultural Worlds  A Brooker, M Mahat, WT Seah
2017   Improved Learning in Evolution Strategies via Sparser Inter-Agent Network Topologies  D Adjodah, D Calacci, Y Leng, P Krafft, E Moro 
2017   Distributed training strategies for a computer vision deep learning algorithm on a distributed GPU cluster  V Campos, F Sastre, M Yagües, M Bellver
2017   Evaluating persuasion strategies and deep reinforcement learning methods for negotiation dialogue agents  S Keizer, M Guhe, H Cuayahuitl, I Efstathiou
2017   Industrial Big Data Analysis in Smart Factory: Current Status and Research Strategies  X Xu, Q Hua
2017   Recommendation System for Students' Learning Strategies based on Machine Learning  HK Han, EH Suh
2017   Novel feature selection strategies for enhanced predictive modeling and deep learning in the biosciences  P Yang, R Abo, C Liu, Z Chen, H Wu, J Cui, C Yandava
2016   Strategies to help students learn effectively  HE Dip, S llughes BSc
2016   Benchmarking and evaluating institutional strategies and programs on academic integrity  MI Glendinning, J Eury
2016   17 Utilizing pedagogical strategies of the learner-centred model in primary small class teaching settings in Hong Kong  CYM Yuen
2016   Strategies and Principles of Distributed Machine Learning on Big Data  EP Xing, Q Ho, P Xie, W Dai
2016   Using artificial intelligence strategies for process-related automated inspection in the production environment  K Anding, P Kuritcyn, D Garten
2016   E-Portfolio Reflective Learning Strategies to Enhance Research Skills, Analytical Ability, Creativity and Problem-Solving  SNA Mohamad, MA Embi, NM Nordin
2016   Paradigm Shift: Engineering Artificial Intelligence And Management Strategies Fusion  AH Harb
2016   How a one-year overseas teacher education programme improved a teacher's motivation strategies  R Wong
2016   Life integrated learning and assessment: Strategies to connect mature-aged distance students with the course content  ER Kahu
2016   Comparing problem-based learning students to students in a lecture-based curriculum: learning strategies and the relation with self-study time  M Wijnen, SMM Loyens, G Smeets, M Kroeze
2016   Dynamics of study strategies and teacher regulation in virtual patient learning activities: a cross sectional survey  S Edelbring, R Wahlström
2016   Conceptions, Self-Regulation, and Strategies of Learning Science Among Chinese High School Students  M Li, C Zheng, JC Liang, Y Zhang, CC Tsai
2016   Eight Excellent Strategies for Closing the Learning Gap  BM Biddle, R Carpenter, C Sweet, H Blythe
2016   Effects of an Intercultural Collaborative Inquiry Approach on Students' Learning Strategies and Motivation and Perceptions of Collaboration  LY Chang, IH Lee, CH Chen
2015   Using online assessments to stimulate learning strategies and achievement of learning goals  M Zlatović, I Balaban, D Kermek
2015   Improving MiRNA prediction accuracy by deep learning strategies  B Xue
2015   Strategies for Conceptual Change in Convolutional Neural Networks  M Grachten, CEC Chacón
2015   Target classification strategies  BJ Schachter
2015   Anxiety and Self-efficacy's Relationship with Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of the use of Metacognitive Writing Strategies  G Stewart, TA Seifert, C Rolheiser
2015   The relationship between learning and study strategies and big five personality traits among junior university student teachers  CM Kokkinos, A Kargiotidis, A Markos
2015   Initialization Strategies of Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks  E Mansimov, N Srivastava, R Salakhutdinov
2015   A Practice-Led Approach to Aligning Learning Theories with Learning and Teaching Strategies in Third Level Chemistry Education  C O'Connor
2015   Examining the links between social goals and learning strategies  RB King, DM McInerney
2015   The Influence of Problem-Based Learning Environment on Law Students' Learning Strategies and Academic Performance  M Wijnen, S Loyens, G Smeets, M Kroeze
2015   Data selection for acoustic emotion recognition: Analyzing and comparing utterance and sub-utterance selection strategies  D Le, EM Provost
2015   Anchoring Knowledge in Biochemistry through Active Learning Strategies Aimed at Recall, Correlation and Integration  M Roche, AG Nayak
2015   Strategies to Ensure Deep Learning Occurs in MBA Information Literacy Workshops  P Reilly
2015   Information Entanglement: Developments in Cognitive Based Knowledge Acquisition Strategies Based on Big Data  W Van De Bogart
2015   Preparing teachers for schooling in the digital age: A meta-perspective on existing strategies and future challenges  O Erstad, B Eickelmann, K Eichhorn
2015   Perceived Learning Management Quality Predictors to Motivation and Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies  S Hashemyolia, A Asmuni, AFM Ayub, SM Daud
2015   Interaction between gaming and multistage guiding strategies on students' field trip mobile learning performance and motivation  CH Chen, GZ Liu, GJ Hwang
2015   Gamification and Rule Based Design Strategies in Architecture Education  MA Schnabel, SLT Tian, S Aydin
2015   Flipped-Class Pedagogy Enhances Student Metacognition and Collaborative-Learning Strategies in Higher Education But Effect Does Not Persist  EA van Vliet, JC Winnips, N Brouwer
2015   Research on Teaching Strategies of Deep Learning based on the Mobile Internet  G Zhao
2015   Managing transition: teacher accommodation strategies in an English second language classroom  B Makina
2015   Strategies for NP education: Analyzing completed DNP capstones as exemplars of clinical outcomes  BA Anderson
2015   Strategies for distant speech recognitionin reverberant environments  M Delcroix, T Yoshioka, A Ogawa, Y Kubo, M Fujimoto
2015   Enacting strategies for graduate employability: How universities can best support students to develop generic skills (SP13-‐3258)  D Bennett, S Richardson, P MacKinnon, MM Mahat
2015   Embedding Critical Thinking in the Curriculum: Research-Oriented Learning Strategies that Foster Engagement, Critical Thinking, and Deep Learning  L Guadarrama
2015   Towards a Flipped Cyber Classroom to Facilitate Active Learning Strategies  SW Turner, M Allison, Z Syed, M Farmer
2015   Learning as a generative activity: Eight learning strategies that promote understanding  L Fiorella, RE Mayer
2015   Cognitive Learning Strategies and the Students in Tertiary Institution  JN Igbo, M Felicia, A Oboegbulem
2015   Predominant teaching strategies in schools: Implications for curriculum implementation in mathematics, science and technology  A Achuonye Keziah
2015   Engaging Students in the Classroom Using Active, Team-Based Learning Strategies  P Baumann
2014   Learning Modeling Languages Using Strategies from Gaming  O Richardsen
2014   The Use of Metacognitive Strategies to Develop Research Skills among Postgraduate Students  S Rahman, RM Yasin, N Salamuddin, S Surat
2014   Dancing with inter-disciplinarity: strategies and practices in higher education Dance, Drama and Music  P Carr, R Dennis, R Hand
2014   The effect of combined cognitive and metacognitive strategies on learning of the students of Tarbiat Moalem of ShahidRajayi of Qazvin  AM Gazorkhani, H Mashhadi, N Yousefi
2014   A Study on Layer Connection Strategies in Stacked Convolutional Deep Belief Networks  L Guo, S Li, X Niu, Y Dou
2014   Student Workload and Assessment: Strategies to Manage Expectations and Inform Curriculum Development  G Scully, R Kerr