Deep Learning Publication Navigator - subtopic: summarization

Year TitleAuthor
2017   F-DES: Fast and Deep Event Summarization  K Kumar, DD Shrimankar
2017   Extractive Summarization using Deep Learning  S Verma, V Nidhi
2017   Deep Learning in the Domain of Multi-Document Text Summarization  RK Roul, JK Sahoo, R Goel 
2016   Deep Metric Learning with Data Summarization  W Wang, C Chen, W Chen, P Rai, L Carin
2016   Neural Text Summarization  U Khandelwal
2016   AttSum: Joint Learning of Focusing and Summarization with Neural Attention  Z Cao, W Li, S Li, F Wei
2016   Text Summarization using Deep Learning and Ridge Regression  KB Mani
2016   Leveraging Multimodal Information for Event Summarization and Concept-level Sentiment Analysis  RR Shah, Y Yu, A Verma, S Tang, AD Shaikh
2016   A Convolutional Attention Network for Extreme Summarization of Source Code  M Allamanis, H Peng, C Sutton
2016   The Role of CNL and AMR in Scalable Abstractive Summarization for Multilingual Media Monitoring  N Gruzitis, G Barzdins
2016   Text Summarization Using Unsupervised Deep Learning  M Yousefi
2016   Sequence-to-Sequence RNNs for Text Summarization  R Nallapati, B Xiang, B Zhou
2016   ViZig: Anchor Points based Non-Linear Navigation and Summarization in Educational Videos  K Yadav, A Gandhi, A Biswas, K Shrivastava
2015   Co-Regularized Deep Representations for Video Summarization  O Morère, H Goh, A Veillard, V Chandrasekhar, J Lin
2015   LCSTS: A Large Scale Chinese Short Text Summarization Dataset  B Hu, Q Chen, F Zhu
2015   Semantic Summarization of Egocentric Photo Stream Events  A Lidon, M Bolaños, M Dimiccoli, P Radeva
2015   Deep Dependency Substructure-Based Learning for Multidocument Summarization  S Yan, X Wan
2015   Video summarization based on Subclass Support Vector Data Description  V Mygdalis, A Iosifidis, A Tefas, I Pitas
2015   Ranking with Recursive Neural Networks and Its Application to Multi-document Summarization  Z Cao, F Wei, L Dong, S Li, M Zhou
2015   Unsupervised Latent Aspect Discovery for Diverse Event Summarization  WY Lee, YH Kuo, PJ Hsieh, WF Cheng, TH Chao
2015   Query-oriented Unsupervised Multi-document Summarization via Deep Learning  S Zhong, Y Liu, B Li
2015   Abstractive Multi-Document Summarization via Phrase Selection and  L Bing, P Li, Y Liao, W Lam, W Guo, RJ Passonneau
2015   Multi-modal and multi-scale photo collection summarization  X Shen, X Tian
2014   Learning Mixtures of Submodular Functions for Image Collection Summarization  S Tschiatschek, RK Iyer, H Wei, JA Bilmes
2014   SRRank: Leveraging Semantic Roles for Extractive Multi-Document Summarization  S Yan, X Wan